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Who can resist the dreaminess of plush felt? It is soft on the cheek and soft on the eyes as it is offered in an alluring palette of pastel colors. Make someone’s dream come true by stitching up a plush pillow topped with a heart or some bright flowers. 1. From blue felt, cut one 4” square. 2. Following manufacturer’s directions, fuse web to felt. Let cool. Remove protective paper and set aside. 3. Place sheet of typing paper on ironing board and then place felt with fused web, exposed adhesive side up, on outdoor throw pillows on sale. Carefully sprinkle thin layer of glitter on exposed adhesive. Be careful: If glitter is too thick, it will flake off after ironing. (See photo from step 4 of Sparkle Shoe Garland project, page 108, for assistance, if necessary.) 4. Discard typing paper and excess glitter. 5. Place protective paper from fusible web on glitter and with iron on “synthetic"setting, iron over paper to fuse glitter to felt. Let dry. (See photo from step 6 of Sparkle Shoe Garland outdoor throw pillowst, page 108, for assistance, if necessary.) 6. Remove protective paper, as shown in step 7 of Sparkle Shoe Garland project, page 109. 7. Using Pattern A below, cut the following: ❖ One flower from blue felt. ❖ One flower from glitter-coated felt. 8. Pin two flower pieces together and whipstitch together with blue thread, leaving small opening to insert fiberfill. 9. Lightly stuff flower with fiberfill and whipstitch opening closed with blue thread. 10. With blue thread, stitching through all layers, hand stitch buttons to flower center, as shown at right. 11. From lavender plush felt, cut two 91⁄2” squares for pillow top and back. 12. Right sides together, machine stitch together with lavender thread, leaving opening to insert fiberfill. Trim excess fabric from corners. (See General Instructions for Trimming Corners, page 10.) 13. Turn right-side out, insert fiberfill, and whipstitch opening closed with lavender thread. 14. With blue thread, hand stitch flower tooutdoor throw pillows top.