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Press Launch for the Rose™ Collection with NewMetro Design

Mar 10, 2012 | From the kitchen of Rose

Last week on Wednesday we celebrated the press launch for my product line--one of the most important and joyful events of my life. Gary Fallowes, president and founder of NewMetro is the creator of the popular BeaterBlade®.

Gary's uncle Michael flew in from San Diego (and I mean literally flew in as he pilots his own jet!). Here he is with Gary and me just before my demo began.


Also very present were Gary's mom, two sisters, cousin, my husband Elliott, Bob Trinque (Sales and Marketing) and, of course, the press and many close associates including the much esteemed Marion Nestle, and cake decorator par excellence Ron Ben Israel (who as a lovely surprise brought along Cynthia Peithman, a former student of mine who is now a teacher at the French Culinary Institute!).

Gary began by thanking everyone for coming on such a rainy night and quoted his mother as saying "the best things happen in the rain."

I began by saying that it was fitting we should launch our product on Leap Year evening as it represents the leap of faith we took joining forces. I went on to tell the story of how many years ago I asked my inventor uncle Nat, designer of the Movado Museum Watch, how to create and market an electric ice cream scoop, and how he started talking about prototypes (a word I needed to have defined) and made no effort to help me. I explained how after all these years it is such a joy to have a partner who believes in my ideas and makes them realities.

Gary went on to share the story of how it was that we met and after seven years of mutual admiration became partners in the new product line. He ended by expressing most sincerely and eloquently his appreciation of having me in his life by saying "I love you Rose." This inspired me to share that we have the ideal relationship--one in which he thinks he is the lucky one and I think that I'm the lucky one!

For my demo, I made the Lemon Poppyseed Cake from Rose's Heavenly Cakes to show off the beloved BeaterBlade® (which means never having to say 'scrape the sides of the bowl' again, the new ZestN'est™, and JuiceLab™. The accompanying lemon curd cream served to show off the Rose Double Boiler™ (with self-contained water), and the Rose MixerMate™ illustrated how ideal it is to beat with an electric hand held beater and to whip cream quickly without having to chill the bowl or beaters.


I also made Chantilly Crêpes in the new Rose Crêpe and Pancake Griddle™ with porcelain finish so slick even the clarified butter resisted sticking to it. Finally I made caramel in my favorite new Rose Caramel Pot™ with the same finish that I designed to have high sides to prevent spattering and a small diameter appropriate for the usual amounts of caramel and syrup required for most recipes. This makes it possible to get a deeper immersion of the thermometer for a more accurate reading. The incredibly slick interior makes it easy to ensure that almost all of the syrup gets out of the pan and into the mixture.

Today I am at the Chicago Housewares Show for the official launch of the new product line. It will be available in stores by this June. Of course I will be announcing it here on the blog. If you would like a preview of some of these products, I have written blog postings beginning with the BeaterBlade® underneath the equipment section in categories.

By the way, not only is Gary a genius inventor, he's also a genius baker! He sent me a sample of his cornbread that had the texture of velvet and perfect corn flavor. He advised me to toast it until very dark. Here it is, served with baby back ribs topped with Joanna Pruess's barbecue sauce I wrote about recently from the new Lodge Cast Iron Cookbook.

Ribs and Cornbread.jpg


Thank you Flour Girl and Bill--sounds like you're making more room under the bed! Luckily most of new line consists of reasonably small and can't live without items!


Sherrie, I'm super excited about all the products and my first love is the Beater Blade but of all the newer items it's the caramel pot I'm most excited about too!


Pamela, I thnk you will be happy with either book as the instructions are very explicit but for the science behind cake baking I would choose the Cake Bible.


Thanks for asking Reeni! On April 14 there will be a posting of the chicago housewares show with lots of photos. When it's closer to the products being available in June/July, i will post photos of each one on the blog (with great pleasure).


Hi Rose! Is there anywhere I can find a picture or description of the new products? I'm really curious about the double boiler and the caramel pot especially, for work, aside from the intriguing Cook n Store which sounds just right for my house!:D


julie, it was great seeing you again and meeting michael broadbent of the bread proofer for the first time after all these years of emails! it was very moving when michael told me he would not be standing there at the show if not for me and all of you bloggers expressing an interest in this product. and i told him that it turned out to be more impressive than i ever would have imagined.

hope to see you again next year at the show!


jeff, here is the answer from NewMetro:

The Beaterblade has gone through extensive testing and independent results have shown that when using the Beaterblade, it puts no more torque on the motor than using KitchenAid’s dough hook would. In fact, it is better using the Beaterblade because it cuts down on the mixing time, so your mixer is not being used as much. We at NewMetro stand behind our products, and if you prove to us that using the Beaterblade has damaged your mixer, we will repair or replace your mixer.


Congratulations on the launch of your new product line at the IHA show! Enjoyed seeing you and Woody there very much.

We had a busy four days, as I'm sure you must have too. Loved spending so much time with people who truly appreciate having the right tools for culinary tasks, whether the Beater Blade or the B&T proofer.

Now on to all those follow-throughs!


i have heard a bit about the BeaterBlade over tasking the mixer motor and burning it out (or shortening its life).

is that so, or is it due to improper use?

the device is a clever idea, but i would not want to ruin a fairly expensive device...


Pamela Young
Pamela Young
03/13/2012 10:44 PM

Hi Rose,I have been baking Bundt cakes for many years, but have not tackled layer cakes. I'm ready to dive in. I don't own any of your books yet, but want to get one that would help me. The science behind baking, at this time, kind of scars me. I just need a book I can grow into. Should I purchase "The Cake Bible" or "Rose's Heavenly Cakes"? I'm sure both are fabulous. I would really like to use syrups and unusual frostings in my cakes. It sounds really exciting to me. I have reviewed "Rose's Heavenly Cakes" from our public library and I love it. I'll need to study it in more depth, though.Unfortunately, the library doesn't have "The Cake Bible". Which book should I get? Congrats on your new line of products. I know they will be fantastic. Can't wait to buy some of them. Signed puzzled, Pamela Young


Congratulations and how exciting for you! Of all the products in the new line, I am most excited about the caramel pot. Best wishes on the book and new product line!


Good morning Rose! I haven't been posting much lately but I think of you often. I have been very busy and not baking much. I was thrilled to hear that the products will be available in June! Can't wait! Best of luck and lots of love!



Much success to you and your partners Rose! I am very happy for you. Your new line sounds exciting and I look forward to bringing it home. Mazel Tov!



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