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My second Craftsy on-line class on CHOCOLATE is now live.

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My On-Line Chocolate Class on Craftsy is Now Live

Nov 16, 2015 | From the kitchen of Rose in Announcements


Chocolate Baking Essentials, a series of 7 detailed lessons on all types of chocolate, gives me a unique opportunity to demonstrate a wide variety of chocolate recipes, techniques, and information, and provides a great learning tool for you.

Here is a link to a preview of the class.

For the first few weeks I am pleased to be able to offer you a discount on the class. Here's the link.

And here are photos of two of the recipes--one showing how to make the ultimate flourless chocolate cake, and one showing how to use unsweetened chocolate to full advantage.



Note: Adding unsweetened ground chocolate to your favorite angel food cake is not only delicious but also a way to cut the inevitable sweetness. I love how this closeup shows the texture of the cake. The dip at the top was due to baking it at a mile high altitude (Craftsy classes are filmed in Denver, CO). We were all thrilled that Woody was able to pull off making this cake (dip or no dip the texture was impeccable).

Welcome to the New CookAlong!

Nov 08, 2015 | From the kitchen of Rose in Announcements


I'm so thrilled to announce that Vicki Bagatti, one of the Alpha Bakers who has been baking her way through my baking books, came up with the splendid idea to start cooking her way through one of my savory books: Rose's Melting Pot. This book was published a few years after The Cake Bible, and features many of the recipes that I love to make for dinner and special occasions. The book is no longer in print but can be purchased on Amazon, Barnes and Noble and other booksites.

Vicki and her daughter Elle Marsh will be hosting the site and publishing their experiences including step by step photos, and those of other people who join the group. (The recipes will not be included on the postings.)

If you are interesting in joining the contact information is on the site.

Happy 10th Birthday Dear Blog!!!

Nov 07, 2015 | From the kitchen of Rose in Announcements

unnamed (1).jpg

In these 10 years:

I have posted 1,512 entries

Enjoyed 35,741 comments and questions

Made 4,581 responses (Woody has made over 1,500 in addition)
This blog has connected us with wonderful people from all over the world. It serves as an effective portal for groups of bakers baking their way through my books and giving links to step-by-step tutorials. I can't imagine a better way to share information!

Also Happy 1st Birthday to, The Baking Bible! October 28, 2014 was the pub date.

My second Craftsy on-line baking class will launch this month. Stay tuned for the official announcement.

Baking with love,

Rose & Woody

Chocolate Baking Essentials--My New Craftsy Class

Nov 05, 2015 | From the kitchen of Rose in Announcements


I'm thrilled that my new Craftsy on-line video class will be launching very soon and just in time for the holidays, and the subject is one very dear to my heart: Chocolate.

This class will include a series of 7 lessons, which will explore various ways of incorporating all types of chocolate into a wide range of baked desserts and decorative effects.

Click on this link and when you log in you will be registered automatically for the possibility to win my class for free.

Peanut Butter & Co. and I team up for a Thanksgiving Pie Party

Nov 04, 2015 | From the kitchen of Rose in Announcements


When Lee Zalben opened up his cozy little sandwich shop in Greenwich Village, NYC just a few blocks from where I lived, I lost no time in becoming a regular visitor. Not only did I find Lee charming and fun to talk to, his passion for quality peanut butter was utterly contagious. I also was stunned to discover how much more delicious his 10 varieties of peanut butter were than anything I had ever tasted before. That was 1998, and since that time Peanut Butter & Co. has become one of the fastest growing natural/specialty food companies in the US. Lee's peanut butter is now available in over 15,000 supermarkets and specialty retailers.

When Lee asked me if I would like to participate in a special peanut butter Thanksgiving promotion, I was delighted to say yes. To celebrate Thanksgiving, Peanut Butter & Co. is presenting 10 classic American pie recipes, each with a new peanut buttery twist.

From November 3 - 13, 2015, Peanut Butter & Co. will feature 10 new delicious Thanksgiving pie recipes created by noted food bloggers on the link below. The pie recipes include Peanut Butter Chocolate Cream Pie, Vegan Peanut Butter Apple Pie, and Gluten Free Peanut Butter Streusel Blueberry Pie, among others.

In addition to the new pie recipes, participants will have a chance to win one of my five Pie Baking Gift Packs. The Gift Packs include my latest cookbook, The Baking Bible, my signature 9-inch Perfect Pie Plate, Magic Rolling Pin, Magic Dough Mat, and Fast Tracks™ Dough Thickness Rails, along with a prize pack from Peanut Butter & Co. The five winners will be selected at random and there is no purchase necessary to enter.

You can find your way to the Thanksgiving Pie Party through Peanut Butter & Co.'s website.

Craftsy Online Classes Sale til Sunday 11-1/2015, 11:59 PM MT

Oct 30, 2015 | From the kitchen of Rose in Announcements


Craftsy is holding an up to 50% off sale on all classes. (Mine is listed alphabetically under Levy Beranbaum.)


Click here to check it out.

The Rose Scale by Escali is Featured in the Washington Post

Oct 19, 2015 | From the kitchen of Rose in Announcements


Alice Medrich has written a fantastic article on the virtues of weighing ingredients for baking as opposed to measuring by volume. Click here to read it.

Away Until October 12

Oct 05, 2015 | From the kitchen of Rose in Announcements

rose_and_pie .jpg

Woody and I will be in Denver taping a second Craftsy on line baking class. It is highly unlikely that we will have a moment to answer any blog questions so please try to hold them until the 12th.

Terrific Sale on Craftsy On-Line Classes

Sep 23, 2015 | From the kitchen of Rose in Announcements


This is for first time purchasers on Craftsy--$9.99 for your first class. It's available for only 1 week which ends Tuesday, September 29. Here's the link.

Craftsy Big Labor Day Sale

Sep 04, 2015 | From the kitchen of Rose in Announcements


Craftsy is holding a 6 day back to school sale starting today. Many of the classes, including my cookie class, are 50% off. (Mine is listed alphabetically under Levy Beranbaum.)Here's the link.Craftsy_Class.jpg

Food 52 Launches My New Pie Kit!

Aug 04, 2015 | From the kitchen of Rose in Announcements


Click here to see it.

Aug 01, 2015 | From the kitchen of Rose in Announcements


Once again my cookie class on Craftsy is being offered at half price. Click on this link.

I'm also delighted to tell you that I'll be doing a second class this year!

Toronto Here We Come!

Jul 28, 2015 | From the kitchen of Rose in Announcements


In August, the whole Beranbaum family is off to Toronto to attend the Parapan American Games. It will be the largest in history, with more than 1,600 athletes from 28 countries to compete in 15 sports. And our granddaughter Haley will be swimming!

For those of you who live close enough, I would love to see you at Golda's Kitchen on Sunday, August 9 at 4:00

2885 Argentia Road (Winston Churchill and the 401)
Mississauga, ON L5N 8G6

Owner Fred Pritchard saw the new Rose's Signature Series Pie Kit at the Chicago Housewares Show in March and was one of the very first to order it. It will be available for purchase along with my most recent book The Baking Bible, and, of course, I will be delighted to sign any of my books you may already have.

You will also get to meet my long-time friend and esteemed colleague Norene Gilletz. Many years ago I taught my first class away from home at Norene's cooking school in Montreal.

Golda's carries an extensive selection of my product lines. You can check it out on their website.

Special Offer from Craftsy

Jul 25, 2015 | From the kitchen of Rose in Announcements


As an instructor on the excellent educational online site Craftsy, I am informed of special promotions and am happy to be able to pass them on to you for your possible interest.

In honor of National Culinarian Day, all food and cooking classes are offered for $19.99 for today and tomorrow (Saturday and Sunday).

Here's the link.


Jul 24, 2015 | From the kitchen of Rose in Announcements

In the process of creating a mobile blog that will be much easier to use, the main computer blog may be temporarily in disarray. It should be back in good shape very soon. If this happens on your computer, it works to clear the cache.

Rose's Signature Series is Now Available!

Jul 19, 2015 | From the kitchen of Rose in Announcements

I'm thrilled to announce the launch of my new product line with American Products Group. It is a dream come true as it includes both a rolling pin and dough mat made of the most nonstick material, making it unnecessary to add more than a suggestion of flour to the dough to prevent sticking. It also includes three sets of dough thickness spacers, which I call "fast tracks," to ensure precise thickness when rolling your doughs.

I've known owner Dan O'Malley from his "Magic Dough Mat" for many years now and deeply value his friendship and business integrity. He puts nothing but the best into all his products and they are all made in America. This is our first venture together. It will change your baking life.


Rose's Magic Rolling Pin™

2" diam. x 18"

  • Non-stick using SynGlas™
  • Dishwasher Safe
  • Light Weight
  • Removeable end caps for filling to increase the weight or to store the "Fast Tracks"™

Rose Levy Beranbaum Signature Series Rose's Magic Non-Stick Rolling Pin, Red

Rose Levy Beranbaum Signature Series Rose's Magic Non-Stick Rolling Pin, Pink

Rose Levy Beranbaum Signature Series Rose's Magic Non-Stick Rolling Pin, White

Rose Levy Beranbaum Signature Series Rose's Magic Non-Stick Rolling Pin, Blue

Rose Levy Beranbaum Signature Series Rose's Magic Non-Stick Rolling Pin, Natural


Rose's Magic Dough Pastry Mat™

18" x 24.5"

  • Non-Stick pastry mat with Non-Slip backing
  • Features Rose's pie crust recipe and baking tips.

Rose Levy Beranbaum Signature Series Rose's Magic Dough Pastry Mat, Cream


Rose's "Fast Tracks"™

Ensures consistent dough thickness

  • 3 pairs 1" wide by 18" long:
  • 3/32" for pies
  • 1/16" for gallettes & tarts
  • 1/8" thick for cookies
  • Dishwasher Safe Silicone
Rose Levy Beranbaum Signature Series Rose's Fast Tracks Dough Thickness Rails, Red


Rose's Dough Kit

  • Rose's Magic Rolling Pin™
  • Rose's Magic Dough Pastry Mat™
  • Rose's "Fast Tracks"™

Rose Levy Beranbaum 3 Piece Baking Bundle Non-Stick Pastry Mat, Rolling Pin, Dough Thickness Guide


The Recipe Deck

  • 9 Original Pie Recipes
  • Rose's Crust and Lattice Recipes
  • Rose's Baking Tips
  • Wipe-clean laminated surfaces
  • Measurement conversion tables
Rose Levy Beranbaum Signature Series Rose's All Original All American Pie Recipe Deck, Multicolor

Craftsy Fourth of July Holiday Sale

Jul 03, 2015 | From the kitchen of Rose in Announcements


Tomorrow (Friday) through Sunday, Craftsy is offering excellent discounts on many of their classes. My cookie class is half price! Check out this link.


Craftsy Fourth of July Holiday Sale Starts Today

Jul 03, 2015 | From the kitchen of Rose in Announcements


Today through Sunday, Craftsy is offering excellent discounts on many of their wonderful online classes. My cookie class is half price! Check out this link.


Flash Sale on Craftsy

Jun 05, 2015 | From the kitchen of Rose in Announcements


First. I want to thank all of you who have subscribed to my cookie class on Craftsy. As of today there are more than 500 enrollees!

Today through Sunday, Craftsy is offering up to 50% off on all Craftsy video classes. Check out the possibilities here. You'll be amazed by the magnitude of crafts included. As an instructor I have permission to view any class offered and I am so impressed by the quality of instruction. Never have I appreciated the internet more!

My On-Line Cookie Class on Craftsy is Now Live!

May 04, 2015 | From the kitchen of Rose in Announcements


I am so thrilled to be able to post the link to the trailer for you to get a preview of my cookie class. Craftsy is an on-line website with several hundred on-line classes for all types of crafts, cooking, and related arts. Virtually all are filmed in their state of the art studies. I am proud to have this first class production that has turned out to be everything I hoped for it to be as a great educational tool that manages also to capture my love of baking.

And for the first few weeks I am pleased to be able to offer you a discount on the class. Here's the link!

The Secret of the Chocolate Domingo Cake...

Apr 16, 2015 | From the kitchen of Rose in Announcements


and how it got its name. This is the first time it is unveiled in print and here is the story on Epicurious!

Baking Bible Wins IACP Award

Mar 31, 2015 | From the kitchen of Rose in Announcements


Just back from Washington DC where Sunday night, at the International Association of Culinary Professionals annual conference, our book won the award in the Baking Savory or Sweet category. How gratifying, after all those years of work, to receive such a validation and honor.


IACP Nominations Are In!

Mar 05, 2015 | From the kitchen of Rose in Announcements


And how sweet it is: We are so happy and honored that The Baking Bible has just been nominated in the baking category along with Alice Medrich's Flavor Flours and Dorie Greenspan's Baking Chez Moi.

If there ever was a time that I could wish for a tie, this would be it, but actually I'd prefer a 'tri'!

Finalists will be announced at the IACP conference in Washington, DC on March 29 and on line at eatery.

Happiness is a New Bake Along!!!

Feb 26, 2015 | From the kitchen of Rose in Announcements

Bread Bible Cover.jpg

And this time the subject is bread. Here's what Alpha Baker par excellence Glori Berkel, who thought up this idea, posted on the home page of the Baking Bible blog.

Out of our love for baking bread, some of the Alpha Baker's who are participating in the Bake Along for Rose Levy Beranbaum's new book The Baking Bible decided to do another Bake Along for Rose's epic bread book, The Bread Bible. The book has been out for several years but it's my go to book when baking bread plus it's well written and easy to understand.

Note from Rose: The participants will be baking one recipe from the book once a month and will be posting photos and results on their blogs which will have links from the main Bread Bible blog. The portal is now on the home page of this blog just under the Baking Bible Bake Along.

My Newest Product Preview

Feb 17, 2015 | From the kitchen of Rose in Announcements


Microthin, the producer of my favorite surface for rolling dough, has collaborated with me to produce a pie kit. It will include the most non-stick rolling pin available, "fast tracks" for rolling the dough to the perfect thickness a cutting device to trim the dough to the ideal size, my Magic Dough*Mat, and Magic*Slice Cutting Board, 9 of my favorite pie recipes, and all the tips needed to make perfect pies.

The products will launch at the Chicago Housewares Show in March and soon after be available for purchase. Thought you'd enjoy this preview. I'm majorly excited about it!


Crack'Em Eggs is Now Available for Order

Dec 01, 2014 | From the kitchen of Rose in Announcements


I'm delighted to report that the amazing little device I find so useful has been funded fully on Kick Start and can be ordered on Amazon:

Crack'em (Cobalt Blue)

The Baking Bible Bake Along Has Begun!

Nov 30, 2014 | From the kitchen of Rose in Epicurious


Officially it was slated to start on December 1 but Alpha Baker Raymond couldn't wait to post his great success with the first recipe--the one on the cover of the book: The Kouign Amann.

One of the most important benefits of the Bake Along is the step by step photos of each recipe that many of the bakers include, and Raymond's are nothing short of awesome.

Either click on the icon on the left side of the blog home page or follow this link and then click on Raymond who is at the last listing of Alpha Bakers on Marie Wolf's Alpha Baker site.

Bravo Raymond!

Bakepedia Launches a Weekly Baking Segment on The Better Show TV

Nov 26, 2014 | From the kitchen of Rose in Epicurious


My dear friend and esteemed colleague Dédé Wilson of Bakepedia now has a nationally syndicated weekly show on baking and desserts. Check it out here!

Watch the Baking Bible Come Alive!

Nov 04, 2014 | From the kitchen of Rose in Epicurious

Once again, photographer Ben Fink has created a poetic masterpiece video, drawing from the still photographs he shot from the book. It features an amazing collection of images, all woven into a moving collage of magical beauty.

Video directed by Ben Fink, camera work by Josh Goleman

A Very Special Appearance in the Bay Area

Nov 02, 2014 | From the kitchen of Rose in APPEARANCES


All the events of our upcoming book tour, posted on the Appearance Link, are totally exciting and special, but what makes this one extra special is that it also includes two of my favorite renowned baking colleagues and authors: Emily Luchetti and Alice Medrich, and will be moderated by the delightful and much loved food editor of Sunset Magazine, Margo True !

This is an event not to be missed. We will each be talking about the evolution of our careers, and will no doubt have at least as much fun doing so as you will listening and participating with questions.

The event will take place on November 18 at 7:00 at the Jewish Community Center of San Francisco For information and ticketing click on this

For My Chinese Speaking Friends

Oct 31, 2014 | From the kitchen of Rose in Epicurious


I'm thrilled to announce that the Chinese edition of The Cake Bible is now available on Amazon China !

It is also available from another big on-line book store named"dangdang":

Book Tour Time

Oct 30, 2014 | From the kitchen of Rose in Announcements

Woody and I are about to embark on a book tour. The major part of the travel time will be from November 3 to November 23. To see if we will be in your city, please check APPEARANCES under Categories on the right side column of the home page.

We will try to answer questions from the road but will appreciate if you can chime in and answer from your own baking experience.

Hope to see you!

Rose & Woody

Rose's Alpha Bakers Bake Along

Oct 28, 2014 | From the kitchen of Rose in Announcements


Great News! The Bake Along portal is now on the home page, left sidebar of the blog, under "Featured Fans."

Marie Wolf, once again, is putting together her team of bakers, this time for the deliciously adventurous journey through The Baking Bible.

The Bake Along will begin on Monday, December 1 and your commitment will be for about two years, baking one recipe approximately once a week. Requirements are as follows:

having a copy of The Baking BIble
having your own blog Optional: a camera for taking photos to post on your blog Optional: a scale for weighing out ingredients

We are seeking several new members to join the already existing group from the prior book.

Members are asked not to post the exact amount of ingredients listed in the chart or exact instructional details. It is fine and actually it is encouraged, to show step-by-step photos and describe taste, texture, and any problems and/or successes you may have with any of the recipes. The reason for this is that the publisher, understandably, limits the number of recipes to appear on line and this is usually reserved for the press.

If you would like to see how it was done in the past click on "Heavenly Cake Bake Along" also under "Featured Fans."

Members will be on a first response basis to Marie Wolf at: mlwolf22@gmail.com

Happy Birthday Baking Bible

Oct 28, 2014 | From the kitchen of Rose in Epicurious


Yes! Today, at long last, we have arrived at the official publication date of The Baking Bible.

Dede Wilson has posted her clever, exacting, and articulate review, together with one of my favorite recipes from the book, on Bakepedia. This marks the final third and fourth posting that Dede has done on me and the book. Here is the link to the current ones.

People Magazine Listing for the Baking Bible

Sep 25, 2014 | From the kitchen of Rose in Announcements

People Magazine has included The Baking Bible as one of the 16 must-have cookbooks.

"The gigantic beautiful dictionary delivers on the title's promise: This is the bible of baking."

And for a TBT (Throw Back Thursday) here's the photo from when The Cake Biblein 1988.


Earlier Pub Date for The Baking Bible

Sep 22, 2014 | From the kitchen of Rose in Announcements


The Baking Bible pub date has been moved from November 4 to October 28! This means that the books will arrive in stores on the 28th but if you preordered the book you will receive it sooner. And if you still want to preorder and get the reduced price here is the link.

The Baking Bible

Time Magazine Review

Sep 08, 2014 | From the kitchen of Rose in Epicurious

Just learned that Time Magazine has listed The Baking Bible as one of the 15 new cookbooks of the fall!

I'm especially pleased to be in such good company of mostly chefs and restauranteurs, and there are only two baking related books listed. Here's the review of my book:

While the James Beard award-winning cookbook writer has a tendency to call her books "bibles" (The Cake Bible, The Pie and Pastry Bible, The Bread Bible), they're really more like almanacs. Baking lists the ingredients for each recipe in three different metrics (cups/spoons, ounces, and grams), names "golden rules" and offers specific fixes for all manner of problems that may arise (top of your cake cracked? The oven might be too hot, or the batter over-mixed). For the serious baker, the book's mechanical precision will lead to perfect results, from "Irish cream scones" to "brandy snap cannoli."

Bitter and Delicious--an Afternoon with Jennifer McLagan

Sep 08, 2014 | From the kitchen of Rose in Epicurious

Jennifer McLagan is one of my favorite cookbook authors. She lives in Toronto and Paris but is coming to New York on September 17 to promote her newest book, Bitter (a taste of the world's most dangerous flavors with recipes) at the 92nd Street Y.

The moderator will be David Leite--another favorite personality and author.

Woody and I met Jennifer and David for the first time, a few years ago, as fellow authors and presenters in Michigan at the KitchenAid Epicurean Classic and found them both to be delightful and original in their presentations. This will be a dynamic duo for sure and a not to be missed event.

Baking Bible Book Production Phase 13

Sep 07, 2014 | From the kitchen of Rose in Epicurious


It is with great pleasure that I share with all of you this photo taken by Woody at the moment when the book landed. I was not expecting the first copy of the book to arrive until October but on Wednesday, Sept. 3, The Baking Bible was born!

Publisher's protocol is for the printer to send a book for the author and a book for the publishing house in advance of the rest of the copies. Preorder books will be going out end of October, and books will arrive in bookstores by the pub date of November 4.

Love, Rose

Nouvelle Génoise (Repair)

Aug 18, 2014 | From the kitchen of Rose in Epicurious

When Things Go Wrong and Sister Bakers Collaborate


Over the years, occasionally people have written to me telling me that their génoise comes out with a coarse texture and twice this has happened to me as well. It happened most recently when Woody and I were testing a 12 inch layer for an upcoming wedding cake.

The recipe had already been perfected 26 years ago in The Cake Bible, but I was curious to see if it would work with Wondra flour which I subsequently found to be easier to integrate into the batter and to result in a more tender génoise in a 9 inch layer. I also wanted to see what the flavor would be like with rose water syrup instead of a liqueur.

The batter filled the pan even more than usual and seemed to have more body but, to my dismay (actually horror), after about 10 minutes in the oven it started to collapse. On cooling and syruping, the resulting crumb was more toward cornbread than the usual fine texture.

My first thought was: "what would I say to a blogger who posted a question along the lines of: it always worked before so what went wrong? I would say: What did you do differently? And the answer was two things: I used a mixer with a different high speed from the Kitchen Aid on I usually use, and I replaced the cake flour/cornstarch mixture with the Wondra flour.

The change of mixer explained the difference in volume and why the cake collapsed. So Woody and I went on to make a second cake using the usual highest speed on the Kitchen Aid mixer. The cake did not collapse, but the texture was still coarse and the cake tasted unpleasantly eggy. More often than not, when the texture is off the flavor is also affected but eggy? The first matter to deal with was the texture.

We made a third 12 inch cake using the usual cake flour/cornstarch combination at the correct mixing speed and the cake again did not collapse, but the texture was still coarse and the flavor eggy.

I decided to reach out to my dearest friend and colleague, Lisa Yockelson. And sure enough, Lisa has been working on a recipe based on her own continuing research, which is why she understood my textural concerns immediately.

Lisa asked if the cornstarch was genetically-modified, as we were going over the ingredient list, only to isolate every detail. The answer was yes, so we considered the possibility that it might be part of the problem.

We had a long probing discussion at the end of which was a major part of the solution: Based on several years worth of research, Lisa has been adding an extra yolk to her 4 egg génois and using cake flour entirely. All cake flour made the biggest improvement, for it tenderizes the texture, adds delicacy to the finished "crumb," and refines the mouth-feel of the baked cake. In the end, in addition to a few other tweaks-in-the-works, Lisa has been using an extra egg yolk in a 4-egg génoise and 1 cup cake flour (sifted before measuring).

Coincidentally, I had mentioned to Woody at the start of making the first test génoise that since the proportion of egg yolks to whites is smaller than it had been in the past I wondered if this was going to have an effect on this cake. (Egg yolks have gotten smaller because the laying hens are now younger.)

We have found, when making cakes where the yolks and whites are separated, or where all yolks are used, to get the equivalent of what used to be 4 yolks, you may need to use as many as 6. Egg yolk provides natural lecithin which is a great emulsifier.. So I made yet another 12 inch génoise, but this time separating the 7 eggs and weighing the yolks and whites before combining them. I had to use a total of 9 yolks. I also replaced the cornstarch with equal weight cake flour Eureka: perfect texture. But once again I syruped the cake with the rose water syrup and it still tasted eggy.

Back to the drawing board for the flavor solution. I made a 4 egg, 9 inch by 2 inch génoise, and syruped it with the usual syrup containing 2 tablespoons of liqueur. The liqueur was barely discernable but neither was the eggy taste of the cake. In future I may add more liqueur to the syrup (and reduce the water proportionately). I reported this to Lisa who loved the idea!

I also decided not to point a finger at cornstarch unless I was certain it was part of the problem. So I made what I thought to be the final test (#6) with a 9 inch cake, using the correct amount of yolk but also the cake flour/cornstarch mixture. The results: acceptable but not as fine as using all cake flour. The right amount of yolk was the answer but not the whole answer.

Just to seal the deal, Woody decided that one more test was necessary: test #7 was for a 9 inch cake, using the correct amount of yolk with the cake flour/cornstarch mixture using non-GMO Rumford cornstarch. And that was the winner. Compared to the 100% cake flour génoise, it was 3/16 inch higher but what was more important is that the crumb was finer, more even, and softer.


Moral of the story:

Either weigh or measure the yolks and whites separately, or add one 1 yolk for every 4 eggs.

Use non-GMO cornstarch or replace the cornstarch with equal weight cake flour (for 3/4 ounces/100 grams, 1 cup sifted into the cup and leveled off).

Add a minimum of 2 tablespoons of liqueur for a total of 3/4 cup/177ml syrup for the best flavor. 1/4 cup of liqueur will not be overpowering because a sponge-type cake does not hold the volatile liquid as effectively as a denser cake.

Note: I have found that eggs graded jumbo now have yolks that are the same size as eggs graded large used to be so I often choose them and freeze the extra egg white for another use.

Stellar Baker Lisa Yockelson's New Washington Post Column!

Aug 05, 2014 | From the kitchen of Rose in Epicurious


Lisa Yockelson's TREATS, a new recipe baking series for the FOOD section of the Washington POST, launched on July 30th. Blueberry Cake Squares was the first offering in this occasional feature, with more casual sweet and savory goodies to come.

I found the photo so very enticing I lost no time in whipping up a batch! Clever Lisa used less sugar by weight than flour, making the cake's structure just strong enough to support the blueberries well throughout the tender cake. She then suggested dusting it with powdered sugar before serving, which is both a lovely decor and puts the sweetness level in perfect balance.

For those of you who measure, Lisa uses the dip and sweep method for the flour, which results in a total of 10 ounces/284 grams of flour for the 2 cups.

By the way, the cake keeps at room temperature for a good three days and no doubt longer in the fridge if you don't polish it off before then (which is unlikely)!

Here are links to the article and recipe:



New Facebook Photo

Jul 25, 2014 | From the kitchen of Rose in Announcements

check out the new book photos!

Ankarsrum Sponsors the Blog

May 01, 2014 | From the kitchen of Rose in Announcements


It is with the greatest pleasure that I announce the arrival of my new sponsor, Ankarsrum. I first wrote about their marvelous mixer 11 years ago in my book The Bread Bible under the name Electrolux Magic Mill "Assistant" Mixer. It was first launched in Sweden in 1940. It is now owned by the Ankarsrum company and is still thought of as the "Assistant" but goes under the name Ankarsrum Original.

The design of this stunning and powerful mixer is based on the spiral type mixers used in professional bread-baking kitchens, which are designed to mix dough with the least incorporation of air (referred to as oxygenating), and virtually no friction build up of heat, both of which would decrease flavor in the baked bread. This beautifully designed mixer can handle from one up to about eight loaves (1 to 12 pounds of dough using 4 to 23 cups of flour). The mixer comes with a sturdy stainless-steel bowl that rotates when the machine is turned on. It is equipped with a metal dough hook for larger amounts of dough, and a large plastic roller with grooves designed to simulate the action of fingers for kneading smaller amounts of dough. Both devices move back and forth as the bowl circles around. A detachable plastic scraper effectively scrapes the sides of the bowl as it mixes. And a separate plastic spatula has a small groove on one side designed to scrape the grooves of the plastic roller. The Ankarsrum is very stable and doesn't move at all on the counter even at higher speeds with vigorous mixing.

The mixer also comes with a plastic bowl and beaters designed for whipping eggs whites or beating cake batters. It also is designed to accept attachments such as a blender or meat grinder. The Ankarsrum can stand up to use in a professional kitchen and as a home bread machine mixer it simply has no equal.

The Ankarsrum Original is available on this link:

Over the coming year I will be posting a bread recipe, every other month, with step by step photos and instructions which will highlight how easily and beautifully the Ankarsrum performs to mix bread dough.

14th Annual Great American Pie Festival

Apr 02, 2014 | From the kitchen of Rose in Epicurious

This sounds like so much fun I've volunteered to be a judge next year!

