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Behind the Scenes Out 'Cakes' of Rose's Heavenly Cakes

Oct 28, 2009 | From the kitchen of Rose

We have something really fun and instructive to share with you! it is the book within the book--all the photos Woody and I took during the creation of Heavenly Cakes! There are many process shots and also different views of the cakes and different variations so you will be able to see many more possibilities.


These postings will be every other week and will be arranged according to where the specific cakes appear in the book. I am posting the pumpkin cake first, however, because it is so perfect for Halloween and Thanksgiving. I thought you'd enjoy the beauty of the cake itself still in the pan. I love the way the three curved splits form--almost a pity to hide them with frosting!


Also there wasn't room in the book for the wonderful photo Ben Fink took below of shaping the marzipan leaves. Special thanks to Jason Menegus who provided the original pumpkin leaf from his pumpkin patch. It was difficult finding one that was still in good enough shape as there had already been a first frost. But this one held up long enough to photo copy. I then reduced it to a much smaller size more proportionate to the cake.


And here's the actual photo of the pumpkin leaf to print out and use as a template.



Hi Pastry Chef Wannabe,
We suggest for you could substitute the Neo-Classic Buttercream flavored with orange and use real autumn leaves.
Rose & Woody


Pastry Chef Wannabe
Pastry Chef Wannabe
10/17/2013 08:39 AM

Hi Rose,
I can't wait to make this cake! I was just wondering if you had a suggestion for an icing that might be a little less time-consuming but still have the same effect in terms of consistency and appearance? I have both The Cake Bible and Heavenly Cakes. By the way, Rose's Christmas Cookies is my cookie bible!
Thanks so much!


hi Colleen,
Lots of practice, practice, and practice. The frosting and the decorations were done by a professional food stylist. She likely used a heated knife or spatula to make the smooth sides and ridges. Stylists carry a variety of tools from small hairdryers, to blowtorches, to paint scrapers to perfect their work.


Rose - Have you got tips for making the cake icing smooth and picture perfect? Mine leaves something to be desired. It's a bit more tough than a regular due to the round shape. How do you get it smooth yet also get the pumpkin like ridges?


I purchased a pumpkin pan a couple of years ago. As usual, I want something for such a long time & then when I finally get it, I am disappointed. The pan I purchased at KAF is divided so that the cake fits together standing up...side to side. I have yet to try it because I couldn't find a suitable recipe and I couldn't figure out how to keep the two sides of the cake together other than sticking a hundred skewers in it. Am I just being negative?


I only recieved RHC this afternoon, and i must say it's gorgeous! Can't wait to start baking! Thanks Rose :)


thank you alla. do you have a publisher yet? i won't have time until january but please let me know when it is a reality and what the deadline is.


Can't wait for the other outcakes postings. I love the term "outcakes".


Love the egg carton idea! Can't wait to see more Out Cakes.


Perfect timing - I've just been reading through the recipe this morning in preparation for making the cake for a Hallowe'en party on Saturday, and I have to say that the thought of forming those leaves was fair spooking me! Luckily, I have an empty egg box to hand ...


Who needs to buy flower formers when there are empty egg crates hanging around. :)


Alla Staroseletskaya
Alla Staroseletskaya
10/28/2009 04:35 PM


Recently I have made decision to compile a book "Cooking with Yiddishe mama" with old and new recipes dedicated to Yiddishe mama. I would like to offer you to be a part of my idea. Together we are be able to preserve family history and celebrate our Jewish heritage.

I would like to ask you to send me your picture, your mother's picture (optional but preferrable) and recipe. If you want, please, include a short essay about your mother.


Rose, yet when one could have told oneself that we have a lot to be blessed with and keep ourselves happy with your new book, now comes the outtakes! These behind the scenes postings will be so valuable to complement (compliment) the book!

so informative, now we know how to shape the pumpkin leaves, and also make good use of the egg crates!



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