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The Baking Bible Now Has an Official Pub Date

Jan 11, 2014 | From the kitchen of Rose

The Baking Bible Cover.jpg

The offiicial pub date is November 4 but it can be pre ordered now on Amazon: The Baking Bible


Hi Patricia,
In the fall, we will post book tour information when cities and dates have been confirmed.
Rose & Woody


Oh my goodness, it's absolutely stunning! How can I find out about book tour information?


Oh that is awesome!!! Mine looks nothing like than when
I've tried to make it. I am doing a happy dance :-)
So how do I get put on the list to be a beta baker the next time around??

Happy in snowy blowy cold Arkansas!


Woody Wolston
Woody Wolston in reply to comment from June
02/ 5/2014 11:16 AM

Hi June,
You are correct that it is a kouign amann. From researching and several tests, we have engineered a wonderful recipe. These flakey with the crunch of caramelized sugar were a big hit at the style photography production phase and with our Beta Bakers testing team.
Rose & Woody


Hi April,
"The Baking Bible" will be different from Rose's previous baking books as we are covering virtually all types of baking. There are recipes for cakes, pies and tarts, cookies, and sweet yeast breads and pastries. Most of the recipes are new, with wonderful adaptations of previous recipes. For the first time, there will be 4-color photographs covering all baking categories.
Rose & Woody


April Van Ness
April Van Ness
02/ 5/2014 06:33 AM

Rose, I own all your books.can you tell me the difference with this new book? Is this a updated version of your baking bible book..or is this all new recipes. Hope you are enjoying our nj snow!!


Rose, is that by chance kouign amann on the cover?
If anyone could teach me how to make it correctly
It would be you! So far all my attempts to make it have been abysmal...


Love the cover... specially what it is, since it was one of my favorite things to bake. Congratulations, got it on my amazon pre-order list!


Oh, Rose, I'm so excited! The cover photo is mouth-watering- I can almost smell the butter and the love in the dough. I have learned so much from your books and your videos. I am the baker I am today ( a pretty darn good one if I do say so myself) thanks to you, dear lady. I can now laminate dough with no ( well, maybe just a wee bit) fear because of your danish pastry and croissant recipes. And because of your Cake Bible I graduated from box cake mixes to the 'real deal' and I won't ever go back. So it is with great anticipation and excitement that I am going to pre-order the Baking Bible to add to my collection. Girl, you rock...


Hi Roa Maggie

Where are you getting your copy of the book so early? I want to get mine too!



I just pre ordered the book, i just cant wait to have the book in my hands!!!!

Thank you Rose.


I just finished pre ordering the book and i truley


Peter Nosko
Peter Nosko
01/18/2014 12:15 PM

That looks so delicious, I want to take a bite out of my iPad! I can't wait for this book. Since you have three others there, I hope to see it on iBooks too. And I'd still like to see an ebook version of The Cake Bible; my 2nd hardback is showing signs of wear. ;)


thank you for asking hsiao; yes there will indeed be a kindle version of the baking bible.

in regard to your question about freezing dough, i've never heard of doing this after the final proofing as at that point the dough is filled with air and very fragile. from my experience i think it would deflate by wrapping it with foil. a thin crust is achieved by a high oven temperature and crispness depends both on the type of dough and the moisture or steam added during the first stage of baking. it's always fun to experiment and do let us know how this new technique works for you if you try it. where did you learn about it by the way?



Congratulations on another wonderful achievement!!!
I can't imagine all the work that was involved to make this book a reality.

I always keep going back to use your recipes again and again with perfect results. I am sure that this book will be no different.

Looking forward to another great success!!!


Hi Rose,
First of all, so glad to learn that the Baking Bible is on the way. I have all your books, papers and kindle, both kinds! Will Baking Bible have kindle version?

One question about making thin and crispy crust on bread. I recently heard that we can freeze the dough with aluminium foil at the end of its final proof then on the day of baking, send it into oven directly and unwrap the foil later on so to trap the steam for dough. I want to get your expert opinions on this. I am currently using baking steel, lava rocks and iron cast skillets to promote oven spring for my bread.

Best regards,


Happy! Happy! I'm very happy to know that your new cook book ( The Baking Bible) is comming soons and has a stunning picture and that I will be getting mine by September/17-19/2014, Happy Happy! Thank you Rose for your hard work in have the new cook book ready soon.
Yours truly Rosa Maggie.


thank you all for your beautifully enthusiastic responses!


suvir, i'm going to needlepoint what you wrote and put it up on the wall for my inspiration. i just need some of that wonderful yarn of yours! then it will be a totally suvir and charlie statement.

miss you both so much. buried in book as i am. thank you for your poetic words.


Another beautiful book with deliciously exciting and comforting recipes is on the horizon.

Rose, you are SOMETHING ELSE!

Magical in more ways than one.

This cover is stunning. Every time I think Rose has shared all her tricks, is another lesson in learning that RLB has more tricks than there will be years in my lifetime.

It is a joy to know you. Charlie and I miss you and would love to see you.

Cannot wait to have this book in our hands.

Wish you only the best of success with it. Not that you need our blessings, wishes or help.

You are a legend for a reason.

What a beautiful way to begin the new year. Now I know what to look forward to.


Cynthia Renee
Cynthia Renee
01/12/2014 11:44 PM

Ooh so exciting. Hopefully, they ship on 11/4 so I actually receive it on 11/5 - My birthday. What a wonderful present to myself.


What a beautiful cover! I am so excited for your next book! Congrats Rose!


Woo hoo! So happy to see that gorgeous cover and am eagerly awaiting the book! Congratulations, Rose.


Just pre-ordered mine too! Thank you for fixing the link :) Sorry that you were up so late, though!

I don't want to rush the spring and summer, but I cannot wait for the book!


Mine is pre-ordered too! I feel so lucky to be living at this time in culinary history, awaiting publication of what is to become another "must have" title in every baking book collection. Congratulations to you and your wonderful team, Rose and Woody!


thank you flour girl! i fixed the link. it's almost 2 am and i'm so excited i can't go to sleep! thank you all for your wonderful responses.


Stunning cover! I have mine ordered! YAY!


Ignazia Vella
Ignazia Vella
01/11/2014 10:01 PM

I per-order my on January last year and it says that I will get it on September 11/2014 .I hopefully they don't change the date


The link is for the Kindle edition; I can't seem to find the hardcopy version to pre-order..... help!


Stunning! To think that sometime in october the recipe behind that photo will be in my kitchen... Nine parts inspiring, one part terrifying.

Congratulations Rose.



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