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The Story of The Cake Bible--A Baking Classic

Mar 15, 2017 | From the kitchen of Rose in Rose's Books


My wonderful editor Cassie Morgan Jones, at Harper-Collins, gave me a list of questions to answer about how The Cake Bible came to be a classic and my thoughts about the influence that it has had on my and other people's baking lives:

Congratulations to one of our favorite authors, Rose Levy Beranbaum, whose book The Cake Bible was recently inducted into the International Association of Culinary Professionals Culinary Classics Hall of Fame. This bestselling, definitive cookbook makes cake baking a joy and brings professional-quality baking within reach of home bakers everywhere.

Here is the introduction to the Q & A written by Cassie:

And here is the Q & A for you to enjoy.

The Cake Bible is Inducted into the IACP Culinary Classics

Mar 07, 2017 | From the kitchen of Rose in Announcements

Scenes from the IACP 2017 Conference

This amazing lifetime honor is the International Association of Culinary Professionals Hall of Fame. The award ceremony, which celebrates culinary teachers, cookbook writers & journalists, digital media and photographers, is an event to which we look forward all year.

The conference this year was held in Louisville, KY, which was the headquarters of IACP for many years. It was such a joy reconnecting with old friends and making new ones.


George Geary, once a student at a class I taught in LA, is now a recognized writer of "bibles" in his own right.

One of the highlights was a party previewing and honoring the completion of the upcoming book(s) Modernist Bread. There will be 6 large volumes. Nathan Myrvold, of Modernist Cuisine fame, put together a team of 27 notable bread experts, lead by baker/author Francisco Migoya, and including Peter Reinhart. As with Myrvold's previous books, the photos are drop dead stunning.


It was great to see Franscisco and the ever delightful Carla Hall, who also emceed the awards ceremony.


The ceremony was held in the 'jewel box' Paradise Theater.



I thought that only the palaces of King Henry VIII had ceilings like this one!


I was so delighted that the amazing photo of my wonderful friend Erin McDowell, taken by photographer Mark Weinberg, won one of the Food Photography & Styling Awards.


It was also wonderful to see Sam Sifton, food editor for the New York Times, running up onto the stage 4 times in his tennis shoes to receive awards for his staff on their behalf, a strong statement for the value of the printed newspaper.

I was delighted to see that my fellow author and restauranteur, Rick Bayliss was also inducted into the Culinary Classics for his book, Authentic Mexican. It was also a joy to see Vivian Howard winning the Best Cookbook of the Year as well as a couple of other awards for her tome Deep Run Roots: Stories and Recipes from My Corner of the South--her first book. You can also see all of this year's award winners, including previous winners on the IACP's website.

Another dear friend, Anna Thomas, was a finalist for her Vegan Vegetarian Ominivore, but unable to attend the conference. I asked her to write an acceptance speech as she had given me the honor to accept a possible award in her behalf. This short speech contains such an important message I will follow up this very long posting with a photo of why Anna could not attend and what she would like to have imparted.

The Baking Bible's First Review!

Jul 01, 2014 | From the kitchen of Rose in Rose's Books

from the July issue of The Library Journal:

Readers expect perfection from ­Beranbaum (Rose's Heavenly Cakes; The Cake Bible), whose award-winning cookbooks are known for their foolproof recipes and rigorous testing and development. Her tenth cookbook--a timeless collection of all-new cakes, pastries, cookies, candies, and breads--blends American and European traditions and thoroughly explains the hows and whys of baking through commandment-like "golden rules" and meticulous instructions. Novice bakers can start out with easy choices (blueberry buckle) and work their way up to more complex recipes (prune preserves and caramel cream cake roll) that can have as many as five homemade components. Like Flo Braker's Baking for All Occasions, the book contains some unique desserts (pomegranate winter chiffon meringue pie) that won't be found elsewhere. The ingredient glossary, equipment list, resources, and appendixes are excellent. VERDICT Beranbaum successfully bridges the gap between popular home baking collections and professional texts, and her recipes will endure long after novelty baking trends have tired.

