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Hector's Cake Bible Graduation

Apr 16, 2009 | From the kitchen of Rose

This is Hector Wong's interpretation of La Porcelaine on the cover of The Cake Bible. My marzipan roses were rose red but of course Hector's are yellow like his "Yellow Kitchen." I would say he graduates with honors don't you agree? Here's his note:

Dear Rose, your La Porcelaine is a gem (short word for how beautiful I feel your cake deeply is). Your cake is BEAUTY-FULL. Working with your signature chocolate fondant was a pleasure, I loved it so much that I will consider this as the only fondant to work with! Deliciously chocolaty, naturally cocoa colored, tastes and perfumes of chocolate... we should rename this fondant: chocolate drapery!

(Click on the photo for a much larger version and to see the bottom collage in more detail.)

I made this cake for Luca’s birthday. When he saw the cake, he felt the truth: I made this cake for Rose, for the blog, and secondly for him! When I completed the cake, he joked in happiness: "so, am I suppose to act surprised when the restaurant brings the cake out to sing happy birthday?" This cake is yet my most intimate experience: a (literally) hard cover tribute to Rose, and a cake heart with Luca's wishes. The cake is La Porcelaine on the outside, but the inside is Luca's heart: white chocolate, biscuit a la cuilliere, and raspberry flavor... cake components most interesting for him.

This version of La Porcelaine was perhaps unnecessarily complex. Perhaps, the many components and flavors cancelled or masked each other. But, with all modesty... I ate 4 slices thought the day (6 by the time I finished typing this story) and claim with pride that this utterly complex multidimensional cake WAS THE ULTIMATE CHOCOLATE EXPERIENCE. It turned a jewel, a delicate piece of confectionery with several layers of textures and flavors enhancing and complimenting one other. This is my Cake Bible graduation.

The cake was first sliced at the restaurant party. Then, the same evening the cake leftovers was taken to Emily's home while hosting a late night pizza party for 30 people. When Emily saw the cake, she immediately brought out her copy of Cake Bible.

The next day, I finally confessed to Luca: yes, I made the cake for Rose, but you need to know that perhaps you are the only person in the universe to have this cake for a birthday or for life!

HECTOR'S LA PORCELAINE: chocolate oblivion truffle torte baked in a spring form pan lined with cordon rose signature ladyfingers. top filled with a soft pool of white ganache. chocolate fondant case held thinly with raspberry ganache. the highest quality chocolate. 9-inches round, feeds 30, $2500.

TASTING IMPRESSIONS: when slicing the cake, white ganache oozes down in visual contrast and in sweeter taste over the dark chocolate torte. ladyfingers' dry and plain texture was a great palate balancer for the many chocolate instances on this cake. the underlining raspberry ganache makes the chocolate fondant complimentary addictive and delicious to eat.


People are starting to notice how exclusive my cake catalog is; narrowly selected and expensive! What should I say when asked to bake a plain yellow cake with frosting? I may need to ask my local farmers to raise yolks to my specifications, pack a vanilla buttercream with vanilla seeds and navan, and market this for $75?


here is MILK Oblivion:

2/3 valrhona dark chocolate, 1/3 original hawaiian milk chocolate, signature plumerias, flourless, 6", $50

customer requested writing on the cake, and i hurt while doing so, but i will survive as it is done with passion navan mousseline buttercream!

also, announcing that you can now get a copy of Rose's new bread DVD taped at General Mills. Please send a piece of paper or mailing label with your address, a check for $10, to Hector Wong, 2888 ALA ILIMA ST, STE 2611, HONOLULU, HI 96818 or you could also paypal to myyellowkitchen@gmail.com please write a note saying "bread DVD." shipping starts mid August.



