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The Absolute Best & Simplest Device for Cracking Eggs

Oct 1, 2014 | From the kitchen of Rose


I am a fool for equipment that does the best possible job and this is IT! Prior to receiving the Crack'em I found that the best way to crack eggs was to set a paper towel on the counter and rap the side of the egg sharply against it. There was always a question of just how sharp a rap was required and also, very quickly, the towel got saturated with dripping egg white, especially when several eggs needed to be cracked.

The Crack'em is a small tray with a single slightly raised edge that works effortlessly to crack the egg, catching all the drips so that you lose none of the egg white. The cracked egg can then be poured into the mixing bowl, and the Crack'em can be washed in the dishwasher.

It is always advisable to crack only one egg at a time as once in a great while one may encounter a spoiled one. The Crack'em is one of these tools like the Beater Blade that makes me wonder just how I lived without it. I would get a bunch of them to serve as the perfect stocking stuffer for your baking friends. They will bless you!

And if you really want to be a good sport, go to this link instead, and for a nominal fee you can help kickstart the project to help pay for initial manufacturing costs. You will get one or more Crack'ems and keep this valuable little piece of equipment available. I just did.

To order from Amazon, click this here:

Crack'em (Cobalt Blue)


Patricia, i've been using it for weeks now and haven't had a single incident of small bits of shell getting into the eggs.

Krissy, i'm sure you could use it for soft boiled but for that i prefer an egg decapitator!


to answer all of your comments:

the little rough raised bar on the crack-em cuts perfectly. it might work for soft boiled eggs but haven't tried it. i always used to crack eggs on a towel on a counter top. this is neater, faster, and more precise.

yes, they are in production so i'm sure they'll let us know when ready to ship. meantime, google and check their site from time to time as i'll be on book tour and won't be able to for several seeks.

i have a downstairs baking kitchen and an upstairs savory kitchen and i'm always bringing the crack-em up and down so i can't wait to get my second one!


Looks like a great product - and they did succeed already to raise enough funds to manufacture the Egg Cracker. However, the Kickstart was closed on the 16th October- and the website referred to above is not functional now. Maybe they are now in the process of setting up the manufacturing and it will be activated afterwards? Shame, because I would have loved to contribute to the project and want to get one!


Cool can it crack hard broiled andcsoft broiled or is it just for raw?


Interesting. When I have a lot of eggs to crack, I use a salad plate or shallow bowl to contain the egg white mess. Have you found any issues with small bits of egg shell getting into the eggs? Most experts recommend cracking on a flat surface for that reason.



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