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Scottish Shortbread

Mar 18, 2009 | From the kitchen of Rose


woodywolston in reply to comment from Evan
05/14/2017 07:50 AM

Hi Evan,
Baking temperature is 275 F.
Rose & Woody


The baking stated 275 deg F but she said 325 deg F. So confusing.


Hi Kathy,
The Video's recipe states 2-1/2 cups. The recipe is also in Rose's Christmas Cookies book.
Rose & Woody


Kathy Vanderwyk
Kathy Vanderwyk
12/ 5/2016 06:34 AM

Hi Rose
I'm making Christmas cookies and would like to make shortbread. I have watched your video a few times but I didn't get the amount of flour you used. I'm guessing it was around a cup? Love your recipes!


Try posting your question on the forum. I'm sure there will be someone who can solve your problem. You have to register in order to post your question. Here's the link


I am having trouble making shortbread. I am in Az and hunidity is v. low. I just can't make it into dough. It comes out of the oven very crummy - just not shortbread. When I makeit in OR I don't have the problem. I use 4oz flour, 2oz rice flour, 6oz butter and 2oz fine suger. Any ideas? D


Coincidentally I made some two days ago, my husband is Scottish so it's a favourite of his! This time I flavoured it with a teaspoonful of ginger powder and some finely chopped stem ginger, very delicious!!!!


Oh my... it's soooo easy. Give it a try, you won't regret it (well, maybe you will after you eat more than you should because it's so good).


Zach Townsend
Zach Townsend
03/18/2009 05:08 PM

I could eat shortbread all day, but strangely have never attempted to make it (just a matter of finding the time), but this puts me that much closer to the possibility!


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