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Rose's World Cake

Mar 27, 2008 | From the kitchen of Rose

This amazingly beautiful and original cake was made by none other than our dear Hector!


Was wondering how to express my reaction to the photographs. Luckily, I saw Rozanne's post a little above. Thanks to her for providing me with the right word- 'speechless' :)


dream on hector! you think you'll be able to resist trying the cake from the new book in 09 (hahaha!!!!)


Hello everyone, greetings from Hector! I just want to tell you all THANK YOU for a wonderful 2008, just getting a little emotional as this holiday season approaches and year ends.

I've just revisited "myself" on this blog, the feeling of one looking at oneself is sweet (literally). I have just inundated the blog with my cakes. Should 2009 be my baking sabbatical year? I hope it will, but not sure if I can help it, but really it may take one full year to put my yellow kitchen back together.

So, goodbye 2009, and till 2010 and the start a new decade of my work! Thank you for WONDERFUL recent years of attention and support, little do I need to read on this blog to cheer my spirit up even on my darkest days.

You will still see me in 2009, perhaps even literally, as I have all intentions to follow Rose on her book signing tours!


Thanks Rozanne. My niece was so gracious to dress for the occasion, and it was her first surprise birthday party. She is so dearly and was not referring the animal shaped feet to hers!


Oh Hector, don't be so hard on yourself. The cake looks great. Josephine has grown so much in a year. You have one very good looking niece!


Here is Josephine 7th, 2008. A giant Caramel Cage cupola over a small cone shaped cake that is floating on the top half of the cupola. Hula Girl was the theme. I didn't have much time to work on this, that attributes for the animal shaped feet!



louise, please spedify whether the white need to be whisk to form peaks?


Thank you so much, Louise! I have been making recipes that call for egg yolks and have been wondering what to do with all the extra egg whites now stored in the freezer. This recipe will be added to the list along with various recipes for angel food cake!


Louise Allen
Louise Allen
04/19/2008 02:43 PM

Not really sure where this belongs on the blog but here goes. I have made over 200 macaroons this Passover. Each time someone tastes them – they get a big smile on their face and say they are the best they have ever had. I promise you it is not my baking skills – it is this wonderfully easy recipe which can be enjoyed year round. The key is to use unsweetened shredded coconut (which you can find at health food stores or kosher markets) – not the sweetened flaked coconut. Most people, including me, like them best with a big glop of chocolate on top, but you can eat it plain, with chocolate chips mixed in or with melted chocolate mixed in. They are super easy – you do not even need a mixer and they take forever to go stale because of the ingredients. They are always great – so I wanted to share the recipe with my fellow bakers. Louise

------------ --------------------------------
3/4-cup sugar
2 1/2 cups shredded coconut (not sweetened flaked coconut)
3 egg whites -- -
1-teaspoon vanilla extract
Pinch kosher salt
Chocolate chips -- optional
Preheat oven to 350 degrees
Mix first 5 ingredients. Can be done by hand with a spoon or spatula.
Line cookie sheet with parchment paper. Spoon dough onto cookie sheet. I like to use a small ice cream scoop to get the correct shape.
Bake for 15 minutes or until nicely brown.
To make chocolate covered macaroons - melt chocolate chips and spoon a big dollop over macaroons AFTER they come out of the oven.
To make chocolate macaroons:
Add to egg whites - 4 oz melted semi sweet chocolate and 1/4 cup unsweetened sifted coco. The chocolate macaroons take a little (5 minutes) longer to cook
To make chocolate chunk - add to egg whites 1/2 cup semi sweet chocolate chips.
NOTES: Makes 20 macaroons with a Tablespoon ice cream scoop


Rozanne, THANKS! Look for the cake called Golden Cage in the cake bible. Use the caramel cage technique. Here is the engineering for the sunglasses:


As I often do, I built my own mold with cardboard, then loosely line it aluminum foil. Whenever you build your own mold, keep in mind that it should unmold preferably in one piece. However, what I did to unmold these sunglasses is cut the mold as much as I could, taking it out in pieces, a very dangerous technique because you risk to crack the caramel each time you make a cut on the cardboard.

I would have preferred a much lacier pattern for the sunglasses, but the initial design was to stand the sunglasses on its arms and hold all the cupcakes on the glass, as you can see on one of the variations.

