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Feb 5, 2009 | From the kitchen of Rose

At this hour I'm usually doing my one mile swim but with the temperature below 0°F I thought better of it. Of course I had the internal argument about how when I was at UVM it was often 14°F below zero and I had to walk a mile to class with the required skirt the fashionable above the knee length (or 'sherth'--would that be the opposite of length?)! But that was years ago. And NY cold is far less dry and far more penetrating.

I'm also remembering a few years later, living in the West Village, and working at home as a manuscript typist, having to wear wool gloves with the fingers cut off as mid-winter the one room never got warm enough to keep my fingers flexible enough to type the 180 wmp I used to be able to hit on the great IBM Selectric. (I still have it--remember the little ball with the type on it spinning around?)

So getting a head-start on the day, I'm losing no time in telling you that our dear fellow blogger Hector Wong has generously posted several of my earliest baking video segments on YouTube to share with you. This was before The Cake Bible. Here's the link:


If you are a member of Youtube you can subscribe to my channel to get further updates about new videos when they are uploaded, as well as rate the videos and share them.


Zach Townsend
Zach Townsend
02/ 7/2009 09:26 AM

These are great! What a great idea...


Thanks for letting us know about the videos! The ganache segment was very helpful for learning how to frost a cake!


bloggers: utube uwelcome urock!

stayed until wee hours last night working on pbs series, please hang tight because first there will be a tandori treat.

video takes very long to render and post, but most is sitting time, so meanwhile I made Baked Hawaii Too. Enjoy my short video until the beep and try guess what is the beep!



My TiVo has been programmed to catch the PBS Series forever, but so far nothing. These are great - I LOVE viewing Rose actually making her recipes. Can't wait to see them all. Thank you, thank you, thank you Hector!


This is brilliant! Thank you Hector.


you are ALL very very WELCOME.

Here is the best link for your records, where you can find all of Rose's videos as I am posting. It is official!!!



What a great idea! Thank you Rose and Hector. I cannot believe you got your hands on the PBS series. How on earth did you manage that? I am so excited about that. I e-mailed them but never got a response. I guess it doesn't matter now.
I copied and pasted all the video links as Hector kept posting them on the blog. Actually I did it for my daughter who requests to watch it frequently and it made it easier than searching the blog. Now it's all on Youtube. Fantastic!!!


stay tuned--hector is working on the pbs one's too!!!


These were wonderful to watch and I sheepishly admit it was impossible to view just one! I've always felt a bit of regret that I did not live in New York during the great days of Rose's school. This is the next best thing, especially since my PBS channel has not aired her series, which I might add, is maddening.


hi J, try www.youtube.com and search for rose levy or rose levy beranbaum.

no worries, soon we will have youtube links to click or embedded right in our blog.

regarding sound, let me triple check, but in the meantime would you mind calling a computer buddy or helpful neighbor to give your computer a hearing test =)

I have a few more videos, but I am a bit slow to process video, so hang tight and keep coming back. If you all have any videos or any type of paparazzi with Rose, send it to me to utube it!

making a fat free rice cooker rissoto for lunch, with mochi rice, turkey roast jus, and left over egg whites from so many cake and ice cream making. I've just tested the new cuisinart classic ice cream maker, shaped like an old fashioned ice and salt ice cream bucket, works fair; and the part I like most is the handy built in carrying handle and cord storage compartment... you know.... it isn't always practical to haul out from storage my 45 lb lello gelato maker!

also baking a zojirushi sourdough basic heart bread and hoping it turns out as holey and artisan looking as luca's.

pls post back when you resolve the sound issue, so we all can learn, too.


I just clicked onto this, but I can't get sound, does anyone know what I should be doing? Thank you Hector, for taking the trouble to put these videos on for us, much appreciated!



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