Thx Rachael! I am very happy with the mac nut oil, ot is premium healthy and expensive, but I can source it at a very good value been local. It is a very green solution as is made with the nuts that are to small for retail. The flavor is surprisingly mild, slighly nutty, but the aroma is more intense but temporary. The untoasted and raw mac nut from how oil is done has very volatille combustible oils, people light raw mac nuts as candles. This smell is present in the oil specially strongh each time you open the bottle, but then it volatilizes in the air or during baking. How about you trying oilve oil from california? Another healthy choice and perhaps the second press would be best as extra virgin may impart an olive taste? The chocolate cakes I am baking with mac nut oil has no taste of mac nut, BUT people do notice these cakes are more flavorful than if using safflower oil. This is exactly what I thrive for, a flavor lift without a noticeable mac nut flavor....or one such that would come alive only when adding the nuts on the cake or frosting.

I am experiencing local chocolate (so wonderful), vanilla, coffee, bananas, passion fruit, kumquats, etc. I love kumquats because the juice is like lemon juice, but the skin is sweet like orange/lemon zest, and it has near none of the white rind.

Let me know if you find local olive oil, perhaps a farmer will just give you the second press rather than wasting it since extra virgin is the most marketted.


Hectors, kudos to you for taking advantage of the lush tropical climate in which you live and make your localvore cakes. And I bet they all taste great together, too (I am especially intrigued by the use of macadamia nut oil...and am inspired to find my Northern California equivalent oil). Think of all the things we depend on for baking from the tropics: chocolate, coffee, vanilla, sugar, agave, cinnamon, allspice, nutmeg, cloves, star anise, and probably more. I wonder if you could get Hawaiian versions of all of these?


can't wait for next saturday's posting with my new birthday cake, which this mention would be more appropriate, so le me just say it now: i have just experienced the "gold trinity of hawaii:"

1- Hawaiian Gold Dust: vanilla seeds from Hawaiian Vanilla Company.

2- Hawaiian Liquid Gold: pure macadamia nut oil from Oils of Aloha. this is my oil of choice for cakes calling for safflower oil.

3- Hawaiian Solid Gold: locally grown and made chocolate from Original Hawaiian Chocolate Factory.

Enjoy these photos.



thank you so much Tawni. the chocolate rose was saved and eaten May 16th, because of me!

here something new for everyone: chocolate from hawaii



Wow Hector...your cakes are always amazing. The Grand Marnier Rose looks too good to cut. Happy Belated Birthday, sounds like you had a blast.


Isn't lilikoi passion fruit in Hawaii or am I mistaken?????


Looking forward to the posting on June 13. Those macadamia nuts look so good.


Hector - I can't wait for the post on June 13. Your "preview" photos are wonderful!!! What in the world is lilikoi?


Hector, those pictures look wonderful! You deserve a Saturday posting for these, can't wait to read it. And using local ingredients is so much a part of food culture right now, no problem there!


"be careful what you ask for . . ." is how next Saturday's posting will start. my 'editor' just tipped me that the saturday's weekly posting on June 13 will be about me and me and me! and as we know, i only like to bake from Rose. please stay tuned, it is a brand new cake which has gone nuts, has gone local, and has gone national, literally. here are some progress photos:


this cake is as whole (mac) nut as can possibly be. it has gone local using bananas, mac nuts, lilikoi, and vanilla grown in hawaii. it has gone national by mail with 8 UPS packages.

so be careful what you ask for as you may get it . . . i showed the picture of this cake to a few more local farmers and soon you will see more ingredients grown in hawaii on my cakes... have i sold my soul the devil of endorsements?


I am enjoying the mistery as I have not yet tried navan! It is made by the same house of grand marnier with the same best french cognac and with vanilla from navan (madagascar) instead of wild oranges as for grand marnier. I am sure navan will be great, it goes on the mousseline, and my all time favorite liqueur for mousselne has been grand marnier. My cakes are served 2 to 3 days after, so 75 percent or more of the alcohol is dissipated and prevent anyone from getting ill.

My mousselne was made last month and is frozen, but the liqueur will be added just before frosting the cake, while the alcohol is still on you get the best smooth consistency... although for this cake a smooth finish isn't part of the design. Stay tuned -). This is the official Hector Hawaii 4-0 cake.


