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Hector's Case Study: Chocolate Domingo Wedding Cake.

Sep 1, 2012 | From the kitchen of Rose

Hector has created another stunner, dapting one of my top favorite chocolate cakes to wedding cake proportions.

IMG_6157Chocolate Domingo Wedding Cake.jpg

In Hector's Words:

The Chocolate Domingo Cake is a beloved chocolate cake from the Cake Bible. The recipe is for one 9" round cake pan, 2" deep. I offered this cake for a party of 100 and converted the recipe into a wedding cake: a top tier consisting of two 9" cakes, and a bottom tier consisting of two 12" cakes. What attracted me to make this recipe a wedding cake was its high butter content which near guarantees a moist and tender cake even after 3 days of baking, which is the average span of time of a wedding cake to decorate, deliver, and display.

For the top tier, I multiplied x2 every ingredient and baked two 9" pans. For the bottom tier, I multiplied x4 every ingredient; and in addition multiplied the baking powder and baking soda x0.84, which is indeed a subtraction, and baked two 12" pans. A 12" pan is very close to twice the volume of a 9" pan. I used Rose's Heavenly Cake strips on all pans, fitting 3 strips with large paper clips on each 12" pan. Oven temperature was as indicated in the 9" recipe. The oven times were longer since i baked two 9" cakes at once (35-45 mins) and then two 12" cakes at once (50 to 60 mins).

It worked PERFECTLY!!! The cakes rose beautifully. The cakes didn't collapse nor volcanoed in the middle. The cake was level and a dream to stack.

Chocolate Domingo Wedding Cake - 1.jpg

Chocolate Domingo Wedding Cake - 2.jpg

The texture of the 12" cakes were indistinguishable from the texture of the 9" cakes. I came about the x0.84 subtraction of the leavening from studying the Rose Factor charts from the Cake Bible. I can't tell you for sure yet that this is magic rule, but it is a handy start for converting a 9" butter cake into a 12"!!!

IMG_6129Chocolate Domingo Cake.jpg

Now, if u want a 6" third tier, make one 9" recipe and bake two 6" pans! A 6" pan is very close to half the volume of a 9" pan. It is recommended to increase the baking powder and baking soda when baking on smaller cake pans, but I find it unnecessary with a 6" pan; it is so small that any arguing can be shouted off with some serrated knife action post baking!

Buy, borrow, or steal, a copy of the Cake Bible to understand my full thinking. Read pages 490-492 and you can expand on my case study for any pans up to 18" wide.


Please give us the recipe, forgot the maths Jajajajajaj I want to do this recipe thank you


Please, give us the recipe hector, help thank you


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10/ 1/2012 06:25 PM



I just wanted to say that I absolutely love your book, and the chocolate domingo cake has been a favourite of mine for some time. I like all the cakes, and have made so many. Thank you so much for creating, testing, and sharing so many baking gems!!! Your professional and scientific approach is wonderful as the results are incredible.


The design looks so good and incredible. I am sure it tastes even better then that. Great job. Gotta make this when i get married.


Wow that is so PERFECT! If ever I am going to re marry my husband someday I would be glad to have your idea. Thanks!


Beautiful cake! Will need to attempt this in some form, soon.


Hi Hector -

The cake looks so fabulous - the essence of the chocolate in the cakes' pictures coming out of the oven is traveling all the way to Texas!

I wanted to ask you what brand of pans you are using these days? I've been gone, but am back and wanted to get something new if need to.

Best, joan


the yellow part is fondant. the cake is filled and frosted with a thin coat of my vegan raw version of Chocolate Mango Oblivion, heated in the microwave for a few seconds till frosting consistency. the brown patches are Chocolate Fondant (cake bible, and rose's heavenly cakes). the pearls are valrhona. the piping is also Chocolate Mango Oblivion.

thank you for liking the cake.


Gorgeous! My mouth is watering.

The Chocolate Domingo has always been one of my favorites!

In addition to Jeannette, I too would love to know more about the decorations.


Hi Julie. Inspired by a lot of input from my paddlers http://www.olelookeola.com

Should has made the "O" oval since I am one of the rare people that still own oval cake pans :)

The ganache was my vegan gluten free raw mango chocolate oblivion, warmed in the microwave so it would spread.


