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Special for Whole Wheat Wimps

Aug 30, 2008 | From the kitchen of Rose

26 Percent Whole Wheat Sandwich Bread

For those of you who pefer less than 50% whole wheat bread, here’s my modification for the Whole Wheat Sandwich Bread posted a few months ago.

Decrease the water and the honey each by 1 tablespoon. Use 2 1/3 cups/12.3 ounces/352 grams Gold Medal Harvest King/Better for Bread flour, 1 cup 5 ounces/142 grams whole wheat flour.

The resulting bread will be higher and lighter both in color and texture than the 50% version. Mine was 5 ¼ inches high and looked like this:

The Bread Baking

The Baked Bread

A Slice to Show the Crumb


Woody Wolston
Woody Wolston in reply to comment from ruth
11/ 6/2011 11:42 AM

Hi Ruth,
in the Google search below the rose on the top of the page type in:
Whole Wheat Sandwich Loaf
then click on it when the google choices appear.


Hi rose, how can i get the recipe of this bread? i love baking now... and i'm trying to bake a good bread, but i keep on failing for a perfect one. where can i get the recipe of this? thanks -ruth from Philippines :)


In the search box near the top of the page type the phrase:
whole wheat sandwich bread
Follow the first link for the original recipe.


Hi Oriana

Where did you see the recipe?I don't see it on this page.


Hi Rose

Where can I view the recipe? I don't see the recipe on this page.



I have just had a slice of this bread, after patiently waiting for it to cool, and it was wonderful! Will be baking this has often as I bake the Heart of Wheat.
Thank you.


whole wheat receipe for whimps...where is it??


What EXACT (brand, size, etc.) loaf pan did you use for this wheat bread? Also, when dimensions are given are they for the bottom of the pan or the top?

(I have loaf pans that I have had for 25 years and love. They are dark and just the right size for 6 to fit in my oven. But I need to buy some for my married children. The ones I have don't have a size or name.)


it's early in the morning so forgive me if i can't come up with a better more suitable word but just must tell you before leaving for day 3 book photography that this rates as one of the 'cutest' postings to date!



I assume you're a married woman, as I am a married man. However, when I saw the label you gave to the above bread recipe as being for "whole wheat wimps", I had to laugh, and probably would have given you a squeeze if you were in my vicinity!
Well I just want to tell you Rose, that I am not a wimp, and did roll up my sleeves, exposing my biceps, in order to make your 50% version whole wheat bread, instead, which I enjoyed very much.


I like to bake goodies and would like a good recipe for baking a whole wheat cake. Are there any real good recipes out there?


Charlie, it could be any of the reasons you mention, however over proofing is probably the main culprit--it weakens the structure of the bread making it more prone to collapse. I hope you decided to bake it anyway--sometimes a deflated bread can recover somewhat with oven spring.


Ok Im new to bread baking. When trying to make the "Basic Hearth Bread" found on page 305 of the bread biblemy "slashes cuased the bread to deflate by a lot - so sad to watch :( did I do something wrong? Did I over proof? Did Slash to deep? Not Slash Quick enough? please help..


meg, the peach galette is so much more complicated to master than the basic bread. but you didn't start with a basic enough bread! try the basic hearth bread. you'll get the feel of what the dough should be like and there are so few ingredients you'll see what bread in it's most simple and soulfulness can be. the recipe is on the better for bread bag as well!
there's nothing more satisfying than baking bread. do NOT give up so quickly!


Sorry Rose, I forgot to put my email address in for you to reply to. Thanks, Meg


Hi Rose,
I have to tell you that I tried baking bread for the first time today. I have your Bread Bible Book, and thought the basic soft white sandwich loaf would be good since I have two hungry boys still at home. Unfortunetely, I screwed up the recipe. I finally realized that I used evaportated milk instead of dry non fat milk. I was so discouraged, as I worked so hard at it. I am wondering if I am a bread dummy, and just to forget it, or are there really some people out there who take many tries before they get it right? I have mastered pies, and made your peach gallet recently. It was beautiful, and I even documented it with photos that I treasure. Now when I see your blog, I feel I want to learn baking bread. How did it go for you when you first started baking?

One big admirer of yours,



The bread looks delicious--I can almost smell it. I'm a 50% or more whole wheat kind of a gal, but this looks good enough to make an exception.


Just the pictures of this bread look yummy! I'm a 50%-or-more-whole-wheat kind of a gal, but this bread does look very appealing. I can almost smell it. There is something about the smell of honey, wheat, and yeast that is almost intoxicating.


old starter is sourdough and doesn't contain any salt. old bread dough is the finished dough with salt already in it so all you do is save some from your last batch and add it without having the adjust the salt.


michelle tan
michelle tan
09/11/2008 10:06 AM

I like to bake whole wheat loaf and have yet to try this recipe 'cos I'm confuse with old starter or old bread dough. Are they the same?


but the words: whole wheat sandwich loaf
in the search box and you'll find it.


Ruby Hebert
Ruby Hebert
09/ 2/2008 08:16 PM

I can't find the recipe for the bread above.How do I get a copy of it.That's for the whole wheat wimp. Thanks


i assume you mean the recipe that goes with this posting that is not downloadable but it is printable. if you want to save it to your computer do a select and copy. we're all puzzled as to what you are referring.


what happens when you hit the print button below the posting?


robert tyburski
robert tyburski
09/ 2/2008 06:18 PM

I can not down load any of your recipes. Is that normal or am I doing something wrong. I never had this problem with other cooks.


I love the title of your post! Very funny.
I did get to try your 50% loaf. Actually, I baked 3 of them. The first two were basically gobbled up the first day and were delicious but the last loaf became a little dry on standing. I think that your honey oat bread has a better shelf life. So I think if I plan to make extra again, I'll try this wimpy version! Thank you so much!



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