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A Great Honor!

Mar 19, 2012 | From the kitchen of Rose

I woke up this morning to the brightest, most golden sunshine of the year and felt like something magic was in the air. When I saw the subject line of the email from my dear friends and much esteemed colleagues Karen Page and Andrew Dornenburg I thought "why are they sending me a list of the IACP award nominations when they were announced a few weeks ago and I don't have a new book yet." To my amazement this was a different and very special nomination: 2012 IACP Culinary Classics Book Awards Finalists.

The American Heritage Cookbook and Illustrated History of American Eating and Drinking

The Art of Eating

The Cake Bible
Rose Levy Beranbaum

James Beard's American Cookery
James Beard

The New York Times Cookbook
Craig Claiborne

Paul Prudhomme's Louisiana Kitchen
Paul Prudhomme

The Silver Palate Cookbook
Julee Rosso and Sheila Lukins

Simple French Food
Richard Olney

The Taste of Country Cooking
Edna Lewis

La Technique: An Illustrated Guide to the Fundamental Techniques of Cooking
Jacques Pépin

I am so very honored to be in the company of some of the most esteemed cookbook writers of my generation. Each has had a major influence on my life, all are/were friends or acquaintances. If I were judge I'd have a hard time deciding. But if I knew that the awards ceremony was on my birthday, I'd give the award to me!


I am so very thrilled for you and this great honor!! What does it feel like to be among the best of the best?
I cherish TCB dearly for all the information you imparted along with the recipes, elevating my art/sweet tooth to the next level.
Here's to many more honors!
With love,


Congratulations, Rose! So glad to see TCB recognized, and in such great company! The exhaustive work and research you put into each recipe really shows and in this attention deficit world, how nice to know others appreciate your labors,too! Can't wait for the next book!


That's fantastic Rose! Congratulations!


bushelle kazan
bushelle kazan
03/24/2012 04:21 PM

How lucky was I to find an autographed 1st edition of The Cake Bible two years ago. I rely upon your Understanding further my baking ability. My husband, in turn, relies on my interpretation of your Banana Cake/Banana Muffins and Levy's Bagels for total dedication of his staff at work.

Your impact is enormous. In anticipation of layoffs, I baked for 125 who knew their time was coming. I translated your bread recipes to sour dough recipes. Everybody had something to look forward to every day.


Rose, Congratulations!! So well deserved is this award.

Before The Cake Bible, I used only a couple of cake recipes, actually three. And, I could only do 9 inches. I was told they were good. Now I bake from TCB and RHC and am told my cakes are great. I reference The Cake Bible almost every time I bake a cake. I pray one day there is an e-version. Thank you for your dedication. And, thank you for the forum.


Joan, what beautiful thoughts. Thank you for "throwing back my words at me," which I receive with great pleasure.

Maria Guarnaschelli, editor of the Cake Bible, also once said similar words: "You empower people." You are living proof of her wisdom.



You have opened a whole new world to so many of us, who at one time may never have even thought of baking a cake. But then, through your innovative efforts and dedication to devise and create, you have engaged us, taught us with wisdom and joy that we can follow along, begin to learn, achieve, and soon be proud of ourselves in a new and wonderful way. For all this, and more, I venture to say that the august colleagues on the 2012 IACP list are, or would be, honored to be found in your golden company.

To this end, I would like to repeat a quote of your own from Rose's Heavenly Cakes:

"There is also a feeling of magic and alchemy that comes from starting with ingredients that don't remotely resemble the delicious magnificence of the final result."

This I know when I bake a cake today. Thank you for the magic.


thank you all. this means a lot to me. and nancy: great play on words there! flour girl--those are the exact words that my editor used (raising the bar). it was a real leap of courage that she encouraged me to do it.


Congratulations Rose, it is most well-deserved!


Nancy Waldock
Nancy Waldock
03/19/2012 12:58 PM


How wonderful to be among the best of the best!

The cream always rises to the top :)



Rose, when I first received your books and baked my first cake from them I knew the bar had just been raised. I am not surprised that your book, The Cake Bible, is the only baking book in the running. Although you are among heavy-weights in the cooking arena, you stand alone as the super star of baking. Your books have made a big difference in my life. Good luck to you! You are already a winner to me.



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