Hector, it's gorgeous! What inspired the design?


Rosa, I am afraid I may be confusing you. Can I ask your to have a friend or neighbor read my posting and comments and try to decipher what I am saying. English is my third language and I am afraid I won't have any more answers than all you have asked. Your math looks terrible thou!


It is a tender melt in ur mouth must use plate and fork delicacy. I always use a very sharp serrated knife to cut and a offset pie server or flat wide knife to lift. Hearing the knife helps too.

It is worth the effort. A cake that slices easier or better will not be as heavenly TO EAT.


Warren Burstein
Warren Burstein
09/ 2/2012 12:50 PM

I've made the Chocolate Domingo Cake three times, and each time it's been rather softer than any of your other cakes. I've made it both in the recommended 9" pan and in two 7" pans. The 9" came out too soft to slice so I just put it in a cake ring and put lots of ganache over it. The 7" ones were slice-able so I cut each in half and piled up layers of cake and ganache in the cake ring.


A masterpiece, Hector


Hello Hector and thank you very much for helping me with this I could not do it with out you help for the (Chocolate Domingo Wedding Cake)
recipe...thank you Rosa from Canada, Ontario,Barrie, .




for the 12'two-tier cakes
baking powder 2x0.68-1.68x2=3.36g.
baking soda 1.5x0.84-1.26x2-2.52g.
9"two tier cakes
baking powder 2x0.84=1.68g.
baking soda 1.5x0.84-1.26g.


for the 12'two-tier cakes
baking powder 2x0.68-1.68x2=3.36g.
baking soda 3.5x0.84=2.94x25.88g.


baking powder 2x0.84=1.68
baking soda 1.5x0.84-1.26


Ok, let me explain the math differently. From a 9" cake double every ingredient to bake a 12" cake, EXCEPT the bp and bs which you should increase by only 1.68 x

x2 and then x0.84 = x1.68


for the 9"two-tier
baking powder .84x4g.=3.36
baking soda .84x1.5=1.26

for the 12"two-tiers
baking powder ?
baking soda ?


you mean the bp 2 multiply by .84= 1.68
and the bs 2 x .84= 1.8


The original recipe is for one 9"

For two 9": multiple by 2

For two 12": multiply by 4, then the bp and bs multiply by .84


hi the 9'two tier and the 12'two tier...


Rosa, what size and how many cakes is ur goal?


Hi Hector I have a scale and weighed in grams but I don't understand the Baking powder and the Baking soda o.84 x what? , 2 x o.84 = 1.68 for the 9'cakes
and the 12'cakes 4 x o.84 = 3.36 is this right?


Rosa, use grams for each ingredient. Including bp, bs, salt, eggs, etc.


I have got this for 9 two -tier cakes}
84 grams- cocoa powder
320 grams - sour cream
4 -large eggs
3 teaspoons - pure vanilla
312 grams- cake flour
400 grams- white sugar
1 6/8 teaspoons- Baking powder
1 2/6 teaspoons- Baking soda
1 teaspoon -Salt
400 grams- unsalted Butter
Pease let me know if this is ok...Rosa


so you are saying that you use in gramms but what about the baking powder and baking soda???help!!


Hi Rosa, I used a micro scale and weighed in grams the bp and bs. My math is possible only with grams. http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B003J6RD5W?ie=UTF8&camp=1789&creativeASIN=B003J6RD5W&linkCode=xm2&tag=myyelkit-20


Jeannette, I frosted the cakes with a vegan mango ganache (fresh mango purée instead of cream). The decor is chocolate fondant (the only fondant I mix myself) and store bought yellow fondant. The pearls are valrhona.


hello Hector my name is Rosa and I have all of Rose's cook books and I just wanted to know what you are saying about this part ( The Baking Powder And The Baking Soda I don't understand , please put it in teaspoons for both ..Thank you very much for taking this time to reading my message...Rosa for Barrie, Ontario, Canada.


Jeannette Mara
Jeannette Mara
09/ 1/2012 11:27 AM

A lovely looking cake, Hector, how did you do the decoration?



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