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PBS 101: All-American Orange Chiffon Cake

Apr 29, 2009 | From the kitchen of Rose

I thought this cake was the absolute best orange chiffon ever until I revisited it as a layer cake without a center tube. Practice your skills with this recipe and you'll be ready for the new creation in the upcoming Rose's Heavenly Cakes! THE RECIPE


thank you very much for your reply. it is very helpful to us. gbu!
*1 and 1/4 tsp not cup of COT.sorry.


The 1/8 t cream of tartar per white means 2tablespoons/30 grams white. Always weigh or measure eggs as they vary significantly in size.


good morning!
we,my daughter and I need your help.we would like to know if the 1/8 tsp cream of tartar is for 1 egg white regardless of the size of the egg.we noticed that we sometimes need 10 eggwhites to make a cup, not 8.do we need 1 and 1/4 cup of COT in this case?
thank you very much!


I was so proud of myself after I'm done baking this cake! It looked beautiful, so fluffy and moist, just the way I like my cake! And the taste is superb!!! My first cake and everybody loved it! Thank u Rose!!! Now, can't wait to try the other recipes!!!!


i agree about cream cheese filling being too heavy. try whipped cream with marmalade whipped in or another jam.


I just ordered your Heavenly Cakes, but in the meantime, I have a request for a chiffon cake with Lilikoi cream cheese filling/frosting the restaurant and myself think this is too heavy - any comments or suggestions. Thanks, Judy


gretchen--i LOVE knowing what people's favorites are! that is certainly one of mine--the triple chocolate proposal cake.

heavenly cakes will never fall apart because it will have a stitched binding but you may want to get a work copy because the pages are so beautiful it may hurt to get butter and chocolate on them! (though what more appropriate annointment?!)


I can't wait for Heavenly Cakes to come out. I've used The Cake Bible so much that it's fallen apart and the pages are crusted with batter! haha And btw, my all-time favorite in TCB is the one that's a chocolate genoise with hazelnut liqueur, a chocolate ganache, and the hard hazelnut-chocolate shell.


adele, your comment warmed my heart when i read it in devon last week.


yes--this is the orange glow chiffon.

the small bowl in the oven was left in by the prep person and no one noticed til it was too late!


Thanks for your wonderul video. It is very instructive but I have a question. What is in the small bowl in your oven when you take out the cake ? Is it water ? Thank you for a great service to all bakers. Can't wait for your new book which I have on order.


Dear Rose,

The cake and video are beautiful, but no more than you. You are a gentle soul with natural teaching ability. Thank you.


Great video. I am looking forward to Rose's Heavenly Cakes! Thank you!!


I can't wait to give this recipe a try! Is it the same as the orange glow chiffon cake? By the way, the videos are so helpful and fun to watch!


Both the orange and lemon chiffon cake recipes in The Cake Bible have been my foolproof layer cake recipes for many years now. Cakes made from these recipes generate the most positive comments from my friends and family. Thank you!



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