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My Favorite Pie Crust

Dec 23, 2011 | From the kitchen of Rose


Photo Courtesy of ThinkStock


Several weeks ago, Sara Cann interviewed me on the subject of pie crusts and, along with some tips and explanations, offered her my favorite for her blog WomensHealth.

The title of the piece is The Key to Perfect Pie Crust? Add Cream Cheese.

Just in time for your holiday baking, if you haven't already mastered an easy and delicious pie crust, I encourage you to try it!

Note: If using Rose's Perfect Pie Plate, which has a beautiful larger side border than the standard pie plate, roll the dough 14-inches instead of 13-inches.


thank you so much kate for your lovely response! before we rush off for the long drive to family thanksgiving i jsut want to add that my preference is indeed pastry flour which is unbleached. my very fav. brand is bessie's which i get mail order but king arthur is almost as good in the flaky department. if i use all-purpose it is always bleached and i even cut it with a little cake flour for extra tenderness. i'm not sure what other brands of pastry flour are like. but the trick with whatever flour used is to knead it just til it is very slightly stretchy.

hope you have a wonderful thanksgiving!


Hi Rose - you are correct, I did use the recipe from this posting. I used unbleached pastry flour and apple cider vinegar. I thought at the time that 1/2 tablespoon of vinegar seemed a bit much and kept checking the recipe to make sure I was adding the correct amount. I also have found through trail and error that sometimes, baking w/ all purpose flour yields better results, dependent on the recipe, even if the recipe calls for cake or pastry flour. I did not weigh the final amount of dough but it did not seem to me to be grossly under or over weight.

I very much appreciate your incredibly rapid response to my dilemma. It's obvious that you value your craft, readership and brand. I will try this dough again at a later date, but will use the recipe you have posted under "rose's favorite flaky and tender pie crust."

Warm regards,


Kate, I'm so sorry you were disappointed with the crust. I see you used the one from this posting and not the one that is on this blog under "rose's favorite flaky and tender pie crust" where i specific that if using all purpose flour it should be bleached. This would make a big difference in shrinkage. Pastry flour is the best though. I must say I've never smelled vinegar during the baking. I use apple cider vinegar.
It's great that you use weight. Was the total weight of your dough 14.6 ounces/414 grams? This is always a good test to see if there might be a missing ingredient.

If you go to that posting at the top of the comments you will see one from this morning where the person made 140 of this pie crust.


Very disappointed w/ recipe. Did not hold up particularly well during the blind bake, lots of shrinkage all I could smell was the vinegar. Did not want to proceed w/ the shell for thanksgiving pumpkin pie & I've baked lots of pies in my day. I measure all ingredients by weight in my baking & use top quality. I've just recently ordered the pie and pastry bible & hope that it wasn't a mistake. I'll be going back to Wayne gisslen's pie dough recipe.


"Rose's favorite flakey piecrust with cream cheese"


Hi Karen,
Which recipe did you make, Rose's recipe on the article link or Ray Ring's posted comment below?


Karen Salina
Karen Salina
01/ 8/2012 02:10 PM

I followed the directions, didn't over work the dough, but it still came out thick and solid, definitely not light and flakey. What did I do wrong?


Woody Wolston
Woody Wolston in reply to comment from Jacqui
01/ 8/2012 02:04 AM

Hi Jacqui,
We also recommend to type in the Google search box: "Rose's Favorite Flaky & Tender Pie Crust" and try making her best pie crust. The recipe has metric weight measurements.


I am going to try this hope I have figured out the right amounts.


Woody Wolston
Woody Wolston in reply to comment from Jacqui
01/ 7/2012 10:38 AM

Hi jacqui,
We suggest that you just convert the recipe from pounds to grams:
lbs / 2.2 = kilograms


Is it possible to but your ingredients in grams as pounds is not used in my country anylonger


My favourite pie crust recipe is from a wonderful chef I worked for.

9 pounds flour
6 pounds (3 of shortening and 3 of butter)
3 pounds of ice cold water

For home I use a third of the recipe. It is a very forgiving dough and freezes well.

I know I will love your recipe with cream cheese.
Happy New Year Baking!



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