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My New Pie E-Booklet Has Arrived

Dec 14, 2016 | From the kitchen of Rose in Equipment


This booklet contains 9 of my top favorite classic American pies, including apple, pecan, and chocolate cream. I also offer my best pie crust and tips for successful pie making, including step-by-step photos for making a lattice crust.

I am delighted that the booklet is available on Amazon just in time for your holiday pie baking. It is readable on any of your devices with a free Kindle E-reader download and is being offered for only $2.99.

Rose's All-Original All-American Pie Recipes

A New Member of the Rose's Magic Rolling Pin™ Family is Born

Jun 11, 2016 | From the kitchen of Rose in Rose's Products



This baby version of the big Syn Glas pin gives much more control when rolling small pieces of dough or fondant. I discovered the virtues of a small pin many years ago when I interviewed Liz Prueitt of Tartine Bakery. In answer to my question "what is the most valued piece of equipment in your bakery" her answer was a small wooden rolling pin which she gives to each of her pastry chefs.

My non-stick rolling pin is 9 inches long and 1 inch in diameter. You will be surprised just how very useful it is!

Rose Levy Beranbaum Signature Series Roller Non-Stick Rolling Pin, Mini, White

Cherry Cookie Cutter Art

Mar 17, 2016 | From the kitchen of Rose in Rose's Products


I love how Betsy Cukla of Hammer Song Tin decorated the cherry cookie using royal icing flow consistency and Ateco gel paste colors.

The Cherry Cookie Cutter is available on from La Cuisine, The Cook's Resource in Alexandria, VA, 800 521 1176

Direct link to the cutter

The Perfect Cherry Cookie Cutter

Mar 12, 2016 | From the kitchen of Rose in Equipment


Some months ago, when one of my favorite Alpha Bakers, Patricia Reitz, who is baking her way through The Baking Bible, posted a photo of her cherry pie, I was charmed by the pastry cutout which graced the lattice topping. I immediately wanted to have one but was hoping for a larger size. Finding nothing on the web, I decided to design one of my own with the help of the amazing cookie cutter maker--Betsy Cukla of Hammer Song Tin.

The resulting Cherry Cookie Cutter is now available on her Ebay site via Facebook and also from La Cuisine, The Cook's Resource in Alexandria, VA, 800 521 1176


The lovely border was created effortlessly by pressing the dough into the deeply fluted edges of Rose's Perfect Pie Plate. (Note: this is a standard size, not a deep dish pie plate.) It can also be ordered from La Cuisine.


Rose's Perfect Pie Plate Booklet

Jan 24, 2016 | From the kitchen of Rose in Recipes

Photo by Woody Wolston

Rose Levy Beranbaum's Perfect Pie Plate, 9-Inch, Ceramic, Rose

The pie plate originally came in a hatbox with a small recipe booklet containing 4 recipes. As it is no longer packaged this way, here is a link to purchase a new booklet which contains my top 10 American pie recipes, my favorite pie crust recipe, tips and step-by-step photos. The pages are laminated.


Rose Levy Beranbaum Signature Series Rose's All Original All American Pie Recipe Deck, Multicolor

My New Marvelous Mini Silicone Cake Pan

Dec 07, 2015 | From the kitchen of Rose in Rose's Products


Harold Import Company European-Grade Silicone Rose Levy Beranbaum's Marvelous Mini Cake Pan, Red

I created this silicone pan, inspired by the French financier pan, to bake mini cakes but most of all for brownies. They pop right out--each with a perfect shape and size and fine crust all around that keeps them from staling. It's far easier getting the batter into the molds than having to cut them afterwards!

This batter can be made ahead and transported as there is no leavening to dissipate.


The brownies are light in texture but get their exceptional moistness from cream cheese and fudginess from the best quality cocoa and chocolate. for extra creaminess optional little plugs of ganache are poured into holes made with a chop stick after baking. It is most gratifying to see people casually pop a brownie in their mouths expecting something ordinary and then watch their eyes widen in glad surprise. chocolate never gets better than this.

Continue reading "My New Marvelous Mini Silicone Cake Pan" »

A Great Holiday Gift for Your Pie Baker

Dec 15, 2014 | From the kitchen of Rose in Equipment

I created "Rose's Perfect Pie Plate" to enable everyone to have beautiful borders for her or his pies effortlessly. All you need to do is press the dough into the deeply fluted edges which are shaped in a way to hold the design and prevent the pie crust from slipping down the sides of the pan.