Event: 14th Annual APC Great American Pie Festival
Who: American Pie Council
Location: Celebration, FL
Date: Saturday, April 26 and Sunday, April 27, 2014
Time: 11:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. Saturday, and Noon to 5:00 p.m. Sunday
Description: The town of Celebration, Florida will become the Pie Capital of the World on Saturday, April 26 and Sunday, April 27, 2014, when thousands of pie lovers, tasters and bakers gather together for the 14th Annual American Pie Council's Great American Pie Festival. Help preserve America's pie heritage by taking part in the Never Ending Pie Buffet, pie eating contests, pie baking activities, cooking demonstrations, PieCasso art, the Baker's Square Pietopia stage with live music and entertainment, games and much more. The highlight, as always, will be the Never-Ending Pie Buffet, featuring award-winning pie, ice cream, toppings, and beverages from some of our fine sponsors. Don't miss the announcement of the winners of the APC National Pie Championships, taking place this same weekend, Friday, April 25 through Sunday, April 27. For more information visit the pie council site or call 407-566-2200. Or look for the American Pie Council on Facebook and FYPie on Twitter.
Cost: Never Ending Pie Buffet will be on sale at the door for $10/adults and $5/seniors 65+ and children ages 6 through 12. Cost for the children's area, which includes the crafts and bouncy houses, is $10/child.

Bread is in the Air!

Feb 20, 2014 | From the kitchen of Rose in Epicurious


Up until this month, the first and only country to publish a translation of my book The Bread Bible, published in 2013, was Czechoslovakia. It was so exciting to see my familiar book cover in a language totally unfamiliar to me and thrilling to get a letter from a reader saying he made the pizza and it was the best he ever tasted.

This month two other countries have joined the list: China, a few weeks ago, and now today I just got the link and cover photo of the Spanish Bread Bible, published by RBA who published the Spanish translation of The Cake Bible a few years ago.

The Chinese Bread Bible Has Arrived!

Feb 12, 2014 | From the kitchen of Rose in Epicurious


Order from Amazon

I don't speak Chinese, but I can tell you that this will be an excellent translation based on the many technical questions asked by the Chinese editors and proof readers.

Here is the introduction I wrote in English:

Introduction to The Bread Bible by Rose Levy Beranbaum

The first translation of The Cake Bible took place many years ago for the United Kingdom. The biggest challenge at the time was the difference in flours but I soon discovered the rationale behind the phrase "two countries separated by one language!" The words were the same but the way in which they were used was quite different, for example, cake pan became cake tin.

When I was offered the opportunity to have The Cake Bible and The Bread Bible published in China and translated into Chinese I was overjoyed. Chinese food was the first cuisine I experienced as a child outside of my own home in New York City, when I was a very picky eater, and I adored it. I decided that when I grew up I wanted to move to Chinatown so that I could eat Chinese food all the time. And I read every book I could find on Chinese culture. At one of my first jobs I persuaded a Chinese colleague to teach me the language. Sadly he left before he could teach me only three phrases: the inevitable "how are you?"; "where are you going?"(at my request); and what he must of thought might be useful in polite social conversations where weather is always a safe subject: "rain is falling." This was 50 years ago and I carried these cherished phrases with me all this time.

I knew that none of these limited phrases would help me to understand how faithful a Chinese translation of my books would be to the original. (To my amazed delight, the technical queries that came to me in English from the Chinese proof reader were more meticulously detailed than any I had ever encountered in my own country, so I knew my fears were groundless.) But my greatest concern was that instead of being two countries separated by one language it would be two countries separated by ovens! Several years ago I had been invited by an Egyptian-American food writer to accompany her to China to teach baking at a culinary school where she was teaching French cooking. Unfortunately, she had to withdraw the invitation when she discovered that there were no ovens for traditional Euro-American baking. It is so good to learn that this has changed. And it is so very gratifying to know that the world has grown smaller, that cultural barriers are dissolving, and that I will be able to open new doors by sharing my work and so many of the recipes and techniques I love with the people whose culture I so value.

An Incredible E-Book Promotion

Feb 10, 2014 | From the kitchen of Rose in Announcements

At first I thought it had to be a mistake but Amazon is actually offering Rose's Heavenly Cakes Kindle edition for $2.51! The offer is good until the end of February.

rose's heavenly baking kindle edition

Author of the Day on Cookstr

Feb 06, 2014 | From the kitchen of Rose in Epicurious

Cookstr is a great website that gives recipes from what they consider to be the top cookbooks.

Click here and, in addition to my profile and links to several of my recipes, check out the first announcement of an exciting new 'Rose' product!

The Baking Bible Now Has an Official Pub Date

Jan 11, 2014 | From the kitchen of Rose in Epicurious

The Baking Bible Cover.jpg

The offiicial pub date is November 4 but it can be pre ordered now on Amazon: The Baking Bible

Rose Knows

Dec 04, 2013 | From the kitchen of Rose in Epicurious

I have been a contributing editor to Food Arts Magazine for many years. It was publisher Michael Batterberry who assigned me what became the Sugar Bible, and won the best food or wine article in the world at The Jacob's Creek World Food Awards in 2000.

I've always regretted that this wonderful magazine and some of my best work was only available to the food professional. But with my new monthly Q & A which will also appear on Food Art's online site, I will be able to share a link for all of you to see.

Here is the first entry.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Nov 23, 2013 | From the kitchen of Rose in Announcements


Three weeks of prepping and two weeks night and day and 115 photos later, we have completed the photo section for the upcoming The Baking Bible. And just this week we have finished the copy editing. Now we are eagerly awaiting the laid out book pages for proofing.

Thanksgiving will be a huge assortment of side dishes and the traditional two turkeys at cousins Marion and Marty Bush--one roasted and the other smoked by their daughter Alexandra and husband Rob Kaufer. (They smoke it in the back yard over hard wood, rain or shine. My vote is for the roasted turkey skin and the moist smoked breast, and tradition dictates that I get one of the tails.)

Cousin Alison Butterfass Zagat took over the apple pie baking from her mom Sue several years ago, and brings the delicious multi-variety apple pie, sister Ariel Butterfass brings a special cookie (my favorite was the lemon cranberry bars that inspired a tart in my upcoming book) and this year Woody and I are making the Cranraspberry Upside Down Cake pictured above, also from the upcoming book.

Like many Americans, this is my favorite holiday of the year as, though the traffic is horrendous on the way to White Plains, it is such a joy to see the family and enjoy our traditional fare.

We wish you the happieset and most delicious of holidays!

Moving Times

Oct 19, 2013 | From the kitchen of Rose in Announcements


We apologize for being a little slower than usual to respond to your baking questions. Here's the reason: Woody has just made the big move. He is no longer a Minnesotan. He is now a Pennsylvanian, having moved to a little town a mere 20 minutes from my home in NJ--and just in time for the big photo shoot for the upcoming Baking Bible!

We will be very involved in book promotion during the upcoming months but will try to answer your questions as best we can. Meantime, please continue to jump in and help each other.

Press Release for the Cake Bible

Oct 04, 2013 | From the kitchen of Rose in Announcements

CakeBible press release_Page_1.jpg

CakeBible press release_Page_2A.jpg

Bravo Pino!

Sep 05, 2013 | From the kitchen of Rose in Announcements

My favorite butcher on Spring Street in New York City has just been given a 5 year extension on his lease. Thank all of you who helped to win this battle.

Haley Beranbaum Holds US World Record!

Aug 26, 2013 | From the kitchen of Rose in Announcements


Our amazingly loving, determined, and all around wonderful granddaughter swam in the ParaOlympics in Montreal this month and broke her own record in the 200 meter IM.

To think that all this started when, as a very young girl, she swam with the Dolphins.

Go Haley!

Please Save Pino's

Jul 26, 2013 | From the kitchen of Rose in Epicurious

I have been shopping at Pino's Butcher Shop for close to 50 years (hard to believe). I have watched his young sons grow up to be part of the family business, have learned to speak a little Sicilian Italian, and even have my photo in a place of honor on the wall (over the pig and next to Christ).

Though we just moved to New Jersey, my husband still shops for me at Pino's on his weekly visits to the city.

This neighborhood gem risks being lost and though I've never asked anyone to sign a petition before, my heart goes out to the Cinquemani and to the city of my birth. So if you can take just a few seconds to click on this link and sign the petition to keep Pino's in place I would be very grateful. If you have a few extra minutes, read through the site and you will learn some interesting things about the history of the place.

The Belvidere Farmer's Market

Jul 20, 2013 | From the kitchen of Rose in Announcements


Those of you who have been admiring the beautiful produce that I have been enjoying every summer here in Hope, from the farm of my dear friends the Meneguses, can now enjoy it as well if you live in the general area, or like the idea of a Sunday drive to the country. (We're about an hour from New York City.)

Every Sunday, from 9 to 2, at the court house square in the lovely Victorian town of Belvidere, Maria or a member of her family will be at their stand selling produce at the new Farmer's Market.

This week you'll find yellow and red onions, eggplant, green beans, green peppers, shapely cucumbers, Yukon gold and red skinned potatoes, both white and yellow peaches, and my favorite tangy/sweet golden plums.



And as soon as these baby watermelons grow up they will be putting in an appearance as well! Each week another favorite appears. And the unusual weather patterns this year have conspired to produce the most flavorful fruit ever. I can't wait for the tomatoes! Maria even grows my favorite San Marzano plum tomatoes which I partially oven dry and freeze for the rest of the year. The cherry tomatoes are so tangy sweet I eat them like candy.


In September we are planning a book signing and bake sale event at the Belvedere Farmer's Market. Stay tuned!

Note: For those of you who live in or near Blairstown, NJ, Maria also brings her pristine organic produce in season weekly to the well-stocked Health Food store on Main Street.

"Genius at Work"

Jun 04, 2013 | From the kitchen of Rose in Epicurious

Wow! If you're curious to know to whom the title is referring, click here.

May Day Luncheon and Book Signing at Alchemy in Balto

Apr 19, 2013 | From the kitchen of Rose in Epicurious

My wonderful cousin, Lois Schenck, has been singing the praises of her favorite Baltimore restaurant Alchemy for two years now since it opened. I hope those of you who live in the area will join us for what promises to be a very special three course luncheon, discussion, Q & A, and book signing.

And what could possibly be a more perfect venue than Alchemy! My husband has long referred to me as an alchemist. I know I'm going to love it.

Follow this link to see the menu and make a reservation.

Licking the Spoon--A Reading Event in NYC

Mar 21, 2013 | From the kitchen of Rose in Epicurious

Candace Walch, who has written a most unusual and terrific food memoir, will be doing a reading this Sunday, March 24, at 7:00 at Bluestockings (172 Allen Street). It's free to the general public and if I weren't going to be out of town I would not miss it!

Here's the description of the event, the author, and the book:

A Memoir of Food, Family, and Identity

Lambda Literary Finalist Candace Walsh concludes her bicoastal Licking the Spoon book tour at Bluestockings. This lively, literary page-turner is a tale told through the lens of food, from childhood's tattered Betty Crocker cookbook, to closeted Cuban arroz con pollo, Women's Studies potluck hummus, Alphabet City Martha Stewart Thanksgiving, and on through marriage, motherhood, divorce, falling in love with a woman, and legal gay remarriage in New York...plus recipes! Walsh is the editor of the anthology "Dear John, I Love Jane," the managing editor at New Mexico Magazine, and she writes about food at AfterEllen.com. A New York native, Candace lives with her wife and two children in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

If you go, please be sure to say "hi" and "congratulations" for me.

Licking the Spoon: A Memoir of Food, Family, and Identity

Kindle Edition: Licking the Spoon: A Memoir of Food, Family, and Identity

Baking Bible Book Production Phase 7

Mar 13, 2013 | From the kitchen of Rose in Announcements

3-13-13 What an auspicious day to hand in The Baking Bible on disc to the new publisher, Houghton Mifflin!

Baking_Bible Disc.jpg

Now the might wheels of the publishing process will start spinning to turn this into a book. We are all hugely excited about it and I have been looking forward to this day for a very long time.

Baking Bible Book Production Phase 6

Feb 22, 2013 | From the kitchen of Rose in Announcements

Baking BIble Production Postings.jpg

We Finished the Manuscript! (242,141 words, 1,118 pages)

After spending several days revising the entire order of the ingredient and equipment chapters, I reformatted the entire manuscript with the spacing and font required by the publisher.

The manuscript is now ready to be transferred to a disc to submit on March 13.

Woody is working on the style sheet to give to the copy editor. And soon production officially will begin in our new home, Houghton Mifflin. The Baking Bible is on its way to becoming a book.

Friendship is Forged in Frosting

Jan 23, 2013 | From the kitchen of Rose in Announcements

That's the headline on today's The Star Advertiser, Hawaii's main newspaper.


Under the headline it reads: A shared love of creating cakes secures a bond between devoted baker Hector Wong and his famed mentor, Rose Levy Beranbaum.

If you live in Hawaii you may be able to pick up a copy of the paper, see the photos, and read the entire profile, but if, like me, you live elsewhere, do check this blog on Saturday morning where will begin a 7 part detailed series with photos of our amazing visit to Hector in Hawaii.


Dec 09, 2012 | From the kitchen of Rose in Announcements

I am in Hawaii visiting Hector for the first time and giving a demo and other events in Honolulu.

I'll be back by the 22nd of December but in the meantime I'm confident that our great community of bloggers will help each other with any holiday baking questions that may come up.

An Exciting Event

Oct 25, 2012 | From the kitchen of Rose in Announcements


My long-time friend Maricel Presilla, whose long awaited opus on Latin American cooking has finally arrived, is doing a special event on the evening of Thursday, November 8, at the 92YTribeca to launch the book: Gran Cocina Latina: The Food of Latin America.

I just got my ticket and there are a few more still available from the website or call 212-601-1000.

Maricel is a brilliant speaker as well as writer. She is the chef-owner of Zafra and Chucharamama, in Hobokon, NJ. The event is $32 (or more depending on the choice of seating) and includes a tasting of her wonderful food.

Save the Date!

Oct 02, 2012 | From the kitchen of Rose in Announcements

On Tuesday, November 20, 2012, from 12 to 2 I will be doing a book signing and demo of the new Rose™ line at my long-time friend Lisa Mansour's wonderful NY Cake on W. 22nd Street, NYC (the place to go for all your baking and cake decorating needs).

I will be posting more details closer to the time. Hope to see you there!

Away Message

Sep 10, 2012 | From the kitchen of Rose in Announcements

I will be on vacation until Mid October. Woody will continue to answer any questions that come up and, of course, I'm sure you experienced bakers will chime in as well.


Jul 01, 2012 | From the kitchen of Rose in Announcements


Morning Glories in Hope

I'll be away until July 9. Postings are scheduled ahead for every Saturday.

My assistant Woody will answer questions and if necessary will hold those that need my answer until my return. Of course Hector will continue to answer many questions as well as other members of our wonderful baking community.

Happy summer and happy baking!


A Merrier World Indeed...

May 21, 2012 | From the kitchen of Rose in Announcements

with people like Kate Coldrick in it! (Though I've yet to meet another Kate like this one!)

Those of you who are not familiar with the problem of bleached cake flour being unavailable in many of the countries around the world, particularly the British Commonwealth, might enjoy putting the word "kate flour" in the search box of this blog.

I encourage everyone to follow this link to Kate's blog where she continues the saga of her success in spinning unbleached flour into heat-treated flour. It is through her extraordinary determination and inspired work that this flour is now available to the consumer! Hats off to Kate.

2012 James Beard Foundation Awards

Mar 20, 2012 | From the kitchen of Rose in Announcements

The nominations are in!

I'm so thrilled to see that so many of my favorite author/friends have been honored with nominations. I started to list them but the list includes almost all of the nominees. Oh dear! Best to go to the link and see for yourselves.

I love this time of year: warm weather, golden sun, flowers, award ceremonies, vacation travel.

Congratulations and love to all you fellow food and wine writers.

A Great Honor!

Mar 19, 2012 | From the kitchen of Rose in Announcements

I woke up this morning to the brightest, most golden sunshine of the year and felt like something magic was in the air. When I saw the subject line of the email from my dear friends and much esteemed colleagues Karen Page and Andrew Dornenburg I thought "why are they sending me a list of the IACP award nominations when they were announced a few weeks ago and I don't have a new book yet." To my amazement this was a different and very special nomination: 2012 IACP Culinary Classics Book Awards Finalists.

The American Heritage Cookbook and Illustrated History of American Eating and Drinking

The Art of Eating

The Cake Bible
Rose Levy Beranbaum

James Beard's American Cookery
James Beard

The New York Times Cookbook
Craig Claiborne

Paul Prudhomme's Louisiana Kitchen
Paul Prudhomme

The Silver Palate Cookbook
Julee Rosso and Sheila Lukins

Simple French Food
Richard Olney

The Taste of Country Cooking
Edna Lewis

La Technique: An Illustrated Guide to the Fundamental Techniques of Cooking
Jacques Pépin

I am so very honored to be in the company of some of the most esteemed cookbook writers of my generation. Each has had a major influence on my life, all are/were friends or acquaintances. If I were judge I'd have a hard time deciding. But if I knew that the awards ceremony was on my birthday, I'd give the award to me!

"Author of the Day"

Mar 09, 2012 | From the kitchen of Rose in Announcements

I'm pleased to announce that Cookstr.com is featuring me tomorrow as "Author of the Day." Here's the link to the site.

Meet My Photographer Ben Fink

Jan 30, 2012 | From the kitchen of Rose in Announcements


Just in case you are not able to come to the book signing at Blue Cashew in Rhinebeck, NY this Saturday to meet Ben in person, follow this link to his blog and you will find some amazing photos plus an interview that I did where I talk about what is was like to work with Ben on Rose's Heavenly Cakes.

Rose's Heavenly Cake Strip Rated #1!

Jan 17, 2012 | From the kitchen of Rose in Announcements


Rose Levy Beranbaum Bakeware Rose's Heavenly Cake Strip, Silicone

If you click on this red link above it will take you to Amazon where they are available for purchase.

My friend Mike Quinlan of Nordic Ware just gave me the great news that The Best of America's Test Kitchen - Best Recipes & Reviews 2012" issue (page 94), listed my Rose's Heavenly Cake Strip as their "the best strip."

They also mentioned that its one downfall is that it will not fit larger pans (it will fit a 10-inch pan) so I should add that they can be connected easily using silicone loops that are also great for myriad kitchen activities such as trussing a chicken, and replacing the usual string for wrapping roasts.

It's Safe to Go Back in the Batter

Jan 07, 2012 | From the kitchen of Rose in Announcements

and the cookie dough, and the buttercream, and the whipped cream. Yes! The long cherished tradition of handing the beaters and bowl to the kids to lick is once again reestablished thanks to the availability of Safest Choice™ pasteurized eggs for the consumer.


So many times, in recent years, when people have questioned me about the safety of making buttercream, I sadly had to advise them that no buttercream made with eggs (and almost all are) is considered to be safe due to the risk of salmonella which potentially could be seriously dangerous for children under 10, pregnant women, older people, and those who are immune impaired.

And think about all the other sacrifices people have had to make: no more soft cooked eggs or mayonnaise, no eggnog. And consider the ever present fear of cross contamination of kitchen counters and other food product when handling unpasteurized eggs.

I cannot tell you how overjoyed I was to discover that eggs, pasteurized in the shell, behave in baking and cooking exactly like the eggs we know and depend on, because they are heated in a warm water bath for a long enough period to destroy all risk of contamination without cooking the egg. There is no flavor compromise; in fact, the eggs are more flavorful because they are so fresh. The eggs are pasteurized one day after being laid and therefore have a long shelf life as well.

When Tom Izzo, of Safest Choice Pasteurized Eggs, asked me if I would consider being National Baking Spokesperson I didn't hesitate for one second. The availability of pasteurized eggs for the home baker is something I've been praying for and is now a reality. For distribution in your area check the site.

You will also find useful information such as FAQ's, recipes, and contacts. In the months ahead, I will be offering favorite egg related recipes, techniques, and stories on this blog.

Cookie Baking Tips on Fox Radio Network

Dec 25, 2011 | From the kitchen of Rose in Radio

Merry Christmas and still Happy Hannuka! Here's a special little holiday treat:

Radio host Lilian Woo invited me to offer some tips for cookie baking. Click here for the broadcast!

NewMetro Design Rose™ is Born!

Dec 14, 2011 | From the kitchen of Rose in Announcements

I'm proud to announce the formation of my new partnership with NewMetro Design, with the NewMetro Design Rose™ Collection of Home Baking and Cooking Tools.

I first met Gary Fallowes, President of NewMetro, about six years ago when he asked me to test his BeaterBlade invention. This is the device that replaces the standard paddle beater on stand mixers and has revolutionized mixing, especially of cake batters. It makes it virtually unnecessary to stop the mixer and scrape the sides of the bowl. It also makes beating the batter much more efficient.

This is a photo of Gary, me, and the BeaterBlade at the IACP Information Fair in 2010.

gary and Rose 1.jpeg

If you'd like to learn more about the product line please read the press release.

Continue reading "NewMetro Design Rose™ is Born!" »

I Want to Share this Moment with All of You

Dec 07, 2011 | From the kitchen of Rose in Announcements

As of right now, we have made it to 1 million + unique visitors to our blog!

Congratulations and thanks to everyone.



Hector's Last Take

Dec 05, 2011 | From the kitchen of Rose in Announcements


Last Saturday was the 7th anniversary of this blog. It also coincidentally marked the grand finale of Hector's bake through of Rose's Heavenly Cakes.

Hector celebrated his great accomplishment by remaking the Pumpkin Cake with White Chocolate Orange Buttercream for Thanksgiving.

Details of how it was made will appear in a few weeks on Hector's My Yellow Kitchen Facebook Fan Page.

Hats off to Hector! Here's to other takes to come in the future!


(Iron chef here he comes!)

Christmas Cookie Tips

Dec 04, 2011 | From the kitchen of Rose in Announcements

Just did a fun Q & A with Karen Springen. You can check it out her blog


Dec 04, 2011 | From the kitchen of Rose in Announcements

On 11-11-11 the contract for what will be The Baking Bible, my 10th cookbook, was finalized with Wiley who is also the publisher of Rose's Heavenly Cakes.

The Baking Bible also will be a large full color book, including all new recipes for cake, pie and pastry, cookies, and bread.

The book is anticipated to be published in the fall of 2015 (bibles don't get written overnight) but the date is never cast in stone so far ahead.

Tomorrow on Martha Stewart Living Sirius RadioXM

Nov 29, 2011 | From the kitchen of Rose in APPEARANCES

Sandy Gluck has invited me to be on her Cooking 1-0-1 segment to talk about my very favorite sweet: Cinnamon Buns!

The show will be live, starting at 11:00 EST Tuesday, November 29 and my segment will start at 11:15. Hope to hear you there!

Tune into Martha Stewart Living Radio's SiriusXM Satellite channel 110.

If you don't subscribe to Serius they are offering this special free opportunity to subscriber for 30 days:

If you would like to listen, you can also use the FREE 30 day subscription at http://www.siriusxm.com/freetrial and follow us on http://twitter.com/martharadio . (Paste this link in your browser as it doesn't work for me to make the link on this posting.)

Note: A credit card i required for activation so if you don't plan to continue subscribing you will need to cancel before the 30 days are up.

Question for All Fellow Bakers

Nov 22, 2011 | From the kitchen of Rose in Announcements

Woody and I are thinking that there is no longer any need to have the weight of ingredients listed in ounces on the recipe charts in my future books and recipes postings. Grams are more precise and all scales I know of have a choice of ounces or grams.

We would list the volume for those who prefer it and the weight in grams.

If you prefer to weigh in ounces please weigh in and let us know WHY this is your preference so we can make a decision that will be in the best of everyone.

please only post your comment if you prefer the ounces so that we don't get flooded with postings!

Granddaughter Haley Wins Two Olympic Medals!

Nov 22, 2011 | From the kitchen of Rose in Announcements

Haley w Parapan-Am 50 Fly Bronze Medal.jpg

Last week in Mexico, at the Parapan Olympcis, Haley Beranbaum won a gold medal and a bronze!

Haley & Friends At Parapan-Am's.jpg

Here she is with the three other girls from the Pacific Northwest swimming area that all made the te U.S. Parapan American Team. From left to right: Casey Johnson, Ira Kaplan, Haley Beranbaum, and Kayla Wheeler.

Here's the write-up in the Herald Net, Everett, Wa., 11-22-11


Haley Beranbaum of Snohomish, a sophomore at Glacier Peak High School, won a gold medal and a bronze medal in swimming last week at the 2011 Parapan American Games in Guadalajara, Mexico.

Beranbaum, who was born with a genetic aberration called achondroplasia, which results in dwarfism, placed first in the 200-meter individual medley (4 minutes, 32.29 seconds) and third in the 50 butterfly (56.95) in her first international competition.

Her gold medal time was more than nine seconds ahead of the runner-up swimmer from Brazil and broke the U.S. record for athletes with her level of disability. The previous record of 4:38.99 was set in 1996.

The 3-foot-7 Beranbaum, who competes in the S5 class -- for swimmers with full use of their arms and hands, but little use of their trunk or leg muscles and some degree of coordination difficulty -- also swam the 100 breaststroke, the 50 freestyle, the 100 freestyle, the 50 backstroke and the 200 freestyle, and set personal bests in each race.


Nov 17, 2011 | From the kitchen of Rose in Announcements


Please click here.

... el siguiente mensaje solo se aplica a la primera edición la cual ya se agotó. la edición vigente en venta carece de estas omisiones de imprenta ...

... the following message only applies to the first print which is sold out. the following prints on sale now have the omissions corrected ...

Debido a un problema con la maquetación, agunas recetas de LA BIBLIA DE LOS PASTELES se han publicado sin algunos ingredientes. A continuación les ofrecemos la lista de recetas así como los ingredientes que faltan. Desde la editorial pedimos disculpas por las molestias que esto haya podido ocasionar.

Continue reading "LA BIBLIA DE LOS PASTELES" »

Cookbooker Challenge for Pie & Pastry Bible!

Nov 15, 2011 | From the kitchen of Rose in Announcements

Fellow blogger Julie Dykstra shared with me the link to this terriific blog which invites bloggers to critic recipes from cookbooks. Three reviewers, randomly chosen, will get to select one of my other books.

It is fascinating to read the reviews. I will be checking in often!

For the next 6 weeks the subject will be recipes from The Pie and Pastry Bible.

Click here if you would like to find out more details or how to participate.

Suvir Saran's New Book

Nov 14, 2011 | From the kitchen of Rose in Announcements

Our mutual friend, Sally Longo, sent me the link to her show on which Suvir recently appeared making a recipe from his upcoming book. I can't wait to make those gorgeous chicken wings!

Masala Farm: Stories and Recipes from an Uncommon Life in the Country

The show also contains a hilarious segment on a new egg gadget, the background music and filming performed by Ed Gazel who also filmed the episode I did with Sally last year. (They will be posted again shortly on the Dinner at 8 site).

The current Suvir appearance also includes segments on Muscato wines, as well as one on a local bee keeper. Watch it all or scroll part way through to see the inimitable Suvir banter with the incomparable Sally!

Click here and then select programming, then Dinner at 8.

A Great Pecan Pie!

Nov 12, 2011 | From the kitchen of Rose in Announcements


I recently received this great pie present in the mail. I once created a recipe for pecan pie because I never before liked commercial versions. I found them too sweet and the crust usually lacking in flavor. This one, from the Goode Company, is a true exception. The crust is made with butter and is absolutely delicious with a pleasingly tender texture. The pecans are the huge and meaty variety Texas pecans are known for. And the filling is luscious.

The pie comes in a beautifully crafted wooden box. It has a three week shelf-life at room temperature and would make an excellent holiday gift.

The Spanish Edition of The Cake Bible

Oct 19, 2011 | From the kitchen of Rose in Announcements


It is with great joy that I can announce: At long last The Cake Bible has been translated into the Spanish language! It is published by RBA Libros, S.A., and will be available in book stores in Spain tomorrow, October 20.

The book was translated brilliantly by Rosa Tovar and Hector Wong has been his usual generous self, consulting on the translation and offering suggestions. Spanish is his native language and he offers this as a gift to other Spanish-speaking people. Hector reports to me that Rosa has been 100% faithful in keeping my voice. Do check out her blog--she is a well-known cookbook author and baker in Spain and has become a dear friend through this translation.

I know many of you in the US would like to have this book and it is my great hope that the book will be distributed here. I will let you know as soon as I hear anything to that effect. If not, what a great excuse for a trip to Spain!!! Meantime, Hector has located the following link on Amazon where they will ship from Spain to the US. He also is under the impression that the book is paperback (tapa blanda).

On another note, I should mention that this edition no longer has the original photographs of the cakes. The book was published before digital technology so the original photos were not available. Hector has created a facebook fan club!
He, again most generously, has scanned all these beautiful original photos taken by VIncent Lee and they all will be on the facebook fan page shortly. They will serve as a guide for reproducing the cakes in the book. You do not have to have a facebook account to access the fan page.

