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Feb 11, 2006 | From the kitchen of Rose


Feedback: I was wondering about an additive, such as granular lecithin, which you would add to cookies and scones to improve shelf life? Is there such a thing? Thanks, Emily Veale ( I have the Cake and Bread Bibles WONDERFUL!!)


the king arthur catalogue sells granular lecithin that they claim is "shelf-stable" and the liquid lecithin is available in health food stores. it is a soy product that becomes rancid very quicly so i store any lecithin product in the refrigerater. you will have to experiment with amounts and it does indeed improve shelf-life but can also give an off flavor to the baked goods if used in excess.


woodywolston in reply to comment from ALIA
02/18/2017 10:19 AM

Your question can be best answered by a bakery or company that sells liquid soy lecithin. We suggest contacting companies like ADM or King Arthur. You can also post your question on the Forums for our international community of bloggers to offer advise.
Rose & Woody


I need help please cane some body tell me how can I add Liquid soy lecithin to cookies?
and dose Liquid soy lecithin will help soften the cookies?


Linda Ikeda
Linda Ikeda in reply to comment from Julie
06/16/2016 06:10 PM

Just want to join this conversation. Why is the issue of a recipe for cake that is vegan? There is NO milk that is the difference. I am a vegan baker.
I am also very allergic to eggs!!!! At first my doctor thouhgt I could eat egg whites. My blood test showed that I am allergic to whole eggs!!!

I promised myself that I would make a cake without eggs that is delicious. And I was successful.
My cookies do not have eggs and people love them.



Jennette, I am in the same boat. My son is allergic to eggs, and I have spent the last nine years trying to learn to bake without them. I have had very limited success with cakes. I just bought my first container of lecithin granules yesterday and am hoping to try them as part of an egg replacement strategy. Would love to get Rose's thoughts on how to bake a cake that is eggless but not vegan. Most eggless cake recipes I have found are vegan, but once you take butter, milk, sour cream, etc. out the picture, you have completely changed the taste profile of the cake. My personal experience has been that you can bake good tasting cakes without eggs, but the texture is always compromised. Rose, please help us! :-)


Jennette Maier
Jennette Maier
05/18/2014 09:48 AM

My husband has developed an allergy to eggs and misses eating cake. I have tried the baking soda vinegar, diet soda in a cake mix and the banana chocolate cake options. None of them have a great texture or are very flavorful. I purchased some liquid lecithin thinking I could use it in place of the eggs in a recipe, but am not sure how to use it or the quantity. Do you have any recommendations?

Thank-you for your time.


Hi Ramesh,
We have not tried it in cookies.
We suggest that you experiment, maybe starting with the same % of the flour as in bread.
Rose & Woody


What % of liquid lecithin to be used in a cookies/biscuit dough on wheat flour basis


01/ 6/2010 06:13 AM

Hi Rose thx for your inspiring page. Plz can granular lecithin preserve cake for about one month? and what quantity is required? what of Malt Vinegar? or is there any other good alternative preservative that can make cake last for 1month or beyond? Plz help me urgently,. Thanks a bunch!


01/ 6/2010 04:34 AM

Hi Rose thx for your inspiring page. Plz can granular lecithin preserve cake for about one month? and what quantity is required? what of Malt Vinegar? or is there any other good alternative preservative that can make cake last for 1month or beyond? Plz help me urgently,. Thanks a bunch!


Hi Rose,

If any of your readers are interested in more general information on Lecithin, then please check out the page "Lecithin the Wonder Food" at my website It's full of lovely lecithin info.

Thanks Rose

Kind Regards



I have a recipe for vegetarian meatloaf which calls for a cup of lecithin granules. I was wondering if I could substitute something else, like maybe eggs, for this ingredient?


i've experimented with it in cakes and found that the flavor of the cake isn't quite as good. if you want to give it a try, start with 1/4 teaspoon per cup of flour up to 1/2 teaspoon per cup and compare it side-by-side with the same cake that doesn't have it.
egg yolks contain lecithin as does white chocolate (in minute quantities) so you might want to try the white chocolate velvet cake and the golden luxury in the cake bible. it's not just the lecithin in them but also the cocoa butter that is responsible for their wonderful flavor and texture.
i haven't tried using it for cookies but you could start with the same %.


Dear Rose,

I am so delighted to know this website of yours. It is so amazing that you are actually taking the time to answer questions.

I am very interested in this ingredient, lecithin liquid that actually make cookies and scones have longer shell life. However, may i know how to use this lecithin, how much percentage should i use in comparing to butter or flour for example or other ingredient? Can I use lecithin in making cakes?

Thank you so much Rose. I appreciate your help and attention.

Best regards,



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