Not only does the quality of this ceramic produce even browning, it also is a nonstick surface, making it easy to remove the slices of pie. And it looks beautiful on the dining room table.

This past weekend, Woody and I did a book signing at Fante's in Philadephia, one of my top favorite cookware shops in the country. I was delighted to discover that they carry my pie plate at a discounted price of $23. When I asked co-owner and dear friend Mariella Esposito why this was the case her answer was: "I want people to have this pie plate!"

If you order now, you will have the pie plate (they call it a pie dish) in time for holiday baking.

Special Tips for Using the Ankarsrum Stand Mixer

Jul 02, 2014 | From the kitchen of Rose in Rose's Products


This coming Saturday will be the first of five special bread recipes with specific details relating to the Ankarsrum stand mixer. I'm delighted to report that this sturdy mixer can knead a larger than usual amount of stiff bread dough so my first recipe offering is for a double batch of bagels!

There will also be step by step photos of all recipes. Here are a few ideas and tips for using this excellent heavy duty mixer.

When using the Ankarsrum for mixing bread, I start on low speed, which is the space between the first and second marking, to mix the dough just until the ingredients are incorporated and all the flour is moistened--1 to 2 minutes. When kneading the dough, I then choose the space between the second and third space.

Unless doing a very large amount of dough I use the roller/scraper attachment set at about 1/2 inch from the side of the bowl. The adjustment knob will hold firmly in place so in order to remove the roller easily, all you have to do is move the arm that holds the roller forward very slightly and then the knob will turn easily.

People have asked how the Ankarsrum functions for cakes and cookies. We plan to experiment in the near future but in the meantime I asked advice from Ashley McCord whose family is the long time US distributor. The following is her helpful hints:

"The Ankarsrum does a wonderful job using the plastic beater bowl with the batter whips for cakes and icing. You MUST always use softened butter or cream cheese though. The black plastic gear that the balloon whisks and the batter/cookie whips attach to on the double whisk bowl are not designed for hard, cold butter, or very stiff batters. I will also use the batter whips for small, light batches of cookie dough. If you are wanting to make a large batch of triple chocolate chunk or oatmeal cranberry cookies with the extras (nuts, dried fruit), then use the stainless steel bowl and roller/scraper to mix that up. For creaming the butter and sugar, I like a higher speed. Then when I start adding my dry ingredients, I like the slowest speed so that the flour doesn't poof out all over my counter."

A Few of My Favorite Things

May 17, 2014 | From the kitchen of Rose in Equipment


Check out the new presence on our blog home page, left side bar. It is the portal to some of the equipment which I find indispensable for baking and cooking. There are two main categories:

Rose's Family of Products


Products I Recommend

I've added links to make it easy to find everything on-line. You will also be able to explore other available products within each product line.

Blissful Baking, Rose

My Favorite 7 Inch Mini Pie Plate

Oct 12, 2013 | From the kitchen of Rose in Rose's Products


Recently, Melinda from Mississippi posted a question on the blog about how to use my mini pie plates. She was concerned that they appeared so shallow. My answer was that I found it was a lovely proportion of crust to filling when I baked in it and posted the following notes:

Roll the dough under 1/8" thick. i used about 100 grams/3.5 ounces and rolled it to 9 inches. I used 1/4 recipe of my cherry pie and found it needed more so I recommend 1 cup of fruit filling.

Here are her lovely results! My only suggestion was to roll the crust a little larger to allow for shrinkage.




Rose Levy Bakeware Pie Plate - Mini 7 Inch - Fluted - Red

"Genius at Work" The Rose Caramel Pot

Jun 04, 2013 | From the kitchen of Rose in Rose's Products

Wow! If you're curious to know to whom the title is referring, click here.

America's Test Kitchen Video of Rose's Heavenly Cake Strip!

Aug 25, 2012 | From the kitchen of Rose in Rose's Products

I'm pleased to report that while I was away on vacation, my dear cousin Elizabeth Granatelli happened to catch a Sunday program which included Chris Kimball demonstrating how to bake an even layer cake that unmolds well. I was delighted to discover that he recommended using my silicone cake strip!

paste this link into your browser to see the entire segment.


Rose Levy Beranbaum Bakeware Rose's Heavenly Cake Strip, Silicone

If you click on this red link above it will take you to Amazon where they are available for purchase.