The stunning new photos in the book are intended to be inspirational and offer ideas of cakes that can be made using elements in the book. They were created by Patricia and Martin Arribálzaga Cakes Haute Couture and are truly a labor of love.

Please note that in order to drape chocolate fondant as pictured on the cover, you will need to use commercial fondant, as homemade always cracks at the curve when draped. It may interest you to know that I was the creator of chocolate rolled fondant and it appeared for the first time in the original Cake Bible in 1988.

Spanish translation of above by Rosa Tovar:

Puedo anunciarlo con una alegría enorme: ¡Al fin The Cake Bible se ha traducido al español!. Estará en las librerías de España a partir de mañana, 20 de octubre.

Rosa Tovar ha hecho una traducción brillante y Hector Wong ha sido su guarda generoso constante; ha cotejado con cuidado la traducción y añadido sus sugerencias. El español es su lengua materna y ofrece este gran esfuerzo como un regalo para la gente de habla española. Hector me ha dicho que Rosa ha sido fiel al 100 % a mi estilo y al contenido. Pueden consultar su página -es una repostera, cocinera y escritora de libros muy conocida en España y se ha convertido ya en una amiga entrañable gracias a esta traducción.

Sé muy bien que a la mayoría de aquellos de ustedes que viven en los Estados Unidos les gustaría poseer este libro y tengo grandes esperanzas de que sea distribuido aquí. Se lo haré saber tan pronto como me lleguen noticias sobre este asunto. Si no fuera así ¡¡¡Qué excusa más estupenda para hacer un viaje por España!!!

En otra nota dejaré constancia de que esta edición no lleva adjuntas las fotografías originales de las tartas. El libro se publicó antes de que existiera la tecnología digital, de modo que era imposible disponer de las fotografías originales. Hector se ha ofrecido -otra vez con enorme generosidad -a escanear las fotos para que pueda colgarlas y que así sirvan de guía del aspecto que tienen las tartas que yo diseñé.

Las nuevas fotos despampanantes que aparecen en el libro pretenden ser un estímulo para el lector y ofrecer una idea de las tartas que se pueden preparar con las elaboraciones que contiene el libro. Las han creado Patricia y Martin Arribálzaga, de Cakes Haute Couture, y en este trabajo han puesto todo su amor.

Por favor, tengan en cuenta que para plegar el fondant de chocolate que está en la foto de la portada, es necesario que utilicen fondant industrial, porque el hecho en casa siempre se rompe en las curvas cuando se dobla. Seguro que les interesa saber que fui la creadora del fondant estirado de chocolate y que apareció por primera vez en la edición original de The Cake Bible de 1988.


... el siguiente mensaje solo se aplica a la primera edición la cual ya se agotó. la edición vigente en venta carece de estas omisiones de imprenta ...

... the following message only applies to the first print which is sold out. the following prints on sale now have the omissions corrected ...

Debido a un problema de imprenta y maquetación, se han omitido muchas lineas en la table de ingredientes medidas y pesos. Hector va a incluir las omisiones en el facebook fan page, y la editorial RBA España va a reimprimir las correcciones.

Due to a problem with production printing, several lines on the table of ingredients measurements and weights have been omitted. Hector will include the omissions on the facebook fan page, and the publisher RBA Spain will reprint the corrections.

Continue reading "The Spanish Edition of The Cake Bible" »

The Proof is in The Proofer

Oct 08, 2011 | From the kitchen of Rose in Announcements

Bread Proofer Final.jpg

At long last, what all of us avid home bakers have been waiting for has arrived: a bread proofer ideal for home use. This beautifully designed piece of equipment provides a moist, warm, draft-free environment for raising bread dough. It also can provide a warm and dry environment necessary for melting or tempering chocolate. And its ability to maintain very low temperatures makes it useful for warming eggs for a génoise batter, making yogurt, and crème fraîche. The read out is easily switched between Fahrenheit and Centigrade and has a temperature range of 70˚ to 120˚F/21˚to 49˚C.

The proofer folds flat to under 3-inches for convenient storage and pops up quickly to accommodate a large dough rising container, large free form hearth loaf, or two bread pans as long as 14-inches.

Before this bread proofer existed I used a variety of other less convenient solutions for raising bread from plastic boxes, to my microwave oven, with setting a glass of hot water inside the container to produce the proper temperature and changing it every 20 minutes. I also recommended using an oven without a pilot light and turning on the oven light to produce the correct temperature of 75˚ to 80˚F/24˚ to 27˚C. But of course using either the microwave or the oven as a proofer means not being able to have access to it for other uses.

Continue reading "The Proof is in The Proofer" »

Baking Style is Born!

Sep 26, 2011 | From the kitchen of Rose in Announcements

Baking Style, for media use.jpg

It is with great pleasure that I share with you the arrival of Lisa Yockelson's newest and long awaited masterpiece: Baking Style. Baking Style: Art, Craft, Recipes

I am a great fan of my dear friend and colleague Lisa, and have long awaited her baking diary. We've all had the pleasure of enjoying Lisa's recipes and now we have the story behind the story. This uniquely personal book is structured as a series of 100 essays that, as she writes in her Baking Style Prelude:

...offer a magnifying-glass look at a particular baking recipe--its design, reasons for interest, and composition--embracing the quirks along the way. Each essay is accompanied by one or more primary recipes and appropriate supplementary recipes as needed. An essay, essentially its own package that evolves into a narrative of how something came to be in my hands, is one of my favorite ways of enlightening and teaching. Through it, I can tell you what has inspired, astonished, or utterly badgered me as I bake. The stirrings, backstage baking stories, and all-encompassing love of the process shape the groundwork for my choice of recipes passed along in this diary format.

Yes, Lisa weighs her every word and crafts her every thought with exquisite precision and eloquence.

Even the organization and sometimes playful descriptions of the chapter contents are uniquely Lisa:
(On a personal note, one of the photos in this section contains my Aunt Ruth's pearls that I gave to Lisa as a thank you for recommending me to her pearl of an editor!)

Continue reading "Baking Style is Born!" »

Away Until September 26

Sep 07, 2011 | From the kitchen of Rose in Announcements

Dear Friends,

As those of you who subscribe to the monthly blog newsletter know, Woody and I will be working with Kate Coldrick (of 'Kate Flour') in Devon, England.

There will be no blog postings until September 24 to ensure that this message will stay at the top of the blog.

Please do your best to respond to each other's postings and questions as you always so generously do!



The Hills of Salzburg Soon Will Be Alive

Jul 16, 2011 | From the kitchen of Rose in Announcements

with the Sound of Music (where it all began)!


Is there anyone who doesn't know the song that begins with "Doe, a deer, a female dear..."
or the story of the Baron von Trapp and family and their dramatic escape from Austria during World War II? This story, the musical, and the movie, have been enjoyed all over the world but never before in Salzburg itself where it all began.

At a recent press party to launch the blue ray DVD and the upcoming theatrical production in Salzburg of "The Sound of Music" premiering October 23, 2011 in the Landestheater in Salzburg, I asked the question of the day: "Why has it taken so long to come home?" The answer that may be most obvious is that the story relates to a time in Austrian history that many would like to forget. But the second answer is far more upbeat and interesting: In the movie, the von Trapp family were shown crossing over the Alps by foot from Salzburg into Switzerland which would, in fact, have been a shear impossibility as Salzburg is nowhere near Switzerland. If they had, indeed, been crossing the Alps, they would have to have been wearing boots and clothes for the snow, and more significantly, the direction they were heading would have been into Hitler's Germany! That's Hollywood for you! The way they actually escaped was secretly by train into Italy where Baron von Trapp had a commission on one of the U-boats.

Dramatic license aside, Hollywood produced a memorable musical. One of the great highlights of the event was the presence of three special people: Mary Rogers and Alice Hammerstein, the daughters of Rogers and Hammerstein who wrote the music and lyrics, and Sam von Trapp, the youngest son of the youngest son of Maria and Baron von Trapp who was the only one of their large offspring to be born in America. Though he was sporting the traditional Austrian jacket, he looked and sounded as down-home relaxed and American as apple pie, but definitely possessed the famed Austrian charm.

I was hoping that the press attending would be given a ticket to the premiere in Salzburg but we did receive a copy of the blue ray disc of the movie, produced for its 45th anniversary, which I plan to enjoy in the very near future. And should you be planning a European vacation in the Fall, I can't think of a more charming city than Salzburg, home of Mozart. I'll never forget hearing a Mozart chamber music concert my first night in Salzburg. It brought tears to my eyes.

Cake Bible Just Hit 48th Printing

Jul 07, 2011 | From the kitchen of Rose in Announcements

UPS just delivered it and what a great surprise! Champagne ready for the 50th.


Jun 22, 2011 | From the kitchen of Rose in Announcements

I'll be away until July 5 and will not have regular internet access. If you post questions before then I'm sure others will jump in and respond.

I hope you all have a terrific July 4th weekend with lots of great baking!

Martha Stewart Radio Appearance--Thursday!

Jun 13, 2011 | From the kitchen of Rose in Radio

If you're interested in hearing all about carrot cake (and who isn't!) tune into Martha Stewart Living Radio this Thurday at 12:15 PM, EST (or check your local listings). It's on SiriusXM 110.

Sandy Gluck, host of Everyday Food, and I will be chatting and taking call-ins.

Finally an End to Twice Killed Pigs

May 25, 2011 | From the kitchen of Rose in Announcements

I grew up in a kosher household where pork never made an appearance until the day my non-kosher dad brought home sausages, advising my mother to cook them until very well-done.

My mother, suspicious of any sort of pork, broiled them so thoroughly they were charred on the outside with only a 1 cm core of edible meat inside each sausage. When my father complained, she protested that she only had been following his advice to cook them well-done to which my dad said i told you to cook them well-done but not to cremate them"! i was hysterical with laughter and we had to throw out the sausages. That was the last time I remember pork ever entering our kitchen.

When I tasted my first pork hotdog, at the Wollman Memorial Iceskating Rink I was hooked. Bacon, pork roast, pork chops, juicy, flavorful--I couldn't get enough until suddenly pork became a bore. In an effort to bill pork as the "other white meat" it became closer to the other white bread--flavorless with lack of fat and dry also due to the recommended cooked temperature of 160˚F. It was sure death to a formerly delicious meat.

But hold onto your pigtails: big news from the U.S. Dept. of Agriculture just announced yesterday: pork chops, roasts, and tenderloins can be safely enjoyed medium rare at a cooked temperature of 145˚F, followed by a 3 minute rest time(during which, presumably, the temperature will rise to 150˚F).

Now, to my knowledge, trichinosis has not been an issue for some time, so we could have (and some have) been eating juicy pork for years, but OK--no point looking back--let's applaud the return of tasty juicy pork products.

A Global Website Bookstore

May 16, 2011 | From the kitchen of Rose in Announcements

I frequently get questions from people around the world who want to buy my books but can't find them in their local bookstores and find it too expensive to pay for shipping through book websites.

We have Judy of to thank for this great resource called the book depository.

Judy posted the following information and I want to bring it to your attention through this larger blog posting to make it easier to find.

"They are a British company and ship worldwide for "Free" and this makes
it really easy for those of us not living Stateside to buy our
favourite books. They have regular promotions too so keep an eye out
for the coupon codes. They also have a British site for some reason at this web address
so check the prices at both sites as they can vary.

Their customer service is also one of the best I have ever experienced
for an online store. Though they only deal in books and the occasional
CD, I wish I could buy everything else from them.

I have ordered all of my favourite cookbooks this way."

Thank you Judy for generously sharing this great information.

Weigh to Bake Revisited--The Perfect Scales

May 03, 2011 | From the kitchen of Rose in Announcements

I've already made my case for why weighing rather than measuring is so much more desirable and enjoyable. I know some people resist partly because they don't know which scale to choose, a good scale can be very expensive, and even relatively expensive scales designed for home use lack some important features of the professional laboratory scales.

Several years ago, a fellow blogger contacted me regarding a scale that he found more reliable and affordable than one I had mentioned on this blog. I promised to check it out and here are the happy results:

The MY WEIGH digital scales are the answer! the 3 scales most appropriate for baking are

and the i201 for weighing minute quantities such as baking powder, citrus zest, or yeast, and weighs up to 200 grams/7 ounces.

The KD-7000 and KD-8000scales weigh from 1 gram (0.1 ounce) to 7000 grams/7 kilograms/15.4 pounds, or 8000 grams/8 kilograms/17.6 pounds. (The model number refers to the maximum number of grams the scale is capable of weighing.)

The scales vary in price from $35 to $65.

Here's a company that invites consumer response and suggestions. The result is that there is finally an electronic scale for the home baker that can be operated by adaptor as well as battery and, what is most important: The automatic power-off can be disabled so that it doesn't inconveniently time-out when you're in the middle of weighing and got distracted for a few minutes (don't you just HATE when that happens!)

So many nice features: The scales are small and compact, not taking up much counter space; an adjustable-angle backlight timer with option for how long to stay lit; a hold option for large boxes that hide the display; and of course a tare option (removes the weight of the bowl and last ingredients added).

When I asked the owner of the company how they could keep the scales at so affordable a price and yet maintain such high standards of quality and exacting accuracy his answer was : "The prices are low because we believe in lower margin, higher volume sales. We also keep our costs extremely low by producing and distributing the scales ourselves!"

If everything in life were designed with such thoughtful integrity it would indeed be a perfect world.

check out www.myweigh.com
be sure to go to the section on how to select or choose the right kitchen scale to compare the features of the models i mentioned.

Woody is Featured in the Minneapolis Star Tribune!

Apr 28, 2011 | From the kitchen of Rose in Announcements


Photo by Glen Stubbe

Toques off to Woody Wolston!!!

Martha Stewart TV Show Appearance This Friday

Apr 23, 2011 | From the kitchen of Rose in APPEARANCES


Here's the link to the show that will be airing from 1:00 to 2:00 PM Eastern, Friday April 22. It will provide you with the time and channel in your area. My segment will be sometime between 10:00 and 11:00 AM Eastern. It will be repeated on Monday, April 25 from 2:00 and 3:00 PM. A few days later there will be a link from this blog to the segment on Martha's YouTube for those of you who don't get the Hallmark channel or who may have missed it.

At Last: A Folding Bread Proofer!

Apr 22, 2011 | From the kitchen of Rose in Announcements


Some time ago I posted a query on the blog as to whether anyone (aside from me) would value having a bread proofer for the home. Thanks to your interest, Michael Taylor of Brod and Taylor is nearing release of their new folding bread proofer. If you visit the website and submit your name, you have the possibility of being chosen as one of the testers.

A Very Special Food-Related Auction

Apr 22, 2011 | From the kitchen of Rose in Announcements

There are some really fun temptations on this site from the New York Women's Culinary Alliance. What's really heart-warming is that 100% of the proceeds will be donated to charities, starting with a Bid for Healthier Eating.

Martha Stewart Radio Appearance--Tomorrow!

Apr 12, 2011 | From the kitchen of Rose in Announcements

I'll be on with host Sandy Gluck of Every Day Food. We'll be discussing my favorite cake topic: bundt cakes. Tune in to Sirius XM Satellite Radio channels 112 and 157 at 12:15 east coast.

Hector's Big Feature in Hana Hou!

Apr 03, 2011 | From the kitchen of Rose in Announcements

It's out! Hawaii's top airlines has featured our very own Hector Wong in their inflight magazine.

Bravo Hector!

It's National Peanut Butter Month Again!

Mar 01, 2011 | From the kitchen of Rose in Announcements


Lee Zalben, owner of Peanut Butter & Co. (a great sandwich shop in Greenwich Village) and who is often referred to as The Peanut Butter Guy or even The Godfather of Peanut Butter, has cooked up a great event in New York's SoHo at The Nutropolitan Museum of Art.

The exhibit is free admission and open to the public on Friday, March 4 and Saturday March 5 from 10 AM to 6 PM, and Sunday March 6 from 10 AM to 4 PM. By visiting the gallery you will receive a free jar of peanut butter and a second jar will be donated to the Food Bank for New York City in your honor. And you can even meet a peanut farmer and get a kit to grown your own peanut plants!

The address of the Museum is: 201 Mulberry Street between Spring & Kenmore

Want to Know More About Food Science?

Feb 28, 2011 | From the kitchen of Rose in Announcements

Here's a link to a most useful listing of 40 Coolest Science Blogs for Serious Foodies

Stephanie Hersh is Fine!

Feb 25, 2011 | From the kitchen of Rose in Announcements

For those of you who worried about Stephanie after hearing about the earthquake in Christchurch,New Zealand, rest assured that I have heard from her and she is unharmed. She reports with good humor that though most of her plates, glasses, and platters were destroyed, her chocolate and wine survived.

For those of you who don't know Stephanie, she was Julia Child's invaluable assistant for many years, and loved and admired by those who do know her including me.

Cake Bible Debuts on the Oprah Winfrey Network!

Feb 24, 2011 | From the kitchen of Rose in Announcements

Thanks for fellow blogger Matthew Boyer who forwarded these links, we can now see The Dotted Swiss Wedding Cake from The Cake Bible being produced on OWN on Anna and Kristina's Grocery Bag and their reviews of the book. I couldn't be more thrilled!

The Cake Layers


Book Review

This brings to mind a funny story from about two decades ago shortly after The Cake Bible was published. I inscribed a book to Oprah and included a note offering to make her wedding cake. Before packaging it I opened up the book, trying to imagine the impression it would make when Oprah opened it, and to my shock all the entire photo insert was up side down! Needless to say I found her a copy that was perfect but apparently a large section of an entire print run was produced this way. A friend said I should save it as it would be worth a lot of money some day. Somehow, I wonder but there they are in the crawl space in Hope.

Oprah sent me a lovely note saying that if she got married she would certainly keep my offer in mind. Someday I'll have to tell the story of how I came close to making President Clinton's inauguration cake!

Introducing American Record Breaker..Haley Beranbaum!

Feb 01, 2011 | From the kitchen of Rose in Announcements


We are so proud of our granddaughter for her extraordinary achievement in the US Parlympics swimming competition.

An article from the SSC Fast Lane reads: "Haley absolutely destroyed the American Record in the 50 Breast and 200 Free at the January Challenge. Haley has quickly established herself as one of the top Americans in the US Paralympics Swimming ranks.

Haley is currently enrolled in the "emerging athlete" program with US Paralympics, which means she is watched very closely by US Paralympics Swimming Officials and will no doubt be in consideration for both national and international teams. Haley's commitments to hard work and technique have played a major roll in her development along with her contagious enthusiasm. Haley is a model for SSC spirit and belief."

We're rooting for you Haley!

Love, GrandmaRose and GrandDad


Haley and her sister Elyse baking with me in their kitchen in Snohomish when they were very young.

Hector Reaches for the Stars!

Jan 29, 2011 | From the kitchen of Rose in Announcements

At last, Hector has gotten his just desserts! This spring he will be featured in a major Hawaiian magazine! We are all so proud of him. Here's what Hector wrote for this posting:

sometimes, stars surround you." here is my inspiration from ROSE'S HEAVENLY CAKES Apple Caramel Charlotte, done with starfruit.


earlier this year, i've enjoyed a 2 hour interview and 4 hour photo shot for Hana Hou Magazine, Hawaiian Airlines in-flight magazine. the magazine is printed every two months, and i will be featured on Spring 2011 (fingers crossed, on April/May). the magazine is also available online. these are the photos selected by the photographer, Jyoti Mau. Jyoti and her assistant (her husband) were so easy to work with, although a grueling 3 hours plus an additional 1 hour for a portrait shooting, my experience was energizing and all positive. the smile you see on my face is real, although it was a bit painful for my lips to keep that stretch for near 1 hour! the photos of the photo shooting were taken by my photo assistant Stan Yamada. enjoy!

stanley-hana-hou-starfruit -charlotte.jpg

Everyday Food

Jan 28, 2011 | From the kitchen of Rose in Radio

This Tuesday, February 1, at 11:15 AM Eastern I will be on with Sandy Gluck talking about one of my top favorite ingredients in baking: LEMONS.

Tune in to Martha Stewart Living, Sirius XM Satellite Radio channels 112 and 157.

Lisa Yockelson's New Blog "Baking Style Diary"!

Jan 02, 2011 | From the kitchen of Rose in Announcements


blushing birthday girl cupcake (from Lisa's upcoming book)
styling by Lisa Yockelson
photograph by Ben Fink

My dearest friend and brilliant writer and baker, Lisa Yockelson, has entered the new year with her first blog, Baking Style Diary. This blog will serve as a prologue and ongoing accompaniment to her upcoming book Baking Style in which you will find "one-hundred theme-related essays accompanied by more than 150 recipes that highlight each diary entry."

The blog now gives Lisa's many fans and readers an ideal format in which to ask questions or make comments about baking, by clicking on write the author.

Welcome Lisa to blogging heaven!

Merry Christmas!

Dec 25, 2010 | From the kitchen of Rose in Announcements

and happiest of holidays to all of you wonderful bloggers.



PS I hope THIS is what you are enjoying for breakfast!

Even the dough was beautiful. (Double click on this photo for a fascinating enlargement of the dough's structure!)


Chef Suvir Saran with his THIRD caramel bun--Elliott looking on in affectionate amusement.


The Top 50 Bread Making Blogs

Dec 23, 2010 | From the kitchen of Rose in Announcements

Tara Snyder has just published a very useful article on her blog in which I'm proud to be featured. She has researched and given links to several different categories of bread baking including gluten free.

Included at the bottom of this article, and also dear to my heart, is a list of knitting and crochet blogs! I think fellow blogger "knitty baker" has something going here. There is a strong connection between bakers and crafts people. Has anyone written a book yet called crafting bread? How about crafting cake? Love it!

Happy 10th Anniversary Jacques Torres Chocolate

Dec 21, 2010 | From the kitchen of Rose in Announcements


What a party! For me it was a "this is your life" sort of experience. Here's a quick rundown of a few of the old friends in the huge crowd that come to mind: Chef André Soltner and wife Simone (formerly of Lutèce), Chef Alain Saillac (of FCI) and wife Arelene Feltman (formerly of DeGustabus), Ariane Daguiin (D'Artagnon), cake decorators par excellence Ron Ben Israel and Margaret Braun, Pam Carpentier (Parade Magazine) Chris Toury (of the peanut butter ingots in RHC and now working for Jacques).

The food was absolutely delectable, from the extensive cheese bar, to little porcelain spoons of boeuf bourguignon, plates of smoked salmon, salmon pastrami, two caviars, and exquisite rilletes of salmon. But the highlight, of course, was massive chocolate and pastry displays.


I didn't manage to get a good photo of Jacques on my cell phone but here's a fun one of the professional photographer photographing him!


Cook's Illustrated Seal of Approval

Dec 19, 2010 | From the kitchen of Rose in Announcements


I'm pleased to report that the January/February 2011 issue of Cook's Illustrated, page 25, listed my Rose's Heavenly Cake Strip as their "pick."

Blue Bottle Coffee Comes to Brooklyn!

Dec 17, 2010 | From the kitchen of Rose in Announcements

You may remember my posting on my favorite coffee in San Francisco and the marvelous party Caitlin and James Freeman held last April for my new book and their new roastery in Oakland, Ca. Well, now this amazingly wonderful coffee has come much closer to home! And this past Tuesday was the opening of the pastry café adjoining the roastery. Tuesday happened to be the coldest day of the year with temperatures in the teens. But this didn't seem to keep the residents of Williamsburg, Bklyn away. Here is the youngest fan who is enjoying the wonderful smells of coffee brewing.


Caitlin has the most exquisite taste, both visually and gustatorially! I've always found s'mores too sweet but not these.


The sweetness of the marshmallows was tempered by "Moonshine Whiskey" from a local distillery. And the graham crackers were made with local whole wheat and local honey. I broke off a piece of one just to taste and ended by eating the whole cracker. Here's Caitlin doing the same!


James made me a cappuccino using an antique coffee maker from Italy that he unearthed in someone's basement. The coffee was as usual: perfection!


He also will be making coffee using this special drip apparatus from Japan.


I noticed a customer purchasing a ceramic coffee/spice mill Caitlin had told me about, saying that the entire mill can be put in a dishwasher and retains no odors so it can be used for both coffee beans and spices. Of course I had to have one! This Hario Skerton Hand-crank Coffee Mill also comes from Japan.

The Freemans are flavor missionaries, always seeking out the best quality ingredients and the results show it. I peeked at the milk container and sure enough: my newly discovered in upstate NY Battenkill milk!

If you live near by you are most fortunate but for Manhattanites it's just a short subway ride--the first stop in Bklyn on the L line, and for visitors to NY it's well-worth the pilgrimage. Williamsburg has become a destination and Blue Bottle will have a happy home here: 160 Berry Street, corner of 7th in Williamsburg.

Martha Stewart Radio Appearance--Holiday Baking Special

Dec 15, 2010 | From the kitchen of Rose in APPEARANCES

Lucinda Scala Quinn, delightful host of EatDrink on Martha Stewart Living, Sirius XM Satellite Radio has invited me back for this Thursday, December 16, from 4 to 5 PM Eastern. We'll be talking holiday baking tips. Tune into Serius Channels 112 or 157.

If you don't subscribe to Serius they are offering this special free opportunity to subscriber for 30 days:

If your blog readers / Twitter followers / Facebook friends want to listen, they can also use our FREE 30 day subscription at www.sirius.com/marthafree30day

Note: A credit card i required for activation so if you don't plan to continue subscribing you will need to cancel before the 30 days are up.

WQXR Nutcracker Sweets

Dec 14, 2010 | From the kitchen of Rose in Announcements

Nutcracker 1154 copy.jpg

ADDENDUM: to listen on computer: If you're not in the NY area, you can listen on line if you go to the website and click on what's playing now in the right hand side, and then listen now. There will be a short message and then the program will start.

Starting this Monday, December 19, at 4:30 (and again the following morning) airing every day this week on WQXR 105.9 FM, I'll be doing a show with host Naomi Lewin on the history of sweets inspired by the Nutcracker Suite. Those of you who may know that I danced in George Ballanchine's Nutcracker when I was a little girl will know that this has special meaning to me. Tune in to hear about the fascinating history of the five sweets that are a part of the Nutcracker Suite. Cookie recipes representing each sweet, from Rose's Christmas Cookies, will be on the WQXR website starting on Monday.

New Blog Record!

Dec 07, 2010 | From the kitchen of Rose in Announcements

Just now hit 2,500 responses I have made on the blog since inception! (This does not include postings.)

My Latest and Greatest Life-Enhancing Discovery

Dec 03, 2010 | From the kitchen of Rose in Announcements


I've maintained, for years, that the secret to great food is to use the best possible ingredients and not to screw them up. To my delight, I heard Jacques Pépin, many years ago, say these very same words at an event at the French Culinary Institute.

Escoffier's most well-known quote faites simple translates simply as make it simple. (I also love Elizabeth David's translation: the avoidance of all unnecessary elaboration and complication.) I suspect that complex haute cuisine, more often than not, evolved from having to make inferior products palatable.

Ever in search of the best quality meat, fish, poultry, produce, chocolate, sugar, butter, and everything in between, you can imagine my joy when chef Suvir Saran introduced me to his favorite source for meat: Allen Brothers.

Each item I have prepared from their catalogue has caused both my husband and me to exclaim: Wow-- This is the way beef used to taste, or this is the way pork used to taste. Elliott added that he hasn't tasted beefy beef like this in years.


So far, I have tried the long bone Wagyu Ribeye pictured above, Wagyu Steak Burgers, Prime Sirloin Strip Steak, and Berkshire Pork Chops. I plan to spend the holidays trying lots more including a double rib roast, huge sea scallops, and Suvir's spicy meatloaf, which is also carried by Allen Brothers and includes a tamarind glaze (I can hardly wait).

I'm so deeply impressed by the quality of what I've tried thus far and the ease in using their on line site that I am hoping someday Allen Brothers will carry one or two of my favorite cakes to add to their line!

I'm posting this information now so that those of you who are planning special holiday dinners can have time to place their orders. Allen Brothers also has gift cards, which would make ideal holiday presents.

Should These Cookie Be Legal?!

Nov 22, 2010 | From the kitchen of Rose in Announcements

bb sea salt.sm.jpg

Remember the posting from August 09 about the 75th Kitchen Aid anniversary event in St. Joseph Michigan where Woody and I met Eunice Choi, recently graduated from Cornell Hotel and Restaurant School, who became our invaluable and adorable assistant? Well, she has gone on to collaborate with her sister Esther Kang to start a cookie company.

The Chois come from a baking family so perhaps it's no surprise that Esther defected from the land of torts to the land of 'tarts'. The name of the Company, Batch From Scratch, derives from the small batch production--always the best for quality and consistency. The concept is simplicity, purity, and delectability. The newest in the lineup are the brown butter and sea salt cookies pictured above.

Batch From Scratch ships all over the US. which makes it perfect for the holiday gift-giving season.

A Fellow Baker's First Book!

