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Tsunami Marie

Mar 1, 2010 | From the kitchen of Rose

Jim, Marie, and Hector.jpg

Jim, Marie, and Hector

Marie and Jim Wolf arrived in Hawaii along with the threat of a major wave--talk about making waves!

Their first mini blogger convention was hosted by our very own dear Hector Wong. Lucky Wolfs! How perfect that "Bake Along" meets "Hector's Take."

The leis the Wolfs are sporting are a gift from Hector who writes:

It is tradition you get one, specially from a local or if this is your FIRST visit.

Jim has a lei strung with kukui nuts. They can keep this and many
people frame it. Marie has a lei made from white ginger blossoms
before they open, and overlay of red petals from eryhrina crista galli
(I think). I love the ginger lei, but is only lasts 24 hours.

Someone should make lasting necklaces of these exquisite accessories!


That is so great that Marie and Hector had a chance to meet! The leis are beautiful hector...


Thanks for posting this great shot! What a beautiful picture with the ocean and Diamond Head background. We're definitely glad that it's "Tsunami Marie" that's here with us in Hawaii rather than the tsunami that originated from Chile. Hope Marie and Jim are having a great time here on Oahu. We're been having really gorgeous weather - sunny in the low 80's with tradewinds. And I know Hector is taking good care of you!


if Rose would had shown up, it would have been a real tsunami! marie has agreed to return with Rose! i've posted an additional photo on my blog http://myyellowkitchen.wordpress.com/2010/03/01/tsunami-marie/

do let me know when you visit my island, so i can assure a flower lei!

alooooooha . . . . .


What a lovely picture! Did Hector present Jim with a Lemon Poppy Seed Sour Cream Cake?


Oh, it is great to see all three of them together in one of my favorite places in earth! I, too, can't wait until the Heavenly Cakes meetup--it will be so nice to attach people to all your names!
Hector--Marie's lei is beautiful.
Thanks for sharing the photo, Rose!


Ah, the faces to match the comments and oft photographed hands.

It looks like a great holiday, sand, surf, short sleeves, some sunshine and Hector!

Hopefully they are working on an agenda for the big meet up...


Great to think of you all meeting and enjoying sun and sand- dig some toes in the sand for me!


I LOVE Hawaii. If Only I were there too! (Still dealing with the snow here in NYC


How fun to see them all together! Have a great time!


Thanks for sharing this pic! Finally got to see how Marie & Jim looks like since most of the time in her blog, i can only see her hands on the photos..lol! :) They all look like they had fun & enjoying themselves!


Thanks for sharing that picture with us, Rose. I'm glad Marie & Jim made it over there OK. They're going to have so much fun. What do you mean, see the volcanos and go snorkeling? Let's bake!!! :o)


jenn, i was restraining myself from admitting jealousy! what fun it will be when we all meet up and i hope i don't have wait til heaven itself! (remember the title of that movie heaven can wait?!)


Ooo.. nice! Thanks for sharing the picture Rose. So happy that they are meeting. Rose, I wish you could have been there. There would be big waves if "Real Baking", "Bake Along", and "Hector's Take" meet up!



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