Scenes from The Chicago Housewares Show (IAH)

Apr 14, 2012 | From the kitchen of Rose in Special Stories

It's been several years since I attended this show but I remembered the shear immensity of it. Just about every manufacturer of kitchen equipment and anything remotely related to it is represented here (in the hundreds). Chicago's McCormick Convention Center is the largest in the country and walking the aisles is a major expedition and adventure.

This year's show was very special for me because, for the first time, I had my own booth for The Rose Line™ as part of NewMetro Design.
Image 8.jpg

Image 9.jpg

Image 7.jpg

Walking the show and standing by my booth to meet the reps, reviewers, potential customers, and old friends was old home week. Matt, one of the reps, actually brought along the Pie and Pastry Bible for me to sign, saying that he won first place in three pie contests using my sour cream pie crust from the book!

Image 19.jpg

Of course the first person I visited was Robert Laub at Harold Imports and was rewarded with the great display of my pie plates, now available in four colors! I was delighted to discover that they will soon be distributing my products, including the Rose's Heavenly Cake Strip in the UK.

Lisa Cadmus & Me.jpg

Just a short walk from the NewMetro booth we discovered Fat Daddio's booth. We had a great conversation with owner Gregg Skipper and learned that they are the company that made the Parrish Magic Line pans I've listed in my cake books. They now have an extensive selection of pans and baking equipment. Close by was my long-time friend Lisa Mansour's of NY Cake & Baking--the go to place for bakers and cake decorators in New York City.

The booth next to us, the Wine Doctor, who shares Robert Trinque, marketing and sales, presented a device for wine preservation, which works so well it deserves a separate posting of its own (to come).

We were thrilled to have a visit from J. Randall Owen, president of ThermoWorks, producer of the Thermapen thermometer. I told him how highly I value his thermometer but that I wished it didn't have an automatic shut-off. He gave us the invaluable information that the newest model (the one with the round battery) has 4 switches in the battery compartment and if switch #3 is turned to the off position, it stops the auto shut off!

One of the most exciting discoveries at the show was at the Kitchen Aid booth where we viewed the new 14 cup food processor that has a thickness adjustment for the slicing blade easily accessible because it is located just above the controls on the front of the machine, plus a low starting speed choice option which prevents liquid ingredients from splashing up to the cover. I can't wait to try it but it won't be on the market until August.

Sassafras, creators of La Cloche clay bakers, has a new pot called The Bread Dome designed specifically for No Knead Bread. The rounded and glazed bottom container gives a lovely shape to the bread and makes unmolding a breeze.


Another major show highlight was the discovery of USA Pans that has taken over the Chicago Metallic line (the former source for some of my favorite cake pans) and improved upon it!

We were delighted to visit the Bröd and Taylor booth where Michael Taylor and Julie Dykstra were demoing there wonderful bread proofer for the first time at the show.

After working so hard each day we all looked forward to two dinners I had arranged many weeks in advance. Saturday night was Frontera Grill, one of my dear friends Rick and Deanne Bayless' not to be missed Latino restaurant. As the weather was exceptionally mild, we opted to walk over. Chicago is such a beautiful city, especially at night.

Image 15.jpg

We so enjoyed the night's special of chipotle glazed short ribs and tastes of everyone else's dinner we were not even thinking dessert but pastry chef Jennifer Jones offered us 4 fantastic desserts that we couldn't resist so we dove in. Pictured here with Jennifer Jones is Gary, owner of NewMetro, and his assistant Cheryl, who are eagerly anticipating the desserts.

Image 11.jpg

Image 10.jpg

Image 13.jpg
Sunday night, on the recommendation of photographer Ben Fink, we had dinner at the Girl and the Goat. Again we overindulged in myriads of appetizers and main courses. My dear friend Elizabeth Karmel, of Hill Country, who lives part time in Chicago, recommended the chickpea fritters which was my favorite dish of the evening but the escargot ravioli were amazing, and the goat belly was better even than any pork belly I've ever tasted. I wanted that to be my last taste of the evening but was curious about the dessert of gingerbread, cranberry sorbet, and candied ginger. We decided to share it 7 ways and laughed hysterically when we saw how small it was but it provided a perfect portion of one spoon per person.
Image 18.jpg

We are so excited about the evolving Rose Collection™ product line, which will arrive in stores and on line in June or July of this year. We look forward to the IAH as an annual event and reunion with our new family of NewMetro.

