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The Chirls' Children's Baking Clinic in Hope

Aug 29, 2006 | From the kitchen of Rose

This is a photo I will always cherish of my new editor Pam Chirls's family's first visit to my house in Hope. They asked for a cake baking lesson and here are the proud results of their just having unmolded a chocolate cake baked in Lékué silicone molds designed with children in mind (though I adore the cute shapes as well).

Since cakes baked in silicone need to cool completely before unmolding, it makes it ideal for kids as it eliminates the danger of burns from hot pans!

Allix and twin Julia are in the back and Isabelle is the one holding the little loaf cake. We also had a cake tasting of Gateau Breton and they were all amazingly helpful comparing the salt version with the no salt.

The best part is that after taking the cakes home, they cherished every crumb making the little cakes last several days and now want to bake their own. This is what every lesson hopes to inspire!

But I suspect that what they'll remember best of all is the big black bear we encountered on a drive through the back roads. Happily we were all in the car at the time. We wanted to take a photo but he moved far too quickly and all we saw was as Allix remarked "his butt," to which I added: "yes—his bear butt."


Rose, I am so glad you and hubby are safe! I hope to see you, soon! ~


how great to hear from you sarah! guess what: only moments ago a huge thud! a large ash tree fell almost hitting the house--across part of the driveway. unearthed by the extraordinary amount of rain we've been having. very scarey!


How sweet and precious! Your photo reminds me of when my kids were young and we baked together - now they are teenagers and some are in college and they still love to bake! They especially enjoy using the Lékué silicone molds I received at yourrecent baking clinic, and had smiles as large as the Chirls' kids! How precious! ~


no, i'm afraid we never met.


Do you know Lisa and Richard Button? They were my neighbors in Califon for years.



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