Wow, I haven't seen this before, is it cognac/vanilla from Gr Marnier?

Let's see, vanilla liqueur, vanilla beans, macadamia nuts, this is sounding wonderful! Can't wait to see, Hector.


Oh my... I can only imagine how wonderful the mystery is going to be!


Is that Rose's new book in the picture?


friends made sunday dinner with mexican theme, doesn't the ceviche looks FANTASTIC? made by my friend jay who i am going to make my protege!!!!! he now says that will start to bake!

now... doesn't my flan look smooth? i think i already wrote about how to achieve this on a previous post (use a low 300oF, leave it in the hot oven overnight, refrigerate 3 days, etc, etc).



thank P, my own blog wouldn't make much sense as i have already my own web! happy here with Rose -)


Stunning, stunning, stunning... each and every new cake creation is simply stunning!!! Why don't you have your own blog Hector???


Wonderful place, wonderful pictures, I'm so glad you enjoyed your birthday celebration Hector!


one more for you Julie, here is the world's first attempt to make a flan shaped like a rose!

and the GORGEOUS passion curd, as golden orange as it should be!



Hector, happy birthday!

Glad to hear you had a culinary celebration, bravo. The oblivion still looks great, love the photo of the scraped clean plate, the location, the dishes as Nobu, all lovely.

Thanks for sharing.


good long morning everyone, it is May 17th, and trying to catch up on 40 years of lack of sleep! let me share my Hawaii 4-0 with you:


first, on the 12th, a midnight picture of the city lights from my little 350 sq ft living quarters, the moon was brought to my window!

second, starting my morning of the 16th by opening a fresh can of illy to hear the characteristic gas pop noise, love it, i knew it was the beginning of a great day. then went for a morning walk nearby in the hopes of finding a good photo location for my birthday cake. also introducing my new business cards. i think i found the perfect photo location (and perfect business card, too!).

coming back home at around noon and resting a bit prior to lunch. it was time to unveil 'MY Oblivion', cake bible's chocolate oblivion truffle torte. i made this cake for i and presented it as natural as it perfectly is, unadorned, unadulterated... but could not resist adding my signature on it: the chocolate rose, real chocolate, real rose, real hector!

lunch at mariposa restaurant, highly recommended best place in central honolulu with a great view and open air! deanna and lovelly 6 year old jade joined, the popovers are mariposa's trademark. we enjoyed MY Oblivion, and shared with the restaurant staff. i love the picture of raspberry sauce lickings by deanna and jade. we had a great time, specially talking about how i feel at 40, and finally seeing where my life is going.

dinner was intense, and a bit intimidating. we decided on nobus. i am not a big fan of fine dining nor overly paying for value, but so glad we pulled it thru and indeed nobu was BRILLIANT. i've been reading about nobu, he moved to Peru at a young age, and he uses some of the peruvian seafood cooking methods for his otherwise high end well known japanese restaurant. nobu respects the ingredients, and enhances fish and seafood... takes me back to my childhood days of pre-megasupermarket and shrink-wrapped meats.

i am so pleased, brilliant execution. this is not fusion nor blending nor tranformation, this is a japanese restaurant on its most traditional knowing. and as a bonus, nobu decides to add a few peruvian methods on his menu. for example, there is a special remark to try the ceviche or tiradito lime based sauce on selected sashimi fishes. LOVED IT. we had the white fish tiratido and the mixed seafood ceviche, it was a great way of enjoying an otherwise sashimi which in Hawaii is best made at home! the waiter was expert, in spite of been in his early 20s, he said "please don't add soy sauce to this dish."

the waiter suggests to order our foods as we go, so after the tiradito and ceviche, we decided on the skewers. either meat, chicken, squid, scallops, or shrimp, the waiter explains that the same skewers can be prepared with traditional teriyaki or with peruvian anticucho! we tried both. again, i didn't feel fusion, i felt food ingredient respect. brilliant.

moving to the main dish, rainbow trout (can't remember the name, was that tasmanian river trout?), unremarkable to me, since the fish is airflown and i am just too spoiled where i live!

finale, a lemon praline icecream, and few other flavors, housemade, trully appreciated. the chocolate souffle warm cake was excellent, but for me unremarkable as I cautioned the waiter that i can bake my own desserts! i did taste the excellent venezuelan chocolate used on the souffle cake.

enjoy the miscellaneous photos of jay and kathy, my now nobu's partners in crime!

p.s. and all day long, checking my blog posts on my blackberry with Patrincia's lovely birthday wish and fellowers!

p.s.2. today i will attempt a world's first flan shaped like a rose!


