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Baking Bible Book Production Phase 4

Jan 23, 2013 | From the kitchen of Rose

This is the tears in the eyes moment in book production when the individual recipe documents are merged together in chapters to form a book.

One by one I inserted each document into a master document with Woody on the phone double checking that we were choosing the most up-to-date version.

Finally, with all in place, we counted 133 recipes and about 700 pages of single spaced text with double spacing between paragraphs which will help to shrink it a bit when formatted in the final version. This is going to be a big book, but then, the publisher, Natalie Chapman, encouraged and inspired me to write a "baking bible"!

The next step is for Woody and me to integrate all the global changes that came up during proof reading, one at a time as it is far too risky to do a global change throughout the whole document--there are always exceptions to the rule. This will take about a week.

Then we will go through each recipe chart and recipe to triple check all the numbers: the volume, ounces and grams. This will take at least two weeks.

Finally we will integrate notes from the Beta Bakers who are testing about 10 more recipes. And I will be delivering the disc to the publisher on March 11 when major production will begin.

Woody and I have been discussing the cover. In a recent conversation I posed the question of what could exemplify baking best as no one thing such as a cake, pie, cookie, pastry or bread tells the whole story, and a collage of them lacks impact. Woody came up with the following shocking response: "There is only one thing that exemplifies all of baking." My response: "What could that possibly be?" Woody's answer:"You!"

Your vote is welcome!


Diane Schwarz
Diane Schwarz
02/ 7/2013 01:14 AM

Hi Rose and Woody
Your books are fabulous, and your picture on the book would turn it into a magical collection of surprises.
I can hardly wait to see it on the stores bookshelf.
I often "read" cookbooks instead of another book. Good Luck!


Zainab Sharif
Zainab Sharif
02/ 4/2013 03:35 AM

Agree! when will it be available for purchase??



I had this idea, too. (especially since we don't know what mana looks like ;) )


Woody Wolston
Woody Wolston in reply to comment from Joyce
02/ 2/2013 12:57 AM

Hi Joyce,
Thank you for your comments.
fall of 2015 is the schedule date for the book's release.
Rose & Woody


Hi Rose,
I'm looking forward to the release of your new book!
A photo of you on the front cover would be lovely!
I can understand the important decision to decide on the cover of a book, as this would be the first attraction to the eye! But then, any book of yours is reason enough to rush for a copy!
Since almost every bake starts off with flour, and flours are from wheat, perhaps a photo of a wheat field would be nice, perhaps different stages of young wheat plants to the final processed flours. Or just the picture of the wheat field to keep it simple. Whatever pictures has been decided, it would be nice to have a photo of yourself placed somewhere in front. Woody is right about that!
When will the new book be released? I can't wait to have the book in my hands!


don't worry ray--you will be able to make most everything in the UK except for some of the cakes and those you can make using kate flour! and there will be a wonderful gooseberry crisp recipe!


Ray Farnsworth
Ray Farnsworth
02/ 1/2013 03:24 PM

Do let me know when the UK Edition is due



I'll have to try it. :)


better than mana should taste like matzoh!

did you ever try my mediterranean matzoh? it's really delicious.



According to Jewish Tradition the Mana would taste like anything you wanted it to so it could embody all the different kinds of baked goods all at once. The very essence of the bread being a recognition that our sustenance comes from the All-mighty.

If you don't want to go so esoteric there is also matza. It is both biblical (see Exodus 12-13) as well as, being flatbread, representing the progenitor of all other baked goods. A common conception being that flatbread was the first type of bread eaten by human kind. Also, according to Jewish tradition, the matza that was eaten when leaving Egypt tasted like the mana.


thank you mendy. woody and i have proofed all the numbers for butter and all the numbers for sugar in the cake chapter. in all there will be about 8000 numbers to proof so not yet time to bring on the mana!!! but by pesach yes!!!



Hooray. Hatzlacha Raba - Much Succes!

How about a depiction of the mana (biblicly described as bread from heaven) inbetween the layers of morning dew. See Exodus chapter 16


I fully agree with Woody that you, Rose, is the single "thing" that exemplify baking. But if you put a picture of yourself on the cover, what would be the cover of your memoir that you will write at some point? I like the idea of simple cover photo though, so the suggestion from Leah of a whisk or flour sounds good.


thank you all for your wonderfully creative comments. i'll be sure to submit them to the publisher on our first meeting in march!


Go clean, simple with a dark background. You don't need your pic displayed on the cover ~ any good cook, baker, etc. never does.

Look at the new Buchon book cover plate. Clean! Simple! Delicious!


Flour is almost universal in baking. I bet a good photographer could do something with that. Maybe a marble slab with a sprinkling of flour on it with some other items (eggs, tools...) on the sides for visual appeal. I almost want to see a finger in the picture, which has just written "Rose" in the flour. That would get "you" in the picture too.


What about a tool that you use often when baking, like a whisk? How about a bouquet of tools?



How about a picture that includes several baked items. Not a collage, but a single image with a beautiful arrangement of a variety of baked goods. You can take some of the pictures with you in them and some without and see which you think would make the best cover.

Congratulations on the great progress, and wishing you fortitude for those intense weeks you mention in your post!




I agree with Woody!


Perhaps one of those photo-collages? When you stand back, the collage makes up a picture of you, but each tiny picture in the photo-collage is a recipe from the book. :)


Hello Rose and Woody,

According to Woody, who suggest that the cover should be you. I think it will be grate but it will look like copying e.g Martha Stewart has a Baking Handbook with her photo as the cover picture, so I wont go for such.

Its difficult to choose or decide....a four cardinal picture of cake, pie, cookie, pastry or bread with your picture in the middle.




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