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The Ultimate BLT

Aug 13, 2008 | From the kitchen of Rose

Every summer, when the Jersey tomatoes are in full swing, I start thinking BLT. But this summer, it wasn't the juicy beefsteak tomatoes that drove me as much as the new technique suggested by my dear friend Elizabeth Karmel, author of Taming the Flame, and my grilling goddess, for grilling the bacon. Wow! Why did I never think of this before? It is so quick, effective, and mess-less. With a gas grill, preheat the grill and then turn the middle burners to low. Place the bacon on top and grill for about 2 minutes a side, watching carefully so that it crisps to the degree of your preference without burning, though a few char spots add extra slightly smoky flavor.

The BLT in this photo is on the 50% wholewheat bread, previously posted. I recommend toasting it very lightly as too crisp a toast hurts the palate.

Ah the combination of wheaty bread, a gilding of mayo, a suggestion of crisp lettuce, juicy tomato that threatens to run down your wrist, and my favorite bacon which more often than not is Harrington's from Vermont (it's smoked over corn husks). It's been my favorite since I first tasted it almost a half century ago (I kid you not!)


trish, thank you for your very heart-warming comment!it gives me the chills every time i read it. so nice to share such special things and to be able to recreate a fond memory. what could be better.


Rose, Unlike you I grew up Irish Catholic in Cleveland,OH. But like you, I yearned for the rye bread of my childhood. We had a standing order at the local bakery and picked up a loaf of seeded rye every Saturday. Today I finally found that taste again. I made Levy's real Jewish rye. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!


risa, i put it directly on the grill but i've turned the middle burners to low. it does flare up a bit which makes it extra delicious!


This sandwich is always a winner in my book! Yum, and the toasted bread makes it even more delicious :D.

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Thanks :),
KI Chief Blogger


One more thing: Sun Dried Tomoto Mayo gives this classic sandwich such a unique taste. I served them at a luncheon and everyone loved them!
-Patty Ball


Risa - nice to know there's another oven bacon fan out there (I got the idea from Ina too).


Roasting bacon is the greatest thing in the world. I put 8 slices on a parchment lined sheet pan, put it on 400 and roast it for 20-25 minutes until it is all golden brown. Works really well. I got that idea from Ina Garten of Barefoot Contessa.

I never cook bacon any other way now.

Grilling it? I have to try that. Sounds great. Do you just put it on a tray and put it on the grill or put the actual slices on the grill rack? I would think the fat renders and then makes a fire.

I have to try that. What an idea! I haven't even seen Bobby Flay grill bacon and I've seen him grill nearly everything.

Thanks for the inspiration.


This BLT sounds amazing, having crispy lettuce is key to a great BLT. Have you ever tried adding Swiss Cheese to a BLT?
-Patty B.


Ouch, did I read to use the oven to fry bacon? I have a feeling that frying bacon is an activity perhaps the biggest written about, but unless you have a fast heating oven (typically an electric toaster oven), I can't justify turning on my 30" gas oven for just bacon...

With the electric bill going up, I am considering using induction heating instead of traditional electric. How about a cast iron dutch oven on a induction stove? the dutch oven lid contains the splashes and keep the bacon from drying out. And there is nothing better than frying bacon to keep the cast iron pot conditioned.


I like to cook my bacon in the oven - no splatters, no curling, no mess.


You know if you are making bacon for one, the george forman grill works really well since it closes there is no/minimal mess. The only problem is that it isn't big enough to make alot. Oh and avacado is great on BLTs.


Rose when you get back would you please tell my why when I baked the merimgue on a coconut cream pie about 10 min. after it came out of the oven all perfect looking that there was steady stream of syrup coming out of the pie where the mergine and the crust met in one spot that seemed to be lower than the rest of the crust. The liquid appeared to by clear and sweet. I think that it was the sugar coming out of the meringue. I have baked many pies topped with meringue and never had this happen. The meringue looked perfect when I made it and tasted great. The pie tasted great and the mergine looked and tasted great. So where did all this sweet syurp come from? I used 4 whites and 6 tab sugar, vanilla. Put it on the custard while it was hot. My crust turned very soggy, It had been prebaked and cooled.


actually it usually does run down my wrist but it didn't today! i used the honey oat bread this time but prefer the 50% whole wheat/


LOL - Hector, you are a scream! :)


hungry and in love for you! your writing is so romantic, feeling like Cupid has put BLT as his arrow head!

'gilding' of mayo...

'suggestion' of lettuce...

juicy tomato that 'threatens to run down your wrist'...


actually you can mail order it from harrington's in VT. 802 is the area code. i've never seen it in ny. there are so many specialty bacons and the one from zingerman's that i've posted about is another favorite but super expensive.


Rose: A Bacon Lettuce and Tomatoe sandwich is one of my favorite things in the whole world. Is this bacon available in the New York Area? I've never seen it at my local market. Thanks for this post...yum!



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