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Suvir Saran's New Book

Nov 14, 2011 | From the kitchen of Rose

Our mutual friend, Sally Longo, sent me the link to her show on which Suvir recently appeared making a recipe from his upcoming book. I can't wait to make those gorgeous chicken wings!

Masala Farm: Stories and Recipes from an Uncommon Life in the Country

The show also contains a hilarious segment on a new egg gadget, the background music and filming performed by Ed Gazel who also filmed the episode I did with Sally last year. (They will be posted again shortly on the Dinner at 8 site).

The current Suvir appearance also includes segments on Muscato wines, as well as one on a local bee keeper. Watch it all or scroll part way through to see the inimitable Suvir banter with the incomparable Sally!

Click here and then select programming, then Dinner at 8.


I'm a fan of both (and of course, you, Rose) and loved the cooking segment. Can't wait to sink my teeth into Suvir's new book and try the recipes. I'm still savoring the ones from his first two cookbook's, and of course, Aunt Sally's. Keep up the wonderful work, you all make the world a more delicious place!


Thanks for posting news of a new cookbook by Suvir Saran! His AMERICAN MASALA is one of my favorites. I went immediately to Channel 8's site to view that episode of "Dinner at Eight" which I'd somehow missed. Everyone, who lives in the North Country who has had the opportunity to savor her food, knows that Aunt Sally is a splendid caterer, but she's also a warm witty interviewer. Her rapport with Chef Saran was delightful. I've already been to Amazon to preorder MASALA FARM. And, as long as I'm posting, must add that my copy of Aunt Sally's cookbook is well-worn and also a winner. Thanks, Rose, for making me aware that I needed another cookbook (:))


so many people i need to visit in NY and the surroundings! beautiful book, great recipes, those chicken wings at Suvir's are so gorgeous and so lovely seasoned.


Rose, Sally and Suvir sing your praises so highly--it was a treat to see you on Sally's show. You gave so many wonderful tips--and I loved watching you make the bread. Nothing takes the place of being able to watch an expert, to see the technique. So many times I do something wrong technique-wise, and I have no clue I'm doing it wrong until I see it demonstrated. Then the light goes on!

And a heads-up for those who don't want to wait until December 14th when Suvir's book comes out--the chicken wing recipe is on his website. You'll make them and then want to buy his book for the other wonderful recipes!


I'll second that motion!


jack, what's better than pie? i know! rugelach!!! it's the one thing i cannot resist.


Jack Hojohn
Jack Hojohn
11/14/2011 05:01 PM

Rose, glad you enjoyed the show. If you don't remember me, Sally tells all her guests "whatever you do, don't look at Jack".
I recently posted your episode on our website in past shows, just click on view past shows at the bottom of the Dinner at 8 page.
Looking forward to you making another appearance on the show, please don't give in and make pie for Ed. He's been trying to get someone to make pie or pancakes for years now.



Annette Nielsen
Annette Nielsen
11/14/2011 03:41 PM

Both Sally and Suvir have a loyal following throughout the Adirondack and Battenkill River Valley region -- and for good reasons -- they're fun, charming, and know their food. Put the two of them together and they're a sure hit! I love Sally's show, her great way of distilling information for the novice or experienced cook, and Suvir's ability to change-up American cuisine to the sublime is the best. Great personalities -- both of them, and Masala Farm -- the book and the place -- are beautiful, filled with wonderful ideas to keep you cooking!


I am so excited about this new book. Great photos by Ben Fink for most of the recipes. Don't miss the biscuits and the tomato pie, omg! It comes out on the 18th but I just pre-ordered it on Amazon. Can't wait to have you and Suvir together on the show again, Rose. You two are something special together!
Hey, bring that egg gadget when you come and we'll have fun with it!
xoxoxoxo Sally


Hi Rose, Thanks for the very kind comments regarding the episode of Dinner at Eight featuring Suvir and the Eggies review. We always have a wonderful time filming these episodes with Sally and her special guests... including yourself. I can't wait for our pie episode with you. All the best.




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