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Hector's Latest Take on My Cake--Gluten Free Génoise

Feb 27, 2015 | From the kitchen of Rose


Last week, the Alpha Bakers made one of my favorite cakes from The Baking Bible, "the Lemon Posset," page 111. You can read about all of the results on their individual blogs if you click on Alpha Bakers Bake Along on the left side of this blog. It is fascinating to see all the different ways in which they used this ethereal cream that consists only of lemon, cream, and sugar. One person, Hanaa, even used it as a sort of tres leches by pouring it on top of the cake before it was set so that it saturated the cake.

Hector used the posset as a glaze on a génoise made with 100% cornstarch. The texture of the cake crumb looks exquisite and I look forward to trying it for taste and tenderness evaluation!


Here is Hector's description of what he did:

Reading all of Rose's 10 books, the Lemon Posset Shortcakes from The Baking Bible caught my interest. These are genoise little cakes topped with a light lemon curd. There are a few reasons for my choice.

First, I love making genoise, and knowing I learned how to use any
cake pan size and shape to bake genoise, I felt confident I can make it into an odd shaped cake. Also, one of the office staff is wheat intolerant, so checkmate... I decided on using my no-flour variation.

Secondly, the lemon posset was described as a lemon curd without eggs, so I felt for all the mothers whom ask me to make a cake without eggs because their kids are allergic to eggs. I feel so depressed to know
eggs is on the no-foods list. I tell those mothers, go somewhere
else, because eggs are fundamental in my recipes. I do feel terrible.
With the lemon posset, I could at least offer a filling or frosting
without eggs! I can offer a recipe of lemon curd without eggs with
the amazing lemon posset!

Thirdly, I knew making an odd shaped cake will leave me unsatisfied. So, I decided to make a giant cake batter,
sufficient for my client's odd shaped cake and for a bundt cake for
myself! I whipped a whopping 20 cup genoise cake batter, filling to
the rim my 7 quart spiral mixer. For a 10 cup genoise cake batter, a
5 quart mixer is sufficient.

I used Rose's Heavenly Cakes Genoise Rose recipe multiplied by 2, to make a 20 cup genoise cake batter. To make the cake wheat free,
substitute by weight the cake flour with cornstarch. With all cornstarch, the rise and grain are glorious. However, the texture is a little coarser such as there is a crunch when you bite on the cake. Everyone seems to like it, and describes it as a light and moist cake. It really is lighter than air. I describe my wheat free genoise as a
ladyfinger with buttery taste.

To determine how much lemon posset to make for a 20 cup genoise,
compare the amount of eggs used. I scaled up the lemon posset recipe
by 5 1/2 times. Also, and perhaps the best piece of information from
all my writing, is that I used a true old-fashioned heavy cream. It
just makes everything made with cream much more delicious and with an amazing thick consistency. To do this, replace 1/4 of the cream with
melted unsalted butter. I learned this from Cake Bible's Real Old Fashioned Whipped Cream recipe.

Bake the cake, cool it, moisten it with lemon syrup, chill it overnight, place the cake on a rack, pour the lemon posset like a glaze, collect what drips and pour again about 3 to 4 times until there is very little drippings.


I am thinking for this recipe to replace the cornstarch with half coconut flour and half tapioca flour. from past experience the coconut flour have a much softer and better flavor.


Hi Jennifer. FYI, i need to use Bakers Joy baking spray with flour on the cake pan, so this cake is not technically gluten free. But as far as I know, the flour used on Bakers Joy has very little to none gluten! But please don't quote me on this.


This is wonderful. I have so many friends who cannot eat wheat so it is great to know they can still enjoy genoise. The lemon posset as a glaze is inspired! I can't wait to try it out.


Hi Hanna, cheers. Yes to your answer. So for the Genoise Rose recipe on Rose's Heavenly Cakes, it is a total of 126 grams of corn starch, for ONE 10-cup bundt pan.


Rose Levy Beranbaum
Rose Levy Beranbaum
02/27/2015 01:41 PM

Hanaa, I would assume so but have forwarded this to him to make sure he sees it and verifies.


Thanks for the shout-out, Rose. It was a fun and delicious experiment. Hector's GF version of the cake sounds wonderful. Will have to try that. Do you know if he simply substitutes the amount of all purpose flour with corn starch (by weight)?



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