Spanish Bread Bible Sighting in Barcelona Bookstore Window!

Mar 10, 2014 | From the kitchen of Rose in Rose's Books

My dear friend Marko just emailed me this great photo from Spain.


Baking Bible Book Production Phase 10

Feb 22, 2014 | From the kitchen of Rose in Cookbooks

The Baking Bible Cover.jpg

There is only one moment in book publishing more exciting than seeing the "laid out pages" of the manuscript, complete with all the photos and the final design. That moment is when the actual book arrives. Woody are now in the midst of proofing these laid out pages against the copy edited version. Proofing is a horribly laborious process as one so often sees what ought to be there rather than what is (a great metaphor!). What takes away the pain, however, is enjoying the beauty of the pages.

The offiicial pub date is November 4 but it can be pre ordered now on Amazon: The Baking Bible

The major advantage of preordering is not only being among the first to receive the book but also the deep discount ($28.80 instead of the cover price of $40).

The Spanish Edition of The Cake Bible

Oct 19, 2011 | From the kitchen of Rose in Rose's Books


It is with great joy that I can announce: At long last The Cake Bible has been translated into the Spanish language! It is published by RBA Libros, S.A., and will be available in book stores in Spain tomorrow, October 20.

The book was translated brilliantly by Rosa Tovar and Hector Wong has been his usual generous self, consulting on the translation and offering suggestions. Spanish is his native language and he offers this as a gift to other Spanish-speaking people. Hector reports to me that Rosa has been 100% faithful in keeping my voice. Do check out her blog--she is a well-known cookbook author and baker in Spain and has become a dear friend through this translation.

I know many of you in the US would like to have this book and it is my great hope that the book will be distributed here. I will let you know as soon as I hear anything to that effect. If not, what a great excuse for a trip to Spain!!! Meantime, Hector has located the following link on Amazon where they will ship from Spain to the US. He also is under the impression that the book is paperback (tapa blanda).

On another note, I should mention that this edition no longer has the original photographs of the cakes. The book was published before digital technology so the original photos were not available. Hector has created a facebook fan club!
He, again most generously, has scanned all these beautiful original photos taken by VIncent Lee and they all will be on the facebook fan page shortly. They will serve as a guide for reproducing the cakes in the book. You do not have to have a facebook account to access the fan page.

The stunning new photos in the book are intended to be inspirational and offer ideas of cakes that can be made using elements in the book. They were created by Patricia and Martin Arribálzaga Cakes Haute Couture and are truly a labor of love.

Please note that in order to drape chocolate fondant as pictured on the cover, you will need to use commercial fondant, as homemade always cracks at the curve when draped. It may interest you to know that I was the creator of chocolate rolled fondant and it appeared for the first time in the original Cake Bible in 1988.

Spanish translation of above by Rosa Tovar:

Puedo anunciarlo con una alegría enorme: ¡Al fin The Cake Bible se ha traducido al español!. Estará en las librerías de España a partir de mañana, 20 de octubre.

Rosa Tovar ha hecho una traducción brillante y Hector Wong ha sido su guarda generoso constante; ha cotejado con cuidado la traducción y añadido sus sugerencias. El español es su lengua materna y ofrece este gran esfuerzo como un regalo para la gente de habla española. Hector me ha dicho que Rosa ha sido fiel al 100 % a mi estilo y al contenido. Pueden consultar su página -es una repostera, cocinera y escritora de libros muy conocida en España y se ha convertido ya en una amiga entrañable gracias a esta traducción.

Sé muy bien que a la mayoría de aquellos de ustedes que viven en los Estados Unidos les gustaría poseer este libro y tengo grandes esperanzas de que sea distribuido aquí. Se lo haré saber tan pronto como me lleguen noticias sobre este asunto. Si no fuera así ¡¡¡Qué excusa más estupenda para hacer un viaje por España!!!

En otra nota dejaré constancia de que esta edición no lleva adjuntas las fotografías originales de las tartas. El libro se publicó antes de que existiera la tecnología digital, de modo que era imposible disponer de las fotografías originales. Hector se ha ofrecido -otra vez con enorme generosidad -a escanear las fotos para que pueda colgarlas y que así sirvan de guía del aspecto que tienen las tartas que yo diseñé.