Overall, the sunglasses turned out well, not bad for a first attempt. I don't (yet) do this full-time, and I only had 2 day notice for this "cake" plus on the same evening I had to bring mango passion tart for an earlier dinner. For some reason, EVERYONE is so engaged looking at caramel cages, specially when defying gravity.


Wow - I love it Hector!


Awesome! I love it. How did you make the glasses?


oh i can tell!!! when is the hector museum opening?


LOL. LOVE the glasses!


Here is 'Shade' and the last from tournament of roses.


P.S. in case you can't tell, this is my rendition of sunglasses and cupcakes.


Hector and MarkMc,
Thank you for the recipe and advice.


THAT is my recipe!

Cindy, you can lighten up the flan by using more whites than yolks, sub by volume. Once I did a flan with all whites, and it turned ok.

I've also tried replacing 2 cans of evaporated milk with either/or whole/fat-free milk.

Always tube pan (non removable bottom). It is actually a pan which has a larger center tube, like those old fashion pound cake pans. Aluminum, non-non stick. You can used a regular pan or one without a tube, will need to adjust cooking time and perhaps temperature, specially if the flan is not as tall. My flan is about 3 inches tall (still in the mold) or about 2 to 2.5 unmolded


This is Hector's recipe from an earlier post (thanks Hector!):

Flan recipe: heat on high 1 cup of sugar in a heavy sauce pan. Stir occasionally with a wooden spoon. When the sugar starts dissolving, you will notice a few darker caramel spots, stir them around. You must be in front of your stove, eventually all will melt and get a light gold color. When the gold turns into light brown, pour immediately on your flan tube pan. Under no circumstances let the caramel achieve a dark brown color, it will continue to darken as it cools, and it would taste burn. I usually throw away so many batches!

Mix at speed 1 or with the paddle attachment: 9 whole eggs, 1 cup of sugar, 4 cans of evaporated milk, for 45 minutes. Yes this long. Remove the paddle attachment carefully, it will have some egg clinging to it, discard. Stir 1 tablespoon of homemade vanilla essence. Pour on your flan pan (by now, the pan should have cooled down and cracking caramel glass broken noises should have been heard).

Place on a water batch, room temperature water, in a NON-preheated oven at 300oF for 60 minutes. Turn off your oven, do not open the oven door. Let the oven and flan cool completely before removing from the oven, usually overnight or 4 to 6 hours during the day.

Chill in the refrigerator, well wrapped for at least 24 hours, up to 1 week. Shorter time will not allow enough caramel from the pan to release.

Slide a non-serrated thin knife thru the outer and inner borders of the pan. Unmold upside down and leave the pan for about 15 minutes until the most caramel have detached. Serve at room temperature or slightly chilled. Flan tastes better when it is at room temperature. Be sure to scoop a few spoons of dissolved caramel onto each serving plate.

It is important "your" 300oF does not boil the flan mix or water batch at any point, otherwise you will form bubbles in the custard as it sets. After 60 minutes the flan will still be fairly liquid, it will finish setting with the residual heat.


Hector, did you posted any recipe of flan?


Thanks Hector. I will try that. Can your recipe be halved or quartered?
Do you always use a tube pan?


Is Flan the same as " custard caramel"?What is the best egg to liquid ratio?Hector ,do you use egg or egg yolk only or both?


I have found the best baking method for flan is to bake at un-preheated oven, 300oF convection for 60 minutes on a water bath (room temp water). Then leave the flan in the oven for hours until completely cool.

Any higher temperature or quicker boil will risk the formation and set of undesired bubbles.



The Tiramisu sounds great.

The best flan I've ever tasted was years ago when a friend from the Philippines made it...with canned evaporated milk. Wish I had asked for his recipe! Still can remember it's gorgeous texture.


Veronica, it is a flan, and the recipe is from Peru. I've worked on the recipe extensively, "discovering" that flan should be left in the refrigerator for up to 1 week, so the caramel releases the most and melts heavenly. It wasn't a discovery after all since then I found a book who writes about this! Also, Rose's Melting Pot has a flan recipe, pointing out another of my "discoveries" which is the use of canned evaporated milk for unsurprised smoothness.