Nov 17, 2010 | From the kitchen of Rose in Book Review


At long last, Joanne Chang of Flour Bakery in Boston, Ma. has written her long awaited book Flour featuring recipes from her bakery and café.

I met Joanne many years ago when I was in Boston touring for one of my books. I fell in love with her bakery and was enchanted by her as well! In fact, on my next book tour, I chose Flour Bakery as the location in which to do a radio broadcast. The station had requested a bakery so that they could have bakery-like sounds in the background!

Joanne and I come from a suprisingly similar dessert background. She grew up in a traditional Chinese household and, as she writes: "rarely had the chance to indulge my sweet tooth." I grew up in a traditional Jewish household but with a nontraditional mother who had been the only woman in her entire dental school. I also rarely had the chance to indulge my sweet tooth. Joanne and I also share a passion, not just for baking, but also for analytical thinking and precision. (Unlike Joanne, however, I do not have the advantage of a degree in applied mathematics and it does not come naturally to me so I have to struggle and work hard to get all those numbers I include in my books to be accurate!)

I was struck immediately by the physcial appearance of the book. It is an upscale four color production, with stiched binding (so it will not come apart!) but instead of a paper dust jacket, it has a far more durable laminated hard cover, aka case, with beautiful colored photos printed directly on it. I suspect this will be the future of cookbook publishing as it will stand up better to frequent use, for which this book is surely destined.

Joanne's writing style is very appealing. It is both succinct, informative, and entertaining. She has her own confident voice which reflects her knowledge, expertise, and enjoyment of her baking profession.

And how has she dealt with the tricky volume/weight issue? As a professional baker there was no way she was going to eliminate weight, but when writing for the general public, not all of whom have as yet gotten on the much beloved by me scale bandwagon, she had to include volume. So volume comes first and in parenthesis comes the weight but only in grams. Now that scales so easily switch between ounces and grams there really is no need for both and we professional bakers all prefer grams. I'm really tempted to do the same in my next book except that when purchasing certain items such as butter, it's somehow easier to go by ounces and my readers have, by now, become accustomed to the charts that so readily accomodate all three systems.

The book has many enticing full page color photos such as the exquisite Black Sesame Lace Cookies which I know I will try in the near future.

Picture 019.jpg

Also dear to my heart are the well-thought out and beautifully organized sections on technique, equipment, ingredients, and tips.

Now on to the recipes! There are many I plan to try, including one acknowledged to be adapted from my Sourcream Coffee Cake (I'm dying to see how adding crème fraîche instead of sourcream enhances the cake) but the first one that called my name was the French Lemon Poppy Pound Cake.

Picture 351.jpg

The Lemon Poppyseed Pound Cake in the Cake Bible was my signature cake so I was most curious to see what François Payard's take on it would be like. Joanne worked in his bakery and credits him with this recipe and all important technique but admits to having tweaked the ingredients. She generously has allowed me to print the recipe here:

French Lemon-Poppy Pound Cake

Makes one 9-inch loaf

Pound cakes are traditionally made with a pound of butter, a pound of flour, a pound of sugar, and a pound of eggs, hence the name. When properly made, the result is a dense, velvety cake with a tight crumb. But the key is knowing how to make it properly. I can't tell you the number of times I've attempted a classic pound cake recipe only to pull a tough, unimpressive loaf out of the oven. When I worked at Payard, I learned a new approach to making pound cakes that borrows a page from the genoise playbook. First, you whip eggs and sugar together until they are as light as a feather. Then, you gently fold in the flour and leavening agents. And finally, you whisk together melted butter and heavy cream and combine them, quickly and gently, with the batter. You end up with a cake with the warm, rich, buttery flavor and incredible texture you want. This is my favorite way to enjoy pound cake: laced with copious amounts of fresh lemon zest and nutty poppy seeds.

2 cups (240 grams) cake flour
3/4 teaspoon baking powder
1/2 teaspoon kosher salt
1/2 cup plus 3 tablespoons (1 3/8 sticks/156 grams) unsalted butter, melted and cooled to slightly warm
1/4 cup (60 grams) heavy cream, at room temperature
3 tablespoons finely grated lemon zest (about 2 lemons)
1 tablespoon fresh lemon juice (about 1/2 lemon)
3 tablespoons poppy seeds/28 grams
4 eggs/200 grams
11/4 cups (250 grams) granulated sugar

Lemon Glaze
1/2 cup (70 grams) confectioners' sugar
1 to 2 tablespoons fresh lemon juice (1/2 to 1 lemon)

Position a rack in the center of the oven, and heat the oven to 350 degrees F. Butter and flour a 9-by-5-inch loaf pan, or line the bottom and sides of the pan with parchment paper.

In a medium bowl, sift together the flour, baking powder, and salt. Set aside.

In a large bowl, whisk together the butter, cream, lemon zest, lemon juice, and poppy seeds. The mixture should have the consistency of a thick liquid. If the butter hardens into little lumps, heat the mixture gently until the butter melts again. Set aside.

Using a stand mixer fitted with the whip attachment (or a handheld mixer), beat together the eggs and granulated sugar on medium speed for 4 to 5 minutes, or until light and fluffy and lemon colored. (If you use a handheld mixer, this same step will take 8 to 10 minutes.)

Using a rubber spatula, gently fold the flour mixture into the egg-sugar mixture just until combined. Fold about one-fourth of the egg-flour mixture into the butter-cream mixture to lighten it. Then fold in the remaining egg-flour mixture just until thoroughly combined. Pour the batter into the prepared pan.

Bake for 1 hour to 1 hour and 10 minutes, or until the top of the cake is golden brown and springs back when you press it in the middle. (Note from Rose: In my oven I needed to tent it loosely with foil after the first 45 minutes of baking.) Let cool in the pan on a wire rack for at least 30 minutes.

To make the lemon glaze: While the cake is cooling, in a small bowl, whisk together the confectioners' sugar and enough lemon juice to make an easily spreadable, smooth glaze.

When the cake has cooled for at least 30 minutes, pop it out of the pan and place it on the rack. Spread or spoon the glaze over the top of the still-warm cake, letting the glaze dribble down the sides.

The cake can be stored tightly wrapped in plastic wrap at room temperature for to 3 days.

Same Recipe, Different Flavor
Vanilla Bean Pound Cake
: To make a fragrant vanilla pound cake, omit the lemon zest and juice and poppy seeds from the cake batter and leave off the lemon glaze. Split 1/2 vanilla bean lengthwise, and scrape the seeds from the pod into the butter-cream mixture. Whisk well to distribute the seeds evenly. Proceed as directed, then lightly dust the cake with confectioners' sugar just before serving.

A Rare NYC Event with Stellar Participants

Nov 08, 2010 | From the kitchen of Rose in Announcements

Just got word that this coming weekend at the Astor Center in Manhattan there will be a spectacular gathering of top chefs and food writers presenting events titled The Alchemy of Taste and Smell. The program is below:

The Alchemy of Taste and Smell
Astor Center, New York City
November 12-13, 2010


Cooking is alchemy: the art of transforming raw materials into a perfected form. Cooking fuses taste and smell, emotion and memory, culture and nature. The work of chefs today is much discussed, but the process by which new dishes and flavor combinations are created remains mysterious. This event will explore creativity in cooking, the composite nature of flavors and the importance of aroma in food and drink.

The event commences on Friday evening, with a cocktail making demonstration, followed by a reception and cocktail party that will feature creative cocktails and hors d'oeuvres. Saturday will have demonstrations and talks, followed by a meal.

Eight chefs will collaborate on the dinner on Saturday night. The seven-course meal (one course by each chef) will be experimental in nature, exploring new flavor combinations and making explicit the connection between what we smell and what we taste. For instance, a cucumber/melon salad served on a plate scented with mint essence, as a sensory sleight of hand where by the end of the dish the diner thinks that they have eaten the herb, even though they have only smelled it. Mandy Aftel will collaborate on the dinners. The dishes would be accompanied by appropriate wines.


Friday Evening

5:00 p.m:
Dave Arnold and Audrey Saunders
Demonstration: Using Aroma in Cocktails (The Study, up to 36 people) $55

Dave Arnold and Audrey Saunders will demonstrate how they use aroma in cocktails, including distillations, essential oils and infusions.

7:00 - 10:00 p.m:
Opening Party (The Lounge and The Gallery, up to 250 people) $95
Creative cocktails by Dave Arnold and Audrey Saunders
Participating Chefs: David Chang, Alexander Talbot and Aki Kamozawa, Daniel Patterson, Nils Noren, Bill Corbett

The party will feature stations spread throughout the two rooms, with chefs and mixologists on display, making food and cocktails. There will be some passed food as well, and white and red wines will also be served.

Saturday Day

11:30 a.m:
David Chang, Wylie Dufresne
Demonstration: New Flavor Combinations (The Study, up to 36 people) $55

Chang and Dufresne will demonstrate some of the dishes that illustrate the strikingly original approach for which they have become famous.

1:00 p.m:
Harold McGee
Lecture: Thinking about Flavor (The Gallery, up to 100 people) $45

McGee will outline the chemical and biological nature of flavor. He will describe the molecules that stimulate our senses of taste and smell, how taste and smell work together to create the perception of flavor, and how that perception is influenced by past experience and by context.

2:30 p.m:
Daniel Patterson and Johnny Iuzzini
Demonstration: Flavor and Aroma (The Study, up to 36 people) $55

Patterson and Iuzzini will demonstrate dishes that focus on the interaction between taste and smell. They will each make dishes starting from the same flavor combinations, demonstrating a range of styles and techniques.

3:45 p.m:
Panel Discussion: Creativity and Flavor (The Gallery, up to 100 people) $35

Five leading chefs will discuss the process by which they create new dishes. The discussion will include the role of ingredients and technique, and how childhood memories and historical and cultural contexts influence the chefs. Moderated by Harold McGee.

5:00 p.m
Mandy Aftel
Demonstration: Creating with Aromas (The Study, up to 36 people) $35

Aftel will demonstrate the process of how she creates with scent --- showing you how
to orchestrate the interactions between pure and natural essences when blending
a flavor or fragrance. The design concepts include register (top, middle, base),
relative intensity, evolution, locking, and burying. This architecture of aroma
will be illustrated graphically by smelling some unexpected combinations, over
a range of concentration ratios. The goal is to produce beautiful and innovative

Saturday Evening

Dinner. The Lounge (40 people) $300

David Chang, Wylie Dufresne, George Mendes, Carlo Mirarchi, Alexander Talbot and Aki Kamozawa, Nils Noren, Daniel Patterson, Bill Corbett. The chefs will each make one dish. Some of the dishes are in collaboration with perfumer Mandy Aftel using her essential oils. The price includes beverage and service.


Mandy Aftel (Owner, Aftelier Perfumes; Author)
Dave Arnold (Director of Culinary Technology, FCI)
David Chang (Chef/Owner, Momofuku, ** Michelin Stars for Ko, World's 50 Best Restaurants #26 for Ssam Bar)
Bill Corbett (Pastry Chef, Coi)
Wylie Dufresne (Chef/Owner WD-50, * Michelin Star, World's 50 Best Restaurants #45)
Nils Noren (Vice President of Culinary and Pastry Arts at The International Culinary Center)
Johnny Iuzzini (Pastry Chef, Jean-Georges, *** Michelin Stars)
Harold McGee (Author and NY Times Columnist)
George Mendes (Chef/Owner, Aldea)
Carlo Mirarchi (Chef/Partner, Roberta's)
Daniel Patterson (Chef/Owner Coi, ** Michelin Stars)
Audrey Saunders (Mixologist, Owner Pegu Club)
Alexander Talbot and Aki Kamozawa (Chefs and Authors, Ideas In Food)

Nespresso SoHo

Nov 06, 2010 | From the kitchen of Rose in Announcements

Wherever I travel in the world, I always seek out Nespresso boutiques. I enjoy the elegant and original designs of the stores and seeing their coffee machines and new coffee pod flavors which I at times get to taste..


I also love going to Nespresso events as everything is as first class as their coffee and coffee makers. The opening of the long awaited SoHo boutique was no exception. the high point was: I finally got to meet the president Frederic Levy (a cousin?) who is from Paris but lives in the US and manages both the US and Canada.

There were several appealing drinks and food stations, all of which included coffee as one of the ingredients. I chose the champagne cocktail with "caviar" made from their ristretto coffee and some molecular gastronomy truc that created the pearl shape and temporarily solid consistency. It was delicious I had two cocktails!


Trays of appealing appetizers such as foie gras (i had many) circulated through the crowd and three NY restaurants set up stations to serve their special dish featuring coffee. The risotto with freshly shaved white truffle was delicious (not sure where the coffee component was here but who thinks of coffee when there is he scent of white truffle in the air--sorry!). Arepa containing shredded pork and several fabulously zesty sauces, made me take a seat to enjoy it fully. And then surprise surprise: my dearest friend Elizabeth Karmel, who recently opened Hill Country Chicken, was serving her amazingly perfectly cooked beef tenderloin with the reknowned Anson Mills grits, and red eye gravy--yes--made traditionally with coffee. Elizabeth grew up in North Carolina so red eye gravy was not a stretch!



President Levy made a short and charming speech as a spotlight illuminated the Nespresso banner fluttering in the pre-rainstorm wind.


I ran the block home just as the rain started and sadly missed what I'm sure was a delicious dessert.

A special benefit to me: with the new store just one block away means I am minutes away from refurbishing my supply of Nespresso pods!

How to Visit New Zealand!

Oct 31, 2010 | From the kitchen of Rose in Announcements

I've long had a fantasy (as has many other food professionals) that some day Stephanie Hersh would be my associate/assistant as she was for Julia Child for many years. There is no one more organized, more considerate, and more enchanting than Stephanie.

Now Stephanie is living in New Zealand, and Woody, over the past 7 years has become my indispensable collaborator, but lucky you: Stephanie is now leading a culinary tour of New Zealand, scheduled for January 2011. If you've ever considered a visit, this would be the ideal way to jump start it!

Elliott and I spent two weeks, both on the North and South Island and it is the most amazing country. Did you know Lord of the Rings was filmed there? If you think the vistas of northern California are breath-taking, just wait until you see those of New Zealand. Staggeringly awesome.

Check out this link!


A Better Banana Cake

Oct 26, 2010 | From the kitchen of Rose in Announcements

I've made the following addition to the Changes for the Cake Bible but am posting it here to call your attention to it:

For those of you like me, who love the flavor butter gives to the Cordon Rose Banana Cake on page 69, but also loves the moister texture of the banana cake in the new book Rose's Heavenly Cakes, we have worked out a perfect compromise: Use only 8 tablespoons/4 ounces/113 grams of butter and add 2 tablespoons/1 ounce/27 grams canola or safflower oil to the butter when mixing. The cake will also be about 1/8" higher than the original.

Pie and Pastry Bible Goes Into 6th Printing!

Oct 22, 2010 | From the kitchen of Rose in Announcements

Pie and Pastry bible cover.jpg

It's always so reassuring to remember Julia Child's words from years back when she told me that it took about 28 printings of her first book to get all the corrections made. Of course one is most fortunate to have this many printings. But even having one's cookbook sell through the first printing and go into a second is an achievement!

I just reviewed the new 6th printing of the Pie and Pastry Bible and can tell you, with great joy, that every single little tweak has now been integrated, so anyone who gets this or a later printing can ignore the errata link on the blog home page!

And thank you all for your help in reaching this stage.

Also, I just discovered that this book has been an E book for Kindle since December 09!

Ask anyone who has written a large cookbook, especially a baking book, and they will tell you it's like giving birth but beyond that, I have to say it is like climbing Mt. Everest. There are moments one wants to jump off the mountain, but finally, when one is handed that first copy, it is positively celestial. And it never ends. With each new question or comment you make I am rejoicing again and again at the pleasure of sharing all these hard won and beloved recipes.

This is pie baking time. Think apple, pear, pecan, pumpkin, cranberry--all seasonal favorites to make the holidays extra special. And for the cake lovers, be sure to try the pumpkin cheesecake (recipe on this blog).

A New Baking Blog on the Block!

Oct 19, 2010 | From the kitchen of Rose in Announcements

For those of you across the pond , or who are interested in some unusual baking recipes and ideas, do check out this charming new this month blog by David Purdon, hailing from Belfast.

Apple Time

Sep 30, 2010 | From the kitchen of Rose in Announcements


What is a more perfect combination than pork chops and apple sauce! And apple sauce is so easy to make. Just cut and core the apples, toss with 3 to 4 tablespoons of sugar per pound of apples and 1 tablespoon of lemon juice. Add a 1/2" stick of cinnamon if desired. Let it sit for about 20 minutes until liquid forms. Bring to a boil and simmer covered for 20 to 30 minutes until the apples soften. Cool and press through a strainer.

The secret to the dreamy pink color is to choose red apples and leave the skin on while simmering.

77 Mouth-Watering Baking Blogs You Need to Bookmark

Sep 23, 2010 | From the kitchen of Rose in Announcements

Cindy Cullen has put together a very useful listing of baking blogs. Do check it out!

click here

Demo and Book Signing in Upstate New York

Sep 07, 2010 | From the kitchen of Rose in APPEARANCES

My dear friend and colleague, Suvir Saran, has arranged a mini book tour in the neighborhood of his farm in Salem, New York. There will be several events so stay tuned as they fall into place and I will post them.

Here's the first:

"Diva of Desserts"
Rose Levy Beranbaum
in Salem

Saturday, October 9th
from 11:00 am to 2:00 pm
at The Battenkill Kitchen

An internationally known food expert, Rose has been inducted into the James Beard Foundation/D'Artagnon Who's Who of Food and Beverage in America. She has been a guest on many major television shows: The Today Show, The Early Show, Martha Stewart, Charlie Rose, The Food Network and PBS's
Baking Magic with Rose Levy Beranbaum. Read more at www.realbakingwithrose.com

This best-selling author and recipient of numerous awards will be enchanting participants with a demonstration class,
creating two of Rose's heavenly cakes. Class participants will be able to savor them at the conclusion of the demonstration

The $110 class will be limited to 16 participants, and the proceeds from this special event will be donated to the Battenkill Kitchen. To reserve your place in the class or for more information, contact
Battenkill Kitchen at (518) 854-3032 or email manager@battenkillkitchen.org.

Each participant will receive an autographed copy of her latest book Rose's Heavenly Cakes.

Contact Us:

Battenkill Kitchen, Inc.
Broadway & Cato Street
Salem, NY 12865


Coming from the North: Follow Route 22 into the village of Salem. Take a left onto route 153 (East Broadway) at the light at the Stewart's shop. Take the right before the Salem Courthouse drive (large Yellow building on right past the school) go around the building on the right and take a left into the parking lot. The kitchen is located at the rear of the courthouse complex.

Coming from the South: Follow Route 22 into the village of Salem. Take a right onto route 153 (East Broadway) at the light at the Stewart's shop. Then follow directions as above.

Back to School Where They Belong!

Sep 06, 2010 | From the kitchen of Rose in Announcements

Remember all those postings of "Book Production" describing the process involved in writing Rose's Heavenly Cakes? Well they are represented by 15 boxes of paper from each stage of production--from manuscript to corrected page proofs.

I've been holding onto them, intending to keep them for one year. That year is up and I've been loathe to discard them. I kept thinking that it would be so interesting--no: invaluable for a student who might like to see the specifics of what is involved in writing a cookbook such as the suggested changes the copy editor makes and which the author accepts etc. etc. and etc.

I asked Marvin J. Taylor, Director of the Fales Library and Special Collections at the NYU Bobst Library, if he would like to have them as a contribution and thankfully he accepted. As an aside, I was in the first NYU class to have its graduation in the Fales Library when it first opened. This is a true home-coming.

Here is what was sent.





Filed, Sealed, and Ready for Pickup


My Heart Goes out to Hector

Aug 28, 2010 | From the kitchen of Rose in Announcements


Recently, Hector e-mailed me about a bidding he was doing on e-bay for an antique Wilton two-piece angel food cake pan. I asked him to let me know if he ever saw another one as I love hearts so much I even wanted to use them as bullet points in my book but it got vetoed. (I did manage to get two heart-shaped cakes in the book!)

A few weeks later a package arrived and it was the pan. This was truly a gift from the heart.


I just learned that Hector had surgery yesterday as a result of a bizarre incident: When paddling in his one man canoe, a flying fish leapt out of the water, leaving several of its teeth embedded in his leg. Please join me in wishing him a speedy recovery.


Aug 19, 2010 | From the kitchen of Rose in Announcements

I'll be away until Sept. 8 catching up on rest and postings! I'll try to answer questions that are time-sensitive when I can but will not be on the computer all day and night the way I usually am (at least I hope I can resist the temptation.

Please continue to answer each other as you do so generously.

Blissful Summer Baking!


Baking Bread in Heat Waves

Jul 31, 2010 | From the kitchen of Rose in Announcements


Tomorrow's August and if it's as hot or hotter than July has been how are you going to feel justified heating up the whole house in order to have home-made bread for your height of the season tomato sandwiches or BLT's?

I've been meaning to try this technique for years and this current intense heat-wave finally spurred me into action. I was stunned and delighted by how easy it was to transition from indoor oven to outdoor gas grill.

I have a Weber Summit with 4 burners which makes it possible to turn off the two center burners to avoid blackening the bottom of the bread. I'm reasonably sure that this method can be adapted to any 4 burner gas grill but have my doubts about the charcoal grill as it's close to impossible to get hot enough to make this bread effectively.

Here's the basic method using my adaptation of the "No Knead Bread" Here's the link to the recipe if you haven't already printed or saved it.

Use heavy duty pot holders, preferably mitten-type that protect your lower arms.

Place the covered cast iron Dutch oven on the grill racks and preheat it along with the grill for 20 minutes. The grill will be about 550˚F/285˚C after 10 minutes but the Dutch oven requires an additional 10 minutes. Set a trivet or heavy duty rack alongside the grill.

Remove the pot lid (I set it back on the grill). Transfer the Dutch oven to the trivet and close the grill. Allow the Dutch oven to sit for about 1 minute to cool slightly. (I checked with my infra-red thermometer and it was 475˚F/245˚C.) Transfer the bread to the Dutch oven, cover with the lid, and set it back on the grill racks in the center of the grill. Work quickly so the heat does not escape or dissipate. Turn off the two center burners.

Bake as usual for 20 minutes. (My grill with center burners off maintained 450˚F/230˚C during this 20 minute period.) Remove the pot lid and continue baking for 10 minutes. (The grill was now 440˚F/225˚C.) Remove the bread from the Dutch oven and set it directly onto the grill racks in the center of the grill. Continue baking for 10 minutes. Turn off the burners and allow the bread to sit in the covered grill for 10 minutes.


This basic technique will probably work with a charcoal grill for breads that require lower temperatures. If you've already tried baking bread in your grill do report back!

Terribly Sad News

Jul 29, 2010 | From the kitchen of Rose in Announcements

Michael Batterberry, publisher of Food Arts Magazine, one of the most revered and beloved people in the food industry, has just died. I can hardly bear to do this posting but I want you all to know.

The word most often associated with Michael was visionary. He was an inspiration to many including myself and the most loyal and supportive of friends. Much as I grieve for him, and sympathize with all my friends at the magazine, it is his darling wife Ariane who is most in my thoughts right now.

It was at the Beard Awards in May where the Batterberrys were given the life-time achievement award. The most touching words from each of them were that they couldn't have done it without each other.

The food world has suffered an inestimable loss.


Jul 22, 2010 | From the kitchen of Rose in Announcements

I'll be away until August 2 with limited access to the computer.

Blissful Summer Baking!

Hawaiian Mango Festival

Jul 21, 2010 | From the kitchen of Rose in Announcements

Hector Mango 2.jpg

Hector invites you to the 2010 Mango Festival, held on Saturday July 31st, at the Outrigger Keauhou Beach Resort, in Kona, Hawaii. There will be something for everyone: for farmers, chefs, children, and the general public. There is no admission fee. Hector will demonstrate how the Rose World Cake was conceived at 1 pm.

And, for an additional week with mango talks, please attend the 2010 Mangoes at the Moana Festival held the following Saturday, August 7th at the Westin Moana Surfrider Resort, in Honolulu, Hawaii. Hector will host the final demonstration at 3 pm. Admission is free.

Hector Mango 1.jpg

and YES, it will be taped for YouTube. A Hui Hou!

The Secret's Out!

Jun 29, 2010 | From the kitchen of Rose in Announcements

Amazon has announced today that it has added multimedia to Kindle E-book software to support embedded audio and video for the Ipad, Iphone and Ipod. Rose's Heavenly Cakes is the first cookbook to enjoy this feature!

Here's the link to the Publishers Weekly announcement:

Acrylic Cake Stand on E-BAY!

Jun 22, 2010 | From the kitchen of Rose in Announcements

Acrylic Cake Stand.jpg

Look what Hector found!

Click here if you want one.

Calling All New Yorkers

Jun 21, 2010 | From the kitchen of Rose in Announcements


Take a walk on the west side river walk starting at Battery park where well over 100 Linden Trees line the way. They are in bloom and the aroma is nothing short of heavenly.

I smelled this hauntingly unfamiliar aroma the first time at Vin Expo in Bordeaux when I was walking in the park. The trees also line the Bahnhof Strasse in Zurich.

I asked a park attendant by the west river if she knew what the trees were (though there was little doubt in my mind) and she said oh yes--Linden--a German woman told me the other day they come from Germany and they used to make tea from blossoms. They should make perfume!

The tree is from the Tilia family which would explain how Terry Thiese, the German wine importer, came to describe a wine ini his catalogue as tilulial--a word he made up and for which much effort was required to find the definition.

My great aunt Polly lived in Riverdale in an apartment complex called Linden House. I suppose there must have been Linden trees but of all the many times I visited her I never smelled any blossoms. I would have remembered.


Author of the Day!

May 27, 2010 | From the kitchen of Rose in Announcements

This is a great site you should know about which offers both author profiles and recipes. Check out Cookstr.com.

Memorial Day Weekend

May 26, 2010 | From the kitchen of Rose in Announcements

i'll be away til tuesday june 1, so please hold your questions til then! and enjoy the holiday and great weather (hopefully).

The Food Network Upcoming Appearance

May 18, 2010 | From the kitchen of Rose in Announcements

I've only ever been on the Food Network once before and it was with David Rosengarten (you can see it on my YouTube postings). When I was asked to be a judge of a baking contest last week I almost turned it down because it was all so top secret I wasn't sure just what I was getting myself into! Also, it was a vacation day for me and my husband and doing the show meant having to drive to a studio in Brooklyn instead of an early departure to our country weekend home.

I'm sure glad I went with my instincts of "this somehow sounds promising" as it turned out to be the Bobby Flay "Throw Down" show. I've known Bobby for many years now and have always valued his food and his friendship. I've been given permission to reveal this much about the show but the rest will be in about a month when the show airs. I'll be sure to do a posting announcing the details. Meantime, this much I can say: I ate one of the desserts I judged for lunch--all of it!

We Won Two Awards at IACP Portland 2010

Apr 26, 2010 | From the kitchen of Rose in Announcements


2 Rose w presenters and award.jpg

2 book behind.jpg


On the way to an "after party" celebration. (Even the police cars have roses in this "city of roses" now forever in my heart as 'my' city!)

Off to the West Coast

Apr 11, 2010 | From the kitchen of Rose in Announcements

for one week of book related events and then on to Portland, the IACP conference where the book was nominated for an award.

I won't have computer access so unless it's a real emergency I'm leaving it up to all of you to continue helping each other as you always do, especially when I'm away.

Blissful Baking!


Vacation at Last!

Mar 18, 2010 | From the kitchen of Rose in Announcements

Leaving for 10 days--back on March 30th. Please as usual answer each other's questions and i'll try to chime in if I have internet access or when I return.

Lots of good postings already scheduled ahead.

Blissfull Baking!


P.S. If you'd like to see what I spent yesterday making for the nieces and nephews here it is! These are the Cukla frog cookie cutters including the one they made of my rose logo many years ago. They were also perfect for St. Pattrick's Day! Next year I hope to have a shamrock cutter!


Please Vote for the Book!

Mar 14, 2010 | From the kitchen of Rose in Announcements

Several people voiced a desire to vote for the book and my response was that I wished there were a "popular vote" or "people's vote." Just received a mailing from the International Association of Culinary Professionals that there is indeed a "people's vote" so you can vote from this link! You need to cast your vote by April 5.

You do not need to be a member of IACP to vote.

The Power of Flour, Part One of Two

Mar 06, 2010 | From the kitchen of Rose in Baking Science

For years I have been saying how important it is to use bleached flour in cake baking and I still prefer it, but after making the fortuitous mistake of using unbleached flour in a cake baked in a tube pan, and discovering that the pan's center tube kept it from falling, I have revisited the subject and made some very interesting and ground breaking discoveries.

