Corrections & Enhancements : Rose's Baking Basics


Any finally proofed and approved by the author manuscript before going to the printer, which includes numbers, has the unfortunate probability of inputting errors once it is published. We thank Linda Carucci, who attended our San Francisco Bakers Dozen book touring event, on her alerting us to an error that she found for the Flaky Cranberry Scones. We confirmed that her inquiry and finding was correct, which was what we had also submitted to the publisher. This triggered us on our first day back from our Western states book tour to check all instances where a volume measurement included 1/3 or 2/3 cup. Here are our corrections, which will show the page for a correction, the recipe title, and the correction.

pg. 139 Apple Walnut Muffins
all-purpose flour SHOULD BE 1-2/3 cups
apples SHOULD BE 2-2/3 cups

pg. 253 Flaky Cranberry Scones
dried cranberries SHOULD BE 2/3 cup

pg. 254 Flaky Cranberry Scones Make the Recipe Your Own
divide the dough into two equal pieces (SHOULD BE 430 grams each)