Mangoes, frozen are great, specially if they come from your local tree ripened fruit. Best for the rose pattern, to use fresh, but after formed you can freeze.

Mark, dry ice works when a refrigerator doesn't or in this case can't! My Caramel Capello uses a cake truffle, but next time I will make Tiramisu or alternate layers of Biscuit de Savoie with Silk Buttercream.


Superb "world" of cake and buttercream! The dry ice solution is brilliant!

Love your Capello as well..the wood base and the color choices. Fabulous!



Just catching up on everything. My old nanna computer kicked the bucket and finally I have the new computer up and running. Hey hector I wanted to ask about the cake in the center of the Rose cupcake ring. It looks like the custard pudding I do all the time for my family. I'm portuguese and I know Hawaii has a lot of portuguese influenced recipies.

And your world cake stunning. I freeze my Mangoes too, I have 250 trees in the backyard R2E2's, these mangoes can get up to 1.2kg in weight. I dice them up and freeze and then they are eaten half frozen like icecream only healthier.


Gorgeous! Very creative as well.


I've just comple-ated this Caramel Capello.

Caramel Cage. Caramel Silk Meringue Buttercream on Biscuit de Savoie cake truffle. Grand Marnier Mousseline Buttercream blue roses.



I am going to put this in writing:

Katie you are the perfect customer!

I remember 2 months ago when I showed you my cake catalog, 2 things brightened your eyes: The Rose Cupcake Ring and The Mango Passion Tart, hard choice! So, at you birthday party I told guests "Katie wasn't sure which cake she wanted, so I gave her the world!"

The truth is that 2 months of good work was done, and glad you were up to all my questions and sharing of feedback. I sent you a picture of almost every step of the cake in progress, and you could not have rewarded me with any greater honor than wearing a dress to match!

One art gallery called me after looking at your cake and wants to show it in an exhibition. I guess I am an artist with cake as media. I don't make much money making cakes (yet), but it is almost an irony that right now I can be called an "starving artist."

Hugs. /Hec


I am the very lucky lady who received Hector's fabulous World Cake on my 50th birthday! Can you imagine how I felt seeing the cake for the first time... and knowing all my friends were going to enjoy tasting it with me? It was a WOW moment. I wore five different outfits at the party that night but the aquamarine colored dress that matched the cake, was so much fun. The dress was created from a wedding gown that someone had given me for the fabric...but I decided to wear it backwards...to show more cleavage ;-) and I had it dyed aquamarine! Many people told me that seeing me standing by the blue World Cake was their favorite image of the party. Hector himself was the one to feed me a piece of a Mango Passion continent. Yummy...I was in heaven...over the earth-world cake. I am SOOOO grateful to have a friend like Hector who has given me, and his mentor Ms. Rose Levy, a reason to cry with joy and pride. Hector is the ultimate cake baker; he is creative, and totally passionate about his work! Kisses, Katie


guau!!! es espectacular!! un super trabajo de filigrana...eres un artista

creo sinceramente q estas perdiendo plata,...buscar un trabajo? creo que deberias ofrecer tu arte a los demas...


Hooray for leftovers!!! (and congrats on the new freezer)


Patrincia, I am shaping a caramel cage and fill it with cake truffle (biscuit de savoie with caramel smbc). Then top it off with petal-tight blue roses.

A recycled cake, you can call it. The truth is that I always make extra components so my work flow is smoother for upcoming cakes. Sounds like I am running a bakery already!

A third freezer should be on its way to THE YELLOW KITCHEN.


Hector, you are such a fantastic creative human being. How i wish im that creative. Keep it up. And to Patricia you are wonderful. Keep it up!!!!


And I saw Kathy struggle, too! She helped me cut some cardboard in the shape of the continents, which I carefully drew and wanted perfect cutting accuracy!

One thing I am still uncomfortable to do is to drive cakes for delivery. Luca almost jumped off the passenger seat because I was a total neurotic and ran over 2 red lights! When he asked if it is the cake or our lives, I answered "the cake."

By the way, we took apart one of my house windows, because the cake was too wide for the front door. This was planned.


Yes, my friend Hector is amazing with his baking talents! I was there when the idea for a world cake with mango tarts as the continents and cupcakes with blue buttercream (eeek!) for the ocean was being discussed. I must say, I couldn't picture it. I thought for sure that Hector had just done himself in. No way this will be produced in Hector's usual elegant style.

