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What to Make for the Holidays

Nov 28, 2010 | From the kitchen of Rose


Here's what I just made--a pecan pie shaped in a tart pan (recipe in the Pie and Pastry Bible). And here are a few tips:

Keep in mind that if there are any holes in the crust the sticky filling will find its way there, leak below the crust, and stick to the pan's bottom. To avoid holes best not to pierce the bubbles that form during blind baking, after removing the rice or beans to weight it down, but just to gently press down the crust a few times as it bubbles and finally it will set and be flat.

Should a hole develop, fill it with a little dab of egg white and return it to the oven for about 30 seconds. And if worse comes to worse and the crust sticks, just serve the pieces--no one will complain. This pie is the very definition of heavenly!

Be sure to use the Lyle's golden refiner's syrup which is so much more flavorful than corn syrup in a butterscotchy/tangy way, and preferably light Muscovado sugar (I love the one from India Tree). And be sure to weigh or measure the yolks. For this pie/tart that calls for 4 yolks I needed to use 6 to equal the right amount as they were so small. Without enough egg yolks the filling will not set effectively.]

One last word of caution: When heating the filling go by the thermometer rather than looking for signs of thickening. And when baking test at 15 minutes. I find it usually takes 20 but it should just shimmy slightly when moved and begin to puff.


God I love pecan pie!! And that one looks simply amazing.


I've never had a pecan pie, it looks delicious. Now off to get some Lyle's golden refiner's syrup.


melissa, you could make a 'top' for the open face bb pie but since you don't want to cook the berries that remain uncooked you'd need to make it separately. you could make lots of cut outs and bake them like cookies. you could even brush them with milk or water and sprinkle them with sugar before baking!

i urge everyone to try the cranberry pie--it's so christmasy and so fabulous. and yes--you have to cut the cranberries in half but really--it's worth it!

yes--i still love the espresso maker. they now have several different models to suit space and taste requirements but they all produce excellent coffee. right now my preference for foaming is the hand held aerolatte--be ware of knock-off brands--they don't foam as well.


This is my husband and son's favorite pecan pie. I didn't even eat pecan pie before this pie. I have always used the Lyle syrup and am so lucky that AJ's carries it everyday. Your cream cheese crust is the best tasting dough ever.

This year I made your blueberry pie and it tasted so fresh. Wondering how the open face one would taste with a top? Also, you have commented about the espresso maker you use. Is it still a favorite? It may be on my Christmas list.


boy do i ever agree with that statement!


I love this pie. I bought Lyle's Golden syrup for the first time when I made this pie several years ago. It was a life changing experience


will call once I know what the plans are. Before too late into the morning, I promise. You are too kind!


give me a heads up tomorow so i can clean the apt!


If I make it, I guess you will be my "savior" for many reasons. LOL!


at least it won't be a cold rain. it's supposed to be in the 60's. i'll make you capuccino to go with it.


it will be worth it!


Lets hope I can make it into the city.
The news and locals claim the weather will be quite horrid. I have hopes. Especially since I want to be a good citizen and friend and be tortured by tasting the last piece of your pie. You know I will go all the way in being a good loyal friend. Fingers are crossed!


Savior--there happens to be one piece left and it has your name on it! Oh my--spell check changed your name from Suvir in quite a wonderful way!


Rose - Did you bake this for a special occasion? I am headed down to Southern Manhattan tomorrow and would be happy to stop by for a taste-test of your pie. You can have me as your guinea pig anytime. Let me know please. As cumbersome and tiring as it shall be, I will do that for you!


Nigel, are you not inspired to bake it yourself? Maybe you can surprise your wife and treat her to an amazing pie. Just an idea and a thought! Wish you great joy as you enjoy this wonderful pie created by a very gifted chef.


Wow what a great looking pie, I have asked my wife to have a go at baking this after reading your blog.

Many thanks for that. Watch the waistline expand!


Rose, thank you for the tip on arranging the filling. The pie is gorgeous - love the crust shape. And the photo looks so professionally done! I haven't made your pecan pie yet, this makes me want to do so asap. Now I must go order Lyle's from amazon :).


there is indeed a recipe for walnuts using maple syrup instead of refiner's syrup!

the only secret to the arrangement of the nuts is NOT to arrange them! i place as many as will fit, all rounded side up, and after pouring on the filling and they float around a bit i add the rest of the nuts to fill iin the spaces. they arrange themselves. i learned this from a food stylist from the south. he was the one who did all the food styling and period research for the movie the age of innocence! i always think of him when i make a pecan pie.

the filling, however, is mine. since i'm only from southern manhattan, i find the usual filling too sweet so i cut it with heavy cream and use the lyle's syrup.


I agree with the Cute Pie Guy, there certainly looks to be some method behind the organisation of your pecans. The pie looks perfect.

Having grown up in Oz, we generally lean in favour of hearty meat and savoury pies but I think you have me converted, Rose. Thanks for sharing.


The placement of your nuts are perfect. I can just imagine myself sitting by a warm fire eating this pie.

Will it work if I use walnuts instead. I live were walnut orchards are plentiful.

I have your cookbook and love to bake cute pies. I got to try this for gifts. It seems to be a pie you can ship in the mail with little problems.

What do you think?

Happy baking.


i can't even hear the word pecan pie without wanting a bite!


So beautiful! I love the way you've shaped the crust. This is one of my all-time favorite pies, and looking at yours makes me want to go make one of my own.


This is one beautiful pie! I used your Basic Flaky Pie Crust for pumpkin pie. Big hit.



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