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Caveat Emptor: The Bread Bible Is Not in Paperback

Jul 27, 2007 | From the kitchen of Rose

people have been asking me if my book the bread bible has come out in paperback. the answer is no. my bread bible is not in paperback. i discovered, however, why the question came up.

someone has done a paperback edition of an existing bread book and renamed it the bread bible. on amazon.com the photo of the book cover shows the authors' name in tiny white mouse print so at a glance one could easily imagine that though the photo of the bread is different it could be my book or anyone's book for that matter.

it may be a good book but it's not mine and to avoid confusion and possible disappointment i am posting this warning.


one of the great joys of this blog is having ppl find me again! i've been hoping to find my old classmate deborah isaacs and even have a list of over 200 people to call given to me by someone who worked for the government but haven't had time or courage to try it!
by the way, the banana stuff they use these days isn't half bad and no calories. (i asked) it set me to thinking about its potential as a diet addition to banana cake (just kidding)!


Rose ((usRose baking foodies)),would never confuse your books**.....
Who knew you would grow up and be all over the world...KUDOS***
I only wish I knew you, when I was little... what great friends we would have been....AND I lived in Rhode Island and New York at that age...
yup its me (Andi*) the lady from Vegas who told you about the STRAWBERRY barium enima drinks,I made in fluorosopy(sp)...CEDARS OF lEBANON HOSPITAL(los Ang)
now can we relate or what*.....
Hope your husband is feeling better this summer....and you are both enjoying some RELAXATION..LIKE NOT... LOL
we just LOVE being busy***


no harm intended, I think Rose has a well stocked cookbook library from all authors (and languages!). Almost like a pharmacy, if you ask Rose for advise on something she hasn't written yet, she will prescribe you the right book!

I love when Rose mentions names of other people that somehow contributed in her bibles. Rose's bibles' bibliography page is amazing by itself. I feel Rose is a true scholar researcher!


There's also Christine Ingram's.

I think that that's a reprint of a British book whose original title was "The World Encyclopedia of Bread and Bread Making"

To further confuse things, there's another by her. the "Bread Bakers Bible".


absolutely not. i love beth and her recipes and she actually wrote a note of apology when her editor chose that title knowing that i was using it already for my baking books.


John Carver
John Carver
07/27/2007 02:40 PM

Do you mean Beth Hensperger's Bread Bible - http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/ASIN/0811845265/shinythings-20 ? The original hardcover was also called the Bread Bible, published in 1998 - they didn't change the title. No offense intended, it's my favorite bread baking book, along with yours.



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