Las nuevas fotos despampanantes que aparecen en el libro pretenden ser un estímulo para el lector y ofrecer una idea de las tartas que se pueden preparar con las elaboraciones que contiene el libro. Las han creado Patricia y Martin Arribálzaga, de Cakes Haute Couture, y en este trabajo han puesto todo su amor.

Por favor, tengan en cuenta que para plegar el fondant de chocolate que está en la foto de la portada, es necesario que utilicen fondant industrial, porque el hecho en casa siempre se rompe en las curvas cuando se dobla. Seguro que les interesa saber que fui la creadora del fondant estirado de chocolate y que apareció por primera vez en la edición original de The Cake Bible de 1988.


... el siguiente mensaje solo se aplica a la primera edición la cual ya se agotó. la edición vigente en venta carece de estas omisiones de imprenta ...

... the following message only applies to the first print which is sold out. the following prints on sale now have the omissions corrected ...

Debido a un problema de imprenta y maquetación, se han omitido muchas lineas en la table de ingredientes medidas y pesos. Hector va a incluir las omisiones en el facebook fan page, y la editorial RBA España va a reimprimir las correcciones.

Due to a problem with production printing, several lines on the table of ingredients measurements and weights have been omitted. Hector will include the omissions on the facebook fan page, and the publisher RBA Spain will reprint the corrections.

Continue reading "The Spanish Edition of The Cake Bible" »

Cake Bible Debuts on the Oprah Winfrey Network!

Feb 24, 2011 | From the kitchen of Rose in Television

Thanks for fellow blogger Matthew Boyer who forwarded these links, we can now see The Dotted Swiss Wedding Cake from The Cake Bible being produced on OWN on Anna and Kristina's Grocery Bag and their reviews of the book. I couldn't be more thrilled!

The Cake Layers


Book Review

This brings to mind a funny story from about two decades ago shortly after The Cake Bible was published. I inscribed a book to Oprah and included a note offering to make her wedding cake. Before packaging it I opened up the book, trying to imagine the impression it would make when Oprah opened it, and to my shock all the entire photo insert was up side down! Needless to say I found her a copy that was perfect but apparently a large section of an entire print run was produced this way. A friend said I should save it as it would be worth a lot of money some day. Somehow, I wonder but there they are in the crawl space in Hope.

Oprah sent me a lovely note saying that if she got married she would certainly keep my offer in mind. Someday I'll have to tell the story of how I came close to making President Clinton's inauguration cake!

Pie and Pastry Bible Goes Into 6th Printing!

Oct 22, 2010 | From the kitchen of Rose in Rose's Books

Pie and Pastry bible cover.jpg

It's always so reassuring to remember Julia Child's words from years back when she told me that it took about 28 printings of her first book to get all the corrections made. Of course one is most fortunate to have this many printings. But even having one's cookbook sell through the first printing and go into a second is an achievement!

I just reviewed the new 6th printing of the Pie and Pastry Bible and can tell you, with great joy, that every single little tweak has now been integrated, so anyone who gets this or a later printing can ignore the errata link on the blog home page!

And thank you all for your help in reaching this stage.

Also, I just discovered that this book has been an E book for Kindle since December 09!

Ask anyone who has written a large cookbook, especially a baking book, and they will tell you it's like giving birth but beyond that, I have to say it is like climbing Mt. Everest. There are moments one wants to jump off the mountain, but finally, when one is handed that first copy, it is positively celestial. And it never ends. With each new question or comment you make I am rejoicing again and again at the pleasure of sharing all these hard won and beloved recipes.

This is pie baking time. Think apple, pear, pecan, pumpkin, cranberry--all seasonal favorites to make the holidays extra special. And for the cake lovers, be sure to try the pumpkin cheesecake (recipe on this blog).

