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Dec 23, 2010 | From the kitchen of Rose

Tara Snyder has just published a very useful article on her blog in which I'm proud to be featured. She has researched and given links to several different categories of bread baking including gluten free.

Included at the bottom of this article, and also dear to my heart, is a list of knitting and crochet blogs! I think fellow blogger "knitty baker" has something going here. There is a strong connection between bakers and crafts people. Has anyone written a book yet called crafting bread? How about crafting cake? Love it!


vivian, my favorite bread mixer is the "assistant" from ankarsrum. it is available on amazon as is within your budget.


It is my first time in this blog and I am looking for advice. My husbands hobby is bread...all about it...he loves it.
His kneader, recommended by some friend, lasted for 10 years until it broke down. The brand no longer exists and we couldn't replace it.
He bought a Hamilton with great reviews, but did not work at all. WE had to return it.
I want to give him a good one for Christmas, that can handle his heavy dough. My budget is around $1000
Any suggestions???


Congratulations on your new book I LOVE all your
Books you are awesome thank you for everything
all information you offer us.


pamela, i'm very sorry to hear this.

i find that the most delicious part of baking is the process so do continue to bake for friends and family.


Pamela Harris
Pamela Harris
01/ 7/2011 03:11 AM

Rose,congratulations on your award.Keep up the good work.My baking has petered out since my husband has just been diagnosed with diabetis.I shall still follow your personal blog with great interest.Pamela Harris Sydney Australia


beth, thanks for this great information. ravelry! knit1bake1: great names. just finished the most gorgeous malachite sweater of baby alpaca, camel, and cashmere--i forget if maybe the third yarn is silk but though the yarn felt so lovely to my fingers, when i tried it on, it seems to have a slightly itchy quality at the neck. maybe washing and blocking will help or else i'll have to wear a thin something under it. this was surprising and disappointing.


yes--i know you got more snow than we did in hope! maybe this will put an end to the song "iiiii'm dreeeaming....." of you know what! (not!)

food allergies and intollerances do make for challenging menu planning. but certainly sounds like you rose to the occasion.

our christmas dinner--just for the two of us--was a heritage turkey (about which i will be posting soon) which we have been eating all week. i made enough stuffing for 8 servings!


Well...I survived Christmas and the Blizzard! What did I make? Snacks: Stuffed Mushrooms, Deviled Eggs, Little hot dogs (I don't care...I like them), Raw Veggies and dip. First course: Chilled Cherry Soup (Bright Red! great for Christmas), Now...for the entre...there were sever limitations...I have two friends that don't eat beef and pork, one that doesn't eat turkey or Duck, i'm always afraid of fish for a group (too easy to over cook) One person allergic to onions AHHHHHHHHHHHH! So I made a simple roast chicken, Sweet potatoes with pecan topping, Cranberry/Apple stuffing, green beans. (It was sort of like thanksgiving with a big chicken). Dessert: Your wonderful Pistachio Cake and your wonderful Gingerbread (first time...YUM!) There were just 6 of us...and it was really nice.


Thanks for all the sites, Rose, both baking and knitting/crochet. I've already enjoyed quite a few of them. All the knitters/crocheters should also know about Ravelry.com, which now has over a million members. It is lifechanging, and an endless source of inspiration about patterns, yarns, and all the amazing knitters out there. (My "name" on the forum here is knit1bake1: that says it all.)


It's always the right spot for a greeting like that bill! And same to you. Of course we all want to know what you're making!


Ok...I know...not exactly the right spot for this comment, but just wanted to wish you and all the readers a very happy holiday! I'm heading out of work now, straight to the supermarket, and then two days of cooking and Baking for Christmas dinner. Hope everyone has a wonderful Holiday!



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