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Rose has been called the "Diva of Desserts," "the most meticulous cook who ever lived," and "Legendary Baker." And add this recent accolade -- "If ever there was a cookbook author who could place her hands on top of yours, putting you through the proper motions, helping you arrive at just the right touch, Beranbaum is the one."

Rose was a three time winner of a James Beard Award: for her first book The Cake Bible in both Baking and Desserts, and Book of the Year, 1989, and for Rose's Christmas Cookies, Baking and Desserts, 1991.

The Cake Bible was winner of the NASFT Showcase Award for the cookbook that has contributed most to educating the consumer about specialty foods. A culinary best-seller, The Cake Bible is currently in its 52 printing. It was listed by the James Beard Foundation as one of the top 13 baking books on "the Essential Book List," and was included in "101 Classic Recipes."

The Pie and Pastry Bible, published in 1998, received many kudos including: Food & Wine Books "Best of the Best: The Best Recipes from the Best Cookbooks of the Year" and Coffee & Cuisine "Best Cookbook" award.

Rose's encylopedic book, The Pie and Pastry Bible, 1998, was nominated for a James Beard award. It was also included in Food and Wine's book "the Best of the Best."

Rose's comprehensive book, The Bread Bible, was the 2003 winner of the Gourmand World Cookbook Awards in the Best Bread Book Category. It was listed by Publisher's Weekly and Food & Wine as one of the top ten books of 2003, and by Fine Cooking as one of the top 12. From quick breads, such as muffins, biscuits, and scones, to yeast breads, such as seeded wheat breads, Jewish rye, baguette, and brioche, this is a collection of her favorites, with innovative techniques that will guarantee making a successful bread baker of anyone who so desires.

Rose's Heavenly Cakes, is a return to cakes with a comprehensive four color book for Pam Chirls, Senior Editor at Wiley. It won the International Association of Culinary Professionals Cookbook of the Year for 2010.

Rose's newest book, The Baking Bible, was published in October, 2014 and won the International Association of Culinary Professionals Best Baking Book of the Year for 2015.

Rose's product line, Rose Levy Bakeware, which includes Rose's Perfect Pie Plate and Rose's Heavenly Cake Strip, a silicone halo that produces more even layer cakes, both distributed by Harold Imports.

A luminary in the world of food writing, Rose was a Contributing Editor for over a decade to Food Arts Magazine where "Rose's Sugar Bible" (April 2000) received two prestigious awards: The Association of Food Journalists Award for the Best Food Feature in a Magazine and The Jacob's Creek World Food Award for Best Food Article. She is also a contributor to The Washington Post, Fine Cooking, Bride's, Reader's Digest, and Hemispheres. Rose has been inducted into the James Beard Foundation/D'Artagnon Who's Who of Food and Beverage in America.

An internationally known food expert, Rose also has been a featured presenter in the highly regarded Melbourne Food & Wine Festival and the Oxford Food Symposium.

Rose is a popular guest on major television shows (The Today Show, The Early Show, Martha Stewart, Charlie Rose, The Food Network, and PBS: Master Classes of Johnson & Wales, and Seasonings with Dede Wilson). Rose has taped 13 episodes for a public television cooking series called Baking Magic with Rose Levy Beranbaum. The series started in 2004 on PBS stations across the country and continued for three years.

Rose is currently an instructor for Craftsy with her on line baking classes.

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Rose Levy Beranbaum's nine books include:

Rose's Heavenly Cakes (2009)
The Bread Bible (2003)
The Pie and Pastry Bible (1998)
Rose's Melting Pot (1993)
Rose's Celebrations (1992)
Rose's Christmas Cookies (1990)
A Passion for Chocolate (1989)
The Cake Bible (1988)
Romantic & Classic Cakes (1981)

Rose's blog is:www.realbakingwithrose.com
There is a new "Bake Along" on www.heavenlycakeplace.blogspot.com

There has been lots of publicity about Rose Levy Beranbaum and her books, her techniques and her approach to food. The following is just a sampling.


