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NewMetro Design New Rose™ Line Has Arrived!

Sep 23, 2012 | From the kitchen of Rose

It is so new it's not even in the stores or online yet but if you call NewMetro: 800-624-1526, and ask for the New Rose™ Line you can place orders using a credit card.

Alternatively, you can wait until October when it will be available in stores and on line around the country. Here's a preview of the line (You can also check out the site directly for more information):


I consider this piece of equipment to be the most significant invention and improvement to baking since the stand mixer or food processor. Not only does it save time, it also mixes more thoroughly than the standard paddle attachment.



This micro grater fits in the palm of your hand and works perfectly for citrus zest, Parmesan cheese, chocolate, and even mincing garlic without retaining odor. I place it on my kitchen scale, tare out the weight, and know exactly how much zest I have for my recipe.


This juicer has the perfect shape for easily extracting maximum juice. It also has precise built-in measurements both on the container and the storage lid.


This rose bowl is the ideal ergonomic shape for using a handheld electric beater or whisk. It
whips cream at record speed with no need to chill the bowl or beaters.


I designed this 1.75 quart pot to be perfectly sized and shaped for making caramel, sugar syrups, and sauces. The chemical-free light grey ceramic based nonstick coating is environmentally friendly and does not pose the risk of emitting toxic fumes. It releases all food more easily than any other cooking surface, which ensures maximum release of caramel and other sticky syrups.

Bain Marie.jpg

Double Boiler
This 2 quart double-walled pot, with an internal water chamber for safely heating and keeping water at a gentle simmer without steam, is my pot of choice for making lemon curd, cream sauces, and even for melting chocolate.


Cook & Store
If you only had one saucepan in the kitchen it would have to be this one. The flared sides of this durable 4 quart saucepan facilitate reduction of liquids and the airtight cover makes it ideal to store the contents after cooking and cooling.


Crêpe and Pancake Griddle
I use this pan for so many things especially sautéeing, it has a permanent place on my cooktop. The ceramic nonstick surface is so smooth and slippery I don't even need to use butter or oil to prevent sticking.


sarah, the description above is correct as 1-3/4 quart (7 cups). it is not advisable to use metal utensils which i don't find to be a handicap as saucepans almost always require silicone spatulas to stir!


Is the caramel pot safe to use with metal utensils? That was one of the selling points for me of the scanpan (which I have not yet bought)--safe to use with metal utensils.

I also was curious about the size. I see that Amazon sells this as a 2 quart, but in their description say it is a one quart. That has to be a mistake, correct?

It sure is one cute pot and exactly the sort of small sauce pan I always wanted.



Kathy, I just ordered it from bedbathandbeyond.com. Thanks for the tip!


thanks kathy1! i know you will enjoy using both of them! happy holidays.


Hi Rose. It was great meeting you at NY Cake last Tuesday. The demo was great. I learned a few tricks from you. Your new line is great. I purchased the carmel pot and the juicer was a free gift for attending that day. I can't wait to use both of them. P.S. Carolyn the carmel pot can also be purchased at bedbathandbeyond.com.


yes, carolyn, it is ideal for it!


Is the caramel pot big enough for a single batch of your buttercrunch toffee?


Pls call the 800 no. Listed above and ask to speak to Cheryl. You can buy anything from the rose line directly from newmetro.


Where can I buy the caramel pot? I can't seem to find it anywhere. I did try the beater blade today, and it performed beautifully.


thanks for asking kashmiri, one of the great features of the line is that it works wonderfully with induction!


One can tell that these were developed by someone who bakes and cooks!

Just a seconding (is that a word?) of the question about whether the pots will work with induction, especially that carmel pot.



Congradulations Rose!!! You are something
for the Best!!!!


Lena, they are made in China in a 100% "Green Factory" approved by us! All out products are PTFE & PFOA Free with ceramic coating as well.


Where are the pans made?



I had a double boiler like this 25 years ago when we lived in Germany.

Don't know what happened to it.

I just loved it.

Have a Joyful Day :~D


Morning Rose!

Are your pans good for induction heat??

Have a Joyful Day :~D



I am also Canadian, and I can never find anything on Amazon.ca.

I just order from .com and pay the shipping. :~(



thank you all for your enthusiastic response. i couldn't be more thrilled about the new Rose line.

shirley, there is a beater blade for the 5 quart tilt back (artisan), the 5 quart lift model, and the 6 quart lift model.


Hi Rose,
Your new line looks very interesting! Does the Beater Blade fit the KitchenAid models that lift rather than tilt?


I can't wait to buy one of the beaterblades and I am so glad it has Rose's seal of approval. I trust it will be an incredibly helpful addition to my baking arsenal. I'm dying to try it out!


I'm not usually into new gadgets, but these are just brilliant-can't wait to get the paddle/scraper.


I am so happy to see that your new collection contains a unique double boiler, and have already called NewMetro! Next, maybe Santa will bring the fabulous saucepan. I think this will free up space filled with pots I never use any more. Happiness is, and thank you Rose.


How exciting - I've got my eye on that caramel pot.


Rose, congratulations on a gorgeous line of products! I'm lusting after the caramel pot and the whipped cream bowl. I haven't yet made the transition to a beater blade, your rose-colored rendition looks perfect and just the thing to nudge me to get one. I especially love the graphics of the line's logo- your name with stars, how appropriate.


Oh Wow!! Everything looks great! So many things I need/want. Writing my letter to Santa is going to be easy this year.

Big congratulations and best of luck to you!


Yay! How exciting for you, Rose! I, too, am lusting over the caramel pot -- every pot with spouts and non-stick surface I've come across is aluminum and won't work with induction cooktops -- I hope to get my hands on one!!

Thank you for thinking of these great items!


Do you they will be available in Canada, say Amazon.ca?

David Chau


I m drooling for that caramel pot! I always use a TALL pot and on my induction stove. The tall pot prevents splashing and the induction stove minimizes over cooking since the stove doesn't heat the sides of the pan thus remaining cooler. There is no need to transfer the sugar syrup or caramel to a glass measure to stop the cooking.


Oh...I am liking the caramel pot. Really good idea! I am going to buy the beater blade soon. I have one with only one blade scraper. More is more, so will need the double scraper blade!


Congrats on your new line! Looks amazing. Love the cook and store pan idea. Have to admit that I have a similar paddle attachment for My kitchenaid but all it does is push the batter above the paddle so rarely use it.everything else I will keep an eye out for...will it be available in Canada?



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