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My Top Favorite Zester

Aug 8, 2013 | From the kitchen of Rose


This micro grater fits in the palm of your hand and works perfectly for citrus zest, Parmesan cheese, chocolate, and even mincing garlic without retaining odor. I place it on my kitchen scale, tare out the weight, and know exactly how much zest I have for my recipe.

Did you know that the flavor of garlic is related to how it is chopped or minced? Putting it through a press results in a bitter flavor. Chopping or grating the garlic offers the best results. To use the zestnest to mince a clove of garlic, simply peel the garlic, hold it toward the stem end, and run it back and forth over the blades. The perfectly grated garlic is contained in the little container underneath which makes cleanup up a breeze. Be sure to put the ZestNest® in the dishwasher to remove all traces of garlic aroma.

NewMetro Design Rose Levy Beranbaum ZestN'est Zester, Rose Colored

The Rose Levy Beranbaum Caramel Pot is also available at Bed Bath and Beyond on line.


Looks great I might check it out at bed thath and beyond. I wanted a good zester. It kind of looks like my pedegg.



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