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Baking Magic Tips: Sponge Cakes Part 16 of 16

Jun 2, 2010 | From the kitchen of Rose

Making génoise is already on one of my You Tubes but this is one thing you simply can't see often enough. Check out this rendition!


Hi Hermione,
We suggest trying it. When you are experimenting take into consideration that butter is 80% fat and oil 100%. We did this for a butter layer cake in Rose's Heavenly Cakes and Rose has done this with genoise replacing 100% of the clarified butter with equal weight of oil.
We suggest you post this on the Forums section which will give your request more viability for other bloggers to give suggestions to this subject.


Hermione Hairpie
Hermione Hairpie
04/19/2012 11:33 AM

I'm curious to know if I can substitute an oil for the small amount of melted butter that goes into a sponge cake? I know this sounds like a chiffon cake but my goal here is to whip the whole eggs like one does for a sponge cake instead of separating the eggs and whipping the whites separate.

I've had amazing success whipping up the whole eggs to triple the volume in my fabulous Kitchen Aid mixer (K5 baby!) and don't need to use baking powder at all as the cakes rise amazingly well. I like the idea of using the least amount of ingredients as possible (it's my new fetish, wink wink). So, has anyone done this -- whipped the whole eggs and sugar together and then folded in oil instead of melted butter for their sponge cakes? Does it work or will it deflate my beautiful and fluffy eggs?

Thanks much my cake baking gems!


kathy, i am sorry that happened. as far as i know, cakes not using chemical leavening (baking powder or soda) do not need any adjustments for high altitude baking.

RHC Tres Leches uses the Biscuit de Savoie cake, essentially.

did you open the oven door during baking? that usually does the collapsing of the center on sponge cakes.


kathy Markwell
kathy Markwell
03/31/2011 08:23 PM

I live at 5000 feet, how do i adjust the Tres Leches cake? I followed the directions and my cake fell in the middle. When I normally bake a cake I add a little more flour and liquid, but there isn't more liquid to add. Thanks


NEWS!!!! We have just edited this video, beating time is 5 minutes with a stand mixer and NOT 10 minutes. 10 is for hand mixers!!!


Rose, I am perplexed about the increase in time that you are indicating here, when normally I have only seen a 5 minute high-speed beating time for your genoises. I have noticed upon checking with recipes and preferences of other chefs of renown that there are various choices - high, high medium, high, then to medium and so forth. I have always just stuck with your five minute, but now would go forward with the ten-minute change if you are in favor of this now. Thanks for all your help, as always.


yes--high speed #10


Thank you,Rose,for this valuable information. I,also have difficulty with genoise. When you mix the eggs with the stand mixer,is it on top speed, number 10 for ten minutes.


Thank you for posting this. I have such difficulty with genoise. The biggest problem is little flour balls hiding in the batter and not visible until the cake is baked and flipped over for cooling.


Thanks so much, Rose, for this update. I am sure it will increase my ability to bake a fine genoise after many problematic ones! I love your very instrumental Baking Magic Tips.



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