Friday Night Challah

Oct 15, 2010 | From the kitchen of Rose in Rose's Books


When I was growing up, challah always appeared on our Shabbus table at the start of the roast chicken dinner. Bread of some sort is traditional at the beginning of a meal as the first prayer is always for the wine if it is served and if not (which is usually wasn't except for very special holidays such as Passover) then the first prayer is for bread. Though I rarely hear these Herbrew prayers these days, I still remember them.

The challah was served with honey as butter was not allowed with a meat meal. I always had one piece because when it was baked that day, it was still soft. It was not, however, homemade. As a child I never would have dreamed it possible to make a challah looking like it came from a bakery!

The notes, penciled on the parchment, refer to the size of the shaped challah and then the size of the baked challah. It's always fun to see how consistent it is or how it changes with minor changes of technique.

My challah stays perfectly fresh for two or three days because of the addition of the old sour dough starter as indicated in the recipe previously posted on the blog. The reason I am offering this posting is to show you what happens if you apply the egg glaze and poppyseeds before the final shaped rise. Many people prefer it because there is a greater contrast in the dough that gets exposed after rising which doesn't get coated with the glaze.

I like to bake the challah the same day as making the dough as it gets a slightly higher rise compared to an overnight rise in the fridge. There is enough flavor from the starter to compensate for the shorter rising time.

This is Elliott's favorite bread and I love making it.

The Complete Bread Bible, Including Variations

Aug 14, 2010 | From the kitchen of Rose in Rose's Books

Matthew Boyer has given us an invaluable gift. He has baked his way through the Bread Bible and offered this detailed summary and photos of brilliantly executed breads. You can now see, all in one posting, what each and every bread looks like! I had no idea he was doing this until he sent this e-mail and I was overcome with joy! (Note: Marie Wolf, on her blog also worked her way through this book with terrific step-by-step photos and her engagingly humorous and instructive commentary! These are the books behind the book and they tell the whole story. Here's Matthew's description of what he has done:

Dear Rose,

I began baking my way through the Bread Bible in the spring of 2007 with virtually no prior bread baking experience. I made all of the breads by hand mixing and kneading (though I did use a hand mixer for some of the batter breads). The infamous rosemary focaccia was my only insurmountable hand-kneading challenge, but I was able to work up to 100% hydration, short of the 113.5% hydration in the recipe.

This project has been a wonderful--and delicious--way to learn about the craft of bread baking. The Bread Bible covers such a wide array of breads and techniques, that over the past 3 years, I feel as though I've had the privilege of attending a baking master class each week. Now, onto the Pie and Pastry Bible!

Matthew Boyer



Chapter 2A
Cinnamon Crumb Surprise, Cranberry-Banana-Walnut Quick Bread, Carrot Bread, Zucchini Bread (Variation), Chocolate Chocolate-Chip Bread with Coffee Syrup (V), Southwestern Corn Spoon Bread, Quintessential Corn Muffins, Blue Cornmeal Muffins (V), Corn Fingers, Blueberry Muffins, Big Banana Walnut Muffins, Banana Chocolate Swirl Muffins (V), Banana Chocolate Chip Muffins (V), Banana Poppy Seed Loaf (V), Butter Biscuits


Chapter 2B
Ginger Biscuits (V), Touch-of-Grace Biscuits, Angel Light Biscuits, Sweet Potato Biscuits, Flaky Currant Scones, Dried Cranberry Scones (V), Lemon Poppy Seed Scones (V), Rich and Creamy Ginger Scones, Stollen Christmas Scones (V), Royal Irish Soda Bread, Royal Irish Soda Rolls (V), Levy's Bagels


Chapter 2C
Bialys with Onion Poppy Seed Filling, Flat and Crisp Bialys (V), English Muffins, Pretzel Bread, Crumpets, Butter Popovers, Rosemary Romano Popovers (V for Yorkshire Popovers), Dutch Baby with Apple Filling, Baby Dutch Baby (V)


