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A Must Have Cookbook

Oct 27, 2012 | From the kitchen of Rose

101 Classic Cookbooks

Talk about a walk down memory lane! This book, published by the Fales Library, New York University, and Rizzoli features 101 cookbooks that are presented as the top cookbooks of the 20th century, and 101 recipes of what are considered to be the top recipes from these cookbooks.

This is a book that demands to be read word by word from cover to cover. The photos, stories, and descriptions of the cookbook authors are fascinating and offer an unprecedented overview of the evolution of food in this country. Here are the authors, living and dead, who make up my world--ones I had hoped someday to meet, ones I had admired, and ones I had wanted to emulate.

I went to the book launch party this past Wednesday where seven appetizers from authors represented in the book were served. My favorite was James Beard's oyster stew from his American Cookery, 1972. It was the pure essence of oyster, simply containing butter, heavy cream, milk, oysters, their liquor, salt, pepper, and cayenne.

It wasn't until another of the authors asked me to sign the page where my book was pictured that I realized that my first book, The Cake Bible, had been chosen as one of the 101 books! I couldn't be more honored. Or so I thought until I turned the book over and found my name, listed in the "Among the Authors Featured," sandwiched between my old friend James Beard, and my much esteemed colleague Mark Bittman. (Ok it was alphabetical, but just the same, I was happy to be there.)


Jeannie, Rose listed the title: 101 Classic Cookbooks.



Ken, I did this posting way before the hurricane! I often post ahead. But the good news I want to share with everyone is that I just discovered that if wifi doesn't work--and Verizon has a major tower down--if you turn off wifi on iPad or iPhone LTE kicks in. So I'm not totally without Internet.

We've been so lucky to be in a downtown bldg that has a generator. But in NJ the power is still out and I'm thinking of my once beautiful sour cherries, hand pitted, and no doubt defrosted and rotting in the freezer along with other treasures. Of course I can't think of complaining realizing the major losses so many are suffering. Our house escaped undamaged.

Just heard a nor'easter is expected this Wednesday.

Thanks for your concern.


Only just yesterday, it occurred to me that you and yours, like so many others, may have been personally impacted by the terrible storm and was relieved when I finally checked "realbaking" and saw posts by you dated 11/2.

Certainly, congrats are in order for this recognition of The Cake Bible (don't have that one but do have Rose's Heavenly Cakes, Rose's Christmas Cookies and The Bread Bible). I'm just glad you are O.K.


Congratulations, Rose. The accolades are well deserved. Your Downy Yellow Butter Cake - the first recipe I tried from the book - was so good and versatile that it was the only cake for me for a long time. I have learned so much from your book over the years and doubt that I would have been so into baking cakes if I had never come across your book. It is the most well written, organised and presented cookbook I have ever come across- and I have gone through many. It is really THE cake bible - but so much more. Thanks for your generosity and sharing.


onehsancare, the recipes from the cake bible are: the downy yellow butter cake, blueberry swan lake, cordon rose chocolate christmas log, lemon poppyseed pound cake, orange-glow chiffon, and swiss black forest cake.

they also listed as notable: chocolate oblivion truffle torte, cordon rose banana cake, cordon rose cream cheesecake, golden almond cake, neoclassic buttercream, and pineapple upside down cake.

pamilyn, they had an advisory committee of 22 professionals. It is worth getting the book just to have this list and read their bios!


So who decided which were the 101 classic cookbooks?


11/ 1/2012 11:54 PM

What recipe from the Cake Bible is included?


Congratulations on being included! Must say I'm not surprised :)


Sounds like a great book. Do you happen to know the title?



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