I saw him struggle through weeks of test baking the coconut crust, trying to make the correct shapes. I admit, I had my doubts.

When I saw the final product, I was completely astonished! He did it! A cake like this has definitely never been done before. Oh, also, it tasted great too! Hector's buttercream is the best. It just melted in my mouth leaving the scent of a fruity/floral combination. Yum!

Congratulations Hector!


My silicone, just coming out clean from the clothes washer!



You are amazing...I am just blown away!


hector...you are amazing


Come on Hector, who are you kidding. Fess up, the cookie was really your DINNER tonight wasn't it? Sounds good!

Why not develop the princess idea further? Let's think along the lines of tiara....

I am sure she has seen The Cake Bible. What is her favourite picture in he Cake Bible? I bet she would pick one of Rose's wedding cakes [fit for a princess!]. You could do a smaller version of a 3 tier cake with a princess twist. Put a tiera on the top made of spun caramel or have a look a the Rose Trellis cake [TCB] for inspiration and adapt that into a tiara for the top. Lucky lucky girl.


I've just posted this in another thread, but maybe it is worth posting here again:

I need to report that I just had the most wonderful cookies baked in the microwave!!!!!!!!

I had one scrap of sweet coconut cookie tart crust, stored frozen according to the recommendations in The Pie and Pastry Bible (form a ball, flatten into a disc, freeze airtight).

I placed this, still frozen, on a ceramic microwave safe plate, and popped it for 1.5 minutes. It cooked all the way, was very fluffy, and it even browned into a beautiful but oddly shaped cookie.

Poured some Cordon Rose Strawberry Conserve, and that was my dessert tonight!


princess is the first word

Josephine loves miniature fancy kitchen appliances, anything that will remind him of her uncle Hector! She is also very attached to my dog Lucky.


What is Josephine's favourite colour?
Does she have a favourite party dress or thing that "screams Josephine"?
Does she have a nickname?
When you think of Josephine, what is the FIRST word that comes to your mind?


Hmmm.... what are her interests these days?


Now that my recent cakes has been spectacular, my family is expecting no less! I am going to have to tell my sister to settle down a little and take the pressure off from me. Part of the making process of Rose's World Cake is that I needed to make something that I could not top over!

The same goes in September when our cousin Elaine from Canada gets married, in the Big Island. She is having a small but well designed wedding with just family guests, and she wants her wedding cake to be the center of attention and also spectacular. She already gave me the go to make this happen! I have just asked her for a serving count, color preference if any, and flavor preference if any! I think my customers know better that I listen very little to their cake requests, but instead, I beg for freedom to make my cakes according to me (but inspired by them).

So, I have these two challenges. Josephine is for end of April, Elaine for mid September. Right now lets focus on Josephine, and YOU BLOGGERS need to inspire me with something ok? I haven't drawn anything yet, so the question is "how can I make a less spectacular cake for my niece, that will still be spectacular?"


Hector, I think leaving the cupcakes unfrosted is what gave it a more unique "Hector look". So have you decided what you will be doing for Josephine's b'day? Can't wait to see it.


Hector...I'm so glad I could be there to witness (and taste!) this masterpiece! I even got to help light the candles! :) Mmm...mmm...it was "out of this world"!

Scott (Butch's friend)


and as we all know 7 is a very important number/age!

photography for the book is very intense and emotional but i just have to take the time to comment on hector's genius--it is utterly astonishing.

i'm keeping careful notes and have much to share so as soon as we are finished with the first phase i will post them.


SKY IS THE LIMIT for my brother's creativity!

At the beginning, he asked me for help... and I truly tought this cake was impossible to achieve.

I should have known better and should always remember that there is no stop to Hector's creativity when he dedicates his mind, heart and soul to any project inside his YELLOW KITCHEN!

Now, you all, wait to see what he will come up with for his niece Josephine's 7th birthday cake!

Gladys Wong Lin


Rozanne, that is a very good question. There was a lot of evaporation but I don't live in dry weather, so not bad. Also, because there is a large proportion of buttercream compared to cake, it is best to have the Biscuit on the drier side.