Woody and I have conducted numerous tests using bleached cake flour, bleached all-purpose flour, and unbleached all-purpose flour in a solid (unmelted) butter layer cake using my one bowl mixing method and the All-Occasion Downy Yellow Cake from the Cake Bible. (We used two-thirds the recipe, first using two-thirds the baking powder (2-5/8 teaspoons). Then we decreased the baking powder to 2-1/2 teaspoons because we were using a 2" high pan instead of the 1-1/2" high pans in the Cake Bible (and higher pans need proportionately less baking powder). We found that when using bleached or unbleached all-purpose flour instead of cake flour, we got more tenderness (and in the case of unbleached flour improved flavor) by replacing 15% of the flour with potato starch which comes closer to cake flour than cornstarch.The overall appearance, however, with the bleached all-purpose flour is slightly lower either in height or in the center.

Our Conclusions
1. bleached cake flour is suitable for cakes where a very tender texture is desired.
2. bleached all-purpose flour and 15% potato starch to simulate cake flour results in a more even cake with smoother crust and better taste than cornstarch, but is not quite as tender.
3. bleached all-purpose flour is preferable for cakes that benefit from more structure.
4. bleached flour results in the best flavor.
5. bleached flour results in the best volume.
6. bleached flour results in the most tender and velvety texture.
7. unbleached flour results in less volume.
8. unbleached flour results in a coarser, chewier texture.
9. unbleached flour results in a cornbread-like flavor.
10. cornstarch substitution for part of the flour for bleached or unbleached all-purpose flour is less effective to improve structure than decreasing leavening, and alters the flavor.
11. potato starch substitution for part of the flour for bleached or unbleached all-purpose flour is even more effective than cornstarch as it softens the crumb. For the unbleached flour it also improves the flavor by lessening the cornbread-like quality.

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Mar 03, 2010 | From the kitchen of Rose in Announcements

Rose's Heavenly Cakes has just been nominated for an IACP Cookbook Award in the Baking Category!

The winners will be announced at the IACP Conference in Portland Oregon on April 22.

(I could say something funny about "heavenly cakes" being brought down to earth--the 22nd is Earth Day!).

Tsunami Marie

Mar 01, 2010 | From the kitchen of Rose in Announcements

Jim, Marie, and Hector.jpg

Jim, Marie, and Hector

Marie and Jim Wolf arrived in Hawaii along with the threat of a major wave--talk about making waves!

Their first mini blogger convention was hosted by our very own dear Hector Wong. Lucky Wolfs! How perfect that "Bake Along" meets "Hector's Take."

The leis the Wolfs are sporting are a gift from Hector who writes:

It is tradition you get one, specially from a local or if this is your FIRST visit.

Jim has a lei strung with kukui nuts. They can keep this and many
people frame it. Marie has a lei made from white ginger blossoms
before they open, and overlay of red petals from eryhrina crista galli
(I think). I love the ginger lei, but is only lasts 24 hours.

Someone should make lasting necklaces of these exquisite accessories!

THE Best Cookie Cutters Bar None

Feb 27, 2010 | From the kitchen of Rose in Announcements


Those of you who have seen my Christmas Cookie book know how much I value my collection of amazing cookie cutters from Hammer Song. These cookies are so exquisitely crafted they even reside in the Smithsonian.

Recently, Betsy Cukla of Hammer Song sent me a photo of some of her new cookie cutters with Easter themes illustrating the imaginative way one can decorate them. Under the photo is written: "cookie cutters to make you laugh, cry, giggle or remember" Yes indeed!

Betsy also offers cookie decorating classes. e-mail her at: hammersongtin@centurytel.net

You an also order the cutters directly from her.


Jan 25, 2010 | From the kitchen of Rose in Announcements

Have you been wondering why I haven't answered any of your questions since January 13th?! Well I just discovered I haven't been receiving any blog notifications so I didn't know they were there. And I thought you had all become so utterly self-sufficient you didn't need me anymore.

There have been so many comments and questions since January 13 I'm afraid there's no way I can recapture them so if you have a question that has remained unanswered please feel free to post it again. It seems to be working fine now and I'll be sure to check that this doesn't happen again.

Some Fun Blog Stats!

Jan 11, 2010 | From the kitchen of Rose in Announcements

Our blog is now #37 of all food or wine blogs world wide! Is it any wonder: In the 4 years and 2 months since inception:

I have entered 773 postings
you have posted 18,435 comments and questions to which
i have responded to 3,181!

A Great Mistake

Jan 09, 2010 | From the kitchen of Rose in Announcements

I'm sure that most of you who follow my recipes know how passionately I feel about the use of bleached flour for most cake baking, and how overjoyed I was when Kate Coldrick, in Devon England, worked out a way to heat-treat flour to enable it to work in a way very similar to bleached flour. Well by sheer accident I discovered a way to make unbleached flour more acceptable to me.

I was making a birthday cake for my stepdaughter Beth and chose my favorite new yellow cake in the new book "The Golden Lemon Almond." At the same time I was making hamburger buns, using unbleached all-purpose flour. After the cake was baking in the oven, I noticed that it appeared darker than usual and it hit me immediately: I had used the unbleached flour by mistake.

Unbleached flour is slightly higher in protein, which causes it to brown faster. The smooth flour particles do not emulsify the butter and sugar as well as the rougher particles produced by bleaching or heat-treating. After baking, the cake made with unbleached flour usually falls in the center. But the lucky thing with the cake I was making is that it had no center because it was baked in a tube pan.

I asked Woody to test two Golden Lemon Almond cakes side-by-side and here are the results: The cake with unbleached flour had an excellent crumb as you can see in this photo.

335 1 unbleached.JPG

Though the crumb appears just as velvety as the cake made with bleached flour, it has a less tender melt in the mouth texture and less flavor. It is also 1/4 inch higher. But it's still a delicious cake. So the lesson here is that if you must use unbleached flour, a tube pan is the way to go!

Another important thing to note concerns the turbinado sugar called for in some of the recipes. Turbinado sugar contains only 1 percent molasses and is made by steam washing raw sugar which contains 3 percent molasses. The turbinado sugar I use is called Sugar in The Raw and is more blond in color and subtle in flavor than raw sugars produced by C & H and Florida Crystal which are more amber due to the higher amount of molasses.

336 two sugars.JPG

Substituting Ingredients and Food Allergies & Intolerances

Jan 03, 2010 | From the kitchen of Rose in Announcements

Many of you already know how I (and most other baker/authors) feel about ingredient substitutions but for those of you who don't, I think a further explanation is in order to start the New Year off right!

Most baking recipes, especially cake ones, are crafted with great care, balancing ingredients that support the cake's structure with those that are carried by it and provide moisture and flavor. Changing an ingredient will change both the texture and the flavor of the cake, often in a very significant way.

Baking authors almost always list acceptable substitutions in the book for many ingredients. Choosing them means the result will still be acceptable but it will not be identical.

If you want to be experimental, substitute only one thing in a recipe and see the results. Then you can decide if this is your preference or not.

For those who suffer from celiac disease or similar wheat allergies, finding excellent cakes can be very difficult. I strongly believe the answer lies not in taking a standard cake recipe and making substitutions, which rarely
produces great results, but in using a recipe that is inherently
gluten-free. It isn't easy for those with these allergies to find great food
but they also deserve to have the best cakes possible, not spiritless

Also please note that my newest book, Rose's Heavenly Cakes, has an entire chapter devoted to flourless and mostly flourless cakes. Mostly means that though a component may contain flour, it is an optional component such as the lady fingers in Tira Misu. The mascarpone filling is so delicious it would be at least as good spooned over fresh figs! The cheesecakes in this chapter are also excellent without the crust. These are some of my favorite cakes.

It's a PIE Calendar!

Dec 31, 2009 | From the kitchen of Rose in Announcements

If you don't mind having your appetite whet every time you look at the date, this is the calendar for you!


If this is your piece of pie click here.

And the Winner Isn't...

Dec 25, 2009 | From the kitchen of Rose in Announcements

The Best Book Cover of 2009 is Pride and Prejudice and Zombies. I think ours is more beautiful and inspirational but that's no doubt because when it comes to Rose's Heavenly Cakes I have both (pride and prejudice)!

I do want to share with you the final results and thank you all for making the effort to vote. I'm still overjoyed that we won the Best Cook Book Cover of 2009.

Be Sure to Tune In!

Dec 22, 2009 | From the kitchen of Rose in Announcements


My holiday interview on Anne and Peter Haigh's delightful radio show On the Menu is now available on line.

click here!

and the information-filled radio interview with veteran host Leonard Lopate yesterday is one click away here!

We're in the FINALS!!!

Dec 08, 2009 | From the kitchen of Rose in Announcements

Thank you all for making this happen! Our book cover has won in the best cookbook category of 2009 and now is in the top 10 of all books! Please vote today by clicking this link or pasting it in your browser. It will only take 3 seconds if you already have an account with Amazon! All you have to do is click on the "vote now" button and it will go right to the top ten book covers.


Top Ten!

Nov 27, 2009 | From the kitchen of Rose in Announcements


(Click on the link and then click to enlarge)

It feels like the lottery: updated every hour Amazon lists the top 100 bestsellers in Cooking, Food & Wine and Rose's Heavenly Cakes just hit #10!

The New York Times Topics

Nov 23, 2009 | From the kitchen of Rose in Announcements

I now have a new second home on the internet: Times Topics, Cake: The Essentials (all about cake). Do check it out!


Everything's Coming up Roses for Heavenly Cakes!

Nov 20, 2009 | From the kitchen of Rose in Announcements

Rose's Heavenly Cakes has been nominated as one of six best covers on Amazon in the cooking category!

The first round of voting goes through December 7 and then you'll be able to vote for one of the 10 finalists as the Best Book Cover of 2009. Please vote today!

please click on this link or paste it into your browser:


On the left hand side, click on Best in Cooking, Food & Wine.

The New Blog Design is Here!!!

Nov 19, 2009 | From the kitchen of Rose in Announcements

Do give us your feedback.


Nov 17, 2009 | From the kitchen of Rose in Announcements

In honor of the Blog's 4th birthday, and my dear editor Pam Chirls's birthday, this Thursday November 19th the blog will be down for several hours in the afternoon. When it reappears it will be with an exciting brand new design--more functional as well as beautiful!

Great News!

Nov 03, 2009 | From the kitchen of Rose in Announcements

Rose's Heavenly Cakes was just named one of the top 10 cookbooks of the year by Amazon!


Behind the Scenes Out 'Cakes' of Rose's Heavenly Cakes

Oct 28, 2009 | From the kitchen of Rose in OUT CAKES, Heavenly Cakes

We have something really fun and instructive to share with you! it is the book within the book--all the photos Woody and I took during the creation of Heavenly Cakes! There are many process shots and also different views of the cakes and different variations so you will be able to see many more possibilities.


These postings will be every other week and will be arranged according to where the specific cakes appear in the book. I am posting the pumpkin cake first, however, because it is so perfect for Halloween and Thanksgiving. I thought you'd enjoy the beauty of the cake itself still in the pan. I love the way the three curved splits form--almost a pity to hide them with frosting!


Also there wasn't room in the book for the wonderful photo Ben Fink took below of shaping the marzipan leaves. Special thanks to Jason Menegus who provided the original pumpkin leaf from his pumpkin patch. It was difficult finding one that was still in good enough shape as there had already been a first frost. But this one held up long enough to photo copy. I then reduced it to a much smaller size more proportionate to the cake.


And here's the actual photo of the pumpkin leaf to print out and use as a template.



Oct 01, 2009 | From the kitchen of Rose in Announcements

Wanted to share the great news that after just one week THE BOOK has gone into a second printing!

Thank you all for making it happen.

Happy Birthday Dear Book!

Sep 29, 2009 | From the kitchen of Rose in Announcements

Today is the official pub date of Rose's Heavenly Cakes though the book has been out for several weeks.

I thank you all for your wonderful feedback. There have been several "Wows"--can't get more eloquent than that. Another favorite was "insanely wonderful" (love it)!

And here's Hector's response on first receiving the book, which I leave unchanged as even his minor errors (English is his third language) touches my heart:

Everyone who has cake bible will get this one. It really is
everything one can wish for after cake bible! I know all your other
books can also be "part two" of cake bible, but this one is it!

I hope you live till 150 years, and you release a new CAKE book every
20 years. The world needs it. I am so happy you are so open to
reality and indeed you are evolving. This book shows you, the new
Rose, renassaince Rose, the Rose that is catering to today and to
people of today. Once many times I commented, narrow minded, that
mini cakes, cupcakes, red velvet, white chocolate, non mousseline,
etc, are not real cake or real baking, but now you changed my vision.
I glanced at your book 5 times last night, until taking it to bed and
flip every page from the very first page, page by page until past
middle of book and falling to sleep. I also looked at the cover, the
hard cover, the spine, the paper, how this is all built.

I loved my mention, I told my friends I am mentioned in the
ackowledgements, perhaps in very short and small print, but now, I
have near 5 lines if not a whole paragrah about me! I also loved the
part you say that writting is lonelly, and the blog makes you no
longer lonelly. So many new angels came to you thru the blog and keep
coming, I think now is the perfect time to revamp the blog, change the
design, add more functionality, no idea how, so many new technologies
now. Maybe just have you come back to it the same way we miss you,
with your many generous comments and answers. I think you will, new
book to blog about!

I don't know how you keep track and in touch with the many people you
mention in the ackowledgement and introduction. The world is at your
feet, so many friends, colleges, agents, and also computer people! I
love woody's picture, with his meassuring device, really neat and well

Love the lemon poppy seed cake baked on the heart nordic pan, the
slice is so stunning!

I thought you already told me everything about the book, you have
been, and that yesterday I wouldn't be impressed. I was so wow, this
book is so beautiful my dear, so you, and it shows you made this book
for love and as a gift to people that you love, many people, and with
individual attention. Each cake is a love story! You wrote a cake to
each person you love, like a musician giving the gift of music, you
write one new song for each one of us. Thank you for been who you are,
only you know how and there is only one like you, Rose, but so glad
this flower comes in many colors!

I hope this book does well and that you take a lot of ginseng and
embrace publicity, the news, the media. We really like to hear your
side of the story about this book, now that is out to the public!

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Away til Sept 18

Sep 13, 2009 | From the kitchen of Rose in Announcements

And no internet so won't be able to answer any postings til after then.

Fabulous Review in Zester Daily!!!

Sep 11, 2009 | From the kitchen of Rose in Announcements

click here:

Happy 09-09-09 Day!

Sep 09, 2009 | From the kitchen of Rose in Announcements

The Cake Bible came off the press on 08-08-88, and today is the release date of Heavenly Cakes. How nice that the numbers line up so well--a good omen!

Rose’s Heavenly Cakes COMMENTS & QUESTIONS

Sep 08, 2009 | From the kitchen of Rose in Announcements

People have been looking for an appropriate spot to voice their reactions to the new book so I'm creating this posting/thread. Please feel free to leave any comments here.

As for questions: I would like to suggest that first you page through the whole book including equipment and ingredient sections. It may answer most of your questions. If you can't find the answer in the book, either post your question here or in the forums.

I'm sure some of you out there who have worked on the book or who have more experience with cake baking will be able to answer and I encourage you to do so as I will have extremely limited time in the next four months to devote to the blog due to intense book promotion activity. I will chime in if and when I can and will certainly keep you abreast as to any signings, press or other media coverage.



Heavenly Cake DVD's on Disc from Hector

Aug 18, 2009 | From the kitchen of Rose in Announcements

A year has gone by since one of my life dream projects was drawn together: the new Rose's Heavenly Cakes DVD produced by Gold Medal Flour. This video is designed to accompany the book with the same name! It will be available for online viewing in high definition at the Wiley website with a link from the blog. All the segments from this video is also appearing every week on youtube, but not in high definition.

And for all of you who requested an actual DVD disc, here is a note from Hector:

Greetings from Hector: your cake baker, devoted Rose worshiper, and now DVD man. I am delighted to inform you that the master recordings of Rose's new DVDs produced by Gold Medal Flour were handed to me for the purpose of shipping copies to everyone who would like an actual disc for just the cost of duplication and mailing. Share the love and help archive a piece of Rose, for the first time ever, on DVD. These are at much higher definition than possibly available thru the internet. It does't get closer than this!

At the present moment, I am shipping the BREAD DVD (set of 1 disc). To receive your copy, please write your name and mailing address on an address label or on a 2 x 3.5 inch piece of paper (the back of a business card will do), enclose a check for $10 payable to HECTOR WONG, and send it to 2888 ALA ILIMA ST, STE 2611, HONOLULU, HAWAII 96818. Please indicate on your check: BREAD DVD. You could also paypal to

The CAKE DVD is a set of 2 discs. $20. These can be available later on 2010. It is important to let me know how many discs I need to duplicate, as the batch copying runs 200 discs at once. You can post a note on this thread or e-mail me at the above g-mail address.

The Most Revolutionary Improvement to Stand Mixers in 90 Years!

Aug 16, 2009 | From the kitchen of Rose in Announcements


The BeaterBlade™

My next book (several years hence!!!) will be several pages shorter than it might have been because I will be able to leave out that annoyingly repetitive phrase scrape down the sides of the bowl! This is because an inventive young man, Gary Fallowes of NewMetro Design (he may not be so young by the time I finish another book) has designed a flat beater for most models of the Cuisinart,KitchenAid, Kenwood, Viking and DeLonghi stand mixers, that has a flexible rubber ‘wing’ down the entire outer length of the blade which continuously and efficiently scrapes the sides and bottom of the bowl as it is beating.

I waited a long time to write about this much needed attachment because I wanted to test it out thoroughly and be certain that it would not in any way harm the mixer.

Continue reading "The Most Revolutionary Improvement to Stand Mixers in 90 Years!" »

Three More Preview Recipes from The New Book!

Aug 13, 2009 | From the kitchen of Rose in Announcements

Click on the cover of Rose's Heavenly Cakes to the right and it will bring you right to it's great new site on Amazon. Scroll down and you will find three recipes from the book (one is the much requested Red Velvet Cake with Dreamy Creamy White Chocolate Frosting). There are also two editorial reviews.

A Great Source for Bannetons

Aug 06, 2009 | From the kitchen of Rose in Announcements

My wonderful friend David Shamah, who over the years has introduced me to all sorts of culinary treasures, has unearthed this terrific source for an often hard to find item for bread baking.

Bannetons, also called wicker baskets, are used for shaping bread dough while they are rising to give them extra support. I prefer the ones lined with coarse woven cloth.

Here's the link: http://www.sfbi.com/baking_supplies.html


Jul 16, 2009 | From the kitchen of Rose in Announcements

i'll be celebrating my dad's 95th for the next 10 days and rarely will be on the computer as once a year i like to give him my undivided attention. will be back at your full disposal july 27. and the usual postings will be wednesday and saturday.

Publisher's Weekly Review of the new book!

Jul 10, 2009 | From the kitchen of Rose in Announcements

What luck that my beloved friend and colleague Lisa Yockelson (of Chocolate Chocolate, Baking by Flavor, and many other wonderful books) happened upon this review and informed me that it was on the PW site.

Could I ask for better affirmation of what I hoped to accomplish?! Here it is for you to decide:

Rose's Heavenly Cakes Rose Levy Beranbaum. Wiley, $39.95 (512p) ISBN 978-0-471-78173-8
Beranbaum, specialist of baked goods that make people's eyes light up, tops her renowned The Cake Bible with an updated, modern collection of delicious confections. Bakers who have already dog-eared every page of that earlier book need not worry: this is far from a duplicate, with only the occasional repeat or adaptation. The recipes range from towering creations for weddings and other special events to baby cakes for bite-size indulgence, and from the simplest apple upside-down cake and yellow butter cupcakes to the elegant rose-shaped genoise and the stunning holiday pinecone cake. Beranbaum goes into great detail in her recipe instructions, yet still manages to keep the lengthy guidelines friendly, accessible and unintimidating, whether she is describing how to make a whipped ganache topping or beurre noisette, an integral part of her delicate array of financiers. Chocolate, fruit, cream, spun sugar: Beranbaum enlists the best ingredients (which she reviews in a helpful glossary) to create knockout cakes, and with her patient, meticulous description of the measurements and process, anyone with a good mixer and spatula, some time and determination will be able to turn out impressive sweet sensations. (Sept.)

Book Signing and Tasting Event!

Jun 18, 2009 | From the kitchen of Rose in Announcements

Just saw the announcement in The New York Times yesterday: Tickets are now on sale for the New York City Wine & Food Festival at nycwineandfoodfestival.com

My event will be on October 10 (10/10 day!)

My dear friend the brilliant pastry chef and chocolatier Jean François Bonnet of Tumbador will be making 1000 tastings of his chocolate financier recipe that is included in the upcoming book.

Hope to see you there!

On Vacation

Jun 10, 2009 | From the kitchen of Rose in Announcements

Taking a week off to breathe the country air, smell the roses, and take a break from the internet. There will, however, be the usual Saturday posting and Wednesday You Tube link.

Take care of yourselves and each other. I'll try to avoid temptation but will surely take a peek from time to time.

Happy Baking!


Terrific New Discovery Just in Time for the Pie Baking Season

Jun 06, 2009 | From the kitchen of Rose in Announcements

We all know that they best way to keep pie dough from sticking to the surface while rolling it out is to keep it cool. But unless you have a refrigerated marble top, chill down your marble or granite counter, or use the Kuhn Rikkon plastic box like device into which you can insert ice packs, the chances are that it will soften to some degree while rolling.

The best temperature for the dough is 60 to 65˚F/15 to 18˚C. Colder and it cracks, warmer and it sticks so speed is of the essence here.

I’m always looking for the ideal way to prevent sticking and avoid adding too much extra flour to the dough. Up until I discovered the "magic dough mat" I swore by the pastry cloth and sleeve into which you rub flour allowing the to dough pick up only the bare minimum it requires.

When I saw the dough mat described in an industry equipment magazine I was skeptical but ordered one to check it out. I was stunned to discover that unless the dough really softens it virtually prevents sticking.

Note: It’s always a good idea when rolling the dough to move it from time to time to ensure that it will release and if it seems to be getting a little resistant, to sprinkle on a little flour. I prefer Wondra, as it’s slightly coarse texture makes it wonderfully slippery and less is needed.

The dough mat has a slightly adhesive bottom surface, which keeps it from slipping on the counter. The top surface has all manner of useful information such as guide rings for different size doughs and lots of metric equivalencies including volume and temperature. It rolls up for easy storage.

The dough mat is carried by some cookware shops or can be ordered on line from http://www.cooking.com or directly from the manufacturer for about $20 plus shipping.

http://www.magicslice.com Put the words dough mat in the search box.

Face Book Fan Page

Jun 02, 2009 | From the kitchen of Rose in Announcements

It must be in the air but suddenly there is an explosion of groups created around baking with me and I couldn't be happier (or busier!)

Several people asked me to set this up so here's the link:

Rose's Heavenly Cakes Preview Has Begun on Marie Wolf's Blog!

Jun 01, 2009 | From the kitchen of Rose in Announcements

Happy June 1 and happy indeed as the first cake and frosting (including commentary, photos and recipes) from my new book has appeared. Check out http://www.heavenlycakeplace.blogspot.com

This unusual combination of spice cake and peanut buttercream was inspired by Lillan Hayward, mother of Woody’s T'ai Chi master Sifu Ray (funny coincidence both she and Marie are from the Twin Cities! But Marie says she chose this as her first cake to try because her husband Jim loves peanut butter.)

This is my newest peanut buttercream and I'm very pleased with it. In fact I'm combining it with my new devil's food cake for a special birthday party this coming weekend in Hope!

Visit to Normandy Part 2 on Kate's Blog

May 29, 2009 | From the kitchen of Rose in Announcements

For more about the recent trip to Normandy please click on this link:

I Did It!

May 22, 2009 | From the kitchen of Rose in Announcements

I'm on twitter: http://twitter.com/flourrose

follow my flight!

Missing Posting

May 21, 2009 | From the kitchen of Rose in Announcements

Somehow an important posting question from one of you disappeared amidst the flood of new postings that appeared while I was away. It was from someone announcing she was starting a new blog and asking if I would answer a few questions as part of an interview. I do hope you see this and resend it!

A White Lie

May 15, 2009 | From the kitchen of Rose in Announcements

I had to do it! While it's true that I started my trip in Paris (where I am writing from right now as I wait for departure to the US) I spent the last week in Devon England visiting Kate Coldrick (and family) of 'kate flour.' http://amerrierworld@wordpress.com

It was so hard keeping this a secret for all these months but we wanted to surprise fellow UK bloggers Melinda and Jeanette and it was the only way. Each drove to Devon from several hours away thinking they were meeting Kate for the first time and got the added bonus of me! It was so exciting I can't remember the exact words but it went something like a chorus of "it looks like Rose....It IS Rose...it CAN'T be..it IS! And their poor husbands were totally mystified as to what was going on. One quickly disappeared into a nearby store to buy me a welcome souvenir--a tote bag with the beloved Aga range logo! It was a magical time during which we, of course, talked non-stop. The husbands disappeared for a while but came back at the end and added delightfully to the conversationI

I can't believe we pulled it off. Kate and I were so worred that one or the other might cancel thinking they could reschedule easily for another time. Jeanette said she hasn't been so surprised since finding out a week before delivery that she was giving birth to twins many years ago! (One of which--her daughter Ann--accompanied her to lunch.)

Of course both Kate and I will be posting about our two week adventure from Paris, a chateau in Normandy, a ferry across the English channel (on which we were somewhat seasick but one of her daughters was doing perfect cartwheels on the roiling deck) and then Devon. There were many fabulous meals and lots of baking comparing American cake flour to kate flour. By the way, the UK bread flour for no knead bread is terrific. It seems to have a little of the bran left in as there are tiny speckles.

A perfect trip and now happy to be returning to Elliott, the final proofing of the book, my new yellow baby rice cooker (stay tuned for the ultimate brown rice recipe), and my newish Mac.


P.S. bean posting 2 tomorrow!

Away til May 18

May 09, 2009 | From the kitchen of Rose in Announcements

I'll be in France on vacation for two weeks. There will be a new posting each Saturday as usual and each Wednesday a new You Tube link will be posted as well.

Do continue to post and answer postings.

Happy Baking,


Away til May 18

May 01, 2009 | From the kitchen of Rose in Announcements

Dear Friends,

I'll be in France on vacation for two weeks. There will be a new posting each Saturday as usual and each Wednesday a new You Tube link will be posted as well.

Do continue to post and answer postings.

Happy Baking,


New Bread DVD

Apr 28, 2009 | From the kitchen of Rose in Videos

The Bread DVD that I made with General Mills/Gold Medal flour is now live on Youtube and will have a permanent link on the home page of this blog. If you'd like to see the basics of bread preparation from kneading to shaping, slashing, and baking click here.

(Click headine to view video)

A Thousand Apologies!

Apr 21, 2009 | From the kitchen of Rose in Announcements

i was wondering why no one was responding to any of my posts but was so busy with book production, you tube postings and other postings i didn't realize that something was wrong with my gmail notification so i had no idea there were any posts since march 1!

i've just now gone through them all, cleaning up those that were submitted two and three times (please be careful to post only once to avoid this) and answering things that no one else had.

i tried to answer everything at least everything that i had an answer to!

A Surprise Posting Beginning This Wednesday!

Apr 18, 2009 | From the kitchen of Rose in Announcements

For the many requests by people who missed seeing Baking Magic with Rose when it aired over PBS stations, it will begin posting on You Tube this coming week.

Thank you Hector Wong and Rachael Ashe who worked so hard to make this possible.

Preview of the New Book!

Apr 12, 2009 | From the kitchen of Rose in Announcements

The blad is in! A blad is an abbreviation for book layout design and is produced mainly to show prospective book buyer accounts the general look and content.

To me, it feels rather like an ultra sound in color.

Of course the book will be much more beautiful but I thought it would be fun for you to enjoy all the various stages along with me.

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I'm on YouTube!

Feb 05, 2009 | From the kitchen of Rose in Announcements

At this hour I'm usually doing my one mile swim but with the temperature below 0°F I thought better of it. Of course I had the internal argument about how when I was at UVM it was often 14°F below zero and I had to walk a mile to class with the required skirt the fashionable above the knee length (or 'sherth'--would that be the opposite of length?)! But that was years ago. And NY cold is far less dry and far more penetrating.

I'm also remembering a few years later, living in the West Village, and working at home as a manuscript typist, having to wear wool gloves with the fingers cut off as mid-winter the one room never got warm enough to keep my fingers flexible enough to type the 180 wmp I used to be able to hit on the great IBM Selectric. (I still have it--remember the little ball with the type on it spinning around?)

So getting a head-start on the day, I'm losing no time in telling you that our dear fellow blogger Hector Wong has generously posted several of my earliest baking video segments on YouTube to share with you. This was before The Cake Bible. Here's the link:


If you are a member of Youtube you can subscribe to my channel to get further updates about new videos when they are uploaded, as well as rate the videos and share them.

Bread Primer Launched on Epicurious!

