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Baking Bible Book Production Phase 9, Part 2

Jan 4, 2014 | From the kitchen of Rose

It was dramatic to experience watching a recipe being staged, and preliminary shots taken, which led to a group discussion on how to make the recipe one you would want to eat off the page, and then how to tweak it to fit that image. What became a lively challenge after the first day, was when we all started giving opinions for what should become the cover shot for the book. Woody and I already had our selections from our testing and discussions, but each day offered a new star for the prestigious position.




The "Dream Team " needed to be fueled and Erin did it with imaginative flare. Each day she would perform her alchemy to create lunches that had us all begging for the recipes.


When we finally completed a day's shoot, the big topic of conversation was where to eat dinner. Our favorite restaurants became "The Rock & Rye Tavern " in New Paltz, one of Ben's favorites in Kingston: "Boitson's", and my favorite for Italian: "A Tavola" in Woodstock . Of course we never needed to worry about dessert, in fact, we even contributed some of ours to one of the restaurant's where Anna's husband Sean is the wine provider. Ben and Joe also had us out to their beautiful log cabin house for a delicious Cajun dinner and a relaxing glass of wine or two around the fire pit.



I was especially pleased that each of the many recipe photos had its own individual personality and charm. We also photographed several process sequences for the techniques where a picture does indeed 'say a thousand words.'


By the end of the second week, we narrowed it down to seven portraits that were potential cover shots. The last day was both a relief to have finished in time but also sadness in leaving this extraordinary team, and wondering what recipe would rise above the rest to become the cover 'girl' for our book.

It is noteworthy that working so closely and intensely with a group of people who are tops in their field, there was never a cross word or expression! It was an incredibly bonding experience that we will all remember. And now, we are all looking forward with great anticipation to seeing the final results in the book this coming Fall.

Addendum: Five weeks to the day, on our return, the laid out chapter pages (which is the production stage following copy editing) arrived for proofing on December 21st--the shortest day of the year--how symbolic is that--and a perfect holiday present!

Two special moments to share during the shoot:



Better than tv is to watch the magic of baking!


OMG nicola!!! thanks to you, after checking out the UK amazon i went onto the US amazon and there is the photo of the book cover and preorder is possible. i'll have to do a posting on it!


thank you so much nicola but i'm afraid you've ordered some other author's "baking bible" as mine is not yet on preorder except for the kindle edition and no cover photo has been revealed as yet which is killing me as it's the most amazing cover i've ever seen and can't wait for everyone else to see it as well!


So excited, that I have just pre ordered it on amazon.co.uk. Love the cover shot!


Rose and Woody, thank you for the glimpse into that intense two week period. I can't wait for the finished product. If only each book came with that high performing team to coach me through the recipes!

Also, I love love love that kitchen. That is the stuff of dreams! Although I am curious how the white marble copes in a busy kitchen.


thank you all for your lovely beautiful responses. in the spirit of full disclosure, i was sitting in front of the oven to make sure the cake didn't burn as the oven was in bad need of calibration and there was no one in the area who was willing to repair a fancy gaggenau oven! (and i thought that i live in a rural area….! (i have the same oven in hope, nj.)


I, too, can't wait to see the end results of this incredible project. While we are listing our favourite baking moments....I love watching the focaccia bread from TBB finally develop enough gluten that it turns from "bread soup" to dough.


Hi, i would love to know what make and model number is your oven?


Woody Wolston
Woody Wolston in reply to comment from Cristina
01/ 5/2014 12:08 AM

Hi Christina,
We thank you for your comment about "Rose's Heavenly Cakes" and we are excited about the "The Baking Bible's " recipes spanning most all forms of baking: cakes, cheesecakes, cupcakes, pies, tarts, pastries, cookies, bars, some candies, and breads with wonderful fillings, frostings, and other adornments. Plus, most recipes like "Rose's Heavenly Cakes" will have a full page page photograph to help you in making your's wonderful.
Rose & Woody


Woody Wolston
Woody Wolston
01/ 4/2014 11:55 PM

Hi Phyllis,
Actually the cake is a chiffon. We have had success with this type of sponge cake and some butter and/or oil cakes baked in "angel food", tube pans.
Rose & Woody


Awesome Rose, what a dream team. Can't wait!!!


I can't wait for your next book to come out! I'll definitely be on the look out for it! Up to now, I haven't found a baking book as amazing as Rose's Heavenly Cakes. I can only imagine that this next one will be equally as wonderful!


Ignazia Vella
Ignazia Vella
01/ 4/2014 03:11 PM

Looks like fun. I can't wait until your New book out this summer


In addition to watching baked goods rise in the oven, I also never get tired of watching buttercream emulsify when you add enough butter. I could do that all day long and never tire of the excitement of that moment!


Wow! How edifying to see/realize that even the baking greats sit and watch the bake in progress...just like the the rest of us! And I've always wondered whether I should try to use cake strips around angel food cake pans: question answered! Look at that rise!



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