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Baking Magic Tips: Buttercream Made Simple Part 13 of 16

May 12, 2010 | From the kitchen of Rose

Watch how to make the easiest and most foolproof silky buttercream I call neoclassic because there's no need to take the temperature of the sugar syrup!


Rose Levy Beranbaum
Rose Levy Beranbaum in reply to comment from K and R
02/22/2015 12:21 AM

K and R the syrup was definitely too hot. as soon as the bubbles reach the center you have reached the full rolling boil. it's not the size of the bubbles, it's that the entire surface is bubbling.



We have had this buttercream fail twice, spectacularly. Following the instructions in The Cake Bible, we cooked the sugar/corn syrup until the surface was covered with large bubbles, and these were MUCH larger than you showed in the video. When adding the syrup to the eggs, even thought we added about 1/2 tsp at first, the syrup immediately became hard, wrapped itself around the beaters, strewed itself in chunks throughout the egg yolks, and never integrated into the egg.

Our eggs might not have been whipped long enough, our mixer is a Sunbeam stand mixer (not a KitchenAid), but we suspect that waiting for "fulling rolling boil" and "surface covered with large bubbles" (as The Cake Bible specifies) meant that the syrup was too hot.

We would be so grateful for your advice here. What did we do wrong? Tomorrow we will be serving a birthday cake with disappointing powdered sugar frosting, because we cannot make your NeoClassic Buttercream recipe work at all.

Thank you.

K & R


hello,how much ingridients need for this buttercream?thank you


Carolyn Lyon
Carolyn Lyon
07/ 6/2013 04:24 AM

I just made this and I was really nervous as I have attempted a meringue buttercream before and the mix was still a little warm (even though I thought it wasn't) but this turned out beautifully. I used glucose syrup with the sugar and I put the mixer bowl cold water to help with the cooling. I will use this method next time. The frosting is very rich, but so yummy. Thank you for the recipe and the video of how to do it.


virginia, organic cane will be fine.


Can I replace the refined white sugar with something else like organic cane sugar or coconut sugar for the neoclassic buttercream?


Hi RaeAnn,
The corn syrup works with the buttercream as the mixture is just being brought to a boil. The sugar mixture for Italian Meringue is being heated beyond the point that you can heat up the corn syrup.
We recommend for accurate and successful baking results for anyone to have an accurate thermometer. Fortunately, quality, accurate thermometers are now as $30.00.
Rose & Woody


RaeAnn Harrington
RaeAnn Harrington
01/ 1/2013 05:29 PM

Hi, I just watched the video on Buttercream Made Simple. In the video you show how to use corn syrup in place of water when melting with sugar. Can this technique be used in your Italian Meringue recipe? I made your Southern Coconut Cake with Meringue Buttercream, it was difficult to get the sugar the right temp.


BTW~I'm a beginning baker and this cake, as involved as it was, turned out simply fantastic on my first try. Your instuctions are the best! Everyone raved about my cake. Thanks.


we very much appreciate your offer, but at this time our schedules does not permit it until summer of 2013. If you are planning for the event at that time or later please contact us thru the "Press Only" section under Contact.

all best,
rose (and woody)


Good morning Rose,
I write from Spain. We are fans of your kitchen. We want to thank the book "The Cake Bible" in Spanish. Our English is not very good and have your book in Spanish was one of our dreams. Another of our dreams is to meet you personally. Have you thought about visiting Spain?. We are organizing a show dedicated to Sugarcraft and bakery and would be especially happy to have you as guests.
Thank you very much for existing and help with your invaluable contribution to the world of pastry.
Best regards.


Thank you so much for such a wonderful video. My passion for real buttercream has just been renewed.


can we add vanilla extract to this ?


Woody Wolston
Woody Wolston in reply to comment from Teresa
09/29/2011 10:10 AM

Hi Teresa,
The recipe is in The Cake Bible on page 230 and also in the cupcake section of Rose's Heavenly Cakes. The recipe is currently not on the blog. In general, we do not post recipes on the blog.


Can you post the recipe and ingredient needed to make this butter cream frosting?


sometimes it helps to beat in some new unwhipped cream. failing that, it should be fine for ice-cream.


Hi Rose, I over whipped the whipping cream and it is all flat. Can I use this for churning into ice-cream or anything else? Thank you.


glucose has less water so when it comes to a full boil it will be hotter. it might be ok but if too hot it will cook the yolks. try it and let us know--it might work! if not, you'll need to try adding water to the glucose to arrive at the same consistency as corns syrup before heating it. the % of water might be in the ingredient section of the cake bible and it is definitely in the sugar article posted on this blog.


Hi Rose, can I replace the corn syrup with liquid glucose for the buttercream? Thanks. Really love your book.


I was wondering about the actual measurements of the ingredients?


Margaret, strictly speaking, a vegan "buttercream" couldn't have butter in it. You would probably have to do one of the many shortening/powdered sugar recipes that are out there. These are often referred to as "American buttercream". I recommend doing a google search for one. I'd almost guarantee you won't find a recipe for this on Rose's site.


I wonder what I could add instead of eggs if I want to do a vegan buttercream?


thanks bill


Stephen, I think I can answer this one for you...typically, the flavors are added to buttercreams, at the end...after the buttercream is completed.


hi Rose
I was wondering when to add flavourings to this buttercream. thanks



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