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Pear Tart Part One

Sep 8, 2010 | From the kitchen of Rose

This is one of the best desserts of all time. Part one will show you how to make my favorite cream cheese pie crust and how to line a tart pan with it. Note, the recipe for the pie crust is on the blog and I now use heavy cream in place of the water which makes it more flavorful and more tender without becoming too fragile or losing its flakiness!

Part two will show you how to make the almond cream and poached pear filling. The recipe is in my book The Pie and Pastry Bible.


Hi Jaime,
We suggest you try Amazon: South America or ask a local bookstore to order "The Pie & Pastry Bible".
Rose & Woody


Jaime Salamanca Rojano
Jaime Salamanca Rojano
08/16/2015 10:11 PM

I can't find your cookbook here in Medellin, Colombia. How do I find the recipe for the pear tart with almond cream.


Hi Miki,
As we state on the posting, the Perfect Flaky Cream Cheese Pie Crust recipe is posted on this blog. Just enter its name in the search box. The Pear Tart with Almond Cream is on page 260 in The Pie & Pastry Bible and is not posted on the blog.
You can always see what recipes are posted on this blog by clicking on the recipes category selections.
Rose & Woody


Miki Koptiuch
Miki Koptiuch
02/12/2013 05:37 PM

I followed your video for Pear Tart. You makeit look easy and seelish! But I was unable to find the recipe. What am I doing wrong? Please let me know how to find the recipe.
Thanks much! Miki


Okay, I'll look for that size. Thank you very much Hector


I would get a long rolling pin as you can find, the longer the better. Mine's is about 18-inches.


Watching the videos, for me, is immeasurably helpful. I am getting excited about baking my first pie.

Thank you, Hector, for providing the other video. It was a big help

A question....What is the size of the rolling pin I need to buy?

Thank you


Alain Diebra
Alain Diebra
09/10/2010 11:11 AM

Hello everyone?

I'm looking to see if anybody has the recepie of Brazo Gitano de Nata. At least the sponge part. I will really appreciated...

thanks you

Good Baking


jose, that's a good guess though i haven't tried those other options i would think so!


i also love this video of the making of the pie crust dough very very much:



I think you are absolutely right - when the texture is wrong, the flavor is usually wrong too.

also, I am glad to hear you say that the order in which you add the liquid or the butter doesn't matter!


I'm delighted to see this crust demonstrated! It is so helpful to see the proper textures in the food processor, to see you building the crust edge higher to allow for shrinking, and to see the detail of folding the edge to the inside. Loooking forward to part two.


This is the tart that is going to make me pull up my boot straps and face tart phobia head on. After oodles of Heavenly Cakes I feel fortified enough to actually make one.


Rose, so glad u remind us that your chocolate fondant isn't flexible enough to drape a cake! Makes a wonderful band, ring, or mantel, but otherwise it cracks and that is how exactly I would describe it. It does make wonderful roses, the edges crack giving the petals a natural appearance!


hi sharon! it's great to see your photo because now i remember exactly who you are!

i have a great recipe for chocolate fondant in the cake bible which actually is the first place chocolate fondant has ever appeared! i used it on the cover cake but as you can see, one piece wraps around the edge and the other disc covers the top because it is not flexible enough to bend over the entire tier without cracking. however, in the new book, i give sources for fondant which are delicious and even the chocolate one is flexible. pastry chef central, listed on this blog under my favorite sites is my favorite.

best of luck with the wedding and hope to see you again in nappa!


Sharon Beck
Sharon Beck
09/ 8/2010 11:40 PM

Hello Rose,

I love getting your newsletter and reading your blog. Thanks for doing that for all of us.

I'm wondering if you can direct me to a recipe for Chocolate Fondant. My grandson is getting married and wants me to make his wedding cake. It won't be a big one...I'm not capable of making or transporting a large cake, but I can make a three tiered cake for them and their wedding party.

My daughter has her heart set on her son's wedding cake being chocolate and she has found a photo of a cake made with chocolate fondant and turquoise satin ribbon around each layer. It really is beautiful but I have never worked with Fondant. Can you direct me? I will look online also.

Thanks for any help you might be able to give me on this subject.

Sharon Beck
Bake! Napa Valley participant


I'm guessing that if both water and heavy cream work well, then everything in between will also work well too (half-and-half, light cream, whole milk, lowfat milk, skim milk, etc). Is that correct?


Janet, i feel for you. the best part of making the crust from scratch is that it tastes good and it is such an honor to accomplish. i would make the crust ahead of time and freeze it already in the tart pan, unbaked. that is a big time saver.


I made your pear tart a couple years ago for Christmas, and it was a spectacular dessert! It was, however, a lot of work. Many steps. But, nonetheless, and elegant tart, worthy of a special meal. If I knew how to upload a photo, I would show a picture of it.


I love frangipane tarts. I just so happen to have some plums around that need to be used up :o) Thanks for the idea Rose (I already own a copy of TPPB so I'll check it out). Love your tweak of using cream instead of water!! Can't wait to try it.



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