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Nov 14, 2007 | From the kitchen of Rose

There have been many requests regarding where my products can be found.

U.S. Orders:
If you purchase from Amazon, a small amount of the purchase prices goes directly to me:
Rose's Heavenly Cake Strips
Rose's Perfect Pie Plate
Rose's Sweetheart Crème Brûlée Set

These also will be permanent links on the main page of the blog under equipment.

International Orders:
If Amazon carries an item, they will ship out of the U.S., but if Amazon is temporarily out of stock, and routes you to another purveyor, it is unlikely that they are set up to ship abroad at the present time.


anissa, i'm so sorry to tell you that the only way i know of ordering the cake strips is from amazon.


I tried to purchase your cake strips off Amazon but they cannot ship them for some reason. I live in Singapore. May I know how I can buy them? Thanks.


amazon will have the strips momentarily!(if you go to their site through the link it will go directly to the la prima site and they will have updated their inventory shortly.)


p.s. they're in inventory now so you may have to wait a few days.


i just checked and they have 4 in stock:
put cake strip in the search.


have you tried la prima shops?


I checked Amazon for the cake strips and they posted they are unavailable and don't know if they will be available again. Any where else they can be found?


I just ordered a pie plate - quickly- because Amazon said it has only 3 left in stock.
I'm embarking on a pie crust experiment. I'm so glad I discovered your cookbooks, Rose - they explain so much!


i'm disappointed to hear that so probably amazon won't ship to other countries abroad. try calling your local sur la table and ask if they could bring them in. hopefully in the near future other US companies will find a way to distribute and/or ship abroad.


Karen Levin
Karen Levin
11/17/2007 02:35 AM

Dear Rose,

Unfortunately, Amazon will only ship books to Canada. Would you consider a Canadian outlet or maybe cooking.com or Sur La Table? There are some Canadian sites that sell outside Canada too - goldaskitchen.com is a large Canadian based baking supply store on-line. They also sell internationally. Thank you.
Yours Truly,


Zach Townsend
Zach Townsend
11/14/2007 06:12 PM

As for the pie plate, I highly recommend it to all bakers. It's a beautiful combination of form and function. It's great to bake in and/or display, especially for the holidays in its vibrant red color.



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