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Helpful Baking Tips on Oprah's Website

Jan 27, 2014 | From the kitchen of Rose

Recently, a few of my favorite colleagues and I were interviewed for Oprah's Website on one of my favorite subjects: "Common Dessert Mistakes."


I was expecting one of the five to be "you use margarine when you're out of butter." Not that any of US would do that, mind you :), but some civilians would. (I'll make the substitute only in a Kosher recipe that's been tested by a frum baker who's more observant than I am. Otherwise, no.)


So, I went on King Arthur's site to see if there was bleached all-purpose flour, and didn't see any. Does this mean I should be using cake flour for all of my cakes, even when the recipe doesn't specify cake flour, if I don't want to use a tube pan?


Interesting article. Thanks for the great advice Rose. I especially took interest in the use of a tube pan to prevent the cake from sinking. I've been having trouble keeping the top from sinking in the Blueberry Ricotta Custard Cake in "Pastries". I called the store and got good advice from them. I commented about it on your blog entry recommending that book. I am going to try using a tube pan in place of the loaf pan for that recipe. Thank you!



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