From Publishers Weekly
"Beranbaum, specialist of baked goods that make people's eyes light up, tops her renowned The Cake Bible with an updated, modern collection of delicious confections. Bakers who have already dog-eared every page of that earlier book need not worry: this is far from a duplicate, with only the occasional repeat or adaptation. The recipes range from towering creations for weddings and other special events to baby cakes for bite-size indulgence, and from the simplest apple upside-down cake and yellow butter cupcakes to the elegant rose-shaped genoise and the stunning holiday pinecone cake. Beranbaum goes into great detail in her recipe instructions, yet still manages to keep the lengthy guidelines friendly, accessible and unintimidating, whether she is describing how to make a whipped ganache topping or beurre noisette, an integral part of her delicate array of financiers. Chocolate, fruit, cream, spun sugar: Beranbaum enlists the best ingredients (which she reviews in a helpful glossary) to create knockout cakes, and with her patient, meticulous description of the measurements and process, anyone with a good mixer and spatula, some time and determination will be able to turn out impressive sweet sensations." (Sept. 09)

From Amazon Customer Reviews

"Rose Levy-Beranbaum has outdone herself in her latest offering of baking excellence! Where her "Cake Bible" was a standard for many years, this has outdone even that book!"
Toni "the book worm"

"To compare this book to the author's authoritative tome, The Cake Bible, I would say it is more approachable, more user-friendly, and much more beautiful."

Rose Levy Beranbaum has again exerted herself in creating a trustworthy book on cakes. It is no wonder that her first cake book 'The Cake Bible' is still in print.
C. Terzis

"Rose is not only gifted in her art, but she works with a true love that comes through in her books! Absolutely a pleasure of a book!"

"She has a skill and craft that not even the best pastry chefs can compare to. She writes for you to learn. She writes for you to explore the world of baking in a way that no other person can explore it the way that you do. She writes so that you can go on a special culinary journey one page at time. From chocolate, to lemon, to cheesecake, Rose Levy Beranbaum's book is a craft written like no other. She is a teacher, an author, and above all a culinary master there for all who need her to teach us all the tricks of the trade and master it as well as she does."
F.A. 1234

"I cannot believe how good this book is. I wish there were more than 5 stars.
Once again Rose has produced an authoritative yet fun book that is beautiful in every sense and that is just as suited to the novice as to the expert. ..Check out Rose's videos on youtube, which show her preparing these and earlier recipes. The fact that she posts her work for others to learn from for free is all you need to know about Rose. She is passionate about baking and sharing her knowledge and love of cakes, not about becoming a rich "celebrity" cook."

"Joy for high altitude bakers like me, since Ms. Beranbaum suggests tube or bundt pans for many recipes, which cook cakes more evenly at high altitude. (She also uses a wide assortment of lovely special-shape pans, but always suggests common alternatives that most bakers would have on hand.) Gorgeous photos of nearly every cake. Detailed, precise (not fussy) instructions -- a trademark for Ms. B. And the best layout of measurements: volume (cups, teaspoons etc.), and weight (ounces AND grams). I've made many of the recipes already, with great results. I've used a bazillion baking books over the years. This one is a treasure."
J.S. Sterling


"...the one definitive bread book you'll ever need."
-the Good Cook

"For Lovers of Bread, Here's a Slice of Heaven"
-USA Today

Baking Books: "Whenever she's in the running, Rose Levy Beranbaum leads the pack. The Bread Bible offers due diligence for many things that bakers take for granted... "
-The Boston Globe

"A more information-rich recipe book is hard to imagine."
-Minneapolis Star Tribune

"Beranbaum leaves absolutely nothing to guesswork. If that kind of inclusiveness doesn't take the fear out of baking, nothing will."
-San Francisco Chronicle

"The Bread Bible is a tremendous treatise on bread...No stone is unturned, no bread is unaddressed, no baker's secret withheld - this is indeed a perfectly grand and thoroughly beautiful book on our favorite subject by a dear and diligent baker and daughter of science...One of the most comprehensive cookbooks out there."

"...if you only bake one thing in your life, make it the potato flatbread pizza. It's a revelation...at once crispy, chewy, flavorful, and perfect."
-Seattle Weekly

"Beranbaum's bibles are resilient. In her signature style, she breaks down the mysteries of baking breads so cooks understand the building blocks."
-Seattle Post-Intelligencer

"Like her others, the bread book will take you as far as you want to go. If you really just want to follow a recipe, you'll get no better or more detailed instructions. Follow them and you'll have success."
-The Atlanta Journal Constitution

"Well-organized information, instructions illustrated in line drawings, varied recipes and handsome color photos of finished breads make this a solid, easy-to-use reference and cook's companion."
-Indianapolis Star


"Rose Levy Beranbaum is a worshiped woman. The author of the best-selling The Cake Bible is revered by serious cooks and part-timers who turn to her in moments of desperation."