Chapter 3A
Perfect Pizza Dough: Pizza Margherita, Oven-Dried Cherry Tomatoes with Ricotta (V), Arugula Pizza Bianca (V), Mushroom Pizza Bianca/White Pizza (V), Red and Gold Bell Pepper, Onion, and Gorgonzola Dolce (V), Alsatian Onion Pizza (V), Pear and Gorgonzola Pizza (V for Grilled Pizza Margherita with Steamed Clams), Potato Flatbread Pizza with Mushroom and Onion Topping, Dinner Rolls (V)


Chapter 3B
Rosemary Focaccia Sheet, Focaccia with Pockets of Garlic (V), Focaccia Layered with Fresh Herbs, Grilled Focaccia, Sicilian Vegetable Pizza Roll, Pita Bread, Whole Wheat Pita Bread (V), Mediterranean Matzoh, Paratha with Yemenite Green Sauce


Chapter 4A
Basic Soft White Sandwich Loaf, Butter-Dipped Dinner Rolls, Little Round and Parker House Rolls (V), Cloverleaf Rolls (V), Rosy Red Bread (V), Lagniappe: Little "Oyster" Mushroom Loaves (V), Pullman Loaf Sandwich Bread (Pain de Mie), Cinnamon Raisin Loaf, Herb Spiral Loaf (V)

breadbible_4b.jpg Chapter 4B

Potato Sandwich Loaf, Purple Potato Bread (V), Banana Feather Loaf, Sweet Potato Loaf, Cheddar Loaf, Ricotta Loaf, Cracked Wheat Loaf, Buckwheat Loaf (V), Flaxseed Loaf


Chapter 5A
Basic Hearth Bread, Velvety Buckwheat Bread (V), Hearth Bread Sandwich Loaf (V), Slightly Sour Artisan Loaf (V), Heart of Wheat Bread, Sacaduros, Potato Buttermilk Bread, Potato Dill Bread (V), Tangy Cornbread (V), "Levy's" Real Jewish Rye Bread, Authentic Pumpernickel Bread, Raisin Pumpernickel (V), Denser Pumpernickel with Altus Brat (V), Baguette, Baguettes au Chocolat (V)


Chapter 5B
Spicy Herbed Bread Sticks, Brinna's Pugliese, Tuscan Low-Salt Bread, Ciabatta, Oval Cloud Rolls (V), Pugliese, Golden Semolina Torpedo, Sundried Tomato Ring (V for Prosciutto Ring), Beer Bread, Mantovana Olive Oil Bread, Olive Bread, Puttanesca Bread (V)


Chapter 5C
Mushroom Bread, Tyrolean Ten-Grain Torpedo, Café Beaujolais Austrian Sunflower Bread (V), Swedish Limpa Bread, Raisin Pecan Bread, Cranberry Walnut Bread (V), New Zealand Almond and Fig Bread, Walnut Fougasse, Walnut Onion Bread


Chapter 6A
Basic Sourdough Bread, Sourdough with Extra Flavor (V), Quicker French Country Boule (V), Sourdough Rye, Sourdough Pumpernickel, Quicker Sourdough Raisin Pumpernickel (V), Sourdough Wheat Bread with Seeds, Low-Risk Sourdough Bread, French Country Sourdough Boule


Chapter 7A
Basic Brioche, Sweet Potato Brioche Loaf (V), Black Pepper Giant Brioche (V), Dairy Dinner Challah with Browned Butter (V), Sticky Caramel Buns, Maple Bungee Buns (V), Chocolate Sticky Buns, Monkey Bread, Panettone, Traditional Challah, Chocolate Almond Swirl Kugelhopf, Poppy Seed Kugelhopf (V), Stud Muffin, Wheaten Croissants, Chocolate-Filled Croissants (V)

James Beard Foundations "Essential Baking Books"

Apr 29, 2010 | From the kitchen of Rose in Rose's Books

A listing of "A Baker's Dozen Books You Can't Live Without"

Great News!

Nov 03, 2009 | From the kitchen of Rose in Rose's Books

Rose's Heavenly Cakes was just named one of the top 10 cookbooks of the year by Amazon!


Happy Birthday Dear Book!

Sep 29, 2009 | From the kitchen of Rose in Rose's Books

Today is the official pub date of Rose's Heavenly Cakes though the book has been out for several weeks.

