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Watch the Baking Bible Come Alive!

Nov 4, 2014 | From the kitchen of Rose

Once again, photographer Ben Fink has created a poetic masterpiece video, drawing from the still photographs he shot from the book. It features an amazing collection of images, all woven into a moving collage of magical beauty.

Video directed by Ben Fink, camera work by Josh Goleman


Rose Levy Beranbaum
Rose Levy Beranbaum in reply to comment from Anonymous
04/ 6/2017 02:23 PM

gracias for asking. i don't speak spanish so you'll need to translate this:
the book is available in spain in spanish but not in the US.


¿ para cuándo la traducción al español de Rose Heavenly Cake`s?


Hi Robert,
"The Cake Bible's" Wedding and Special Occasions section has the charts and basic recipes for most cake pan sizes. For cheesecakes, since there is no leavening factor, you simply can increase or decrease the ingredients by the volume difference in your pan sizes.
If you are looking to purchase books, we do sell them along with over 300 bakeware and books. You can email me at: woody321@ptd.net. I can then email you our lists. We also autograph the books as well.
Rose & Woody


Hi Everyone,
Well typing this from the library. Lost my computer in Hurricane Matthew flooding. Will be ordering your books in a few days for the third time. But it's worth it. Anyway, I'll be quick Yo may have answered this but I sometimes need to make a larger cake than what size the ingredients given are intended. Example" need to make 10" cheesecake instead of 8" cake. What formula is used for more ingredients for larger cakes and cheesecakes? f you can help me on this I'd appreciate it.
Your very loyal fan and a large thank you


Shalom Rose,

Just wanted to convey my greetings all the way from Mumbai with Love and A Big God Bless.

Cooking is my passion, but unfortunately do not have all the fancy gadgets so make do with whatever the Good Lord has provided will try the skillet pita.



Love this video, Mr. Fink did a great job!


Caitlin Freeman
Caitlin Freeman
11/13/2014 02:41 PM

At this time last year, Rose Levy Beranbaum, Erin McDowell, Woody Woolston and I were baking, assembling, and decorating all of these beautiful desserts for The Baking Bible. This video (and book!) are monuments to that special time!


Regent of Dorothy
Regent of Dorothy
11/11/2014 01:08 AM

Today, The Baking Bible came alive for me when I received a copy signed by Ms. Beranbaum and Mr. Wolston at their appearance at Wellesley: a gift from my favorite niece, who apparently had a small discussion w Ms. Beranbaum about the Domingo Cake in that 'other' bible. Just yesterday, with an abundance of apples in the kitchen, I tossed together the UpsideDownAppleCake from Heavenly, but subbed in the ButtermilkCake from CakeBible.
Dinner was delayed for an hour while I leafed through, page by page; the roommate and the dog were not amused. Lunch was on CrackedWheatBread… Thank you for all of the books, but, with this video, I get to see movement AND hear a voice.
Thank you again, just for the treasured memories of all of these Beranbaum experiences.


Beautifully filmed!


To all of our bloggers,
This amazing film was mostly taken over a span of nine days during the Style & Photography and an entire day at Rose and Elliott's home. With the Rose's dialogue from Ben interviewing her, Ben selected these scenes from dozens of hours of filming.
We recommend that you also watch "A Moment with Rose", which its portal is right under "The Baking Bible Comes Alive" portal.
This was Ben Fink's very first video. What Rose and I thought was going to be your typical cooking show style video from what we thought he was shooting during two days of filming is instead--a video essay of Rose.



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