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Plane Food

Mar 10, 2007 | From the kitchen of Rose

Cranberry Walnut Bread

I’ve been carrying my own food on plane trips for years now but my husband usually prefers to eat what’s given on the plane. HOWEVER, now that one has the privilege of paying for such dreadful stuff, I’d have to be plain crazy not to bring my own and Elliott is now amenable to the idea. So two days before departing for our annual ski vacation in Deer Valley, I started the cranberry walnut bread destined to be filled with cold roast chicken for the trip. (brownies for dessert)

Since I baked it the day before, we already consumed about a third of it before making the sandwiches. The rest will be divided between breakfast before departure and the freezer for our return.

This seemed like an excellent opportunity for a step-by-step bread lesson so instead of packing in a timely way, and not waiting til the last minute, I photographed all the different stages of the bread.

For those of you who have the Bread Bible, you will already have the recipe. As you will see from the photos, I mixed it in the bread machine this time.

I made half the recipe (which baked in the same time) though I would recommend tenting it with foil after the first 30 minutes of baking and using a cushioned baking sheet or double baking sheets as this bread tends to brown readily.

The only thing I did that was different was to add 75 grams (2.6 ounces—a scant 1/4 cup) of stiff starter that I keep in the freezer to add to dough to give it extra flavor and extend its shelf-life. If you do this, defrost it and add it torn in pieces to the water mixture. Also add an extra 1/8 teaspoon of salt to balance the extra flour in the starter.
Anyone who doesn’t have the Bread Bible and wants to make this recipe let me know and I’ll post it on the blog on my return.

Sponge Peaking Through Flour Blanket After 1 1/2 Hours

See the rest of the photos on the individual page.

Sponge Peaking Through Flour Blanket after 4 Hours

Initial Mixing of the Dough

Dough after the 20 Minute Autolyse

Dough Kneaded 7 Minutes

Soaked Cranberries Spread on the Rolled Dough

Cranberries Kneaded into the Dough


Dough Doubled, Risen 1 1/2 Hours

Shaped Dough with Hot Water in Container in Background to be Covered with Plastic Proof Box

Dough Fully Risen and Slashed, Ready to Bake

The Baked Bread

Slices of the Bread

Note: The crunch of the walnuts and tart moistness of the cranberries were fantastic with the sliced chicken breast and a light gilding of mayonaise.


sorry nancy! thanks for asking me to post the recipe as indeed i have on this blog. hope you enjoy it. it should be attached to the original posting now. if any trouble finding it, just put in a search for cranberry walnut bread recipe.


Nancy Howard
Nancy Howard
04/ 8/2007 03:09 PM

Sorry! I should have re-read my entry. Actually, I was asking for that particular recipe...not the book itself!


p.s. of course if you get it at the store or amazon where most people buy the book it will be a lot less expensive because they are set up to handle these types of requests.


yes of course. please send a check for $1000.00 and i'll be happy to send the book. where exactly did you want it sent. oh! send your address with the check.


Wow, this bread looks delicious and I would love to make it. However, I don't have the bread bible and was wondering if you could send me the recipe. I certainly would appreciate it. Thanks.


thank you ann!
size of opening is not significant but side of interior is. if too large the cake won't bake properly. but if too small, you can just fill it 2/3 full and bake the rest as cupcakes!


nancy, now i know definitively why your e-mail address is popcorn!


Hi Rose,
I just love to bake and your passion, patience, commitment to perfection has reinvigorated my interest.

I have a question and I figured you would have the answer. Many of your recipes call for a flute pan that has a small center opening. I have a beautiful bundt pan that I would like to use but am worried that it cannot be interchanged with the flute pan due to the size of the center opening?

I hope you enjoy your trip to France, what a lovely time to visit there.



Is there any reason why Craisins cannot be substituted for dried cranberries in this wonderful sounding recipe?


Nancy Howard
Nancy Howard
04/ 2/2007 08:44 AM

Rose: I would like to bake this cranberry walnut bread. I do not have the Bread Bible. Please, send me a copy.
Thank you.


hi andi! i hope the publisher sends me to LV on book tour! i have several recipes in the bread bible using the bread machine so you can copy the basic technique from any one of them. i'll be posting my cranberry nut bread recipe that i posted the photos of a few weeks ago so you'll be able to see from that as well. i love using the bread machine to mix bread.


thanks for asking zorra. i will as soon as i get a chance!


Hi,its Andi* from Vegas.....
Hope you can come to Vegas in the Northwest area .(near Summerlin)..."Borders"book store.
We had Emeril,and Giada....I would LOVE to meet YOU tooooooo.....
Hope your husband is now all well and ready for spring*......
I have a auto bakery(electric bread machine) from Dak.I love it!!!!!
Do I follow the recipe just as you wrote it? or have you figured out how to mix it into the bread bowl in what sequence?
Its beautiful here this Sunday in Las Vegas....
Hope its nice where you live too.
Love,smiles and hugs,
Andi Fishman


I would like to bake this bread. If you could post the recipe, would be great and very apreciated.


Oh gosh, I think I have to make this. Just so I can make a chicken sandwich!



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