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Finally Meeting Hector Wong in Hawaii

Jan 26, 2013 | From the kitchen of Rose


Hector Wong and I first met over the internet in December of 2006 when he posted a question on my blog about Panettone. Since that time we have had an enormous influence over each other's lives. Hector baked his way through many of the recipes in The Cake Bible and all of the recipes in Rose's Heavenly Cakes. He read through all of my books and became intimately familiar with my work and in the process became a masterful baker. His renditions of my cakes were so stunning I gave him a spot on the blog called "Hector's Take on My Cake." And Hector taught me how to make the leap from a PC to a Mac and innumerable techniques on the computer. He also edited and posted over 150 of my video and tv appearances on YouTube so that every one could benefit. He also often jumps in to answer questions on the blog. It hardly seems possible that we have been friends for 6 years, only having spoken once on the phone, but having exchanged hundreds of e-mails.

Hector has been inviting me for several years to come to visit him in Hawaii. Finally the time came this past December to meet in person. It took a lot of planning on all our parts and even included a culinary demo at Leeward Community College, arranged by another wonderful new friend Haley MatsonMathes.

The 10 day visit was the trip of a lifetime. And for Hector, it meant achieving several of his wishes:
A chance to interview me over the period of many days and long car trips
The chance to do a drop dead mis en place for my demo
The perfect opportunities to show off his baking and culinary skills
Getting me to taste his avocado rendition of my chocolate oblivion
And to work together to create a Hawaiian adaptation of one of my favorite recipes that will be in the upcoming book.

The trip included so many special highlights that I've divided it into several postings to share with all of you and I hope that you will feel almost as if you were there. Truly it was an embarrassment of riches: the people, the fruit, the demo, the landscape, swimming in the ocean. The most unusual highlight, the visit to the Keck Telescopes on Mauna Kea, arranged and led by the astronomer himself, Hector's close friend Luca Rizzi, was video taped by Hector along with appropriate music. It will be posted in the posting about touring in a few weeks time. Do Not Miss It!!!


Woody flew out of the Twin Cities, Minnesota, which had 14 inches of snow
I from out of cloudy gray, 40˚F/4˚C New York City
We both arrived to 80˚F/27˚C sunny Kona, on the Big Island of Hawaii.


Oh, after discovering baking I have found it so true that friendships forged in flour and frosting are best kind. I'm never out of ideas to share with my baking pals and gifts exchanged are always pastry-related.
I am so very delighted that you finally met Hector in person and shared your wonderful Hawaiian adventure with us too!


Sara I always try to travel in black!


I love how you are still rocking your NYC uniform of all black, even in Hawaii.


judy Lamantia
judy Lamantia
02/ 2/2013 06:24 PM

How exciting! I figured you two had been friends and colleagues for a long time!


i was a little nervous to meet Rose in person because i had a feeling we would not have anything to talk about that hasn't been typed on our countless emails since 2006. i think sometimes was near 50 emails a day.

my life has changed many times since 2006 and so happens after our reunion my life has changed again. you will read about it at the half dozen postings with the many highlights about vacationing in hawaii for people like us!

at moments i wish we were not spending time together in person. during our long drive after visiting the volcano park, i suddenly became a talk show host and asked Rose to give me every detail of her life from when she first baked a cake to the moment Cake Bible was published. i was driving, so i don't have this written down. at moments, Rose will say: "I can't even remember ever speaking about this, I've actually forgotten. Woody: please write this down for my memoir book."

for me, this experience has been a dream.


thank you michele! hector is the soul of generosity and between the two of us we have given each other such gifts that we hope others will benefirt from as well.


What a wonderful post. During the last eight years of my journey in baking I have also found such inspiration from you and your generous soul. I had no idea that you and Hector never met! You always seemed like longtime friends when speaking of each other.


PS there will be 6 more postings--one each of the subsequent saturdays.


lisa, you will love kona. we never stayed at a hotel but read all the postings as it will be a veritable travel-log!


Lisa Hoffman
Lisa Hoffman
02/ 1/2013 03:44 PM

Hello Rose, thank you for this wonderful post about your visit with Hector and to Kona, Hawaii!!

My husband and I hope to visit Kona for our upcoming anniversary. Could you, when you get a chance, suggest any places of interest, restaurants, etc.? Also, did you stay at any hotel, you could also recommend?

I have been working recipes from your Cake Bible Book for years.

Thank you. Lisa Hoffman (Florida)


I'm a friend of Hector's and I am thrilled that the two of you finally met. What a great location to meet--Hawaii! Hector emailed me the article today, and I can't wait to read it. I was pleasantly surprised to see him wearing the aprons that I custom made for him, it brought a smile to my face. I'm looking forward to reading more about your trip to Hawaii, and about your collaborations with Hector. He is definintely one of a kind!


Oh, I'm so happy you two finally got to meet! I'm sure you will both have an amazing time.



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