I've used Golden Genoise and Moist Chocolate Genoise (w/o syrup) in the past, and the moistness is just right. But I prefer the taste of Biscuit for this particular 'cupcake', not because I am Hector King of Savoiardi, but because the taste of Biscuit is of a cleaner egg based cake (not buttery) which contrasts well with the huge -butter- rose.

I am glad you noticed these cupcakes are "not frosted," because that is my take on this recent world of decorated cupcake craze. Do you think I should have frosted each cupcake? Biscuit is so beautiful that it likes to be displayed on the nude!

Ok, here is a re-post of the original Rose Cupcake Ring:



Yay! I just saw the Canadian flag.
Hector, did the cupcakes stay moist enough for the duration of the party since they were not covered with frosting?


Silvita linda, claro que si! Costa Rica es gran parte de America Central, y ahi lo veo lleno de mango en mi tortasa!

Try fruta de la pasion o maracuya, I am sure it grows in Costa Rica. Yes, passion fruit has a different bloom season than mango. What I do is use frozen passion juice that I harvest myself, it is even better than fresh!

I have so much mango in Hawaii, and people take it for granted. Literally, the fruit is on the grounds, nobody wants to pick them. But when I make the Mango Passion Tart, everyone loves it here. They say "I can't believe mango can be used for such delicate dessert." Also, the mango rose shape sells for itself when they look at it. It is glazed with apricot, which just gives it a little more tart flavor (apricot doesn't overpower the mango taste).

You bite on the mango slices and find these slices held together by a thin layer of sponge cake moistened with dark rum. Then under is the coconut cookie tart crust, also moisten proofed with apricot glaze, and filled with passion fruit cream curd. What else is in heaven if not in the world? Thanks everyone for the wonder-full feedback, and I hope this is the final prove I need to show that my work is inspired by Rose, Rose's bloggers, and roses!

Assembly took 6 hours on the same day of the party. I had Natalie and Luca help me full time that morning. To keep things cold, a custom 'refrigerator' was built by erecting a cardboard wall on the perimeter and having suspended dry ice blocks smoke cold air over.


Hector, you are very very creative. You create edible works of art!!
I find that perfect, wish I could do it too!!! Did you put Costa Rica in the map???
I think I´ll have to order the pie bible, I *have* to try this mango tart. Now we have plenty of mangoes, and if i can´t find passion fruit, I´m certain there´ll be another fruit to substitute it.
felicitaciones, Silvia


Oh gosh, Hector and Patrincia, you two are making me blush! Thanks for your kind words regarding my little blog :) And yes, Patrincia, my Cake Bible has been very well loved...with chocolate splatters and dried sugar syrup!


Hane, the blog and bloggers are magnifique!


Hi Jeannette, great to hear from you! Let me share with you, that it was the people from the smallest (in size) countries that "made sure" they were present on the cake. I have pictures taken when the guests from the UK, from Ireland, from NZ, etc were pointing fingers to their mangoes!

I called Katie last night to tell her she is posted, and to surprise it was actually the day of her actual birthday! The night before she stopped by at my place to give me my $$$, and I gave her a "small" 12-inch cake made of left over cupcakes that I still have untouched in my freezer, arranged as the letter K.

Patrincia, you are a lamb.

ECL, your blog has beautiful pictures!


Just . . . wow. I am so impressed!


Wow--just WOW! Trés magnifique, Hector! How can ANYONE top that?


Wow--just WOW! Trés magnifique, Hector! How can ANYONE top that?


This is unbelievable! Glad you included the UK even though we are not fully fledged cakes!!!! What an honour for your friend Katie to have a cake made by Hector, and I echo she certainly doesn't look 50!


ECL - I just glanced at your blog and for fear of not getting any sleep tonight, I've decided to return to it tomorrow (tee-hee). It looks wonderful, and I couldn't help but laugh out loud when I saw the photo of your chocolate spattered pages of TCB.


(How do you cheer through on a blog???)

Wow.... it's totally awesome Hector! Truly a work of art! Very clever way to get individuals to serve themselves without destroying your creation (nothing worse than the sight of someone hacking away at your labor of love with reckless abandon).

I'm officially starting club for the fans of Hector's cakes :). We can't wait to see what you'll do next...

Btw, the birthday girl definitely does NOT look 50.


