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Scenes from the Filming of the Chocolate Craftsy Class

Nov 21, 2015 | From the kitchen of Rose in Craftsy Classes


Early October Woody and I travelled to Denver, Colorado for my second Craftsy on-line baking class. It was an intense four days with a terrific team but I couldn't have done it without Woody, who knows my recipes backwards and forwards.


Here I'm pouring tempered chocolate into silicone molds to form small blocks for making chocolate curls.


Presenting the chocolate chocolate pecan tart.


After a 10 hour day of filming, we celebrated by having dinner with our Denver friend and Alpha Baker par excellence Jenn Knitty Baker who took all these photos.

Taping of My Craftsy Baking Class

Apr 18, 2015 | From the kitchen of Rose in Craftsy Classes



Craftsy produces and sells state-of-the art on-line instructional video classes. To date, the company offers over 600 course listings covering all manner of crafts--not only cooking and baking. I was delighted to receive an invitation from the acquisitions editor, Denise Mickelsen, with whom I had worked when she was senior editor at Fine Cooking Magazine.

The Craftsy studios are located in Denver, CO, known as the mile high city. This meant inevitable high altitude adjustments for baking. Fortunately, Jenn "Knitty Baker," one of our accomplished Alpha Bakers (the group that is baking their way through The Baking Bible) lives in Denver. She agreed to test all 9 of the cookie recipes and comment on any adjustments that would be required. In addition, Woody and I made a batch of each of the cookies and carefully packed them to bring with us. Making all the recipes gave us a chance to go over notes and tips I wanted to offer for each cookie. Also, even with adjustments, I knew that there would be some differences in the baked cookie, for example, when it is necessary to lower the baking soda; due to the lower pressure of higher altitude, the cookie will brown less.


The Curtis Hotel was our home base for the week. It was conveniently situated within walking distance of The Ice House building where the studio for our Craftsy video taping sessions were we taped my class. It was also close to several excellent restaurants. We were pleased that Denver's weather forecast promised to be mostly sunny with temperatures in the 60's compared to our -14 degree F reception last November. For our first evening, Denise invited us to dinner at The Kitchen. I felt right at home because on the shelf of the open kitchen was my Baking Bible. We all enjoyed the excellent food and exchange of food world stories. As true foodies, we all enthusiastically shared our entrees and dessert.

Our four-day Craftsy video taping session started with a day of orientation. The morning was spent with Jared Mahler, my instructional producer, going over the cookie lessons with us and, Victoria Perkins, our assistant prep person and stylist. Jared and Victoria were glad that we had brought all of the cookies so that they could see what each recipe looked like, as well as having them on hand incase a freshly-baked recipe did not turn out as expected. In the afternoon, we mis en place'd all of the recipes with adjustments as per Jen's notes, while Jared and his crew set up their equipment.

mis en place tower_1.jpg

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