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Hector's Chocolate Avocado Oblivion

Mar 17, 2012 | From the kitchen of Rose


Years ago, when I gave a lovely chef in Italy a copy of my book The Cake Bible, she said she could convert every recipe from butter to olive oil. My response was: "so could I, but I don't choose to!" Now here comes our Hector, converting the butter to avocado! I'm willing to suspend disbelief until I try it myself. After all, avocado is buttery rich, and his cake couldn't be more beautiful!

Hector's Chocolate Avocado Oblivion

Hawaii Avocado Festival, Kona 2012. aloha everyone, this is my 4th time in Kona, and i can't start by telling that it exceeded ALL my expectations... i know... i make wow-cakes, but this one, was yet the biggest wow! i worship Rose with a recipe i wrote thinking of her. and it starts like this:

"a favorite way to bake with chocolate is on the Chocolate Oblivion Truffle Torte (Cake Bible, 1988). i styled 10 versions of essentially the same cake, but now i depart far and sabotage the recipe: using avocado as butter. this cake feels like biting dark chocolate in heaven. Chocolate Avocado Oblivion is as dark and dense as it gets. enjoy naked. passion fruit jelly on the plate makes a good marriage. dark rum on the passion fruit jelly becomes a menage a trois. enjoy warm, at room temp, or chilled. you will experience the same victim 3 different ways!"

let me share highlights from my heart:

the yellow man (yours truly) and his pink woman (chef patti kimball). patti helps every time i am in kona. she is more than any chef can ask for. indeed, patti helps every chef event there possibly can be on the entire island. patti is a member of the American Culinary Federation, Hawaii where i have become an honorary member.


all three people on this picture are made of chocolate. i baked with Original Hawaiian Chocolate Factory dark chocolate 60%. hugging Pam and Bob Cooper, the only people on the entire USA and indeed the rest of the developed countries that makes chocolate from farm to bar from their own farm and their own factory. the scenic landscape is the view from my bedroom! kealakekua bed and breakfast.


Alton Brown's very final episode of Good Eats was about chocolate, and he is spotted at the Cooper's farm!

hot weather, this cake was enjoyed at 80 oF degree weather. because it uses avocados instead of butter, it is much denser and sinful!!! guests enjoyed a slit of heaven with a side of passion fruit jelly thinned out with dark rum. people asked for second servings even after the glorious full sit down dinner paired with many-many wines and coffee. i was overwhelmed.

Hector 3.jpg

for the recipe and more photos please visit here.


Hi Hector,

Absolutely stunning! I remember seeing this post when it first came out and had to search to find it!

Just curious to know what was the largest size Oblivion that you've made? I'm thinking of making a 12" version -- but the ingredients are expensive and I don't want to have a flop. I'd probably go with butter -- but if you adore the avocado, I may consider trying it if you've tested it! How did your bake times vary? Pan heights (I would just use a 12" by 2" round pan)?

Thanks for your assistance!


Rochelle, i have been asked your same question many times and i feel for you.

the substitution is not 1:1 weight, avocado for butter. (and fyi, i never measure with volume anything).

the chocolate oblivion torte worked WELL, with the above substitution, but the resulting cake was a completely different cake. in my opinion, it was a BETTER cake, and i was so happy that the hundred or so people attending the festival were so happy to taste this. i was blown away.

the resulting cake was much denser and bitter than using butter. the chocolate lacquer glaze and the side of passion fruit jelly added much of the missing sweet.

i am so happy with my chocolate avocado oblivion, that i no longer make the chocolate oblivion torte.

i have made the Rose's yellow cake (all downy, or she loves me not) with the same 1:1 avocado for butter conversion and the resulting cake was more like a corn bread cake, rubbery. was still yummy. note this cake uses milk.

i have made the chocolate butter cupcakes with the same 1:1 avocado for butter, and it was YUMMY. this one i didn't miss butter at all. the yummy chocolate made it up.

if you can't have milk, i suggest you try goat or buffala milk. i think it is more tolerable.

if you can't have butter, i wouldn't know what to do.

give it a shot. it has been fun to work with all these avocados. and regarding Hass, i don't see a difference in which ones are more buttery vs buttery. neither for ripeness. any avocado will do, even overripe or underripe. i also use sharwill varieties, which is what is found more in hawaii and it is more watery than hass. if the avocado is underripe, i do freeze it and puree it with my food processor, so it isn't chunky.


Rochelle Eissenstat
Rochelle Eissenstat
04/ 4/2012 06:45 PM

Hector - I am bursting with curiosity about your substituting avocado for butter! I cannot have milk products and margarine or oil often don't work well in fine baking.

Do you sub the avocado 1:1 by weight or volume [weight I think would be more accurate]? How ripe are the avocados?

Do you use the Hess avocadoes since they have higher fat content or do you also use the larger more watery and less fatty type of avocado [whose name escapes me]?

Do you change anything else in the recipe eg. creaming, oven temp. or baking time?

Have you tried avocado replacing butter in cookie recipes or other cakes? Does the substitution affect the length you can keep the cakes at room temp.?



Was great to meet u Julia!


Julia Eskridge
Julia Eskridge
03/28/2012 10:41 PM

My husband and I were invited to a private dinner (as friends and guest of the Coopers) at the Kealakekua Bed and Breakfast, this cake was wonderful and Hector's is such a delite to be with. Chocolate is "Aloha"


Thx friends. The taste is very dark chocolate like and the texture dense. I covered it in lacquer glaze which was nice with the extra sugar. Try it.


Hctor, friend, it's spectacular! So very beautiful, and I'm intrigued by the combo- must find some time to bake one and see what it tastes like.


Absolutely amazing!



Stunning presentation (as always) and the plated slices are beautiful! I'm dreaming about what this would taste like.



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