"If ever there was a cookbook author who could place her hands on top of yours, putting you through the proper motions, helping you arrive at just the right touch, Beranbaum is the one."
-The New York Times

"Another masterpiece from America's most obsessive cook-book writer."
-Los Angeles Times

"One of the great bakers of our time provides master class instruction on practical baking-a lot more than recipes."
-Manhattan Users Guide

"Baking pies is hard work, but the hardest job here is deciding which amazing pie to bake first. Rose Levy Beranbaum, who previously wrote The Cake. Bible, brings missionary zeal to her task of revealing the secrets of great pies."
-People Magazine

""She's obsessed. There's really no other way to describe cookbook author Rose Levy Beranbaum and her fixation with the minutiae of baking. If God is in the details, as the aphorism goes, then Beranbaum must have one foot in heaven. For Rose Levy Beranbaum, no detail escapes the pursuit of perfection. She's the Diva of Desserts."
-The Washington Post

"'Rose Levy Beranbaum is a national culinary treasure."
-The Star-Ledger

"I have been visited by a pie priestess-Rose Levy Beranbaum, author of the newly released "Pie and Pastry Bible". And I have seen the light, or rather tasted the light and flaky pie crust made by my very own hands following Beranbaum's commandments."
-The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

"Ms. Beranbaum may be the most meticulous cook who ever lived."
-The New York Times "

"0 Heavenly Pie: Rose Beranbaum-aka The Queen of Tarts-explores pies, tarts, and every other pastry under the sun, savory as well as sweet."
-Traditional Home

"The knead for love: Rose Levy Beranbaum gets a warm and floury feeling from pastry in all its guises, and judging by her book sales, so do many of the rest of us."
-Toronto National Post

"...One cannot help but be impressed by Beranbaum's thoroughness and depth of knowledge. ...anyone who takes baking seriously ought to buy this book."
- Cook's Illustrated

"My mom routinely makes excellent pies in a few short hours. I'm not my mom, though. So assuming I've got several hours to spare I am willing to study directions carefully and really want to impress someone with a dessert, I'd turn to The Pie and Pastry Bible. "
-Time Out New York

Fans of Rose range from rank beginners to famous names. Fans rejoice in her accomplishments, and their own, in a very special way. Here's a sampling:

"I cannot believe how great the recipes from your book are. I am baking bread with the flavor and texture I didn't think was possible to create at home. I feel like I have wasted years of my life settling for second-rate bread.
-Adam C., e-mail

I just couldn't resist sharing the success experience I had today with the "Butter Dipped Dinner Rolls" recipe in The Bread Bible. I'm almost a little sorry to have learned how simple it is to make such fabulous rolls. They're irresistible! (I'd say 'better than store-bought' but somehow that just doesn't aim quite high enough.)
Anna L., e-mail

"Thanks for making a fun hobby truly rewarding. You are a delight for all of us 'passionate amateurs' who are rewarded by your insights."
-Mark C., Chicago

Congratulations on the publication of your book, The Cake Bible. After tasting your cake, I'm proud to have it named the Chocolate Domingo Cake. Bravo!
-Placido D., New York

"Sincere congratulations on your 'understanding' sections. A real plus over other books---particularly for beginners like me."
-Ray F., Northumberland

"Your Cake Bible is so well written with all the details to make it valuable which is absolutely necessary now. You have made your exciting Cake Bible as we, Julia Child and myself have made 27 years ago. With much enthusiasm and many congratulations."
-Simca B., France

"Thanks to you I've become a confirmed 'fancy' baker. I've become accustomed to the style in which you write recipes (I think a high school fear of chemistry class is what got to me at first) and actually find it a great help having both the detailed instructions and the theory behind the chemistry and physics of it all."
-Mary B.L., Rhode Island

"In my experience, truly great teachers are great because of their sensitivity to and love for others. Your warmth and openness comes through in your books. Thank you so much for the gift of your books and for the new world they have opened for me."
-Rosary I., New York

"To paraphrase a famous saying---you can have my Pie and Pastry Bible when you pry it from my cold dead fingers!"
-Al P., Idaho

"I made my first pie ever and it turned out perfect! I didn't expect it to turn out at all since I'm an inexperienced baker. It's definitely a book worth having in your cookbook collection."
-Mindy M.W., Oregon

"The aptly named bible was a revelation, and the cream cheese crust that you call the soul of your book was alone worth the price of the book."
-Anne D., Maryland

"I could go on and on about the merits of The Pie and Pastry Bible. Although I wish no one else would read it so that I could be the only person in the world (besides yourself) who can make marvelous crusts. I cannot help thinking this is a book that should not be kept a secret."
-Stephanie J., Indiana

"I have devoured this book. I have truly enjoyed reading it. If you enjoy the 'Why?' behind baking you will love this book."
-Susan M., Tennessee

"The Cake Bible is the most reliable cookbook I have ever encountered. When you are baking a cake it is so important to be able to trust the recipe. Rose's recipes are clear and easy to follow. The methods are fun and innovative and the results are consistently delicious."
-Katie J., Michigan

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