basic yellow cake with Mousseline buttercream 

basic yellow cake with Mousseline buttercream 



 apple gallete 

apple gallete 

 rose and stylist erin mcdowell discussing beauty shots 

rose and stylist erin mcdowell discussing beauty shots 


Rose's Baking Basics Book


My 12th book will present over 100 recipes for cookies and small treats, cakes, pies, and breads in a step-by-step style, with 600 photos captioned photos of various steps done by me in our baking kitchen. Also, most recipes will have a set up for ingredients (mise en place) before the steps, just as you would do before carrying out the steps. 

Click below on presale for both hardcover and kindle editions. 

Book to be released September 25th. Book launch, book signings, and tour schedule to be presented here, on Current Announcements, and Our Blog postings. 

Baking Production Phases

You can follow and read this new book's production phases through our blog postings below. Just Click on the  Baking Production Phase title to read the posting. 

Phase 1: an Idea is Born                                                                                                 This posting takes us from switching gears off the promised wedding book to doing a book for 'beginners', per our editor Stephanie Fletcher's suggestion. Now we had hopefully two books in production for Houghton Mifflin Harcourt publishers. And maybe a third, as another dream book for me would be one on ice cream.  

Phase 2: Recipe Testing                                                                                            Formatting recipes to a step-by-step with photos was a perfect opportunity to try out new techniques and adaptations to some of our recipes as well as new ones. Testing also let us highlight on recipes for possible step photos. 

Phase 3: Step-by-Step Photos                                                                                            Our kitchen of two became a kitchen of five with our photographer, Matthew Septimus; his assistant, Justin; and Stephanie, for the first days of the step-by-step photography. 

Phase 4: Read-thrus Finished                                                                                        With our initial manuscript completed, we then read the manuscript to each other to catch mistakes and formatting differences.

Phase 5: Selecting the Step-by-Step Photos                                                                  Our book was slated for 500 step-by-step photographs. Now we had to choose the best photos from almost 15,000 photos and highlight our manuscript for our choices. Will we be able to reduce our choices to 500?

Phase 6: Rethinking Baking Powder                                                                                All of our previous books had baking powder's weight shown in grams on the recipe's ingredients chart. But measuring it could vary from day to day. Read how Rose overcame this dilemma after initially deciding to remove baking powder weights form the charts.

Phase 7: Revising the Manuscript to send to the publisher, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt  We spent weeks reading and tweaking the manuscript before submitting it to our editor, and our fingers crossed to what she and the copy editor would send back. 

Phase 8: Beauty Photo Shoot                                                                                          We put our selected recipes to become full page 'beauty' shots in the hands of our gifted stylist, Erin Mc Dowel, and captured by our photographer, Matthew Septimus. 

Phase 9: Editor’s Queries and Copy Editing 

Our editor's queries and copy editor's suggestions for revising our manuscript can now be shown electronically through "track changes", which appear on the right side margin. We review and make our choices for revisions. 

Phase 10: The BLAD (Basic Layout and Design)

The BLAD (the publishing world's 'movie trailer version') is our first opportunity to see our book with its proposed design. The full color 12 page pamphlet is sent out to book sellers and reviewers. 

Future Posts

Phase 11: The Laid Out Pages

Phase 12: The Galley Arrives (the initial paperback for reviewers copy)

Phase 13: Our Published Book Arrives

Phase 14: Book Launch! fall 2018 

Phase 15: Book Tour Schedule:  fall 2018