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Baking Bible Book Production Phase 3

Jan 5, 2013 | From the kitchen of Rose

It's been six months since I last posted about book production. I had forgotten all about it because I was that busy doing it!


Since the last posting, there are now 130 recipes all of which have been tested many times by both Woody and me. Marie Wolf is once again masterminding the group, formerly called the Heavenly Bakers, and now called the Beta Bakers (Marie's clever name). They have completed the 25 recipes that we've sent for testing, evaluating, and fine tuning. It is always a thrill to see each rendition and read each report.

Woody and I have finished with the read through. This is the first time I am doing it but I realized that it is desirable to read the entire text out loud in order to hit on a compromise between the written and spoken word. Along the way we've discovered enumerable inconsistencies and some errors that normally a copy editor would find but no copy editor could possibly find all of them in this complex a book so this gives us a real head start on the road to perfection. The greatest challenge is having four major subject matters to unify: cakes, pies and pastry, cookies, and bread. They are all related on some levels but each has it's own distinctive language and we are always striving for more clarity to make it easier for others to follow.

The next phase is integrating all the notes from the beta bakers. Then all the separate documents have to be compiled carefully into the separate chapters as single documents. Then comes the massive global changes that have to be made one-at-a-time as there are so many exceptions to the rules.

Only five months remain until the entire manuscript is due at the publishers, including all what is known as the front material (table of contents, sources, ingredients, equipment, and chapter openers). We have also completed all of these but it will be necessary to fact check all the sources. Then starts the massive production of editing, copyediting, photography, design and layout, and proof editing until finally, around June of 2015, the book goes to press. Whew! But we're not there yet.

Woody and I are hugely excited about the new recipes, both visually and gustatorially and we can't wait to share them all with all of you and to make them again, ourselves, this time just for the pure pleasure of it.


Rose, all these websites listed October 2014 as the release date. So they probably have the old date?


thank you so much judy. i wonder how they knew about the older working title as it is now "the baking bible" (probably)! but really glad to know that they are taking preorders so far in advance whatever the name (it will still smell as sweet)!


Hi Rose,

Honestly, Rose, I would probably pre-order a grocery shopping list if it was written by you :)
No doubt it would list the most wonderful things for a baker's kitchen.

Anyway, here are the links on the various online bookshops for your book.



Book Depository UK & UK sites are also pre-selling your book...



All listings have your full name and of course, because you haven't decided on the cover yet, there is no image for your book.

These are the ISBNs -
ISBN-10: 1118338618
ISBN-13: 978-1118338612

I really hope it is your book because I've already pre-ordered my copy.

Hope this helps to clear up some of the mystery.


hi jehanne. it's fine that you posted the recipe in this case because i gave it to the on line magazine. recipes from books that are not already on the web should not be posted as it is in violation of copy-right laws. I appreciate your asking


Hi rose,
I tried out your mexican wedding cookies ( ingredients wise, but melted the butter), and they turned out delicious! In fact I also posted it with a mention about u in the blog,hope you dont mind:-)


judy, are you sure it's my book? i went to the link and there are several books with that title but none is mine!


Rose, I noticed your new book is also available for pre-order on Amazon Canada, UK & Germany. I wonder why it's not available on the US site yet.


Hi Rose,

I ordered my copy from bookdepository.com. They always seem to have books available for pre-order well ahead of their release dates but your book is exceptionally early.

To be honest, I've never seen a book available for purchase this far ahead before either but it must be because it is so anticipated.

Incidentally, Amazon took over The Book Depository last year but their pricing and positioning seem somewhat independent of each other.

Hope this helps explain things.


hello Rose, I'm Rosa from Barrie, Ontario, Canada, I'm so very happy and to know that you have a new book out called (Rose’s Heavenly Baking) and I have all of your cook books and now I can’t wait because I real love your books and I have per order the your new book and can't wait until I get it ...hugs Rosa


thank you judy! i didn't know one could order a book so far ahead. how does it work? i checked out amazon and saw that someone else has used that title (not that it will stop me) but there was no sign of my upcoming book. do tell!


I've been so excited about your latest book, Rose, that I've just gone ahead and pre-ordered it despite the two-year wait!

Honestly, I have never bought a book this far ahead from its release date but your name speaks volumes.

I also understand that good things take time and your passion and precision for your craft is exactly why we love you so much.


Cynthia Renee
Cynthia Renee in reply to comment from Jeanne
01/ 7/2013 01:24 PM

Yup..me too ...


2015 feels like such a long time from now! The cream puffs looks yummy Rose!


Woody Wolston
Woody Wolston in reply to comment from Silvia
01/ 6/2013 12:54 PM

Hi Silvia,
You can read Marie's postings on both the Heavenly Cakes Bake Along and her blog, BreadBasketCase.
Rose & Woody


Woody, I can´t be part of a bake along (too little time), but I'd love to read about Marie´s experiences;
her writing style is fun!


Woody Wolston
Woody Wolston in reply to comment from Jeanne
01/ 5/2013 07:13 PM

Hi Jeanne and Silvia,
The Beta Bakers are mostly testers from Marie's Heavenly Cake Bake Along. Although we cannot present the Beta Baker's notes, you can read her's and all of the fellow testers notes, who many baked their way through most of the recipes, in Rose's Heavenly Cakes, which is linked in the Featured Fans links.
We intend to link the Beta Baker's website once The Baking Bible is released.
After The Baking Bible is released, there maybe another "bake along" at that point, which bloggers can sign up for available spots.
Rose & Woody


Wish I could be a Beta Baker! :)


I'd love to read Marie's notes!


pray tell what is the baked goods pictured?


Cynthia Renee
Cynthia Renee
01/ 5/2013 09:44 AM

2015 ....wow -- with anticipation, this seems like forever.



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