Hector, love the "oblivion night", it's great to see how many ways you can present the oblivion! Great"torn" edges on the flower.

Premium vanilla and macadamia nuts, yum. Can't wait to see your next cake!


and here are the most beautiful macadamia nuts i have ever seen!


for my upcoming cake...


i've just received these vanilla beans from Clare Wilson at Huahua Farm. when i opened the envelope, i found six vanilla beans of enormous size, length, weight, and width... i have never seen vanilla beans sold this fresh anywhere which it makes all sense as Clare grows these herself, and she mails you the beans at their peak. these are so fresh, that i am going to keep them airtight in a zip lock bag or inside a glass jar and throw them under the sun for a few days to make them even more fragrant. i've been reading that the 'hawaiian vanilla bean' is now considered the best in the world.

aren't these much more beautiful, larger, and succulent, than anything you can find bottled at the grocery store? and talk about price, too!

be sure to give Clare a phone call or visit her website, as her production of vanilla beans is not more than 500 beans a year, she may be very well sold out for this season! Clare has a few recipes on how to make vanilla essence at home, and she claims she has more recipes if you are interested. i have been making my own vanilla essence for several years, with either store bought beans, a few i used to grow a few years ago, or now from Clare.


thx julie, and here one more for the many cakes for May: the Oblivion Night


Chocolate Oblivion Truffle Torte from The Cake Bible. I used a hot icing spatula to swirl the top, something I see done often at the bakery i play at on saturdays.

the rose and stems are Chocolate Fondant, the leaves are chocolate.

just thinking of the theme brown on brown, i dedicated this cake for my friend Butch, who is from Hawaii but have just moved to Portland, so he is loosing his tan!


Hector, Love the house, and on my second look I realized the roof tiles are actually white chocolate leaves. The kumquats sound so delicious! I'm going to keep an eye out for them in the store here. Thanks so much for sharing with us!


thank you, i really appreciate your feedback and positive enforcement. i do remember each of you by first name, but too many to type one by one =)

here is cake #2, for this month, the many cakes of May. this is title "Da Hous". it is a white genoise baked on a wilton 3d house cake pan. really superb white cake with a hint of citrus. i torted the cake and filled it with the left over super yellow super lemon kumquat grand marnier mousseline from the Grand Marnier Rose. then i frosted it with lichee super liqueur mousseline: a triple amount of liqueur which turned the mousseline into the best mouth texture smooth buttercream. the cake was displayed for 8 hours, and the alcohol must have had completely dissipated as noone got drunk.


if you are interested in reading how to whip the white genoise, i've just posted under the fear of genoise post


Beautiful cake Hector! It is picture perfect :) Truly a work of art!


Matthew, you mean the cake is almost falling since it is 1/3 off the edge on my dining table! I am stunned of this rose as really was speedy to pipe. Shall I make one with chocolate petals casted from.real petals?


Stunning work Hector, and a beautiful photograph too--looks like the cake is almost floating!


Glad you like the Grand Marnier Rose. The bright yellow is a bit of food coloring plus extra kumquat curd which is bright golden. I striped my piping bag with this first, then filled the rest of the bag with regular kumquat grand marnier mousseline. This mousseline is the best consistency I have ever achieved; even with all the additions the piping was well defined.