The Rose's Perfect Mini Pie Plate

Feb 18, 2012 | From the kitchen of Rose in Rose's Products

Image 3.jpg

Here is the link to Amazon where you can find the 7-inch version of my pie plate with fluted edge pictured above:

Rose Levy Bakeware Pie Plate - Mini 7 Inch - Fluted - Red

Rose's Heavenly Cake Strip Rated #1 by ATK!

Jan 17, 2012 | From the kitchen of Rose in Rose's Products


Rose Levy Beranbaum Bakeware Rose's Heavenly Cake Strip, Silicone

If you click on this red link above it will take you to Amazon where they are available for purchase.

My friend Mike Quinlan of Nordic Ware just gave me the great news that The Best of America's Test Kitchen - Best Recipes & Reviews 2012" issue (page 94), listed my Rose's Heavenly Cake Strip as their "the best strip."

They also mentioned that its one downfall is that it will not fit larger pans (it will fit a 10-inch pan) so I should add that they can be connected easily using silicone loops that are also great for myriad kitchen activities such as trussing a chicken, and replacing the usual string for wrapping roasts.

Cook's Illustrated Seal of Approval for My Silicone Cake Strip

Dec 19, 2010 | From the kitchen of Rose in Equipment


I'm pleased to report that the January/February 2011 issue of Cook's Illustrated, page 25, listed my Rose's Heavenly Cake Strip as their "pick."

Purchasing My Products

Nov 14, 2007 | From the kitchen of Rose in Rose's Products

There have been many requests regarding where my products can be found.

U.S. Orders:
If you purchase from Amazon, a small amount of the purchase prices goes directly to me:
Rose's Heavenly Cake Strips
Rose's Perfect Pie Plate
Rose's Sweetheart Crème Brûlée Set

These also will be permanent links on the main page of the blog under equipment.

International Orders:
If Amazon carries an item, they will ship out of the U.S., but if Amazon is temporarily out of stock, and routes you to another purveyor, it is unlikely that they are set up to ship abroad at the present time.

Rose's Heavenly Cake Strip

Jul 25, 2007 | From the kitchen of Rose in Equipment

I'm thrilled to report that after working extensively with the wonderful silicone bakeware of Lékué I have come to understand the advantages of its properties so well I was inspired to create my first silicone product--a silicone cake strip! It works like a charm and it's everything I wanted it to be.

The strip fits a 9 inch round or 8 inch square pan. It is quick and easy to attach--NO PREPPING--You simply turn the pan upside down and slip it around the sides. It then works to insulate the sides of a metal cake pan, slowing down baking at the sides of the cake. You can even use it for a 10 inch round pan if you run the strip under hot tap water or wave a hair drier over it to make stretching it easier for the larger size pan. it will return to it's original size on cooling.

It produces better cakes:
* more even
* less doming
* less shrinking from sides
* less browning and drying of sides

Other advantages:

* it stays like new for years
* is dishwasher safe
* is oven safe up to 500°F/260°C.

(Do not subject to direct heat such as a flame or broiler)

Harold Import Company is the distributor for the cake strip. It will be in retail stores by Fall and I will list an on-line order site as soon as it's available.

How do I keep the top of my cakes from swelling up in the middle and cracking?

Mar 16, 2006 | From the kitchen of Rose in General

Rose's Magic Cake Strips (silicone) are available on Amazon and in cake decorating supply places, work very well to keep layer cakes level. Lowering the heat 25 degrees is another solution as is using cake flour or bleached all purpose which have a lower protein content.

Product Line: Rose Levy Bakeware

Oct 15, 2005 | From the kitchen of Rose in Equipment

I'm pleased to announce my association with Harold Import Company. Harold Import is distributing my new line called Rose Levy Bakeware™.

Rose Levy Bakeware™ represents my vision for the ideal bakeware that has been brewing in my imagination for years. I'm proud to offer these new design concepts for you to enjoy in your home.

Rose's Perfect Pie Plate
Rose's Perfect Pie Plate is the first product to be developed and I am very proud of it. It has a deeply scalloped border which effortlessly creates a beautiful crimped crust. Also available is Rose's Sweetheart Crème Brulée. Recipes for my favorite pie crust and three variations of crème brulée are below.

If you are a member of the trade, please contact Harold Import. If you are a consumer, look for Rose Levy Bakeware™ at fine kitchen and gourmet food stores near you. It is also available on line at CyberPantry.com, Fantes.com, and LaPrimaShops.com

Continue reading "Product Line: Rose Levy Bakeware" »

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