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Mixer Mate Bowl: the Ideal Bowl for Hand Held Mixers!

Nov 11, 2010 | From the kitchen of Rose


Wunderkind Gary Fallowes of New Metro Design has come up with an inventive new product, which makes beating with a standard hand, held mixer or whisk a spatter proof dream.

Gary's new products always intrigue me as they always address a much-needed item for baking. Woody and I use his Beater Blade for all our recipes requiring a flat beater.

The 7-inch deep funnel shape of the Mixer Mate Bowl is designed to mix thoroughly, and speed whipping as well as to prevent spattering so common when whipping things like heavy cream, egg foams, or batters. Gary describes it as creating a "tornado-like action."

The 3-quart capacity bowl is designed for whipping up to 2 cups of heavy cream with a minimal amount of moving the mixer's beaters or a hand whisk in the bowl. Gary has all his bases covered: The top has winged edges on its long ends for easy holding of the bowl and pouring spouts on each side. A non-skid base prevents it from skidding on your work surface. Gary commented," the Mixer Mate Bowl allows the beaters or the hand whisk to be in contact with 45% of the bowl's walls at any given time compared to an average of 15% contact to the walls of round bowls." The shape of the Mixer Mate Bowl also makes it perfect for mixing your favorite flavorings into popcorn and then passing the bowl amongst your family and friends.

The literature claims "cuts beating time up to 30%". Our testing saw even better performance than this claim.

Woody and I tested the Mixer Mate Bowl for whipping 1 cup of heavy cream without sugar. We compared the times to reach soft peak and stiff peak with performing the same tasks in a conventional metal bowl. For both the Mixer Mate and the metal bowl, a cup of heavy cream was placed in the bowl and refrigerated for 15 minutes with the hand mixer's blades along side of the bowl. Whipping was done on the mixer's highest speed.

3 1-minute-15-seconds-now-stiff-peaks.jpg
5 2-minutes-to-stiff-peaks.jpg

Hand whisking whip cream has never been easier with a cup of cream whipping in less than a minute. The bowl can be angled easily for comfortable holding and not worrying about preventing target practice from dots of whipped cream on your clothes, the counter, or walls.

6 comfortable-to-hold-while-whisking.jpg

6 hand-whisking-in under-a-minute-and-more-stable.jpg

The Mixer Mate Bowl is dishwasher safe for easy and thorough cleaning. Note: If washing it by hand, be sure to give it a vinegar rinse if planning to beat egg whites as plastic has a tendency to hold tiny amounts of oil, which would prevent their foaming.

The resin of the bowl is made in Taiwan, and is an FDA approved plastic.

The Mixer Mate Bowl is available in a variety of colors on the web and at several retailers. For further information contact: www.beaterblade.com

Stay tuned for a terrific product for zesting citrus fruits that will post soon!


Pamela Harris
Pamela Harris
12/ 3/2010 12:55 AM

I live in Sydney Australia. Can the mixer mate bowl be baught here? Thanks.



got mine's today, on a sunny winter day. my first impression is that it it HUGE in size, perfect for many tasks! well built, attention to detail, sturdy, affordable price.

flying to san francisco tonight and will hand carry it, maybe pack my 3 oz toiletry bottles in there, for easy tsa scanning! making a genoise with fresh whipped cream tomorrow, whipped by hand, in san francisco!


Fascinating. I love his BeaterBlade, so I'm sure this bowl is wonderful too.


I agree with Hector - make them in a nesting set. Love the bright happy color.


Love this! What a great product. I've never looked back once I started using my beater blades.


make me a nesting set of these! thinking all my mixing bowls should be shaped like this! at the bakery we finish whipping whipped cream by hand on large stainless steel round bowls, and we always whisk on one small side section in small ovals, rather than fill circle!



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