I use a large rose petal tip, alining the narrow edge with the gold side. Then pipe away from starting in the middle, overlapping the petals inwards first to form a closed bud, and then gradually outwards. The rose was really really pretty 2/3 of the way, like a camellia blossom, and I was going to stop, but had to pipe all the way since I didn't smoothed the top of the cake very well. But as I reached the edge of the cake, and the mousseline been very cooperating, then I loved how the overhang petals defies gravity and attests the great character of Rose's favorite non chocolate frosting.


Hector, truly a gorgeous cake! I love the thought of kumquats, they are so delicious. How did you make the petals of the rose?

Happy Birthday!


Hector: Your Grand Marnier Rose is just a show stopper - so beautiful. The vibrant yellow. You must be so proud to have created something so unique and awesome. Of course I have never seen a cake of yours that wasn't exceptionally lovely, but this one is very special. Thanks for sharing, Joan


Hector: Your Grand Marnier Rose is just a show stopper - so beautiful. The vibrant yellow. You must be so proud to have created something so unique and awesome. Of course I have never seen a cake of yours that wasn't exceptionally lovely, but this one is very special. Thanks for sharing, Joan


May is my favorite month, because it is mother's day month and my birthday. when i was a child, my mom and i always hoped that one year my birthday was on mother's day. i still remember that we waited for near 7 years as each year my birthday was one day closer to mother's day, only to find out the truth that it never can happen.

my friends asked me that this year i shall do something really special for my birthday? so answering to my friends, starting tomorrow, each weekend we will share a really special dinner at my favorite places and with my favorite people. tomorrow we have a hotel room party in waikiki with my latin american friends who are already preparing the potluck! sunday we have a pizza party with my german friends at the home they are building with their own hands, brick oven included!

this is the cake for tomorrow: the Grand Marnier Rose. it is a white genoise with lemon curd mousseline. the liquor throughout is grand marnier. instead of lemons or oranges, i am using kumquats.

click on the photo for a closeup of the curd on the mousseline. for the people that have been reading my newest induction experiments, induction works great for heating curds. this mousseline is also the one i recently made with chilled egg whites.

i dedicate the Grand Marnier Rose to all mothers on the blog. Happy Mother's Day everyone!


rozanne, the curls are the natural curls casted from the rose petals, and here is more information:

just read the cake bible, my chocolate rose will surely bloom (which sounds literally realistic...), meaning the cocoa butter will surface and cast an unsightly gray finish. part of my technique is to freeze well, so the rose petals wilt and peel at ease.

this chocolate rose would be one to eat soon, as storing it for a week or so will surely show the gray. or use chocolate w/o cocoa butter (summer coating) to make the rose not bloom!

after reading diane boate's chocolate cabbage post, i decided to steep one step up: make a rose. i am still on cloud nine that my chocolate rose miracle occurred at my kitchen, just yesterday!

p.s. the photos were taking at night, but i think the photos will look more detailed if taken with daylight, so in reality,,,,, there is even more detail on each rose petal, veins, grooves, and all the beautiful natural imperfections.


Thank you for sharing the technique Hector. I'm going to save this in my notes for future reference.


Wow, Hector that is an incredibly beautiful rose, what a great technique! It's so nice to be able to see and follow your work, thank you.


rozanne, this is as real as it gets. i've updated the photos with closeups, you can really tell THE ROSE, veins, curls, and all.

i applied a single and thin coat of chocolate to each rose petal, similar technique for chocolate rose leaves from the cake bible. note that it is desirable to have a few areas uneven or translucent as the rose will look more realistic.

the first step is pluck all the petals out from one real rose. brush chocolate on the outside side of each petal, gently wipe off any thick excess that accumulated on the curled tips. lay on silpat, chocolate side down, so the chocolate sticks to the silpat.

freeze, both until the chocolate and the rose petals are very hard. about 30 minutes.

remove from the freezer, and thaw at room temperature for about 5 minutes only until the rose petals become wilted.

with tweezers, peel off the rose petals and discard. return to freezer, and when harden again peel off the chocolate petals from the silpat.

reassemble the rose with generous puddles of chocolate to form a base.

and this is my first trial....... really really easy, just takes a lot of hours.


