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PBS 101: Banana Cake with Chocolate Sourcream GanacheFrosting

Apr 22, 2009 | From the kitchen of Rose

Ripen the bananas until they are full of black speckles and you will have the best tasting banana cake. Try baby bananas for a special treat. They are slightly sweeter and have a more intense banana flavor. THE RECIPES


Woody Wolston
Woody Wolston in reply to comment from M
03/30/2012 03:21 PM

Hi M,
We ask besides touching the cake, did you test the cake any other way, such as with a cake tester or instant-read thermometer?
My experience has been that my cake takes nearly the full amount of time stated in the time range for my cake tester to come out clean and the cake baked all the way through.


Rose, I tried baking the banana cake two nights ago and I'm not sure what went wrong. The top of the cake was light and springy however the bottom of the cake was the texture of a banana pudding. I used a 9inch pan with a cake strip.


Dear Rose, where can I purchase the glass double boiler seen in the video? I tried looking them up but can't find them anywhere.


silvia thanks for the great report! nothing 'wrong' about using the all-purpose since it was bleached and i assume you used the same weight as volume would be less.


Rose, last week I baked the banana cake. I had never tried it before, because I don't like bananas very much (perhaps I had to many when I was a child).
The cake was absolutely delicious, but it was the texture what I liked more, so tender! I was very happy because the crumb looked like the photo in you book! I used only all-purpose (no cornstarch), bleached flour, and a little less sugar, because the bananas (of a "backyard kind") were so sweet.
It made me think, that I got so oustanding results using the wrong kind of flour! I suppose it´s because of your great recipe!


There is a loaf version of this in the Bread Bible, but I believe it uses the smaller standard loaf pan (4 cups, not 5?). I would check out that variation.


Is it possible to bake this cake in a loaf pan? I tried using a 9 x 5" pan in a 350 degree oven, but it didn't work out. The sides over-baked, and the center wouldn't set. I have tried the recipe before using the correct size pans, and the results were lovely.


ellen, my upcoming banana cake (in the new book) is made with oil so the texture doesn't suffer when cold, but this one with butter should indeed be brought to room temp at which the ganache is also most delicious and won't melt except if it's over 100F!


sandra, what a pity he doesn't like it because i have the wedding cake version in my upcoming book! then again, you can make him the chocolate groom's cake and make everyone else including yourself happy with the banana one!


Dear Rose
The video on the banana cake is fantatic!

Can we have the recipe pls? The exact measurement of all the ingredients pls.

Ragini D


This is my absolute favorite cake and that's just all there is to it. I feel only slightly guilty that my fiance doesn't care for it much because it sticks around the house for more than 5 seconds and I actually get to eat some of it myself!


Thank you, Rose, for the recipe. Bananas & chocolate - a yummy combination especially this time of year when summer fruits aren't yet available. My question is about storage- something I think about constantly. The recipe says this cake can be at room temp. for 2 days or stored in refrigerated for 5 - but will frig storage toughen the texture? And if it's at room temperature, will the ganache melt because of the sour cream?


thank you VB. the secret is understanding each ingredient and how it behaves and also thinking about cakes 100% of the time!


This cake won raves. And it's entirely foolproof. This I can attest as anything that could go wrong did and yet it was beyond delicious. Banana cakes seem to have a cheeky nature producing unwanted dense streaks through them. Not this one. The texture is light and delicate. What a delightful surprise for an unskilled baker such as myself. Again I ask, How do you create these recipes Rose?


It must be here in plain sight but I can't find the written recipe for the
banana cake. Can someone please point me in the right direction?


thank YOU lorelei--it IS so much easier when you can see it in motion AND have the written recipe to refer back to. wouldn't it be lovely to have a kindle in the kitchen with video capacity!


Thank you so much for all the videos! They are informative and so inspiring. You make everything look so much easier!



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