Hector, I am speechless. This is beautiful, and amazing!! Thanks to you and Rose for sharing this with us :)


You bloggers are all sweeter than any mango I have worked with!

Zach, yes, the cake is history. People grabbed with fingers or with small dessert plates. It was easy to serve like finger food, as the cupcakes were finger size, and I broke the tart into small squares.

The party theme was International and Intergalactic. And Miss Katie surprised me when showing up with a gown matching the color of the roses! Please don't tell her that the official name of her cake is Rose's World Cake!


Hector, you never cease to amaze me! Thank you for sharing such passion and talent with us! You are an inspiration!


About a year ago, Matthew asked me to try the Mango Passion Tart from The Pie and Pastry Bible, claiming was his favorite recipe in the book. So I did, and I did again! The continents are made of this wonderful tart which has become a staple and my favorite, specially since I always pay zero $ for mangoes or passion fruit where I live!

A word on mangoes, they freeze wonderfully and perhaps it is an added delicacy to bite on thawed mango than on crunchy fresh ones for this tart. I divided the recipe in work stages. The first stage was to place the thin layer of cake on a sheet of heavy duty aluminum foil on a baking sheet. Feather moisten with Meyers rum. Now use fresh mangoes, ripe but firm, slice them and arrange them on the cake. Freeze for 2 hours, and wrap airtight or vacuum. The day you complete the tart, plan half day in advance or overnight, fill your baked tart crust with the passion curd cream, and place the frozen cake/mango on top (unthawed). Now, cover tightly with aluminum foil and place in the refrigerator for about 6 hours, which is the time when the cake/mango will thaw; no water condensation since it is wrapped closely with foil and since it is in the refrigerator.

Matthew prefers this tart when everything is done fresh the same day, but I like to disagree. Get high quality mangoes and passion, and you are set.

By the way, try to get locally grown mangoes, picked ripe from the tree. The ones that are picked green, then gas ripen, imported usually, will turn brown quicker during the freeze/thawing and room temperature display, as some did on the cake after been displayed for nearly 8 hours!

Here is a picture with Hawaii in front and larger than life... my customer's request. Katie's 50th birthday. I quote Katie as the perfect customer (and friend), she introduced me repeatedly during her party. When the video camera asked me to speak I said "well, Katie wasn't sure what she wanted, so I gave her the world!!!"

I do need to make one confession: the smaller islands you see, including Hawaii, NZ, UK, etc, are only tart crust filled with buttercream then topped with mango.


Zach Townsend
Zach Townsend
03/27/2008 09:21 PM

Wow, what a feat! That's great Hector. Has it been eaten yet? How was it served?



Tammy Bartley
Tammy Bartley
03/27/2008 09:16 PM

and you're amazed that people follow your work Hector? :-D WOW! That's gorgeous.

Congratulations Featured Chef Patrincia!!! That's so awesome! Thanks for telling us Hector.


Very creative Hector, I think it is your best work yet. Superb job on the mango-rose continents! I love that Hawaii is as big as Europe!


Oh, I need wanted to share the light with our dearest Patrincia. She is the Featured Chef on the Kitchen Aid blog, March 2008.



This is my tribute to Rose, and perhaps the greatest since I don't think I could possibly make anything with more roses!

Valerie, here is a picture of Australia and New Zealand in the making, showing the little cakes. I baked 9 jelly roll sheets of Biscuit de Savoie and with round cutters made 1/2-inch, 1 1/2-inch, and 2-inch little cakes. Some were chocolate. Every little 'cupcake' is moistened with Frangelico syrup.

The roses are Mousseline Buttercream. I made several batches, some flavored with Grand Marnier and some with a mix of Vodka and Fiori di Sicilia.

Part of the challenge of this mosaic is that for a rather large and flat cake some perspective and tri-dimension was much needed. Thus, I played with the sizes and colors on the cupcakes and on the roses.

Since I had to pipe so many roses now I have so many roses leftovers ready to use. I kept piping for ever for about 2 weeks telling myself that if I end up with a couple hundred extras that is nothing to the thousands that I will need for Rose's World Cake!


I am speechless!!!!!!!!!! It is a work of art, Hector.


What kind of cakes are those beneath the beautiful roses? Hector, you are an artist!



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