Hector, that is beautiful and looks DELISH!


That is one gorgeous chocolate rose! How did you get the edges to curl like a real rose? Did you apply the chocolate like that or do you have a technique to curl it??????


a special treat for you, i am so exited that needed to post when already past my bedtime! This is a chocolate rose made from real rose imprints.



i used hersheys Special Dark (Dutch Processed), plus a few drops of la cuisine chocolate essence.


Did you use black cocoa for the fondant? I just bought my first bag and I've been trying to think of things to make with it.


Thx Deanna! and this is she with Jade and Wilson: http://www.realbakingwithrose.com/2007/09/another_hector_triumph.html

Tawni, like i said... consider yourself as the bloggers as this cake was for you, too! really appreciate your input.


Hector, you are such an inspiration; that is an amazing cake! I'm drooling just looking at it. Luca is so lucky to have his birthday made special by you.


This cake was so beautiful and delicious! My 7 year old daughter, Jade, was lucky enough to also taste the yellow rose and the beautiful/realistic chocolate leaves. She definitely knows a good thing!


Wow, this cake looks amazing. I love baking cakes and decorating them. It is a hobby of mine, but I am not that skilled yet. It looks really delicious.


An absolutely beautiful cake! You are very clever, Hector, I wish I had your gifts for decorating!


Jay Waikiki
Jay Waikiki
04/17/2009 01:04 AM



beautiful!! and it sounds delicious. Happy birthday Luca!


Wish you were all there. It was as good as it looks!
As a chocolate fanatic, I'm happy to say I got to eat it twice!
I REALLY think Hector made it for ME!!


To quote you Hector, BEAUTY-FULL cake!!! It is simply breathtaking and I love your flavor combination!

I agree, Rose's chocolate fondant is simply awesome.


Neat Hector - I like how you click on the photo to see the other photos.


Truly magnificent, Hector! Yes to what the others said, a work of art. Thanks for showing us this very special cake, and happy birthday to Luca!


and this is how the looked at the beginning, i have named this Cordon Rose Oblivion, and i dedicate this to Rose's birthday early this month. HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY ROSE!!!



here are the bottom photos re-posted, plus a the whole cake at a slight different angle.



YOU ALL ARE MY ROCK! sorry about the difficulty to enlarge the pictures on the bottom. when you click on the picture, a bigger picture will download, and if your screen is not 24" in size or bigger, you won't see the bottom of the picture. Sorry about this. But here is the solution: when the bigger picture appears, right click on it and save the picture to your computer, and from your computer open it.

I will re-post these pictures again. A bit slow this week, having cake baking withdraws... and trying to find a source in Florence to have La Porcelaine made as a purse in leather! Rose deserves one.

You all need to revisit Rose's chocolate fondant, that would be my final thought after making this cake. It isn't smooth like a regular fondant (store bought fondant is best for its smoothness and ability to stretch thinner and easier than home made). But it is indeed on the rough finish, which matches perfectly for its natural chocolate flavor and taste. For this cake, I rolled it very very thin indeed, as you can see on the photo. And..... having the chocolate fondant thinly held by raspberry dark chocolate ganache.... heavenly cakes. The first kneadeding was with my KA 6qt dough hook and heating the bowl with my blow torch, much similar effect as kneading by hand. The final kneading was by hand over marble as using it for the cake.

Oh, one more thing, i have the feeling that since 20 years has passed since Cake Bible, people's taste today is more for less dense cake, so i suggest to make the cake chocolate genoise, or any of your favorite sponge cakes, or white butter cakes. Unless you plan to feed 30 people as I did with just 1/4 inch slices. Amazingly, the cake was very easy to cut, and it sliced and plated well, just remove the roses first.


This is a work of art. I cannot imagine how difficult it must have been to cut into it. Congratulations, Hector.


Yes, excellent job, where can we see more of the photos on the bottom?


Hector the cake is ABSOLUTELY STUNNING!


DROP DEAD GORGEOUS!!!! Congratulations Hector, and Happy Birthday Luca!!!



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