The Book Signing and Demo at NY Cake


When I arrived at the store yesterday, and took one look at the incredible display and organized variety of baking equipment, all i wanted to do was shop shop shop!

Lis Mansour, the owner, had done all the prep and even made the spice cake frosted with peanut butter cream cheese frosting from Rose's Heavenly Cakes that I was planning to demo. I've known Lisa since she was a young girl helping out when this was her mother Joan Mansour's store. She has always been as lovely as she is beautiful. Now I can add magnificently organized as well!

There was a great group of people who came to watch the demo and it was really fun getting to know some of them and what they are doing in the baking world. There was even a lovely one of our bloggers who took the day off from work and drove in all the way from Long Island.

I also demonstrated, among other things, how quick and easy it is to beat whipped cream in the MixerMate (pictured to my left) and how beautifully the the caramel pot performs on an induction burner. The caramel smelled so heavenly we were all tempted to eat it so when we served the cake, i topped the buttercream with whipped cream and a dollop of caramel. it was fabulous!

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!