Feb 04, 2009 | From the kitchen of Rose in Bread

Here it is: all the basic techniques, ingredients, equipment, and recipes for bread baking. I worked with Epicurious for many months to create this useful primer. It just launched today and I couldn't wait to share it with all of you.

If you're new to bread baking. this primer will give you a great jump start. If you're already a pro you may learn a few new tricks and recipes.


Turning the Tables

Jan 03, 2009 | From the kitchen of Rose in Announcements

I’ve never liked or should I say accepted rules--at least not without questioning or testing them. But for the new year I’d like to offer up two for consideration and that’s the operative word—consideration!

Restaurant Reservations: How would you like it if you made a dinner party and cooked your heart out for your guests and a few didn’t show up without even letting you know before hand. That’s the way it is for restaurants, especially small ones that have even more trouble surviving, especially in this economy. Some restaurateurs are forced to take credit cards along with reservations.

Also, keep in mind that in order to survive financially, small restaurants need to turn the tables, i.e. you really can’t occupy your table for the entire evening unless, perhaps, you are willing to pay for two seatings.

Group E-mails: If you like or need to send the same message to several people, be sure to blind copy. This is not to keep anonymity of e-mail addresses as much as to prevent hackers—vampires of the internet (who adore group e-mails) from sending everyone in your address book endless spam. All you need to do is put the names in your group list in ( ) and they will be safe. Some people think of this as e-mail etiquette. Surprisingly, though, I’ve lost one very old friend and another previously friendly though evidently self-centered colleague after making this request. Each promised never to e-mail me again at all! And I had informed them in good faith assuming they didn’t realize the consequences of what they had done and would be glad to know how it works.

My husband Elliott has a saying that is a near mantra—it goes something like this: Do what you want as long as it doesn’t hurt others. Of course this is subject to interpretation and requires much turning of the tables but could well account for why our marriage has endured for 33 years as of this July 2009.

Happy and Considerate New Year!

Press Trip Departure

Dec 13, 2008 | From the kitchen of Rose in Announcements

I'll be away this week until December 23 for a terrific sounding event in Naples, Italy called Pane, Amore, e Fantasia (Bread, Love, and Dreams) based on a 1950's movie starring Gina Lollabrigida.

Of course you'll be hearing all about it on the blog (after the Swiss trip postings).

I know you'll all continue to help each other in this busy and happy season of holiday baking.

Happy Holidays and Love,

How Sweet It Is

Dec 06, 2008 | From the kitchen of Rose in Announcements

A few weeks ago I attended the launch of Amy Scherber and Toy Kim Dupree’s new book, The Sweeter Side of Amy’s Bread.

For those of you who don’t live in NY, Amy’s Bread is the one most often found at upscale restaurants that don’t bake their own (and few do!). There are also two consumer locations, one in the village on the famed Bleecker Street and the other in the Chelsea Market where the book party was held.

I am a great fan of Amy and Toy’s so I went to support them, not realizing I would get to meet almost the entire publicity department of my new publisher Wiley (who published this book)! And what a delightful part it was with a nice mix of colleagues and customers and many generous samples from the book. An older gentleman, watching me peruse the book, asked me if I was in it. My response was “why would I be?” and then I thought to look in the index and there was honored to find my name in two places!

As almost every bread baker I know, Amy and Toy are the soul of generosity and Amy told me that the recipes in the book are exactly the ones from the bakery—no secrets withheld.

I was thrilled to see that the book has the familiar ingredients charts I so adore and told Amy I was a little jealous that they got to put grams first! She said they insisted on it as that is the way they bake. The ounces and volume are in the second and third columns.

I’m sure you’ll value, as do I, the “Tips and Techniques” that appear throughout the book in a pale lavender rectangle, and a great version of Red Velvet Cake on page 105. But worth the price of the book alone is the moistest, darkest Devil’s Food Cake (page 175) I’ve ever encountered, in fact, I made the cake the very next week so I could have more of it!

The Sweeter Side of Amy's Bread: Cakes, Cookies, Bars, Pastries and More from New York City's Favorite Bakery on Amazon.

There’s A New Bible on The Block

Nov 29, 2008 | From the kitchen of Rose in Announcements

Since The Cake Bible was published 20 years ago, there have been so many books using the B word I’m expecting a whole section in the book stores devoted to food bibles.

“What’s in a name? That which we call a rose….” of course is true up to a point, but I don’t need to tell you what’s in the name “bible” and if you’re going to use it as part of the name of your book it had better be one. The Flavor Bible is.

If you look up the word bible in the Encarta Dictionary, after you get past the first few religious connotation definitions, you’ll find the one that best applies here as well: “essential book: a book that is considered an authority on a particular subject.”

Written by my esteemed friends and colleagues Karen Page and Andrew Dornenburg, The Flavor Bible not only fits this definition it offers something beyond bible that is rare and precious: true originality. There is not a single recipe in the book—this is not about learning how to roast a chicken---it’s about understanding taste, flavor synergy, ingredients—what they are and how they work with each other. Beautifully organized alphabetically by ingredient and also including ethnic cuisine, each ingredient is coded for weight, volume, technique, and tips (occasionally function as in sesame oil: “heating”).

Studded throughout the book are quotes, concepts, and tips from illustrious chefs, past and present, and other notables such as the response of U.S. Poet Laureate Charles Simic when asked in an interview “What advice would you give to people who are looking to be happy?” His answer: “For starters, learn how to cook.” And here’s a great tip from one of my favorite chefs, Michèl Richard (who is a perfect example of happiness, married many years with more children than I can remember). He uses miso broth instead of chicken for his onion soup. This is one of Andrew’s favorite tips as well. Karen intrigued me with Dominique and Cindy Duby’s clever idea to alternate slices of apples and eggplant in a tart because the absorbent eggplant soaks up the juices of the apples to keep the tart less soggy -- so much so that the eggplant tastes like apple! Karen said “We haven't tried it yet ourselves, but the logic made immediate sense.” Yes indeed it does and I can hardly wait to see for myself!

This book will soon have you thinking like a food professional. It will change your approach to how you look at food and ingredients. Here’s how it works: A food professional approaching something new first smells, then tastes, and then the sensory brain starts spinning trying to imagine what it would enhance! An example of one of my most startling food synergies: several years ago I had just perfected a passion ice cream and happened to notice that my windowsill rosemary was in bloom with exquisite little lavender flowers. Rosemary leaves are resinous and intensely overpowering for something as subtle though singular as passion fruit but the flowers had a flavor all their own—almost impossible to describe and somehow I immediately thought to garnish the icecream with them. Both visually and gustatorially they provided a whole new and heavenly dimension to the ice cream.

Read this book from cover to cover. It’s an education. Even if you never intend to cook a thing as long as you live it will indeed make you happier. It will make eating more enjoyable and you’ll never again have to feel uncomfortable in a restaurant wondering exactly what you’re ordering.

The Flavor Bible: The Essential Guide to Culinary Creativity, Based on the Wisdom of America's Most Imaginative Chefs on Amazon.

An Early Holiday Present

Nov 10, 2008 | From the kitchen of Rose in Announcements

Kate Coldrick of Devon has continued her invaluable work in heat treating unbleached flour to produce the best possible texture and flavor in cakes. As this will be such a great benefit to people all over the world I am posting in advance the section in my upcoming book devoted the the explanation of this special technique. For more details be sure to visit her blog.

from Roses Heavenly Cakes to be published Fall of 2009:

“Kate Flour”
This is special information created for home bakers who do not have access to bleached flour: Kate Coldrick
www.amerrierworld.wordpress.com, who lives in the United Kingdom, has done research and discovered that some flour companies in the UK produce a heat-treated flour available only to the food service industry. Determined to have access to this flour for the home baker, after extensive experiments she has come up with a technique using a microwave for treating commonly available flour so that it performs as successfully in cakes as bleached flour. Home bakers around the world are now able to make cakes from this and other American cookbooks without needed American bleached flour. We are all indebted to Kate for her persistence.

On the left is the cake made with "kate flour" and on the right the same cake made with cake flour from the US. Kate says in a blind test she could not tell the difference. This is a major accomplishment! (Incidentally Kate says the black nail polish is a remnant of Halloween--she has three young children!)

Following is an explanation of the process.

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Can it BE?!

Nov 09, 2008 | From the kitchen of Rose in Announcements

Our blog is 3 years old. The very first posting and announcement was on November 7, 2004. Care to hazard a guess as to how many replies I have made in there years? I started keeping track on December 10 2004: Ta da!!! 1900 on the dot. Of course this does not include posting. Just thought you'd enjoy knowing. I myself had no idea of the total number.

As to how many visitors we are no doubt around the 2 million mark. Isn't that wonderful! Thank you all for your terrific participation.


"BakeWise" Has Landed!

Nov 08, 2008 | From the kitchen of Rose in Announcements

Everyone who knows Shirley Corriher and her work adores her. Gracious, kind, endearing, loving, generous, lively, often hilariously funny, and passionately devoted to sharing her culinary scientific discoveries and expertise, first with CookWise (William Morrow) and now with BakeWise (Scribner). Shirley has solved culinary conundrums for people all over the world from Julia Child to Proctor and Gamble.

Shirley’s invaluable uniqueness, beyond what I already mentioned, is that she is a balanced bridge between the theoretical and the empirical, i.e. she knows and loves the theory and she also knows and loves great food and how to make it that way. Which is how we became best friends over 25 years ago!

While the food world at large seemed fairly indifferent to scientific theories, Shirley and I were squealing with delight over discoveries that could make cooking and especially baking better. An example: on a visit to Shirley in Atlanta, after a swim at the nearby Cherokee Country Club, Shirley, in her soft adorably southern-accented voice shared her latest discover: “Rose…!” she began in a hushed voice and with great excitement, as if about to impart the secret to immortality (and in a way it was if you consider one’s work to be the one way to achieve it!) “Ah read in a scientific journal” she went on to confide “just wah bleached flowah makes a betta cake.” (If you don’t already know by now and are interested to find out read our books or do a search on this blog!) And then we laughed uproariously when we considered the probability that we were the only two ladies sitting by the pool having a discussion of this nature as opposed to perhaps the best brand of nail polish.

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Happy 20th Birthday Dear Cake Bible!

Oct 25, 2008 | From the kitchen of Rose in Announcements

This month of October is the official pub date. And the coming out party was fortuitously on the very day of Maida Heatter's birthday. (It was my dessert goddess Maida who wrote the amazingly wonderful intro for the book.)

Our wonderful Hector offered to digitalize the original New York TImes photos that appeared shortly after the party on October 19, 1988. I sent it to him in Hawaii and he returned the original and e-mailed the electronic file so that you can all enjoy it. The only thing missing is the bottom of the page, just below the recipe for the Chocolate Domingo, the cake dedicated to Placido Domingo. Could it have been pure coincidence that just exactly below it was a photo of Pavarotti raising a toast--not to the cake as the caption read "Pavarotti ends diet"!

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Back from Switzerland--Well...Almost!

Oct 12, 2008 | From the kitchen of Rose in Announcements

It was a wonderful trip and terrific group of people. I have some great photos and stories and even a recipe to share but it will take a little while as tomorrow starts the final round of photography for the book and will go the entire week til Saturday.

This weekend is Book Production phase 11 3/4. Shortly after my arrival the corrected Galleys arrived and I've gone through the entire set making sure that over 1000 corrections were input. Amazingly there are only about 38 left--all minor and several due to my not noticing them before. An example is in the chart where I am using only a half a pineapple and the volume in the cell reads 1/2 which looks kind of odd even though the ingredient cell reads pineapple, halved.

Each new generation of the book becomes closer to it's final appearance. The colors and design look so gorgeous it made the arduous process of scrutinizing text almost enjoyable. Now I can't wait til January to see all the photos in place. And I'm really excited about the upcoming photography. When I see the final cover design I just may pass out with joy! So many years, so much effort on so many people's part, the moment that the first copy is placed in an author's hands rates as one of the prize moments of her/his life.

Dede Wilson’s New Book

Oct 04, 2008 | From the kitchen of Rose in Announcements

I’m sure many of you in this country are familiar with Dede Wilson as she appears often on the Today Show, representing Bon Appétit Magazine for whom she is a regular columnist. She is also author of seven cookbooks including her just published “the Birthday Cake book, 75 Recipes for Candle-Worthy Creations,” (Harvard Common Press).

Dede is one of the liveliest and fun people I know and I am a great admirer of her work as well. The first time I met Dede she told me a hilarious story which perfectly describes the originality of her approach to baking. At the time “The Cake Bible” was published Dede had a bakery and decided to make the Chocolate Pinecone which involves tempering chocolate and spreading it into dozens of tiny oval shapes that then get stuck into the ganache coating the cake. After completing the cake she decided she would never make it again (who could blame her!) but would put it on display in her showcase. However… while she was out one of her salespeople who didn’t know it wasn’t for sale allowed a customer to buy it and also took an order from a second customer. That’s when Dede, out of desperation, came up with the brilliant and original solution: She placed chocolate chips on a sheet pan and melted them in a very low oven. Then she took the pan and dropped it on the floor so that the chips skidded out into perfect ovals. I knew right away that the future held lots more surprises from Dede Wilson. And this new book certainly qualifies as one!

Photo (c) 2008, by Melissa Punch

The book is filled with luscious and creative ideas for birthday cakes, from apricot roses to Red Velvet Cake, German Chocolate Cake, and even a cake that can be sent in the mail. I especially love the one pictured here called Pretty-in-Pink Cake. What a brilliant idea to use raspberries and candle holders. And I love the velvety crumb of the cake and the opulent huge petals of frosting. I also like that the cake isn’t leveled—the doming looks so natural and approachable—in fact the whole effect is friendly and delicious.

Photo (c) 2008, by Melissa Punch

If you’re looking for great decorating design ideas for people of all ages and a great collection of well-conceived recipes this is IT!

Albert Uster

Sep 30, 2008 | From the kitchen of Rose in Announcements

I leave shortly for the airport for Switzerland but before my departure I want to share with all of you who knew him or knew of him the obituary I wrote as a tribute to Albert Uster who died just a few weeks ago at the age of 75 in a glider plane accident in the alps. I love Switzerland and am thrilled to be part of the upcoming culinary press trip about which you will be hearing more in the near future. But I leave with sadness as well as this will be the first of many times I have been in Switzerland knowing that Albert is no longer with us.

Some of you will have noticed that Albert was one of the very first people to post on this blog--congratulating me in his exceptionally modest manner, saying he hoped I could consider him a friend. And he was a very dear friend indeed as well as a larger than life person. For more about his life and significant contributions to America and the pastry world I encourage you to click on this link: http://www.auiswiss.com/aboutUs_uster.cfm. But the following was a little story I wrote for the Washington Post. They only had room for two short lines so here is the rest:

Albert Uster

There are so many stories I have to tell about Albert as we have been friends for over 25 years. Flashing through my mind are images of Albert yodeling at the slightest provocation; hosting me and a group of pastry chefs on a trip to Switzerland and asking only one thing at the end of the trip: To suggest a charitable use for his money; Albert returning late to his weekend guests in his beautiful home in Potomac and inviting me by phone to chose any wine in his wine cellar—then only getting mildly annoyed when I opened a very old Burgundy that was there just for show and undrinkable; going for a brisk morning walk with him, his daughter Jennifer, and the youngest of his sons Adam who fondly called him Poppy, the kids lovingly insisting he exercise more; me helping him chose a tux at Saks in D.C. (for a special event honoring him) which he pronounced with an exaggerated Swiss accent as ‘Sex’ causing the sales girls to giggle and him to repeat it several times; bringing me back dried black pears and schnapps from Switzerland for a Swiss pear bread I wanted to make; inviting me to Gaithersburg for the inauguration of the World War II Swiss bakery truck he had purchased; watching him make rosti potatoes at my friend Angelica’s house in Long Beach, L.I., while she made lasagna for our collaborative dinner the three of us had planned for years; but here’s my very favorite memory of all. The day we were visiting Angelica the sidewalks were iced over and slick as a frozen lake. The three of us decided to go for a walk on the nearby boardwalk. As I tentatively advanced one foot from the porch steps onto the ice, already beginning to slip and slide, Albert grasped me masterfully under one elbow and strode out with me onto the ice saying: “The way to walk on ice is with complete confidence.” I felt then that as long as Albert was holding my elbow I would never fall, which is why it breaks my heart to think that Albert had no Albert supporting him in that airplane. But if he had to go so too soon, I think this would have been his way—Albert was not a man to go quietly into that dark night—he died as he lived with verve, energy, passion, flying free and, I’m certain, with the same confidence with which he walked on ice.

Out of the Country

Sep 29, 2008 | From the kitchen of Rose in Announcements

I'll be in Switzerland on a culinary press tour until October 10th and at photography for the book week of 12. Of course there will be the usual Saturday postings but I won't be able to answer most postings until after the 19th of October. Please continue to help each other and happy baking!

A Rescue Starter

Sep 04, 2008 | From the kitchen of Rose in Announcements

A dear old friend and esteemed colleague, Jim Fobel (author of 9 cookbooks!), called recently to offer me some of his lively 250 year old starter he had purchased from King Arthur. He couldn’t bear to throw out the required half so he has been feeding two starters but doesn’t have use for all that starter (does this sound familiar?)!

Jim lives in Manhattan around 14th Street so we decided to offer it to anyone who is willing to pick it up from him.

Save the starter by calling Jim: 212-414-1902

Hibernating for the Month of August

Aug 01, 2008 | From the kitchen of Rose in Announcements

I'll be reviewing the copy editing of the huge manuscript where there are no sirens or noises other than birds and crickets to disturb my concentration!

I'll try to answer questions as time allows but will be back in Sept. if any remain unanswered by our fellow bloggers or myself.

Best rest of the summer,


Cooking for Dad Week

Jul 17, 2008 | From the kitchen of Rose in Announcements

I'll be in Hope for the week, cooking and baking for my Dad's 94th birthday July 23. I'll check in to the blog and try to catch up with some of the questions from vacation three weeks ago but please don't count on me for immediate responses!

Bake fruit pies!

Ta Da!!!

Jul 06, 2008 | From the kitchen of Rose in Announcements

I've just been given word that the new flour bag for Gold Medal Better for Bread is shipping to stores around the country.This is the same wonderful red winter wheat flour formerly known as "Harvest King." And the bag still sports my best basic hearth bread on the back. But the color of the bag is now a bright canary yellow and in a little circle under the deep gold Gold Medal medallion is a photo of me!

I couldn't be more pleased and proud. Here is a preview of what you will see when you shop for flour in the U.S.

Away Til June 16

Jun 09, 2008 | From the kitchen of Rose in Announcements

Just wanted to remind you all that I'll be in MN at Gold Medal Flour making the video for the upcoming book.

Will try to do a short posting on the Beard Awards last night before I go or after I land but won't have much time to visit the blog this week.

I would say my usual happy baking but if you live in NY or the environs, this is not the day to turn on the oven!



James Beard Foundation Awards 2008

Jun 09, 2008 | From the kitchen of Rose in Announcements

A Bird's Eye View

Every year I say this is the last time I’m covering the awards and every year I’m drawn back again to this smorgasbord/kaleidoscope Oscars of the food world. And collide is the operative word. Imagine first sitting for three hours through the award ceremony until you’re absolutely starving, and then eating your way through little plates of mostly delicious food offered by some of your favorite chefs elbow to elbow with some of your favorite friends and colleagues and hoards of people caught up in a feeding frenzy, not noticing if they’ve stepped on your foot, banged their shoulder bag into your side, or spilled your food or drink all over you.

The most painful part is not being able to finish a single conversation before being interrupted by another favorite person you never get to see during the rest of the year. Talk about too much of a good thing.

The award ceremony was beautifully orchestrated so that really I didn’t mind sitting for 3 hours. Kim Cattrall and Bobby Flay were wonderful co-hosts. I’ve known Bobby for many years and have loved his food at Mesa Grill and his generosity sending out delicious little extras whenever he knew I was there. Kim was an unusual but perfect choice as co-host because she bridged the gap between professional chef and this year’s theme “Artisanal America” and the perennial underlying theme of pleasure. So of course there was a cute flirtation between the two of them not to mention a slew of suggestive innuendoes that kept everyone awake. It reminded me of a few years ago when going to a new physician for an annual checkup and his asking me the routing question: “what is your profession?” My answer—it just popped out—was “I’m in the pleasure giving business.” He raised his eyebrows—perhaps in no small part because he is a colleague of my husband’s and was not expecting such a response from his wife. But I think the reason I expressed it that way was because Elliott told me he is a great appreciator of wine so I thought he would understand. When I explained he did indeed.

You can see all the award winners on the site: www.jamesbeardfoundation.com
so I won’t list all the winners but I would like to highlight two of my favorites: Paula Wolfort gave a most delightful and heartfelt acceptance speech when her first book Paula Wolfert’s Couscous and Other Good Food from Morocco was inducted into the Cookbook Hall of Fame. Paula was one of my greatest inspirations at the beginning of my writing career and she remains one of my favorite people. It was a special delight to meet her lovely daughter Leila for the first time.

Terry Theise, perhaps my most articulate and cleverest of friends for the past 12 years and in good part responsible for my passion for Riesling, especially German Riesling, won the Outstanding Wine and Spirits Professional Award. Coincidentally, his wife Odessa Piper, a great supporter of sustainable agriculture and artisanal producers, and also a Beard Award Winner, served as co-chair of the Awards Gala Reception.
There were 32 chefs represented and I tasted perhaps 30 of the dishes. Sadly, I only had the opportunity to photograph one as the hungry surging crowds soon made it impossible to pause to frame a shot, but fortunately it was my favorite of all the things tasted—Melissa Kelly’s squash blossoms stuffed with handmade sheep’s milk ricotta.

I also adored Nora Pouillon’s incredibly creamy and flavorful rhubarb gelato and Scott Peacock’s amazingly exquisite strawberry preserves. Alexandra Guarnaschelli’s little pastry discs of sweet/savory salt-cured local foie gras with warm strawberry-black pepper jam and arugula were brilliantly original and meltingly delicious. I’ve known her since she was in high school and I’m so proud of what a great chef she has become.

It’s not easy to balance plates and forks and handbags amidst people’s elbows but I did manage to have an excellent glass of Phelps Pinot—one of my favorite producers.

Maybe I’ll have to return next year after all. But I’ll be sure to wear a waterproof outfit with spurs on the sides and maybe on the back as well. And now I’d better leave or I’ll miss my plane to Minnesota!

Manhattan Milk Madness

Jun 07, 2008 | From the kitchen of Rose in Announcements

Growing up as the daughter of a dentist (my mother) I was required to drink 4 glasses of milk a day. My mother told me that when I was an adult I’d only require 2 and I longed for that day. But I have to admit I have not been drinking those 2 glasses partially because as a baker I assumed I was getting plenty of calcium from other more interesting sources. Then I discovered the joys of homemade cappuccino and the incredibly wonderful milk from the Manhattan Milk Co. www.manhattanmilk.com.

Ever in search for the perfect foam I found it in the Manhattan Milk skimmed variety. Their milk, distributed in the greater NY area, comes from Amish farms and is probably the most delicious milk I’ve ever tasted. Even the skim is wonderful. But I’ve also started ordering a quart of the whole milk for my cereal.

The ads these days for both Total cereal and milk claim that people who eat and drink them are slimmer. This could be as they are so satisfying they prevent that empty stomach feeling longer than many other foods. I also discovered that fresh bing cherries are a wonderful accompaniment to Total whole wheat cereal with Manhattan whole milk.

I have to credit my friend Gary Cheong who is manager of the boutique Batch, the offshoot of Pichet Ong’s delightful restaurant Pong. I was passing by as Gary was leaving for an errand and he whisked me right into Batch to try the milk he had recently discovered. I was hooked.

You can order the milk on line but there is a minimum order so you may want to purchase it from Batch and get to taste some of their terrific desserts. Most recently their Passion Rice Pudding has been touted in the press and I can't wait to try it.

My mother would be so pleased I am now drinking close to the milk quota she had long ago suggested. And I am most grateful to her for my enviable bone density!

Our Blog Gets High Rating

Jun 03, 2008 | From the kitchen of Rose in Announcements

WIKIO has contacted us that our blog is number 58 out of thousands of food blogs! we now have a dynamic link on the blog at the very bottom of the right hand side under "sites i like"(and I do indeed like this one)! It will update on a daily basis.

You're Not Going to Believe This!

May 29, 2008 | From the kitchen of Rose in Announcements

I just returned from the French Culinary Institute where I was one of the judges for the graduating pastry class. I started speaking to one of the other judges who is the pastry chef at the terrific restaurant Aquavit in NY. I asked her where she was from and she said Sweden. So I started telling her about the bread posted below and she got really excited because she worked in that bakery!

I'm going to be retesting my version this Monday to make for my dentist who is a major bread lover. I've never brought him a loaf of bread before because he's 3 1/2 miles uptown and I always walk but carrying 1 1/4 pounds is not a big sacrifice when it's this wonderful. I'm doubling the dough because it's just too good to make only one loaf. I'll be posting it within 3 weeks time.

If anyone wants the original with the rye starter or just to compare and see how I translated it or maybe try both side by side I think I'll post that one too. It will be like taking a voyage through my brain to see how a recipe gets adapted. And I'll add a few notes as to why I did what I did.


May 27, 2008 | From the kitchen of Rose in Announcements

I have to write about this so I can stop eating it! several months ago I mentioned a fantastic bread I ate in Sweden a few years ago and that it was in an award winning Swedish cookbook in Swedish. A kind blogger from Sweden translated it for me and after spending several hours working it out in a user friendly manner for the semi-professional home baker I finally got to try it. And it is a winner!

The challenge to working it out is that, for starters, it requires not only one starter but two--a white wheat starter and a rye starter. Many people don't have any starter so when I post the recipe I'm going to add how to add old bread dough in its place. And for those who do have a starter, I've combined the white and rye starter into one, i.e. equal weight but adding the rye flour to the dough. Also, I'm using my usual old and stiff sourdough starter and instant yeast.

It's going to take me a few weeks to post this so it gives you time to purchase some pumpernickel flour (aka coarse rye) or medium rye and maybe get a starter going? It will be worth it.

Be Still My Heart!

May 08, 2008 | From the kitchen of Rose in Announcements

I ran over to Whole Foods today and look what I found!!!

From a distance I thought it was albino eggplant but then to my amazement I saw that it was an ostrich egg. Next my eyes took in the entire egg display. All eggs were set on rafia to ressemble nests and there they all were: quail eggs, pheasant eggs and most beloved of all: duck eggs.

I raised home with my cache and lost no time in frying up two of the pheasant eggs for an early lunch. They were flavorful but more delicate than chicken eggs with no "eggy" flavor. The bread is my new whole wheat sandwich bread recipe which I will be posting later this summer.

I just mixed up a small batch of pasta dough for dinner using just the yolks and a little heavy cream. No I don't have time for this but who knows how long this windfall will last.

Incidentall, duck egg yolks make THE most delicious cakes but don't use the white as they don't aerate well at all and the texture will be coarse.

'Tis the Season

May 03, 2008 | From the kitchen of Rose in Announcements

... the wedding season that is! Hector, our talented baker/blogger/designer/photographer/friend, has designed a stunning book plate and gift concept for the bride and groom.
He suggests printing it out as a 5x7 photo to tape in your books as a bookplate! He writes that it is ok to print on other sizes but the edges may chop out a little.

A Fun and Informative Blog Posting

Apr 17, 2008 | From the kitchen of Rose in Announcements

I was asked by Roxanne Webber of chow.com to offer my opinionas to the suitability of beans as pie weights and whether they remain edible after baking. If you are interested in my response click on this link: http://www.chow.com/stories/11054 I can promise you will be pleasantly surprised!

I'm Back!

Apr 13, 2008 | From the kitchen of Rose in Announcements

I need a little time to catch up from the past two week marathon of photography for the new book and visit to Gold Medal/General Mills in MN bu I've been following all your postings and look forward to answering and telling about the experience(s) asap! thanks to all of you who have so wisely helped those in need of a response.

I Love Technology

Apr 05, 2008 | From the kitchen of Rose in Announcements

You may find it odd that someone who loves scratch baking, weaving, knitting, and other somewhat retro activities so fully embraces new technology. But as far as I’m concerned, anything that improves quality of product, performance, or existence in general is welcome in my life. After all, I wouldn't be here on this blog writing to you if not for the internet!

It took a while before I could have important intimate phone conversations with the use of a headphone but now I find it more immediate than the old-fashioned receiver and besides, it saves my neck! (No more crunching the receiver between ear and shoulder—perish the thought.)

Years ago Elliott told me I should be using voice activation software for which he developed the vocabulary and protocol in radiology. As a 180 word per minute typist I was resistant. Then some years later I had a violent reaction to the powerful antibiotic cipro. It was administered for a minor infection and turned out to be the equivalent of hitting a mosquito with a sledge hammer! It resulted in a thankfully temporary neurological incapacity that made it difficult to type. This served as real motivation to try out the voice activation software that had been sitting on my computer for years.

