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"She's obsessed. There's really no other way to describe cookbook author Rose Levy Beranbaum and her fixation with the minutiae of baking. If God is in the details, as the aphorism goes, then Beranbaum must have one foot in heaven. For Rose Levy Beranbaum, no detail escapes the pursuit of perfection. She's the Diva of Desserts."                      --The Washington Post

Epicurious: June 12, 2017 “The 100 Greatest Home Cooks of All Time.”

Was she being presumptuous when she titled her 1988 breakout book The Cake Bible? Not really. Anybody who has baked—or even just tasted—Beranbaum’s “Downy Yellow Butter Cake” knows that it inspires religious-like devotion. And her other Bibles (on bread, pie and pastry, and baking, respectively) are no different. Beranbaum’s recipes work—always, ever time—thanks to her exactitude. She tests maniacally and writes meticulously, ending up with recipes that help home cooks approach birthday cakes and Easter brunches with the confidence of the Gods.--DTpowell



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My Books  

I have written 11 books and am working on my 12th. Books are my life and I feel blessed to be able to publish them and share the recipes I love with you. 

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Spend A Moment with Rose, in this video portrait by Ben Fink

I became Ben's first subject for video portraits. We all learned a lot and had a terrific time doing it. I treasure having this video in my memorabilia.

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Woody Wolston

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Woody  Wolston started out being Rose's sole cookbook collaborator when she began writing Rose's Heavenly Cakes, through their corresponding between her New York  apartment and his home in Minnesota which began in 2004.  In 2013 he moved east so that they could work together in her and her husband's renovated New Jersey home. 

Baking Tip of the Week 

When filling an angel food or bundt pan with batter, you can prevent the batter from spilling down the center tube's opening by placing a piece of foil or plastic wrap over the opening and securing it to the top sides of the center tube (or a jar cap that snugly fits on top) to form a "lid". 

Be sure to remove the "lid" before baking your cake. 

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Books I Recommend & Use 

Over the years, I have accumulated over 1500 cookbooks. 

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