I thank you all for your wonderful feedback. There have been several "Wows"--can't get more eloquent than that. Another favorite was "insanely wonderful" (love it)!

And here's Hector's response on first receiving the book, which I leave unchanged as even his minor errors (English is his third language) touches my heart:

Everyone who has cake bible will get this one. It really is
everything one can wish for after cake bible! I know all your other
books can also be "part two" of cake bible, but this one is it!

I hope you live till 150 years, and you release a new CAKE book every
20 years. The world needs it. I am so happy you are so open to
reality and indeed you are evolving. This book shows you, the new
Rose, renassaince Rose, the Rose that is catering to today and to
people of today. Once many times I commented, narrow minded, that
mini cakes, cupcakes, red velvet, white chocolate, non mousseline,
etc, are not real cake or real baking, but now you changed my vision.
I glanced at your book 5 times last night, until taking it to bed and
flip every page from the very first page, page by page until past
middle of book and falling to sleep. I also looked at the cover, the
hard cover, the spine, the paper, how this is all built.

I loved my mention, I told my friends I am mentioned in the
ackowledgements, perhaps in very short and small print, but now, I
have near 5 lines if not a whole paragrah about me! I also loved the
part you say that writting is lonelly, and the blog makes you no
longer lonelly. So many new angels came to you thru the blog and keep
coming, I think now is the perfect time to revamp the blog, change the
design, add more functionality, no idea how, so many new technologies
now. Maybe just have you come back to it the same way we miss you,
with your many generous comments and answers. I think you will, new
book to blog about!

I don't know how you keep track and in touch with the many people you
mention in the ackowledgement and introduction. The world is at your
feet, so many friends, colleges, agents, and also computer people! I
love woody's picture, with his meassuring device, really neat and well

Love the lemon poppy seed cake baked on the heart nordic pan, the
slice is so stunning!

I thought you already told me everything about the book, you have
been, and that yesterday I wouldn't be impressed. I was so wow, this
book is so beautiful my dear, so you, and it shows you made this book
for love and as a gift to people that you love, many people, and with
individual attention. Each cake is a love story! You wrote a cake to
each person you love, like a musician giving the gift of music, you
write one new song for each one of us. Thank you for been who you are,
only you know how and there is only one like you, Rose, but so glad
this flower comes in many colors!

I hope this book does well and that you take a lot of ginseng and
embrace publicity, the news, the media. We really like to hear your
side of the story about this book, now that is out to the public!

Continue reading "Happy Birthday Dear Book!" »

Tortas en Latinoamérica

Aug 24, 2009 | From the kitchen of Rose in Rose's Books

We have a new category to honor the many spanish speaking people on this blog!

Queridos Blogeros: Hector recibio esta linda nota, y empezemos a bloguear en el lenguage Hispano. From Ceci in Colombia: "Hola hector, como estas???, te cuento que ya me animé a poner mis comentarios en el blog de Rose. Estoy preparando una version de Mousseline Buttercream con LULOS!!! (conoces esa fruta tropical?). Mañana la voy a hacer y espero que salga algo bueno para ponerlo en el blog. De todas formas aqui te dejo algunas fotos de mis trabajitos. La tortas son White Weeding Cake with lemon Mousseline buttercream, y los últimos pastelitos blancos son el Fruit Cake de Rose decorados con orquideas naturales. Recibe un saludo, Ceci

Rose's Heavenly Cakes Preview Has Begun on Marie Wolf's Blog!

Jun 01, 2009 | From the kitchen of Rose in Rose's Books

Happy June 1 and happy indeed as the first cake and frosting (including commentary, photos and recipes) from my new book has appeared. Check out http://www.heavenlycakeplace.blogspot.com

This unusual combination of spice cake and peanut buttercream was inspired by Lillan Hayward, mother of Woody's T'ai Chi master Sifu Ray (funny coincidence both she and Marie are from the Twin Cities! But Marie says she chose this as her first cake to try because her husband Jim loves peanut butter.)