I will always be grateful to Marc Cohen of www.spokencomputing.com for coming to my aid. Marc lives in San Francisco and is an expert trainer for speech recognition software. He responded to something I wrote about my typing problem on the blog with a kind and invaluable offer to help me get over the hurdle. He told me that his partner had made their wedding cake from The Cake Bible and that in gratitude he wanted to be of help to me.

I cannot sing the praises of voice activation more enthusiastically as it has saved my fingers and given a new voice to my writing. When my mother was still alive I often would read articles I had written over the phone to her. It was a way to give her my time, entertain her, and still get my work done, but the added benefit was that invariably, once I heard my prose out loud, I would change something in the flow of them. I think that the spoken word and the written word need to be in balance and the best way to achieve it is by speaking your writing into the computer and then reading it back!

Often I revert back to my fingers because I type faster than I speak and old habits die hard. BUT, my favorite headphone company (Hello Direct) has come up with a new version of their light-weight and fantastic wireless headphone that can switch back between phone conversations and voice activation on the computer. I’m sure that will make it much more encouraging to use. And somewhere down the line, with Marc’s help, I’ll try out tape recording my notes as I test recipes, plugging it into the computer, and allowing the voice recognition software to transfer my words to the recipe document. That would be the ideal way to test recipes and record all the nuances faithfully.

Day One of Photography for the New Book

Mar 30, 2008 | From the kitchen of Rose in Announcements

I am keeping careful notes to share with you. I'm thrilled with the results of today's photo shoot. We are scheduled for 10 solid uninterrupted days of photography (including on my birthday--never will I have had so many birthday cakes!) after which I will be going to Minneapolis to visit General Mills/Gold Medal Flour to plan the DVD.

It looks like it's going to be near impossible to respond to any blog questions until after April 11 but there will be a posting from me every Saturday as usual.

And I'll check in as often as possible just so that I don't miss anything!

Great Wedding Cake Class

Mar 16, 2008 | From the kitchen of Rose in Announcements

Jan Kish is hands down the most talented cake decorator ever to have graduated from Cordon Rose, my former cooking school. Since that time, which is over 20 years ago, she opened Jan Kish - La petite Fleur, and has been producing breathtaking cakes which she ships all over the world. She has also appeared many times in Brides magazine, and on the Good Morning America Show and the Food Network.

For the first time, Jan will be sharing her exceptional skills in two 1-day 6 hour seminars Homespun Wedding Cakes -- at La Cuisine in Alexandria Virginia www.lacuisineus.com on Saturday, April 19, and in Columbus, Ohio www.jankish.com on Sunday, May 4. In this class, Jan will delve into the “anatomy of the wedding cake” Her objective is to transform you from novice to semi-professional in six hours (and perhaps a wee bit more). She will take you from imagination, to design, to creation, while demonstrating how the techniques you learn can then be applied to other celebration cakes.

This is an opportunity not to be missed.

Note: There will also be a second-class on Sunday, April 20 at La Cuisine on “How to Cater Your Own Wedding.”

On Vacation

Mar 15, 2008 | From the kitchen of Rose in Announcements

I'll be skiing in Deer Valley until Tuesday, March 25, then back to New York and photography for the new book every day including the weekend until April 4, then away until April 10th doing DVD planning!

Postings are scheduled for every Saturday but please don't be surprised if other than that you don't hear from me very often during this time. Take good care of yourselves and each other.


Orange Curd Revisit

Feb 20, 2008 | From the kitchen of Rose in Announcements

For Matthew and anyone else who has tried or will try the Seville orange curd I posted a few weeks back: blood orange zest makes a beautiful addition. I was just at Whole Foods in SoHo, looking to see if they had the Seville oranges. They didn't but to my surprise they had another batch of blood oranges. Tip: choose the ones that have purplish peel rather than orange as that is a sure indication of the color of the fruit within. If the oranges are mostly orange in color the interior will be mostly orange with maybe a few tinges of red.
Blood orange zest disappointingly loses its color on heating and becomes just orange but when subjected to minimal heat from the orange curd poured over it, it keeps its vibrant hue. Of course the orange inside is great to eat and blood oranges are exceptionally easy to peel. But don't wait too many days to do so as the inner peel hardens after the outside is zested.

The Pourfect Bowl Scraper

Feb 02, 2008 | From the kitchen of Rose in Announcements

I just received my sample of the final "Scrape-A-Bowl and I need to go on record immediately to state that I did not approve this final product though a quote from me is on the box which says "This new beater is a work of art."

The concept is a good one but in my testing of a prior model before the final I found that the pressure of the blades against the inside of the bowl locked the bowl in place making it necessary to dislodge it with a rubber coated hammer. Also the jiggling of the head of the mixer caused the pin holding it in place to work its way out and the heavy head of the mixer fell onto my marble counter top which would have cracked it had I not caught it just in time.

I see that the new model is slightly shorter which may have solved this problem but until I try it again I can't swear to it!

Also as of yet I haven't seen approval from any of the major manufacturers using this attachment for their machines. I have heard that there is concern as to whether the friction against the bowl will gradually wear the motor.

The concept is excellent but I reserve judgement until I have the chance to test it further.

Update on the Spanish Cake Bible

Jan 09, 2008 | From the kitchen of Rose in Announcements

I've just learned that the Spanish edition of my book will be published Oct/Nov of this year (2008). Of course it will be available all over Spain but if you want to be able to purchase it in the US please post your comments on this blog and I will forward them to the publisher. This will motivate them to find a US distributor!

You Are Invited

Jan 01, 2008 | From the kitchen of Rose in Announcements

I will be giving a lecture on flour and an angel food cake demo for the New York University Experimental Cuisine Collective on Thursday, January 17, 4 to 6 p.m. at NYU Washington Square Campus.

You are welcome to come but as space is limited, please RSVP Anne E. McBride and she will e-mail you the address.


Also do let me know as it will be great fun to meet those of you who are in the area and might be able to come!

P.S. There's no admission charge.

High Altitude on the Forums

Dec 20, 2007 | From the kitchen of Rose in Announcements

Do check out the link on the forums for high altitude baking--it will be very helpful for those of you on high!

Babka and the Day After

Dec 19, 2007 | From the kitchen of Rose in Announcements

well there it is--the babka stayed and i gained a little over 1 pound. i just returned from my early morning swim and ran into one of my favorite neighbors waiting for the elevator. she asked me in a hushed voice what i had been baking the night before last. she said the whole hall smelled like apple pie and permeated all the apartments (she had already queried another neighbor). it was the cinnamon and butter combination of course. incidentally, ann has a luscious sounding chocolate and apricot filling as another great alternative to the cinnamon and sugar.

since i can't seem to get this babka out of my mind, i started thinking that maybe i should use half light brown muscovado sugar in the filling but then decided it was risky as where the babka opens up during baking and the filling carmelizes, the molasses in the brown sugar would make it either burn or become too dark and bitter.

i'm having trouble waiting the 45 minutes for my editor to arrive so we can finish the babka together. i'll distract myself with coffee.

Kenwood 7 Quart Mixer

Dec 18, 2007 | From the kitchen of Rose in Announcements

Many of you know from reading my books that I test all the major pieces of equipment used in baking which often leaves me with a warehouse clutter that I tend to hang onto for years. But recently I've been inspired to reorganize, clean up the crawl space and share some of my special pieces with people who would really appreciate it.

For a short time Kenwood was carried under the Rival name and so I have what is actually a Kenwood 7 Quart mixer with Rival brand on it along with two 7 quart mixer bowls and 2 sets of whisk, paddle, and dough hook attachments. I'm willing to ship it to whoever makes the best offer, not including shipping, by the end of the year but it has to be in the U.S. I'd rather see it go to one of my fellow bloggers than to post it on e-bay. and of course you know the respect with which I treat my equipment. This one has not had very much use and is in perfect condition.

Radio Show Tomorrow

Dec 17, 2007 | From the kitchen of Rose in Announcements

I will be a guest on the Martha Stewart Living Radio on Sirius Satellite for the Living Today show tomorrow, December 18, at 4:00 East Coast time until about 4:30. We'll be talking about holiday cookies and cakes. Hope you can tune in!

Great Cookie Clinic in Today's Washington Post

Dec 12, 2007 | From the kitchen of Rose in Announcements

click on this link and you'll see some advice from me and some of my esteemed colleagues!


New York City at Its Finest Hours

Dec 01, 2007 | From the kitchen of Rose in Announcements

There’s no time I enjoy living in New York more than December. (By the way, when a New Yorker says New York it means New York City.) Though the city is dramatic and often beautiful in all seasons, it is at its most spectacular when dressed for the holidays.

This week I walked uptown to a fascinating Austrian wine and food pairing from the Burgenland. As it was only two blocks away from Rockefeller Center I paused to enjoy the newly lit tree for 10 full minutes, with the same wide-eyed wonder as all the tourists surrounding me. I think the tree was all of 80 feet high but rose to 84 feet with the placement of the magnificent Swarovski crystal star on top.

The Austrian wine and food pairing was most successful because it demonstrated dramatically how the wine changes with the food that accompanies it. I loved the Heinrich St. Laurent 2005 by itself and with the Viennese fried chicken and especially with the accompanying sauce of lingonberries, but not when I sipped it with the Kobe beef roast where the Weninger Blaufränkisch Reserve 2003 which initially I had found quite closed suddenly blossomed. But the two biggest surprises were the sparkling grüner veltliner that went with all the hors d’oeuvres but was also extremely enjoyable by itself as was the Kracher 2003 TBA (short for trockenbeerenauslese for those who fear pronouncing it or want to boast extreme familiarity). Many people refer to this dessert wine as liquid gold and this particular one deserved the name in full. In fact it was so perfectly balanced between refreshing acidity and honeyed apricot sweetness it needed nothing at all to accompany it other than a willingness to fall to one’s knees in gratitude (difficult to do when seated).

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The New Forums

Nov 19, 2007 | From the kitchen of Rose in Announcements

You guys! You're so inventive. I've been very busy over the past few days hosting my dad and his caretaker and nursing a bruised toe (oh you're going to laugh when you hear what I told the dr.!) but now I've checked in to see what's happening and I want to stay and read every posting. I can't wipe the smile off my face. I had no idea just how fun the new forums were going to be!

OK here's the toe story: I woke up Friday morning with my fourth toe red, swollen, and hurting in a way unbelievable for so small an appendage. I wanted to ignore it but I was beginning to have trouble walking. I didn't remember having stubbed in on a chair a few days before so it seemed to come out of the blue and I feared gangrene. So I rolled out the porcini pasta planned for dinner and then took it's (my toe's) temperature with my infra-red thermometer and sure enough, while all other toes were 91 degrees, the toe causing the commotion was 94 degrees.

When I reported this to the Dr. who was kind enough to see me at a moment's notice, he laughed and said that he would now have to write a paper on toe temperature! (Remember my editor at Food Art's saying I weigh everything, even air? Well now he can add I take the temperature of everything as well!)

After just one anti-inflammatory pill the swelling went down and I was able to make chicken paprikash for dinner, cherry pie for Sat. night dinner, along with rib roast on the grill and yorkshire popovers, plus blueberry pancakes and bacon for Sunday brunch.

Dad's caretaker, Shelly Tilly, insisted on cleaning the house while I did all this cooking (wood burning fireplaces are great but the fallout from them makes dusting more necessary than weekend visits allow). But the greatest gift was that Shelly harvested the hornet's nest--the huge amazing one featured on a posting earlier this summer. We had given up hope a few weeks ago as it was dangerously beyond our reach but Shelly is a miracle worker. Photos of her up on the ladder with the nest to come.....

The Blog Has a New Baby: Forums!

Nov 15, 2007 | From the kitchen of Rose in Announcements

Dear Fellow Bloggers of Real Baking with Rose,

This month our baking community blog is celebrating its second anniversary. i started keeping track of my replies as of december last year and there are over 10,000!

You’ve all been so terrific, asking illuminating questions, helping each other to become better bakers, and sharing touching personal stories, we are expanding the site to include -- A Forum.

This wonderful new addition to the blog will make it easier to communicate directly with each other, to start your own topics, and even to post your own photos! Let's give a big thanks for this great gift from our sponsor Gold Medal Flour, and our blog masters Travis Smith and Susie Gardner of Hop Studios.

If you're new to using a forum -- that's OK, I am as well. I think we'll figure it out together, and while I don't want to lose the great comments on the blog, I hope the forums will be the place for even better conversation.

Happy Forum-ing, and as always, Happy Baking!

Purchasing My Products

Nov 14, 2007 | From the kitchen of Rose in Rose's Products

There have been many requests regarding where my products can be found.

U.S. Orders:
If you purchase from Amazon, a small amount of the purchase prices goes directly to me:
Rose's Heavenly Cake Strips
Rose's Perfect Pie Plate
Rose's Sweetheart Crème Brûlée Set

These also will be permanent links on the main page of the blog under equipment.

International Orders:
If Amazon carries an item, they will ship out of the U.S., but if Amazon is temporarily out of stock, and routes you to another purveyor, it is unlikely that they are set up to ship abroad at the present time.

How Sweet it Is!!!

Nov 13, 2007 | From the kitchen of Rose in Announcements

I’ve always imagined (and secretly envied) novelists who have the possibility of experiencing the pleasure of their stories come to life in the form of a movie or miniseries. I never thought there would be anything comparable for a cookbook writer but I was wrong and it has happened in a way I never could have dreamed!

Dear friend and esteemed Canadian colleague Marcy Goldman of www.betterbaking.com e-mailed me the following:

“you've been immortalized...in case you don't know - I am reading The Florist's Daughter by Patricia Hampl - a memoir - and there you are mentioned for several pages 203-217 - It is a lovely tribute - just the mention!”

Intrigued, I ordered the book immediately and it arrived 2 days later. For starters, I was struck by the quote on the cover written by my favorite novelist and much admired friend, Pat Conroy: “Patricia Hampl writes the best memoirs of any writer in the English language.”

I turned to page 203 and instantly was caught up in a spellbinding web of some of the most exquisitely poetic prose I’ve ever encountered—and it was describing my book and my cake—“the White Lilac Nostalgia” from The Cake Bible! Here’s a sample:

The Lilac Nostalgia stood at attention, its lavender medallions fastened like so many medals for valor on its soldier chest. A cake in dress uniform, in service to a sweetness worth fighting for.

Interestingly, never once did she mention my name—I’m always referred to as author. But what could be better? The word author derives from authority. And I see that the author of The Florist’s Daughter chooses each word with wise and loving care.

Life doesn’t get much sweeter than this tribute. I wonder what I could do to get her to write all the head notes for my upcoming book! Just kidding—but I must write to her care of her publisher--a note of undying gratitude for this blessing. I am now reading the book from the beginning and plan to read all of her other books—both poetry and prose.

Here's The Florist's Daughter on Amazon, and here's a list of Hampl's books.

Spinning Unbleached Flour into Gold

Nov 06, 2007 | From the kitchen of Rose in Announcements

For those of you around the world who do not have access to the wonderful bleached flour available in the US (such as Gold Medal) necessary for the best texture and flavor in butter layer cakes, Kate has been doing some astonishing work using the microwave to 'heat treat' the flour, enabling it to gelatinize in much the same way that bleaching accomplishes.

Kate deserves a medal for this incredibly earth shaking to the baking world technique. Appropriately enough she calls it "kate flour"!


Vacation Abroad!

Oct 16, 2007 | From the kitchen of Rose in Announcements

This Friday, October 19th, we'll be leaving for Europe until the end of the month. It's hard to leave New Jersey this beautiful time of year but Tuscany beckons and surely the harvest and the hills will be equally if not more beautiful. Also we'll get to see our friends' place Montecastelli which i've been hearing about for many years (see http://montecastelli.com) and reunite with some of the members of our former wine group.

Happily the best way to get to Florence is through Frankfurt Germany so we'll be spending the weekend with our nephew Alex and family.

Look for one posting each Saturday that I've done ahead so you won't miss me too much and more about the trip on our return along with photos.

And do continue to post and/or answer each other's baking questions. But as of now I will not be able to respond as I need to get ready for departure. I will have no e-mail access which saves me from myself but I fear I may be flooded with postings on my return so please be patient

Happy Harvest and Best Baking,

Panko Has Arrived!

Oct 13, 2007 | From the kitchen of Rose in Announcements

I’ve been enjoying panko for many years now—since my friend David Shamah who owned a restaurant (and is always up on the latest wonderful ingredient and equipment) shared some with me. Panko is a bread crumb, originally from Japan, that is made from the heart of the bread, i.e. no crust. It is also slightly larger and more even in size than the average bread crumb.

I discovered the importance of bread crumbs without crust when I studied strudel baking in Austria. It’s actually entirely logical: The crust of bread is browned to the optimal degree for flavor—more and it would become bitter. When you brown bread crumbs in oil to toast them lightly, any crust mixed in with the crumbs would become too dark.

I was delighted to discover that Progresso, the manufacturer of plain and seasoned bread crumbs that I used prior to panko, is now producing panko in both plain and seasoned variety. This is proof that panko awareness has reached the heartland and will now be available to the consumer as well as food service!

Here is a recipe for one of my favorite dishes into which bread crumbs have made their way by sheer chance. One evening I was eating an oven-crisped baguette with linguine and clams and some of the crispy crumbs fell into the pasta. Now I add them intentionally every time and I’ve since discovered that bread crumbs are often added to pasta dishes in Italy. I wondered if perhaps they discovered this the same way as I did!

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Another Hector Triumph!

Sep 23, 2007 | From the kitchen of Rose in Announcements

I can only say that the Ethereal Pear Charlotte left everyone SPEACHLESS, including myself. The presentation is #1, so nice that this time I really felt what it means to say “too beautiful to cut.” I’ve made many beautiful things, but this time it really broke my heart to cut this. The taste was incredible, every component was well balanced. The biscuit sweetness with the tart raspberry conserve was so tender and tasty! The pear bavarian cream was light, cut perfectly, you could taste the pear flavor intensely. The poached pears were such a fresh cold treat, I took pride with this because many people just use canned peaches instead. And I was really satisfied to build this on this clear glass cake stand I have, the charlotte was floating in the air like heaven. Everyone was very appreciative when taking a slice home, and I think perhaps next time, they may even bring lobster and champagne when calling the next party! This dessert makes me grow my own pear tree! You really pay tribute to pears here, thanks for designing this, took me 20 years to try it.

Here is a picture of my dearest friend Deanna and her lovely kids Jade and Wilson.

Happy New Year!

Sep 14, 2007 | From the kitchen of Rose in Announcements

We enjoyed a marvelous dinner and evening chez our dear long-time friends Ginetteand Chaim Reich who announced over Perrier Jouet Fleur de Champagne the engagement of their son Daniel. I first met the Reichs when Ginette was 1 week away from delivering him so it was a very sentimental evening. And generous Ginette offered me the beautiful painted champagne bottle to add to our porch collection (we love how the light comes through the bottles at sunset) along with two matching champagne glasses.

Everyone brought a present for New Years. Ours were these two challat. I knew that tradition dictated a round shape but Ginette told me the Israeli tradition called for two--one for the blessing. It turned out that one large one was enough for dinner as well so now she can enjoy slices of the second one from the freezer for several weeks to come!

Chaim, after saying the blessing for the bread, searched around for an appropriate knife and decided to go with what he said was the Sophardic tradition of tearing the bread. Funny how torn bread versus sliced changes the perception of flavor along with the texture. This was a first for me with challah.

Incidentally, it also turned out that 4 pounds of challah dough were too much even for my new Zo, so I finished kneading it by hand, taking care to add as little flour as possible to keep the dough sticky so it would be as light and moist as usual. It worked just fine. Everyone seemed to love it as there wasn't a poppy seed left of the first loaf.

How Perfectly Bittersweet It Is

Sep 11, 2007 | From the kitchen of Rose in Announcements

I have fallen in love with a new chocolate--perhaps the best I've ever tasted and because it will be in short supply I even hesitate to promote it!

When I arrived at the ValRhona tasting, the tables were set with 2 small chocolate bars and a small plastic container holding 4 squares of unwrapped chocolate. Once the presentation started, and Vanessa Lemoine, Valrhona's Sensorial Analysis Manager and Pierre Costet, Chief Cacao Sourcer, indoctrinated us into the growing, producing, and tasting of chocolate, I started hungering for a taste (the very word chocolate always does this to me). And very quickly I went through all 4 pieces in the little container (usually I can restrain myself far better than this) and started eyeing my neighbor's sample. (Arlyn Blake, a darling friend eventually offered me 3 of them!) Somehow this chocolate, instead of satisfying chocolate craving, induced more.


We were taught about odor perceived through the nose versus aroma perceived through the mouth and about acidity perceived on the sides of the tongue versus bitterness perceived in the back of the tongue and throat. And when finally we were given the green light to taste the squares of chocolate and were asked whether we thought it was acidic or bitter my unhesitating answer was delicious. Vanessa agreed saying it was both acidic and bitter and indeed it was perfectly balanced, with creamy texture and just the right amount of sugar which was 64%.

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Sep 10, 2007 | From the kitchen of Rose in Announcements

just received a notification today that we've reached the one million + mark. if you're wondering how i'm keeping/holding up, so am i!!! of course not everyone posts and many of you are so knowledgeable with your responses to questions i don't need to add a thing!

i'm on my way to a tasting of ValRhona single vintage chocolate and will raise a toast there.

happy baking AND blogging!

Back to School Bells are Ringing!

Sep 08, 2007 | From the kitchen of Rose in Announcements

Amongst cake professionals, when it comes to cake decorating, all roads lead first and foremost to Betty Van Norstrand. I have heard about her reputation as undisputed queen of gumpaste flowers and other original decorative techniques for as long as I can remember. Most of the people who are selling gumpaste flowers around the country were trained by her.

Betty taught and partnered with the now world renowned Sylvia Weinstock, and also taught the great cake artist Ron Ben Israel. Several years ago I sent one of my dearest friends to study with Betty, but I had never actually met her myself. And finally, last Fall, I made the trip to upstate New York, near the CIA to spend the day with Betty.

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Sep 05, 2007 | From the kitchen of Rose in Announcements

Some one posted on the blog that the new Crisco without transfats didn't work in the white rolled fondant. This put me into a real panick because I have a terrific recipe in the upcoming book that uses the chocolate rolled fondant.

Fellow blogger Zach Townsend tested the recipe using the new Crisco and sure enough it tore instead of stretching. He then tested the recipe using the organic Spectrum vegetable shortening that another blogger recommended for use in bread a few months ago. Eureka--it worked better even than ever before. Whoever it was who made that recommendation please step forward so we can all thank you. By the way, the spectrum shortening is available in Whole Foods and I'm sure other stores as well.

Crash Landing!!!

Sep 04, 2007 | From the kitchen of Rose in Announcements

o.k. i said i was back but i didn't know my computer would crash on the eve of my return, the back up battery crashing as well. then my new treo took the whole afternoon to install so i've caught up with exactly nothing! i'll try to answer some of your interesting questions/postings soon.

I'm Back!

Sep 04, 2007 | From the kitchen of Rose in Announcements

I’m back—well rested and well fed and ready to begin the new year!

Thank you all for responding to each other and I’ll try to catch up with the questions that have remained unanswered as soon as possible.

Here are some Hope highlights from our lovely vacation (for me vacation means getting to cook and bake special things as well as rest).

The hornet's (paper wasp's) nest is just outside our back door but high enough above to keep them and us safe from each other. I can almost forgive them their sting when i observe the splendid home they built for themselves!

Be sure to try the Primo Focaccia which has been posted on the blog many months ago. I think it is my top favorite bread. Since I couldn't bear to throw out any of the fed starter i used all 160 grams and increased everything else by 1.185 times.

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On Vacation til Tuesday Sept. 4

Aug 28, 2007 | From the kitchen of Rose in Announcements

there'll be two postings between now and then. please do continue to answer each other's questions. speak to you soon!

best baking,

A Tale of Two Bacons

Aug 25, 2007 | From the kitchen of Rose in Announcements

Well actually THREE! The first one is Harrington’s—the one I fell in love with when I went to the University of Vermont many years ago. My boyfriend at the time brought me there and explained how they smoked the bacon over corn cobs. Since I grew up relatively bacon-deprived (my grandmother who lived with us kept kosher—though my parents didn’t)—this deliciously smoky bacon reminiscent of wood cabins in the mountains utterly seduced me.

I have continued to mail-order Harrington’s for all these years since bit have now added another bacon to my love list:

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Away til August 13

Aug 05, 2007 | From the kitchen of Rose in Announcements

I may not be able to answer questions until then but there will be a new posting on the 11th!

The Importance of Weighing or Measuring Eggs

Aug 03, 2007 | From the kitchen of Rose in Announcements

Posting from Elicia

Hi Rose, I just want to report my recent endeavour with the Perfect Pound
Cake and the Butter Cream Cake.

I've always gotten away with not weighing eggs with it comes to baking
cakes (I wld weigh them for buttercream, pastry cream, curd etc only).
Usually, I wld weigh all my eggs in their shells and store them according
to weight category, eg 60 - 65g, 66 - 70g etc. However, when I made the
above 2 cakes recently, for the first time - I experienced some pasty spots
in the crumb (not detectable by pricking - the tester comes out clean) - it
is baked and not hard but quite unsightly! I initially was a bit stubborn,
blaming the flour - but today - I decided to weigh my eggs and milk (I
usually just measure the liquid with tsp/tbsp or cup measure) - the pound
cake was just perfect!!

I now can conclude that weighing EVERYTHING is very important for cakes
with high content of butter or using a formula close to the classic 4
quart/pound cake! Also, I noticed that the batter didn't curdle slightly as
before (I was also very precise with the butter temp). Ironically, I've
never faced this problem with genoises, biscuits and the layer cakes
requiring less butter. Eg I've made the Golden Luxury Butter Cake about 6
times already (in different shapes and sizes) and it's perfect every time!
But I also believe the white choc has a role in stabilising the emulsion of
the batter, which I now believe is the cause of those pasty spots.

I will value my electronic scale even more now!

Rose Response
Now that eggs vary so very much and even with the proper size eggs the yolk ratio to white--it is essential to check the weight or volume for consistent and optimal results.

Caveat Emptor: The Bread Bible Is Not in Paperback

Jul 27, 2007 | From the kitchen of Rose in Announcements

people have been asking me if my book the bread bible has come out in paperback. the answer is no. my bread bible is not in paperback. i discovered, however, why the question came up.

someone has done a paperback edition of an existing bread book and renamed it the bread bible. on amazon.com the photo of the book cover shows the authors' name in tiny white mouse print so at a glance one could easily imagine that though the photo of the bread is different it could be my book or anyone's book for that matter.

it may be a good book but it's not mine and to avoid confusion and possible disappointment i am posting this warning.

Rose’s Heavenly Cake Strip

Jul 25, 2007 | From the kitchen of Rose in Announcements

I’m thrilled to report that after working extensively with the wonderful silicone bakeware of Lékué I have come to understand the advantages of its properties so well I was inspired to create my first silicone product—a silicone cake strip! It works like a charm and it’s everything I wanted it to be.

The strip fits a 9 inch round or 8 inch square pan. It is quick and easy to attach—NO PREPPING—You simply turn the pan upside down and slip it around the sides. It then works to insulate the sides of a metal cake pan, slowing down baking at the sides of the cake. You can even use it for a 10 inch round pan if you run the strip under hot tap water or wave a hair drier over it to make stretching it easier for the larger size pan. it will return to it's original size on cooling.

It produces better cakes:
* more even
* less doming
* less shrinking from sides
* less browning and drying of sides

Other advantages:

* it stays like new for years
* is dishwasher safe
* is oven safe up to 500°F/260°C.

(Do not subject to direct heat such as a flame or broiler)

Harold Import Company is the distributor for the cake strip. It will be in retail stores by Fall and I will list an on-line order site as soon as it’s available.

Away Until Monday July 23

Jul 15, 2007 | From the kitchen of Rose in Announcements

but i've scheduled a great posting for this coming saturday and may be able to access the blog by fri for emergencies!

An Artisan Baker Who Loves the Bread Machine

Jun 30, 2007 | From the kitchen of Rose in Announcements

Me! Yes—I know I know—people are always shocked when I defend bread machines but here’s the full story behind it.

When I started writing about bread, many years ago, I wouldn’t even consider using anything but my hands. I remember writing something along the lines of “not for me a bread machine that would rob me of the pleasure of touching the bread.” But several years later, when I started working on “The Bread Bible,” I realized how limited my thinking had been. For one thing, when trying to create a bread such as ciabatta, with large holes, the dough needs to be so sticky it clings to your fingers. My temptation was always to add too much flour which closed up those large holes.

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On Vacation

Jun 24, 2007 | From the kitchen of Rose in Announcements

i'll be away until july 9 so may not be able to answer most of your questions. thankfully i see that many of you have done a beautiful job in my absence and it is much appreciated.

