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Rose's Kitchen Poster

Jun 25, 2008 | From the kitchen of Rose

You asked for it and Hector generously created it for download as a poster!

Download: 20 x 30 size Poster of Rose in People Magazine
(6.45 MB file size)


Download: 16 x 20 size Poster of Rose in People Magazine
(6.48 MB file size)


not yet, but I did with whipped cream, which is even more temperature sensitive than buttercream, so I feel it will insulate plenty fine. the thermohauser has a satin finish which claims to work as insulation.

or maybe I just don't notice as I work in warm weather, and insulation or not, I always try to handle my piping fast and cool with ice pack rests.


Hector - have you used those Thermohauser bags for buttercream yet? If so, do you feel they insulate as well as parchment?


Hi Rozanne, yes, carefully tempered dark chocolate piped on parchment, then hardened in the fridge, peeled off, and placed. The same for the eye dots.

I used my Thermohauser disposable pastry bags to temper and pipe. Place your chocolate broken in pieces inside, do not cut the tip off, seal the opening with your tilia. Microwave 5 seconds at a time, kneading with your hands until cooled before microwaving again if needed. It worked wonderfully and so mess free.


Oh I see... the photo was added to the link below. Thanks Hector.


Love your cakes Hector, specially the Elmo one. It's a winner! Did you use chocolate for the mouth?


Hector - I can't wait to see the photo :), but can't find it. I downloaded your whole portfolio. What am I doing wrong?


Thank you my Elmo fans.

I am so glad I did Elmo with eyes smaller than what it should be because the eyes touched the cake box, also the nose. Elmo lost one eye when I opened the box, and YES Josephine made a comment!

This is a 9" cake sitting on a 12" cake board and corresponding 12" cake box. Even in 12", my cakes don't seem to fit well any cake box I can buy.

I added one more picture on my link, of me in Elmo red. Not often I like to picture myself, but this one was taken by my newly friend fan Suzanne, she was taking candid shots. Suzanne killed me with her 20 Megapixel pro camera, so I gave in and showed my best eye wrinkles and double chin you will ever see!


Wow, Hector, love your 4th of July treats! The Elmo cake is hilarious. "strawberry seed pimples," huh, kids, go figure.


Hector - both cakes are great, but I just have to tell you how much I love the Elmo cake, how cute!


going a little off topic, here is my july 4th. super-strawberry shortcake with rasp and blue berries. second cake is elmo sans red food coloring for nephew nicholas on july 5th.

both cakes are biscuit de savoie moistened with syrup which i replaced the liquor with strawberry conserve and french arome. filling is strawberry conserve cloud cream and few chopped berries.

winter blueberry topping with well practiced scroll border... never before i could get this border so well until i read roses's instructions on tcb... pipe like question marks is all i needed to follow.... all this time i was doing "spanish" question mark openings which is not on the "english" language!

i think elmo sans red food coloring is healthy except my 7 year old niece said it was a skin full of strawberry seed pimples and suggested to use colored frosting instead! figures.

july 4th potluck foods. prosciutto san daniele on melon, namasu pickles, variety sweet potatoes and taro, frittata, cheeses, etc. too many people at the beach watching the fireworks, so we went to friend's high rise instead.



Patrincia, you must tell me next time you go to La Cuisine, get stuff for me and ship to me!

Carol, the color of the mousseline depends on the color of the heated sugar, the shade would vary from batch to batch, specially when using it as is without any flavor or liqueur variation. When this off white shade is critical, I would whip my two batched and blend, then use as one whole.


Wish I could help - I have not experienced this.


Hope someone out there can help me! I made a wedding cake last week using mousseline buttercream as the icing. One batch of the buttercream started out the beautiful off white color but after making a new batch and frosting the last tier and refrigerating the tier I noticed that the color was several shades darker than the other two tiers. WHY is this happening? thanks for any comments.


Hector - The wonderful staff at La Cuisine opened a few bottles of essence for me to smell and I purchased the Pistachio and Strawberry on the spot - the aroma was so intense! I have plenty of ideas for using the strawberry, but please tell me what you how you have been using the pistachio.


Matthew, yes, I immediately looked at Rose's top shelf, what a great collection of booze to display, so beautiful.

I wish I can do the same, but in my tropical weather, the top shelf is the warmest, so indeed my booze is under my bed!

I have to report that last night I started my own booze factory. I made my own pistachio liquor, and also kahlua liquor. After all, I use the world's best pistachio essence (la cuisine, french), and also one of the world's best coffees (illy). Together with my Maui turbinado sugar, I am hoping to strike.


What a collection - I love it!


Rose your kitchen is a baker's paradise! Love it.

Thank you for taking the time to do the posters Hector. They are awesome.


Another great picture! I always wondered where Rose kept all of her booze stashed.


And here is the article to read and enjoy. Don't you love Rose's kitchen including the stainless steel hobart piece of art?




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