This is my newest peanut buttercream and I'm very pleased with it. In fact I'm combining it with my new devil's food cake for a special birthday party this coming weekend in Hope!

Happy 20th Birthday Dear Cake Bible!

Oct 25, 2008 | From the kitchen of Rose in Cookbooks

This month of October is the official pub date. And the coming out party was fortuitously on the very day of Maida Heatter's birthday. (It was my dessert goddess Maida who wrote the amazingly wonderful intro for the book.)

Our wonderful Hector offered to digitalize the original New York TImes photos that appeared shortly after the party on October 19, 1988. I sent it to him in Hawaii and he returned the original and e-mailed the electronic file so that you can all enjoy it. The only thing missing is the bottom of the page, just below the recipe for the Chocolate Domingo, the cake dedicated to Placido Domingo. Could it have been pure coincidence that just exactly below it was a photo of Pavarotti raising a toast--not to the cake as the caption read "Pavarotti ends diet"!

Continue reading "Happy 20th Birthday Dear Cake Bible!" »

The Bread Bible in Czech!

Dec 10, 2006 | From the kitchen of Rose in Rose's Books

i just came home to a marvelous surprise from my beloved editor of "the bread bible," maria guarnaschelli. she send me the hot off the press czech edition. the cover photo and inside photos are the same but the language required 100 more pages and i hardly recognize a single word! my name appears as rose levyova beranbaumova with accent marks over both a's. the name of the book ib "bible domaciho peceni"--wonder if domaciho refers to domestic or home. anyway, it is the first time i've seen any of my books in another language because, as they say re the uk edition--two countries separated by one language! back to czech, there sure are an astonishing number and variety of accent marks.
i sure hope to get some feedback from bread bakers in czechoslovakia but please in english!!!

Great Review of "Rose's Christmas Cookies"

Nov 14, 2006 | From the kitchen of Rose in Press Mentions

Just got a wonderful holiday present in the mail--the advance copy of the Decemeber Woman's Day Magazine, soon to be on the stands. On page 136 is a terrific review, by associate food editor Ellen Greene, of my now SEVENTEEN year old book.

It was my wind-down, treat-to-myself book after the exhaustive process of producing "The Cake Bible."

Because of its seasonal name, it is rarely available in book stores but Jessica's Biscuit (800/878-4264) catalogue #D612 and Sweet Celebrations (800/328-6722) are both wise enough to know that these cookies know no season and always have copies in stock! (Though with this lovely mention their supply may run out quickly.)

Of course they are also available on amazon.com (there's a link from this blog under my books)

Crossing the Atlantic by Cookbook

Jul 07, 2006 | From the kitchen of Rose in Ingredients

Cookbooks, particularly baking books, that cross the Atlantic have the well-earned reputation of being troublemakers. Differences in flour have long been suspected of being the culprit. When MacMillan of London bought the rights to publish my book The Cake Bible in the U.K., I was determined to get to the bottom of this culinary Tower of Babel. A British friend began sending me kilograms of the two basic flours available to British consumers: self-raising and plain, and I started baking. Much to my alarm, the cakes produced with the British flour were unrecognizable from their original models. It was hard to believe that innocent seeming flour could be responsible for such a dramatic difference. The logical way to conquer the problem seemed clear: to retest and redevelop the recipes to work as well as the originals, but with British ingredients. The only place to do this was in the UK with native equipment and native ingredients.

Continue reading "Crossing the Atlantic by Cookbook" »

How can I keep a pie crust from shrinking when I prebake it?

Mar 29, 2006 | From the kitchen of Rose in General

A pie crust that shrinks a great deal is also one that is tough. This is a result of too much water, too high a protein flour, and or overhandling of the pastry. My cream cheese pie crust in The Pie and Pastry Bible is one that shrinks very little.

But it will help any recipe to allow the dough to relax after rolling and lining the pan for at least 1 hour, covered and refrigerated. Lining the crust with parchment and dried beans or peas until it has set also helps to keep itís shape. A coffee filter, the sort used for coffee urns, is just the right size and shape to line the pastry.

Rose's Chocolate Baking Essentials on Craftsy


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