Happy Memorial Day!

May 25, 2007 | From the kitchen of Rose in Announcements

we're in hope already and it feels like summer at over 85 degrees.
bought the herbs and impatience and am now too lazy to plant them.
saw a black bear which crossed the road right in front of our car. wonder if i'll have the courage to go for my usual back road walks....
menu for the weekend: roast duck (defatted and hanging in the basement) with cherry madeira sauce (i promised to post as soon as perfected), last week's rhubarb--so good with duck and with cherries and sat. night baby back ribs.
the only problem with sweet/sour sauces and duck is that they turn burgundy to a nasty flavor so i'm always torn between the sauce and the wine.
by the way, i'm strongly considering if my next book should be savory recipes instead of another baking book (of course a few breads and cakes will creep in). i'm taking a vote so do let me know your preference!(of course rose's heavenly cakes will be the next book but i'm already cooking up the one after!)
and have a great and delicious holiday weekend.

Note re Burger Buns in the Washington Post Today

May 23, 2007 | From the kitchen of Rose in Announcements

if you go on line www.washingtonpost.com you will find a great article on hamburgers with my recipe for the buns.

most of you know this, but i just want to emphasize the importance of using unbleached flour when making bread. bleaching destroys protein which means less gluten development. the bread made with bleached flour will spread sideways and have less height and inferior crumb structure. this info is in the link called "tips to bake like an expert."

also be sure to click on the link "best buns aren't in a bag"

hope you all try these for your memorial day barbecue!

Cardboard Pizza Discovery!

May 21, 2007 | From the kitchen of Rose in Announcements

my recipe for pizza in the bread bible is, in fact, a no knead bread. i'm simply stir it just until the flour is moistened and let it sit at room temperature for 1 hour before shaping OR let it sit for 30 minutes and refrigerate it for up to 24 hours. it has always been the lightest, most crispy and tender crust i've ever experienced. that is until i decided to try the slow 18 hour room temperature rise with just 1/16 teaspoon of yeast. cardboard crust.
i tried it twice and each time noticed that on shaping it had more elasticity.then i tried it with the usual quicker rise and it was exquisitely back to normal.
i'm reporting this to you bread bakers out there because it is something that is surprising and interesting--that a long room temperature rise develops more gluten. (no wonder no knead!) useful info!

A Great Loss to the Food World

May 20, 2007 | From the kitchen of Rose in Announcements

just yesterday, before i heard the sad news, i was thinking i must visit vinnie scotto at his west village restaurant gonzo. the only reason i haven’t been for a while is because it is so hopping and popular the noise level is a bit much if i’m trying to have a conversation. but the food is terrific and so is vinnie and family. this is a family affair with lovely sister donna as maitre d’/manager and dad as accountant.

i first met vinnie when he was chef at scotto’s (no family relationship). i begged him for his ginger cookie recipe he used for a his fabulous ice cream sandwich—a recipe that reappeared when he chefed at scopa and of course at gonzo. he sent the recipe within weeks.

faith willinger, a great american food writer living in florence, suggested that i get the latini pasta she introduced me to from vinnie because i used so much of it. for several years he charged me wholesale and then refused to charge me at all. that was just the way vinnie was—loving, generous to a fault, and a brilliantly innovative and capable cook. it was he who developed the recipe for thin crust pizza when he worked at al forno in providence, r.i. and when i was working on the bread bible he invited me into his kitchen to teach me. i never ate dinner at any of his restaurants without a pizza appearing within minutes of arrival. and one new year’s eve, shortly after he opened gonzo, he showed me a white truffle the size of a tennis ball saying that would be his new year’s dinner. (not all of it, however, so we ordered pasta with truffle. he virtually showered it with the truffle.)

my very best memory of vinnie will always be the night he preopened scopa. there were only about 4 tables filled and as we sat eating his glorious food i said to elliott: “the wonderful thing about vinnie is that not only is he a great cook, he’s a beautiful person.” i have the sort of voice that one has to be very close to hear well. but apparently one of the two women sitting at the next table heard as when she got up to leave she came over and kissed me saying: “ i’m vinnie’s mother.” (i was glad that this hadn’t been one of the times elliott had chosen to contradict me—he often likes to play devil’s advocate!) my heart goes out to her and to the rest of vinnie’s family. he was a giant of a man, handsome and kind, and only 40 years old. i will always remember him and i’m sure i’m not alone.

Fun Hamburger Bun Story for Washington Post

May 09, 2007 | From the kitchen of Rose in Bread

Two weeks from today--Wednesday May 23--My story, including great recipe for Burger Buns will appear in the Washington Post. It will also be available on line should you not have access to the paper.

New Yorkers Save the Date!

May 08, 2007 | From the kitchen of Rose in Announcements

Clotilde Dusoulier, delightful host of the delightful blog Chocolate & Zucchini, will be signing her new book based on recipes from the blog at Dean & DeLuca on 560 Broadway (& Prince Street) on Tuesday May15 at 12:30. I'll be there as well for a short time so do come and say hello if you have the time.

The Beard Awards--Oscars of the Food World!

May 06, 2007 | From the kitchen of Rose in Announcements

tomorrow tonight is the 20th anniversary of the beard awards and it will be held at avery fisher hall at lincoln center for the arts.

i've been to many beard award nights, some thankfully to receive and others to rejoice when favorite colleagues do.

at one award night, when my nominated book did not win, my friend arthur schwartz, whose book also didn't win that time approached me to be on his radio show the following day called "losers"! another dear friend and colleague, rosanne gold, told arthur he was crazy but i jumped at the chance to air a long held opinion which was: "i don't believe in awards for artists. it's like comparing matisse to picasso. but i have to admit i sure am happy when i win!"

i now feel somewhat differently about the awards. for one thing, it brings together the entire food community in a most dramatic way. winning is not the main issue--it's the participation that is thrilling. you'll be able to see the results on the beard website sooner than i'd be able to post them on the blog but i will post my personal impressions possibly along with photos.

if you are interested, here's the press release from the event publicists of bullfrog and baum.

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Spanish Edition of The Cake Bible

May 03, 2007 | From the kitchen of Rose in Announcements

i'm thrilled to announce that the contract has been signed for a revision/translation of the cake bible with rights for all spanish speaking countries of the world.

RBA Libros publishers plans to do a complete overhaul including new photos. i tried the cake flour from spain and thankfully it works perfectly. i'm especially pleased that the publisher's husband is one of the foremost pastry chefs in spain and will be involved in the project. i trust they will do a wonderful production and i'm deeply happy that my work will reach so many people in their own language and hopefully give them great pleasure.

the book is due to published some time between october 2007 and february of 2008 which will be close to october 2008, the 20th anniversary of the original cake bible.

Away Until May 1

Apr 15, 2007 | From the kitchen of Rose in Announcements

i will not have any internet access where i'll be in europe--major separation anxiety!--but everyone benefits from a total vacation and it's been a long time.

i just didn't want anyone to worry when their questions go unanswered by me for two weeks and when i return it will, no doubt, take a while to catch up. you will be rewarded in the near future, however, with some great photos, stories, and quite possibly recipes from the dordogne, normandy, paris, and the countryside near frankfurt.

please continue to respond to each other's postings.


Apr 09, 2007 | From the kitchen of Rose in Announcements

4-10-07, 852 pages, weighing in at under an ounce (15.1 grams)--ah the miracles of technology! I'll be delivering it tomorrow--well actually it's tomorrow already being 12:30 a.m.

Thank you all for jumping in and responding to blog postings. Please continue to do so. I fear I'll never catch up as I'm about 75 postings behind in just one week, but I'll try to answer as many questions as I can before I leave for France on the 16th.

Soon after I return we enter a whole new book phase of editing, photography and production. You'll be hearing all about it! Stay tuned.....


Apr 04, 2007 | From the kitchen of Rose in Announcements

this is aweful--my modem concked out which means i have no internet access except on my laptop and it's not a secure network. the worst part is that time warner isn't coming for three whole days. so please don't expect to hear from me much before the weekend IF they fix it when they get here.
i'm delighted to see many of you are answering eachothers questions brilliantly and helpfully which makes me feel less bad.

and marilyn thank you so much for the video which just arrived!


Mar 24, 2007 | From the kitchen of Rose in Announcements

i've just finished inputting everything for the upcoming book which is over 500 single spaced pages so now comes the tedious and exacting process of checking every ingredient for volume, ounces and grams and inputting proof-reading changes from eagle-eyed zach townsend and final testing changes from woody wolston. THEREFORE, i will not be able to answer your questions, probably for a few more days.

i'm sure everyone will appreciate anyone chiming in with answers as i'm sure many of you out there know them such as today's question about dividing cakes in half for baking and what to do with the baking powder and salt. of course it's in the cake bible but so much easier i'm sure to ask me! and tempting as it is to stop what i'm doing and answer--if i lose my focus we all risk some serious errors in the new book.

thanks for your help and consideration!

Away on Vacation until March 19

Mar 12, 2007 | From the kitchen of Rose in Announcements

Please try to hold your questions/postings until then as I won't have regular access to the blog while away.

Update on the New Book!

Mar 07, 2007 | From the kitchen of Rose in Announcements

i can't believe it--i'm actually ahead of schedule for the first time after 8 other books! i think it's because i have been loving working on this book such much i just can't stop into the wee hours of the morning. i finished the enormous ingredients and equipment chapter and now have only the special effects and chapter intros to do before handing it in.

but loving the recipes and information so much i've been agonizing over what the visual aspect of this four color book would be. the best news is that we've chosen a photographer whose work i have adored since i first say it in "artisan bread," and most recently in "chocolate chocolate." there are many talented photographer but Ben Fink has something that is a rare addition to talent. he has soul. when i first say his photographs i immediately saw the love for his subject through the lens. it was my dream to have a photographer who loved his work as much as i love mine.
so now i look forward to the next stage of book production: Editing and photography.
i had a teacher in high school (music and art) who had never been able to afford to hire an orchestra to play his compositions so had never actually heard them performed live until he came to teach. that's how i feel each time my books go into production. the photographs breath life into the recipes. and i am blessed with a publisher and editor who believe in me and this book enough to give it a full score production. stay tuned!

Apologies Re PBS Baking Magic with Rose Recipes

Feb 05, 2007 | From the kitchen of Rose in Announcements

UPDATE: The recipes have now been posted.

I have received several postings from around the country alerting me to the fact that the producers of the show removed the website where my recipes from the show were made available.

I am working on having them added to this blog. Please be patient. I will post a heads up just as soon as this is accomplished.

My First Student Bill Yosses

Feb 01, 2007 | From the kitchen of Rose in Announcements

I just heard the great news: Bill has been appointed White House Pastry Chef!!!

When he was pastry chef at Restaurant Bouley he reminded me that long ago I was his first teacher. He has a rare talent and is also a beautiful person. I couldn't be happier for him and a tiny bit proud just in case I contributed anything to his stellar voyage and success.

Away Until January 11th

Jan 01, 2007 | From the kitchen of Rose in Announcements

I'm off to S.F. to make a wedding cake for my dear friends Daniel Patterson (chef/owner of Coi) and his bride to be Alexandra Foote. Another dear friend, Diane Boate (gee maybe i should put an e at the end of Beranbaum(e)?) aka "The Cake Lady of S.F." will be helping me to pull this off (this is a the first time I'm attempting a wedding cake away from my home kitchen) and also will be documenting it with photos (she's an award winning photographer). So this is QUITE an adventure.

I may not get a chance to answer any postings until then but plan to catch up on questions and to post photos of the cake at my earliest opportunity!

Happy New Year!

Our Beloved Neighborhood Stores—Joys and Sorrows

Dec 17, 2006 | From the kitchen of Rose in Announcements

When Karen and Tom Trachalides took over the fish store opposite my favorite butcher Pino, on Sullivan Street, just south of Houston (ergo SoHo), April of 2003, the whole neighborhood rejoiced. The Trachalides named it Fresh Catch and for good reason—it is the only place I’ve found in New York City that has shrimp and also squid that have never been frozen. In addition to that, the fish is all impeccably prepared.

We also all took an immediate liking to this lovely and attractive young couple. Karen makes terrific crab cakes, salmon cakes, and seaweed salad among other things to take out or eat at the little tables opposite the display counter. And Tom introduced me to black fish which I had never even heard of before, saying that the fisherman usually keep this fish to themselves. He was wonderfully knowledgeable about fish and always willing to share and educate. So it was a horrible shock to discover, last month, as I was running by to drop off some cake sample treats, that the store was temporarily closed due to Tom’s sudden tragic passing from a heart attack.

Karen is now continuing to run the store, with the support of her sons, one of whom insists on doing the procuring at the fish market, saying that the market is not a woman-friendly world. I suspect that’s the truth and I also suspect he is being a wonderful son.

We should all be eating more fish in the first place, and supporting small neighborhood stores—not just out of sentiment and the value of personal connection—but also to maintain the quality of ingredients. I also hope everyone in the neighborhood will do everything to support Fresh Fish also because Karen is an exceptional person with great integrity and deserves it.
Fresh Catch: 212-777-5250

My Holiday Message

Dec 15, 2006 | From the kitchen of Rose in Announcements

Gift of Love

Louis Borachaner is a great and talented baker from Hungary. He is also a great person. I wrote about him many years ago in “The Pie and Pastry Bible” because I heard that when he was pastry chef at the Boulders in Carefree AZ he created the original crème brulée tart that many chefs since were laying claim to.

It wasn’t until many years later that I happened into his former bakery in Colorado Springs (“Bread Head”—named by his son.) He recognized me from the photo on my book and introduced himself. It was such a joy finally to meet him.

I was delighted to hear from Louis Borachaner again recently when he sent me information about his latest production: The worlds largest chocolate menorah for Hanukah. It stands all of 9 feet tall and surely smells as delicious as it looks against the backdrop of Pike’s Peak and the other snow-capped mountains. Louis made this as a gift to the Jewish community of Co. Springs.

The spirit of this gift touches my heart because it follows a very beautiful tradition of embracing other people’s spiritual beliefs. Did you know that the most powerful Jewish liturgical music, the Kol Nidre, was written by the musician and Protestant minister Max Bruch as a gift to the Jewish community in England? I wrote my book “Rose’s Christmas Cookies,” in this same spirit and was rewarded by it becoming a classic, still beloved by many after 15 years. My editor, at first, doubted the wisdom of my writing it, but admitted later that she had been mistaken. And what was one of the truly most gratifying moments of my professional life was when a reviewer in Rhode Island wrote that the introduction contained the most moving prose on Christmas ever to be written. I still get the chills even as I write this.

Happy Holidays Everyone and help keep the love and spirit of this season going all year ‘round.


Dec 11, 2006 | From the kitchen of Rose in Announcements

it happens to everyone but is alway such a shock. my main computer just went out. it may not be resolved til the end of the week so i probably won't be answering questions until then except intermittently. will post the no knead bread diary as soon as i'm back in action.

The Bread Bible in Czech!

Dec 10, 2006 | From the kitchen of Rose in Rose's Books

i just came home to a marvelous surprise from my beloved editor of "the bread bible," maria guarnaschelli. she send me the hot off the press czech edition. the cover photo and inside photos are the same but the language required 100 more pages and i hardly recognize a single word! my name appears as rose levyova beranbaumova with accent marks over both a's. the name of the book ib "bible domaciho peceni"--wonder if domaciho refers to domestic or home. anyway, it is the first time i've seen any of my books in another language because, as they say re the uk edition--two countries separated by one language! back to czech, there sure are an astonishing number and variety of accent marks.
i sure hope to get some feedback from bread bakers in czechoslovakia but please in english!!!

Happy One Year Anniversary!

Dec 05, 2006 | From the kitchen of Rose in Announcements

November 7 marked the one year anniversary of this blog, which has prompted pause for reflection on how it has changed my life and what value it has provided.

For one thing, it has eaten up a significant amount of time, but on the positive side the rewards have been well-worth it. I’ve long thought that a good teacher learns at least as much as the students and in this case, thanks to the terrific feedback and exchange of ideas, it is certainly so. But perhaps our blog ‘host’ said it best when he wrote in his newsletter that this blog has created a community of bakers.

What is most gratifying to me is that the spirit of this blog is in harmony with the slow food movement which implicitly counteracts that of fast food—the source of many evils. In place of the dumbed-down, simple, quick and easy message is the far more empowering one of competency, evolution, and challenge. After all it’s a truism that when one makes an effort to achieve something the rewards are richer and more long-lasting, whereas things that come too easily are far less valued and quickly forgotten. (I’m still mystified as to the appeal of “dumb and dumber.”)

Ironically though, I was thrilled by the appearance of the NY Times No-Knead Bread article which lead to the longest thread on the blog to date. I was thrilled because it got people around the world making bread and discovering that it really is possible to make fantastic bread at home “letting the bread do all the work.” And I’m confident that for many who got hooked on this easy method, which works so well for a particular type of rustic bread, it will now lead to other interesting and slightly more demanding bread possibilities.

My current concern (and maybe hope) is that there may be so much traffic on this blog there will be no way to keep up with all the responses and questions. But on the positive side, many of your questions and contributions are invaluable and the chances are ever increasing that eventually everything you’ve ever wondered about baking will be found with a quick search on the blog. Then, when everyone is busily and successfully baking, I can go back full-time to my most beloved activity after baking: Telling stories.

Happy Baking!

Rose's Heavenly Cake Kits Shipping!

Nov 23, 2006 | From the kitchen of Rose in Announcements

Just in time for the holidays, the cake kits are now at home on their site www.coastalgoods.com (the link is on the blog as well under "sites I like." )

I hope you all enjoy them as much as I did creating them. It represents my first entry into the world of food products and I'm very pleased and proud with the outcome and with the fact that now I'm practically guaranteed of having my cakes come out of other people's oven looking and tasting the same as the ingredients will be the same quality and quantitty!

Thanksgiving may be pie time but all the upcoming holidays call for CAKE! Meantime, Happy Thanksgiving!

Autographed Books for Holiday Gift-Giving

Nov 20, 2006 | From the kitchen of Rose in Announcements

Due to a Special Request:

I have signed tons of book plates and shipped them to jessica's biscuit 800/878-4264 so if you requested autographed books they now have them!

Great Tip for Your Thanksgiving Pies!

Nov 19, 2006 | From the kitchen of Rose in Announcements

Protecting the Pie Crust Borders from Over-browning

In the Pie and Pastry BIble I suggested making a foil band and setting it on top of the crust after it starts browning. I've since discovered that it is easier and better to apply the band at the beginning of baking. The crust will brown perfectly under the foil.

For those of you who don't have the book, to make the foil band, cut out a large circle of heavy duty foil and then cut a smaller circle in the middle to expose the top of the pie and cover only the decorative border. Bend the foil band at the edges to curve down over the sides.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Answering Questions

Nov 10, 2006 | From the kitchen of Rose in Announcements

as i'm sure you've all noticed, i try to answer all your questions within about a week of your posting.

occasionally, however, a question slips through the cracks so if you don't see the answer posted on the blog following the thread of your original posting, please feel free to repost it but do give it about 10 days!

Always Time for Bread

Oct 27, 2006 | From the kitchen of Rose in Announcements

We were planning to go to the country this weekend to see if the house still stands after a 6 week absence but the weather report changed our minds (40 mph winds and rain). So I asked my husband if he'd like me to warm up the apartment by baking his favorite challah (though he still hasn't gotten quite to the bottom of the bread in the freezer drawer). His answer was "if you have the time." My answer is above.

The 75 grams/2.6 oz. of old starter are defrosting in the water for the dough and it will take all of 5 minutes to mix the rest of the ingredients. After a short kneading and rising, into the frig for its overnight flavor development. Braiding tomorrow morning will take 10 minutes and then rising on its own and into the oven with a little help from me.

I have a smidgen of ham left over from the Cubanos. Would it be sacrilege to have it on the challah? I know it would be delicious.

This reminds me of an article I did many years ago for my late mentor, Cecily Brownstone, of Associated Press. The recipe that accompanied it was for mini challah rolls. She called me many months later, very distraught, to tell me that a food editor in the mid-west just ran the article. When I asked her what was wrong with that she said: "I guess she was saving it for a Jewish holiday but Passover wasn't the appropriate one!" (Only matzo--unleavened bread can be eaten during Passover. It is the very symbol of the holiday.) The headline read: Bake Challah for Passover! (Oy vay!!!)

Getting back to my challah, on second thought, somehow ham requires mayo and the leftover Swiss cheese is also a natural addition.I can't see either on challah. Besides--honey or butter are the only gilding challah really requires. (Saved!)

Hey! it's taken almost as long to write about it as to make it!

Baking Magic with Rose Airing in Ohio

Oct 25, 2006 | From the kitchen of Rose in Television

PBS Affiliate WBGU in Ohio has scheduled my 13 part series beginning in December. Please check your t.v. listings for times and channels.

Back to Bread

Oct 24, 2006 | From the kitchen of Rose in Announcements

I didn't mean it to be, consciously, but the word back is a double entendre!

I've been holed in hibernating for--can it be--6 long weeks--recovering from a bad disc problem in my back. Physical therapy and exercise have helped enormously and it now seems like a miracle that i'm entirely free of pain. But it is only tonight that I realized how full my recovery is because I was faced with a decision of whether or not to BUY bread! I haven't bought bread in several years, since I started working on the Bread Bible. But tomorrow night I want to make a "Cuban Sandwich" with some left-over pork shoulder roast and actually went as far as putting Italian Bread on my shopping list when I realized that I HAD to make the bread myself.

There are five essential reasons why I feel this way:

1) A very beautiful note on g-mail from a woman called Mary Ellen who wrote: After many failed attempts, I decided I'd best leave bread baking to professional bakers. After browsing through the Bread Bible at a local Borders, I thought I'd give it one more try. Thank you for giving me the guidance I need to make great bread! I'm so happy as I bake bread. I feel so peaceful. I want to express my thanks for really explaining all the details and directions on making great bread. My life will never be the same.
It reminded me of how I feel about bread.

2) It will be so much more delicious to make my own Basic Hearth Loaf and shape it into 6 long rolls.

3) Harvest King, the new flour from Gold Medal with my recipe for Basic Hearth Loaf on the back has just appeared in my supermarket down the street.

4) It only took 5 minutes to mix the dough and won't take much longer to knead, shape and bake it.

5) Baking bread is the most grounding activity I know and the only way I really feel like my old self again!

In a few days I will post all the tips that go along with the recipe on the bag which include how to vary it to make it a multi-grain bread, and how to make rolls with soft or crisp crust.

Meantime, watch your backs--it's no fun when they rebel and as a doctor I once worked for told me many years ago: "human beings weren't meant to stand erect." Now I'm wondering why they don't teach standing, walking, bending, and lifting correctly in grade-school gym instead of useless things like how to climb a rope or assume a cross-legged seating position without support (yes I can still do that, the question is should I--or should anyone!.

P.S. It was pretty bad but couldn't have been that bad because I never lost my sense of humor!

Important Blog Information

Oct 05, 2006 | From the kitchen of Rose in Announcements

Automatic Alert for Responses to Your Blog Questions/Comments

from fellow blogger Zach Townsend:

If you want to be alerted when someone responds to a particular topic for which you've provided a comment, there is a check box called "let me know if someone adds a comment" that you will see when you select the "post a comment" option at the bottom of the topic window. If you check that box, you will get notified of each new comment via the email address that you enter. However, it only works when you post a comment and check that box, which essentially "subscribes" you to that string of messages. It will not alert you, however, when a new topic is posted. Once you subscribe to the message string via the checkbox, then you will receive a notification at your email address no matter when someone posts a comment regarding that message."

Zito's Lard Bread in the Bread Bible

Sep 16, 2006 | From the kitchen of Rose in Announcements

i've been waiting to post this exciting news until the new gold medal harvest king flour launched but now that any day it will be on the shelves i can restrain myself no longer!

i was never entirely happy with the recipe as it appeared in the bread bible and finally got to the bottom of it. zito's never actually made this bread--it was made by parisi bakery and they told me the secret. instead of 3 ounces of prosciutto they use a combination of 6 ounces of prosciutto, pepperoni, and spicy hot sopresseta. They also add about 2 tablespoons of lard to the dough. NO WONDER!!!

for extra intensity, they wait til the end of the day when all the meats have had a chance to dry more and use the hard dried ends.

the reason i was waiting for the terrific new harvest king flour to become available is that it is the perfect protein content for this bread. if it isn't in your market yet and you just can't wait, use half bread flour half unbleached all-purpose.

Here's a preview of the new headnote that will appear in the fourth printing of the bread bible, but if you have the book all you need to do is omit the bacon fat brushed on top, add the lard to the dough together with the water, and use the delicious meat combination (cut into pieces 1/4 to 1/2 inch in size).

Continue reading "Zito's Lard Bread in the Bread Bible" »

The Bread Bible Goes into New Printing!

Sep 07, 2006 | From the kitchen of Rose in Announcements

at last the new printing of the bread bible has arrived with all the corrections! it will list 3 on the page after the title page which means 3rd printing.

thank all of you who have made it possible to have this book that i adore in it's best shape.

The Best Thing to Happen to Blairstown in 30 Years!

Aug 03, 2006 | From the kitchen of Rose in Announcements

this year’s students at blair academy are about to get an education beyond the usual prerequisite college requirements. they are about to find out what real food tastes like. there is a new game in town and it’s called the gourmet gallery. located at 31 main street, a few doors down from the post office, a quick drive by would reveal a rather unassuming little place but oh the food!

word travels fast in small towns and the lovely lady at silverlake farms down the road (where i get my produce) told me the sandwiches are so good there are lines outside. but in truth, i first discovered the existence of the place, a mere 15 minutes drive from our weekend home in hope, at the fancy food show in new york beginning of july. i noticed a few ladies at my booth with badges that identified them as coming from blairstown. of course i had to tell them that i am a neighbor.

mother and daughter, anita and lori siegel, run the gourmet gallery and do much of the cooking and baking. lori had tried out restaurant work when the café in hope opened about 9 years ago, starting as a cook and baker. i remember noticing how suddenly the desserts were exceptionally good.

anita moved to blairstown with the plan to paint full time. but when daughter lori decided to open the take-out restaurant it became a joint effort immediately, putting their heads together with many ideas.

the menu offers a wide selection of fresh sandwiches, paninis, and wraps, baked goods, and superb gelato in many flavors. the mango had little pieces of fresh ripe mango and the vanilla version tasted amazingly of my favorite eurovanille and tahitian combined. the menu is constantly changing and it is immediately apparent that only the finest and freshest quality ingredients are used in everything. the coffee of the day was from guatamala and i was astonished to discover that it was the best coffee i’ve experienced outside of my own home perhaps ever.

for lunch i ordered one of the daily specials—the “pulled pork with tangy sauce and special cole slaw.” special indeed—i’ve had pit master’s pulled pork and this was the best i’ve ever tasted complete with crunchy bits from the outside of the barbequed pork. the sauce was perfectly tangy-sweet. it was more than enough to share with my husband. the little side dish i chose, the red bhutanese rice with dried cherries and scallions was inspired. i felt as though i had landed in paradise. cup of gelato in hand, i walked further down the street in the drizzle (what else is new this summer) to introduce myself to herman shoemaker, the owner of the local bookstore “booknest.” i was hoping he’d carry at least one of my books to give me an excuse to come back to sign them and for more tastes at the gourmet gallery!

i hesitated to write about them as they’re crowded enough already! after all, i don’t come from new york for the weekend in the country to wait in lines. but i want to do everything in my power to support local excellence. and the siegels tell me that one day they hope to expand into the store next to them. for now they have a nice outdoor space on the other side with tables and umbrellas.

gourmet gallery is open tuesdays through saturdays from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. for lunch and afternoon coffee, specialy teas, and ice cream . if you come, you’re likely to see me standing in line!

Bennett Bread with Chilies Cheddar and Corn

Aug 03, 2006 | From the kitchen of Rose in Announcements

permission to offer this fabulous recipe has been given so i'm working on adapting it for those who don't have a starter. i'll be posting it with the starter but with an easy way to mix up some flour, water, and a little yeast (this is called a biga but don't let that bother you!) 8 hours to 3 days ahead of mixing the dough for extra flavor and great texture.

it should be posted by next weekend. don't worry, the tomato and corn season is just getting into swing and it's a delicious bread all year 'round--you can use frozen or even canned corn when the corn season is over.

Hot Hot Hot (and Freezing Cold)

Aug 03, 2006 | From the kitchen of Rose in Announcements

can you believe this! with temperatures reaching the low 100's this week, as a good citizen i'm turning off the bedroom airconditioner the moment i wake up and drawing the drapes to keep out the morning sun rather than turning on the second airconditioner in the large living/work room

i haven't turned on the big oven to bake all week opting for recipes that fit into my counter top oven that generates far less heat.

but when i call people who work in corporations in midtown and across the river in nj they are shivering with too much airconditioning.

one is wearing a heavy sweater and another is actually using an electric heater by her desk.

something is wrong with this oximoronic picture.